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a noble Contempt of the Tyrant, and his utmost Cruelty, she thus consirmed him in his Resolution, to suffer all Things, rather than forfake the true Religion, and worship Devils: «« Have Pity on «« me, O my Son! on me, who not only bore you «« Nine Months in my Womb, but nourished you «« for Three Years, with Miik from my Breads, and «« brought you up ever since to Man's Estate, and "took due Care of" your Education. J conjure ,c you, theresore, my dear Child, consider the "Heavens and the Earth, and all that is contained '« therein, how they were created by an Almighry "god out of Nothing, as was Man likewise of the "Dust of the Earth. Fear not then, my Son, this "bloody Tyrant, and cruel Executioner, neither «' dishonour thy Brethren and Family, by a base «' and cowardly Compliance with the King's impi«« ous Commands; bur, being worthy of ihy Bre«* thren, do thou follow their glorious Example, '« by submitting chearsully to Death s that, by the "Divine Mercy, I may receive thee again with "them, in another and better World."

Hereupon, even whiist she was thus speaking, the young Man, strongly animated by her pious Example and Counsel, cried out aloud, «« For "what wait ye f I will not obey the King's Com"mand, but the Divine Law, that was given our "Foresathers by Moses." Then addressing himself directly to the King, who was present, «'And "as for thee (pursued he) who hast been the wick"ed Author of all the Calamities of the Hebrews, "thou shalt not escape the Vengeance of the Al"mighty. Our Sufferings indeed are just, as they "are the due Reward of qur Sins; nevertheless, "though the LwingGov) be angry with us for a «i Time, in order to chastise, correct, and reform "us, his Wrarh will soon be appeased, and he will "be reconciled again to us his People. .


«« But as for thee, I repeat it once more, thou "most wicked, and most impious of all Men, be not «« exalted without a Cause, nor elate with uncer"tain Hopes, aster lifting up thy Hands against the "Servants of the Most High God; for thou hast «* not yet escaped the Judgment of the Almighty, "whose Eyes are over all the Works of the Ghil"dren of Men. As to my Brothers, who have expired under thy Tortures, after a Moment's Suf«« fering here, they now taste eternal Joys, having *< died under the Covenant of everlasting Lise; «*, whilst thou, through the just Judgment of God, «' shalt receive the due Reward of thy Pride and 41 Impiety. And I myself also, in Imitation of my «« Brethren, am now'ready freely to give up my <l Body and Lise for the Laws of my Foresathers; "humbly beseeching Almighty God, that he would «« soon extend his Mercy to our Nation ; and force «' thee, by variousTorments and Plagues, to consess «« that he alone is the Living God; as also that his *« Anger, which is justly falien upon the Hebrpivs «« for their Sins and Wickedness, may terminate: «« with my Death and Sufferings, and'thoseof my «« Brethren." ". . > • ."' .

.It may well be imagined, that so cruel a Tyrant, enraged and exasperated to the Height at sinding • himself so difappointed, mocked, and insulted, would wreak his utmost Vengeance upon the helpless Object of hiVFury'; accordingly he caused this, young Man'tO'be tortured yet more grievously than arty of his Brothers: After which, to • clofe the bloody Scene (at least for that Time) and to shew that no Age nor Sex .should escape his Barbarity, he caused the Mother likewise, who had already suffered the woistof Torments, in being forced to be Witness to the Agonies and Murder ot h#rsc»«n htfpesbl Children, <o suffer Death also in the fame Ma'istHfft'i- ^ Jour v. . •. .. ,.;.'. .;.,

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But it was not long besore the Divine Justice overtook this cruel and abominable Tyranr, Persecutes, Murderer, and Blasphemer, and tortured him in as grievous a Manner, as he had many Hundreds of the Jews; forcirg this Monster of Cruelty and Inhumanity, who besore neither regarded God nor Man, to consess, though much against his Will, and it is to be (eared, when it was too late, that it is ft to befuhjeii unto the Almighty, and that Man , ivho is mortal, should not think of himself as if ht were God. A S; eech, which it were greatly to be wished, that some modern Princes, who tread too much in the Steps ot this impious and bloody Tyrant, would keep perpetually in their Remembrance; to the end, that the Pear of meeting with the like Fate from the Hands of Providence, might deter them from continuing any longer the Pests of Human Society, and spieading Desolation all over the World, like a destroying Angel.

