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P. 178. The Will of the late Right
Hon. John Earl of Suffolk and Berk-
shire has been proved in Doctors' Com-
mons, by his son Thomas, the present
Earl, the sole executor, to whom is left
the bulk of the personal estate, which
was sworn under 35,000l.; no freehold
property is comprehended in it.
legacies are but few, principally to ser-
vants, and charitable donations at Charl-
ton, in Wiltshire, (his Lordship's re-
sidence) and the neighbourhood; 350%.
per annum is left to his daughter, Lady
Catherine Howard, and it is provided, that
if by the last settlement of his Lordship's
property, her Ladyship should only have
3000, the sum of 20007. shall be added
to it, making her fortune 5000/.
Will is dated on the 12th of June, 1812,
and written in his Lordship's band, as are
also nine codicils attached to it, with little
regard to legal construction, few of the
papers having any witnesses. Two thou-
sand pounds are bequeathed to the Coun-
tess, to be paid within three months after
his decease; his Lordship, however, was
the survivor, she having died in Novem-
ber last; the Earl in January. Letters of
administration of the effects of the Coun-
tess (she having died intestate) are also
granted to the present Earl as her son;
her personal property being sworn to un-
der 800/


P. 275. The Will of the late Sir Vicary
Gibbs, dated Oct. 6, 1818, has passed the
Seal of the Perogative Court; probate be-
ing granted to George Gibbs, of Redland,
county of Gloucester, esq.; George Abra-
ham Crawley (his nephews); and Gilbert
Jones, of Salisbury-square, esq.; three
of the executors. Sir James Mansfield,
the other executor, having power reserved
to him for the same purpose.
The per-
sonal property is sworn under 80,000.
30,000. of which, after the death of Lady
Gibbs, is given to Sir Vicary's daughter,
Mrs. Filkiuton, for life, and the principal
is made subject to her appointment, by
will or otherwise; and in default of such
appointment, is given to her children at
21, or to daughters on their day of mar-
riage; if no children, reversion is made
to the testator's nephews, George Gibbs
or Geo. A. Crawley. Nearly the whole
of the remaining personal and freehold
property is left to Lady Gibbs for life, and
made subject to her appointment, in de-
fault of which it is subjected to similar
provisions as the said 30,000.

P. 379. The personal estate of the late
Right Hon. Henry Earl of Harewood,
Viscount Lascelles, and Baron Harewood,
has been sworn under 250,000. Testa-
mentary provisions are made, bearing date
the 2d of May 1800; among which are,
10,000l. to Lord Lascelles; 40,000l. to
the children of Lady Frances Douglas.
To his daughter, Lady Mary Anne Yorke,

10001. per annum for life, one half of
which to be devoted to the support and
maintenance of her children; to whom
also is given the sum of 20,000%. in equal
shares, on their arrival at twenty-one, or
marriage. 1


P. 477. a. l. 15, from the bottom.
Mrs. Chitty died after a few days ill-
Her memory will be justly re-
vered; for her life was marked by gene-
rous affection, paternal love, and unfeign-
ed piety; she was cheerful in conversa-
tion, benevolent in disposition, and warm
in her friendships :-fortitude and resigna-
tion fitted her for the vicissitudes of life:
-a religious mind gave her the blessing
of a conciliating temper; and her aimable
spirit left the world in peace, while it
"returned to the God who gave it."

P. 563. The following is an extract
from the late Mr. Grattan's Will:-"1
have a reversion in Fee, in my Queen's
County Estate, and if all my children die
without issue living at the time of their
death, I leave the said estate back to the
publick-that is to say, to the following
great officers for the time being;-the
Provost of Dublin College, the Lord Chan-
cellor of Ireland, the Lord Chief Justice
of the King's Bench, the Lord Mayor of
Dublin, the Bishop of Dublin, and Judge
Day, in trust, to form a foundation for
the annual support of unprovided gentle-
women, daughters of poor and meritorious
Citizens of Dublin, according to such
rules and regulations as they shall plan
and devise."

