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第 146 頁 - Gary, prepared a petition to the king, a memorial to the house of lords, and a remonstrance to the house of commons, which, after being carefully considered and amended, were unanimously adopted.
第 179 頁 - Then join hand in hand brave Americans all, By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall; In so righteous a cause let us hope to succeed, For Heaven approves of each generous deed.
第 325 頁 - understands the theory of the English Constitution and will compare it with the fact, must see at once. how widely they differ. We must reconcile them to each other, if we wish to save the liberties of this country. The Constitution intended that there should be a permanent relation between the constituent and representative body of the people.
第 324 頁 - ... certain rule of living, reduced to this conclusion, that instead of the arbitrary power of a king, we must submit to the arbitrary power of a house of commons? If this be true, what benefit do we derive from the exchange ? Tyranny, my lords, is detestable in every shape ; but in none so formidable as when it is assumed and exercised by a number of tyrants.
第 437 頁 - I see them exciting jealousies in the crown, and provoking it to wrath against so great a part of its most faithful subjects ; creating enmities between the different countries of which the empire consists ; occasioning a great expense to the old country for suppressing or preventing imaginary rebellions in the new, and to the new country for the payment of needless gratifications to useless officers and enemies — I cannot but doubt their sincerity even in the political principles they profess,...
第 324 頁 - The condition of human nature would be lamentable indeed, if nothing less than the greatest learning and talents, which fall to the share of so small a number of men, were sufficient to direct our judgment and our conduct. But Providence has taken better care of our happiness, and given us, in the simplicity of common sense, a rule for our direction, by which we shall never be misled.
第 521 頁 - our children'; but when children ask for bread we are not to give a stone. Is it because the natural resistance of things, and the various mutations of time, hinders our government, or any scheme of government, from being any more than a sort of approximation to the right, is it therefore that the colonies are to recede from it infinitely? When this child of ours wishes to assimilate to its parent, and to reflect with a true filial resemblance the beauteous countenance of British liberty; are we...
第 323 頁 - Let us be cautious how we invade the liberties of our fellow-subjects, however mean, however remote ; for be assured, my lords, that in whatever part of the empire you suffer slavery to be established, whether it be in America or in Ireland, or here at home, you will find it a disease which spreads by contact, and soon reaches from the extremities to the heart. The man who has lost his own freedom, becomes from that moment an instrument in the hands of an ambitious prince, to destroy the freedom...
第 407 頁 - It would be an arduous task," he said, meditating a project which required a year's reflection for its maturity, " to awaken a sufficient number in the colonies to so grand an undertaking. Nothing, however, should be despaired of.
第 162 頁 - America, and appropriated to the maintenance of swarms of officers and pensioners in idleness and luxury. It is our fixed resolution to maintain our loyalty and due subordination to the British Parliament, as the Supreme Legislative in all cases of necessity for the preservation of the whole empire. At the same time, it is our unalterable resolution, to assert and vindicate our dear and invaluable rights and liberties, at the utmost hazard of our lives and fortunes ; and we have a full and rational...