In effect, this most wicked of all Princes, who for bis signal Impiety, and bloody Persecution of the Church of Gon, is set forth to us in the Scriptures as an apt Type of Antichrist, who in After-Ages is to afflict and harrals the Christian Church, soon after silled up the Measure of his Iniquities, by his desperate and monstrous Resolutions to persist in his Hatred and Cruelty to the People of God; and became a most remarkable Example of hisVengeance, and of that exquisite Misery which all must expect, who dare to exalt themselves against Heaven. For, whilst he was absent in Armenia, and Persia, whither he went not only to levy the Tribute, which had not been paid regularly, but with Design to plunder the Temple of Elymais, where, as he had been informed, immenseRiches had been reposited, Judas Maccabeus, who, at the flead of a sew faithsul j emus, had taken up Arms in Desence of the true Religion, deseated Apllomui Governor of Samaria,


and Seron, a General of the Syrian Army. The News of this dauble O/erthrow being brought to Antiochus, highly etasperared against the whole Jenoijh Nation, and bent upon Revenge, he levied a vast Army, but Money falling short for the Payment thereof, was obliged to divide his Forces, and send only one Part of it against them, under the Command of Lstas, one of the Royal Blood, whiltt with the other lie went into Armenia, which had revolted against him.

Lyfias, in Obedience to the Orders he had received, which were no less than to exterminate the whole Race of the Hebrew, or transplant them, by selling them as Slaves into other Countries, sent Ttohmy Macron at the Head of Forty Thoufand Foot, and Seven Thoufand Horse into "Judea, to put the King's Commands in Execution. And Ptolamy, 'for the greater Dispatch, detached Nicanor, as his Lieutenant General, with Twenty Thoufand Men, giving him, as an Assistant, one Gorgias, a veteran Ossicer, of consummate Experience.

But to see how vain are the Counsels of Men, when God is not called to the Consultation; this formidable Detachment, which thought to have devoured Judas, and his Handsul of intrepid Warriors, who put their whole Trust in Heaven, were> shamesully deseated by them, and Nicanor forced to fly with Ignominy and Gries to Antiochus. Not content with this, after giving due Thanks to Almighty God, and solemnizing the Sabbath in the most devout Manner, Judas having heard that limotheus and Bacthides, two other Generals, were coming against him, marched out to meet them, utterly overthrew them, put to the Sword above Twenty Thoufand, and returned back in Triumph, with vast Spoils, which he piously distributed equally, amongst the Ancient, the Maimed, the '' E 3 Widows,

Widows, and Orphans, as well as amongst his own Men. .«

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Enraged at these repeated Overthrow?, and zealous to put the King's impious Commands in Execution, in spite of all Opposition, Lysias himself resolved to march against him, with no less than Sixty Thoufand Foot, and Five Thoufand Horse, all choice Troops ; a.-Power sussicient, one would think, to have swallowed them up. But vain is the Help of Man without the Protection of Heaven! Accordingly Judas, no ways dismayed at their Multitudes, boldly marched against them, at the Head of only Ten Thoufand Men, and put them shamesully to flight, with the Slaughter of Five Thousand Syrians.

During these Tranfactions, the haughty and impious Antiachus having been at Elymais, with Intent to plunder the Temple, as was besore observed, his Design having taken vent, met with a shameful Repulse; the Inhabitants of the City and Country adiacent, taking up Arms in Desence of their Temple, and driving him away with Ignominy, Thunderstruck at this Disgrace, and exasperated a: his Difappointment, he retired to Echatane, where he received the unwelcome News of the Deseat of 'Nicanor and Timetbeui. This incensing him yet more, he resolved to be sully revenged upon the Je'ws for all; and accordingly ordered his Army to march, with the utmost Expedition, towards Judea.

But he had not got bryond Babyhn, when he received the yet more moitifying Account of the Overthrow of Lysias; and, which was yet worse, that the Jtivt had retaken the Temple of Jerusalem, thrown down all the Altars and Idols he had set up there, purged the Sanctuary, and re-established . their ancient Worship.; This News increasing his


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