P. 573. b. 1. ult. The Rt. Hon. Lord
Charles Spencer died on the 15th June at
the house of his son, the Hon. W. R.
Spencer, at Petersham; in the Church of
which place his remains have been by
his own desire committed to the grave.
His Lordship was second son of Charles
Duke of Marlborough, was born in 1740,
and was consequently 80 years of age at
the time of his decease; for upwards of
40 years of which he represented his na-
tive county of Oxford in Parliament.
His Lordship was subsequently appointed
Postmaster General, jointly with the Duke
of Montrose. This venerable Nobleman
was, at the time of his death, a Lord of
his Majesty's Bedchamber, and one of the
oldest members of the Privy Council.

P. 574. Mr. William Thorne, printer,
of Red Lion Court, Fleet-street, was 62
years of age, and had been treasurer of
the Charity Schools of St. Dunstan's in
the West, nearly 15 years. He was much
respected by the subscribers; many of
whom evinced their regard by attending
the corpse to the Church, with the whole
of the Charity Children. After the Desk-
service was performed, and an anthem
had been sung by the children, his re-
mains were removed to Enfield for in-




[blocks in formation]

at Paris 197


fied city in 61

Africa, intelligence from 74, 266.

Agriculture, distressed state of 620
Alcibiades, anecdote of 391

Alcohol, rectification of 157

Alexander Severus, bust of, at Paris 197
Al Hejaj, the Arab, anecdotes of 509, 510
All Saints Eve, custom of, in Wales 109
Allegories, selection of 596

Alphabet, Roman, general use of 395
America, intelligence from 74, 168, 266,
361, 461, 554, 628. distress of 555

Amiens, visit to in 1818, 296. cathedral
of, described 415

Ancestry, pride of 12

Ancient Anecdotes, from Valerius Maxi-
mus 23, 134, 326, 391, 518.

on 424


Anderson, Robert, account of 228
Andrews, Henry, death of 182
Anecdotes, miscellaneous 219 221
Animal Organization, remarks on 229
Anglesea, Isle of, lithographic view of 223
Anglo Saxon Coinage, account of 216
Antinous, bust of, at Paris 499
Antiquaries, Society of, election 463
Antiquated Words, explanation of 20,
115, 202, 311, 411

Antoninus Pius, bust of, at Paris 197
Apple Tree, remarks on 586

Arabs, Ancient, anecdotes of 509, 583
Arbuthnot, Rev. C. (abbot) acc. of 568
Arctic Expedition, account of 133
Ark, dimensions of 220

Armorial Bearings, on the right of 218,

Arms, on the right of bearing 208, 217,


Arms, Assumptive, explanation of 218
Arnold, Dr. Joseph, memoir of 182
Arts, Society of, proceedings 633
Asia, intelligence from 74, 168, 361,
461, 628

Asiatic Literature 60

Astronomical Society of London, pro-
ceedings of 632

Audoenus, Johannes, epigrams of 595
Ava, King of, death of 376
Aumener explained 115

Ayel explained 115

Aylesbury, human bones found at 14
Aylmery explained 115

Babylon, present state of 254

Bucchante, statue of, at Paris 499

Bacchic Demi God, bust of 324

Bacchus and Ariadne, bas-relief of 136
Bacon, Lord, merits of 221. opinion on
Christianity 206

Sir Edward, title of 194
Bagot, Bishop, defence of 3. verses on 5.
merits of 393

Bailbrook House Association, account of

Balzac, M. account of 568

Bank Notes, official accounts of 82

Rotunda, figures of 2

Banks, Sir Joseph, death 574. memoir 637
Barbarian Prisoners, statues of, at Paris
197, 324

Barrett, Eaton Stannard, death of 377
Barton, Rev. Montagu, notice of 98
Beaumont, John, his death 186
Bedford, Duke, creation of 598
Bedfordshire, lithographic view of 414
Bees, swarming of 630

Beeston Castle, Cheshire, described 201
Bell, John, death of 473

Bell, Dr. system of education 60
Berkshire, lithographic view of 413
Berry, Duke De, assassination of 167.
memoir of 273. character of 296
Duchess De, fright of 461
Berwick-upon-Tweed, visit to 314
Bethune, visit to, in 1818, 293

Bible, numerous translations of 165".
authorities in favour of 207

Bibliographical anecdotes 40, 127, 196
Biography, plan of, suggested 131
Birkbeck, Simon, his epitaph, and letter
of 39

Birmingham, visit to 313
Theatre burnt 78
Bishops who died temp. Geo. III. 303
Blamire, Miss Susan, account of 228,290
Blundeville, Randle, notice of 201


Blyve explained 115

Boileau, merits of 321

Boissonade, J. F. panegyric on Mr.
Taylor 5

Booker's Pastoral Address 206. remarks
on 414. vindicated 593

Books, Old, uncertain value of 127
Booksellers, petition against the news-
paper stamp duties bill 67
Bossuet, merits of 321

Botany, Mr. Whitlaw's lectures on 32.
system of, suggested 131
Bourke, J. drowned at Oxford 475
Bowyer, W.eulogy on Harwood College 13
Boyle's opinion of the Bible 207
Braid, title of, query respecting 386
Brahe, Tycho, notice of 290
Brant's Ship of Fools 422

Bridport Church, co. Dorset, described

British Coinage, remarks on 16

Institution, paintings of 542
Monachism, noticed 30

Britton, Mr. on History of Wilts 28
Brougham, Mr. appointed Queen's At-
torney General 366

Broughton, Lady, her will 382

Broughton, co. Lincoln, curious custom
of 496

Brown, Dr. Thomas, death and character

Bruce, J. G. trial of 364

Brunt, trial of 367. execution of 460
Buckinghamshire, lithographic view of


Buonaparte, Nap. character of 237
Buonaparte, Jerome, anecdotes of 528
Burdett, Sir F. trial of 269. rule granted
to shew cause for a new trial 559
Burien Church, ring found at 604
Burroughs, Standley, epitaph and anec-
dote of 139

Butt v. Conant, trial decided 163*
Bysse explained 115

Caduke explained 116

Caen, St. Stephen's Abbey at, antiqui-
ties of 302

Cailland's Researches in Egypt 347
Calais, visit to 25

Caledonian Canal, description of 393
Caligula, statue of, at Paris 325
Calpurnius Piso, severity of 24
Calves Head Club, bill of fare 595
Cambrai, visit to, in 1818, 25, 295
Cambrian Antiquities illustrated 11, 109
Cambridge, Royal grant to 269. Fitz-
william Museum at, noticed 462.
Earldom, creation of 598

Cambridge University prize essays 162,
251, 442, 539. address of, to the
Prince Regent 76. appointments in
162. number of members of 345.
proceedings of 442, 539
Cambridgeshire, lithographic view of 414
Camden, Marquis, receives the freedom
of the city of London 365

Campbell, Mr. lectures on poetry 540
Rear Adm. death 90. will 640
Canal Shares, prices of 96, 192, 288, 384,
480, 576

Canning, Rt. Hon. G. speech at Liver-
pool 353

Cancers, cure of 2

Canter editions of Greek Tragedians 40
Cape of Good Hope, colonization 35, 130
Cardiganshire, lithographic view of 223
Carlisle, visit to 406

Robert, account of 228
Carnarvonshire, lithographic view of 223
Caroline, Queen, arrival of, in London
556. King's message to Parliament
respecting ib. message to Parliament
557. reply to a deputation of the House
of Commons 558. address of Common
Council to 558. visit to Guildhall 631
Casamajor, Louis Duncan, death of 474
Cassius, anecdote of 391

Catholic Emancipation, danger of 433,515
Cato, anecdotes of 326

Cato Street Conspiracy, account of 165*.
subscription for the officers, &c. 639

Conspirators, commitment to
the Tower 269. trials of 367, 454.
execution of 460

Caviglia, M. researches in Egypt 253,


Caxton, W. epitaph for 633

Cenotaph to the Princess Charlotte 349
Ceubren yr Ellyll 11

Chandos, Baron Thomas, notice of 412
Chantilly, visit to, in 1818, 417
Chapel of Ease, what? 386

Chardin, Sir John, portrait noticed 98
Charles I. marriage articles of 516
Charlotte, Queen, anecdotes of 7, 23
Princess, cenotaph to 349

Chaule Bone explained 116
Chawe explained 116

Chemistry, discoveries in 445

Chelsea, putrefied water found at 631
Cheshire, lithographic view of 224
Chester, Earl of, first creation 597
Chinese, ignorance of, in geography 220
Chilty, Mrs. character 640

Christ's Hospital, account of 401, 437
Christ Church Conventual Church noticed

Christianity, authorities in favour of 207
Christians, charity among recommended 8
Christmas Eve, custom on, in Here-
fordshire 33

Churches, expence of new 219. reports
respecting 465. necessity of 608. on
the deficiency of, in London ib.
Churchwardens, on the duties of 114.
whether two to a parish absolutely ne-
cessary 194. enquiry answered 290
Cicero's Treatise de Republica discovered

Cider, remarks on 586

Circuits, spring 169. summer 632
Civil List, discussion on 166


[merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small]

Da Costa's lithographic view of England,
&c. 307

Dancers, bas-relief of, at Paris 198

Claudius Drusus, busts of, at Paris 324, Dandelion Root, cure for cancers 2

Clergy, remarks on 219. vindicated 404.

negligence of 514.

Sons of the Clergy

anniversary festival 558

Clermont, visit to, in 1818, 416

Clouted explained 116

Cockburn, Baron Archibald, death of 574
Cockney, etymology of 318, 513
Cod-fish, curious worm found in 79
Coffee, substitute for 158

Coinage, Anglo Saxon, account of 216
British, remarks on 16,118, 227
National, remarks on 17
Coins, Ancient, found in Cornwall 541
Coleraine, Lord, notice of 2
Colonization to the Cape of Good Hope
35. observations on 130
Colquhoun, Dr. Patrick, death of 471
Combatant, Wounded, statue of 499
Commodus, bust of, at Paris 498
Commons, House of, nature of 355. list
of Members returned in 1820, 623
Compton, Lady, notice of 482

Conant, Sir N. Butt's action against, de-
cided 163*

Consanguinitarium, Leicester, described


Conscience, a scarce article 593

Danvers, Hon. A. R. Butler, death 469
Dare and Daring explained 116
Dartmoor, improvement on 463
Darwin, Dr. account of 233
Davidson, J. the conspirator, committal
of 168*. trial of 367, 459. execution
of 460

Davis, Rev. K. notice of 2
Day, John, memoir of 375
Daysman explained 116
Deafness, singular instrument for 62
Decies, Lord, query respecting 640
Dengy Hundred, in Essex, grant to 512
Denman, Mr. appointed Queen's Suli-
citor General 366

Denmark, intelligence from 168
Depravity, remarks on juvenile 405
Derbyshire, lithographic view of 307
Des Carrieres, J. T. H. death of 567
Detolite, potass found in 62

Devonshire, lithographic view of 223
Dillingham, Brampton Gurdon, memoir

Diseasest explained 202

Dissenters censured 404. vindicated 606
Disparcled explained 202

Disperpled explained 202

Domesday, error in, noticed 331

Continent, letters from, in 1818, 25, Domitian, bust of, at Paris 136

293, 505, 579

Cooke, Edward, death of 373

Joshua, death and character 178

Copyright, on the origin of 501
Corn, average prices of 630

Bill, discussion on 621

Cornwall, Duke of, first creation 597
Earl of, first creation 597
lithographic view of 223
Coronation, first in England 402.
meeting of Court of Claims 560. dress
of Peers at ib. preparations for 560,
631, 634

Claim, jocose 487
Coronation of Pope Martin V. 491
Coronets, description of 485
Cortes, constitution of, proclaimed 362
Cotta, Roman Consul, severity of 24
Cow, extraordinary 629

Crests, on the granting of 218

and Mottoes, by whom worn 2
Crevisse explained 116


Crowns, Regal, remarks on 483.
England, description of 387, 485
Croyland Inscription, Mr. Hamper on 431
Crusades, their effects on Europe 523
Cumberland, lithographic view of 307

[merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small]

Durham, lithographic view of 307
Durham, extracts from the parish regis-
ters of 336

Dymoke, Lewis, champion of England,
his death 478

Earing, Eared, explained 202
Earth, new theory of the 157
Edinburgh, visit to 314

Edmonton, Merry Devil of, life and death

of 44

Edmonton, witch of 117


Education, policy of general 209.
fits of 328, 405. remarks on 488.
statement of 631

Edward VI. anecdote of 592
Edwards, Robert, account of 12
Egypt, on the ancient history of 60.
antiquarian researches in 253, 347,
348. literature of 443

Edwards, John, hermit of Lichfield,
death of 378

Egyptian God, statue of 499

Numerals explained
Egyptians, ignorance of, in medicine 220
Electric Light, experiment by 255
Ellenborough, Lord, property of 165*
Elliot, Mr. his translation of the Bible 395
Ely Chapel, presented by Mr. Watson
to the National Society for educating
the Poor 366

[ocr errors][merged small]

ages 410


Eve, Midsummer, lighting fires on 500
Even explained 202

Evening Lectures, utility of 21
Exchequer Bills, funding of 630
Exotic Seeds, on germination in 24, 123
Fabius Maximus, cruelty of 134
Faculty Pews, right of property in 222,
293, 386, 424

Farming, new system of 36

Farms, small ones recommended 221
Fata Morgana, explanation of 318
Favissa, Ancient, discovery of 156
Feejee Islands, customs of 211, 297
Feinaigle, Professor Von, death of 87
Fell, Bishop, strict discipline of 304
Fenelon, Abp. merits of 221, 322, 409
Fenwick, Mrs, and family, account of 189
Finances, discussion on 69, 73
Fire Engines, stations of, in London 194
Fires: Birmingham theatre 78. Mag-

dalen Hall, Oxford ib. in the Strand
21. Spitalfields 82. London Road ib.
Thames Street ib. in Hertfordshire
161*. in Deptford Road 163*. at
Chatham 267. near Nettlebed 268.

Exeter theatre 268. at Coveney ib.
at Ratcliffe 270. at Hereford 364,
in Gracechurch Street 366. in Ren-
frewshire 462. at Brockhampton tb.
in Whitechapel Road 463. in Cork
555. Imperial Palace on Zaukajesto 628
Fisherwick, Staffordshire, account of 235
Faintshire, lithographic view of 224
Floyer, Sir John, account of 233
Floyer, Rev. W. account of 91
Force, Forcing, explained 202
Forster, Rev. Thomas, account of 337
Mary, character of 337

Fortescue, Rear Admiral Sir C. death 469
Fortesque, Rear Adm. John, death of 184
Fosbrooke's British Monachism noticed 30
Fossil Remains, discovery of 156
Fountains Abbey, description of 577
Fox, C. J. anecdotes of 150

France, intelligence from 73, 167, 265,
460, 553. tour through, in 1818, 25,
293, 415, 505, 579. literature of 204.
eminent authors of 340

Francis, Sir Philip, notice of 513
Frederick, Capt. on ruins of Babylon 234
Freemantle, Admiral Sir T. death of 86
French, infidelity of 220

Freston, Rev. Anthony, memoir of 279
Fwyall, Sir Howell, account of 110
Gas, prepared from peat 463
Gauls, Ancient, curious notion of 23
Geastes explained 203

Geer or Gear explained 203
Gehlenite, potass found in 62
Genius of Repose, statue of 199

George III. death of 99. memoir 100.
character 104, 344. anecdote of 150.
funeral of 172. letter from 195. mo-
nument proposed for 217. will of 464
George IV. proclaimed King 161.
official proceedings on the accession of
ib. message from 165. speech on the
opening of Parliament 450. levees
459, 465. message to Parliament re-
specting the Queen 557

Germany, intelligence from 266, 361,
554, 628

Germination in exotic seeds 24, 123
Geyler, Dr. John, notice of 422
Geyler's Navicula Fatuorum noticed 127,

Gibbs, Sir Vicary, memoir 275. will of 640
Glade explained 204

Glasgow, visit to 314

Gloucester, Duke, creation of 598
Gloucestershire, lithographic view of 224
Glover, R. Somerset Herald, collections
of 596

Gobbets explained 203

Gooseberry, etymology of 318, 512
Gordian Pius, bust of, at Paris 135
Grafting, new method of 63

Grand Junction Canal described 235
Grass Land, improvement of 226
Grattan, Rt. Hon. Henry, death of 563.

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