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able to relieve him? Then also are we Mur. derers.

. These may be, perhaps, and we doubt not, will be, very disagreeable Trucha co many; but nevertheless they are real Truths, and, such Truths as, if we disregard them, will one Day condemn us, .and cause us to be placed amongft the Goats on the Left Hand. What then shall we say to those Purple Homicides, those Million-Murderers, those Royal Savages, whom Heaven in iis Anger, seems to have fent as the worst of Plagues, to be the Scourge of a guilty World ?

The King of Poland dies, France, with Design to make him afterwards his Tool, to over-run the Empire, sets Stanislaus up, against his own Will, to be a Candidate for that Crown, and procures him to be elected by Bribery ; and because the Emperor, who foresaw his own Ruin in that Promotion, endeavoured to obftrućt ir, by all lawful Means, his Moft Chriftian Majesty, in conjunction with some other Royal Banditti, invades his Dominions with Fire and Sword, spreading Destruction and Desolation around him like a baleful Me. teor; and when Great Britain offers her Mediation to put a Stop to fuch diabolical Ravages, she is told, the Mof Christian King's Honour is highly concerned therein, and no Power in Europe Thall give Law unto him.

So this pretty Pun&tilio of Honour coÅs two or three Millions of Lives ! Could any thing but a Devil incarnate act worse?" But that such Persons never think seriously of Death, aud a Future State, can be possibly think this Excuse will be accepted at the Day of Judgment? His Honour we fuppose was likewise greatly interested in promo-ting and supporting a Rebellion in these Kingdums, in favour of a Popish Prerender, with the


charitable Intent to reduce them to a Dependance ever after upon France, and to convert all the good People, by the wholesome Discipline of Fire and Faggor !

His worthy Sister alfo of Spain, not to be behind with him, and having a Couple of Sons, whom the had a Mind to make Kings, right or wrong, (wherein the was but too weli allifted by the Ambirion of some Princes, and the Infatuation of others,) without the least plaufible Pretence, in.. vades Naples, Sicily, Parma, Placentia, Savoy, and Piedmont, shedding a Sea of Blood, and carrying Ruin and Devastacion every where. Bur blinded as she is, by her insatiable Ambition, and more than Luciferian Pride, does the vainly think any of those empty Excuses wherewith Nae coloured over those unjuft Enterprizes, will pass with the At mighty ? Or, that those many Millions, the Plunder of her wretched Subje&s, wrong from them to support her nefarious Schemes, by being now beftowed on her delufive and flattering Briefts, will be able to bribe the Judge of all Men, and accepted as a Commutacion ? If he does, we fear, without a hearty and sincere Repentance, the will find herself grievously miftaken.

In effe&t, one would wonder what such Wretcha cs, who make no more Account of the Lives of Men, than of the Beasts that perish, can possibly think of themselves, if indeed they ever think fea riously,or by what Rules they govern their Conduct ! Do they really imagine that a Diadem fan&ifies all Manner of Villany? Or, that those Crimes which would denominare any other Man a Robber, Marderer, and Ruffian, lose their Nature when acted by them, and become Virtues? Do they believe the Ratio ultima Regum, will be allowed of by the King of Kings ? Or that Sic volo, fic jubeo, Aat pro Rations Voluntas, will be accepted as a good

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Plea, Plea at the beavenly Tribunal? "One would al-" most be tempted to think they fancied. fo, Gince otherwise, it would be imposible to account for their Actions: It would be absolutely im poslible, we say, if they believed themselves bound by the fame unalterable Rules of Truth and Justice as, other Men, so reconcile any Part of their Conduct therewith, they must certainly, therefore have some other Maxims to walk by, is of Cards, or by false Dice ; will not pay one juft Debt, but if sued, insists on his Privilege, to ex. empe himself from it ; will debauch the Wife of his most intimate Friend ; fell his Country for a dirty Bribe ; and persist in the most palpable Lie; and should you only infinuare, his being wanting either in Honesty, Truth, Justice, or Friendship, would challenge you, and cụt your Throat for so doing.

! But leaving these Pésts of Human Society co the Sring of their own Consciences, which will one Day surely meet with them, and to the Supreme Disposer of all Events, who even now'takes Cognizance of all their Actions, and will, at the latt great Assize, juftly make Retribution to them accordingly, without Parțiality, or Respect of Persons, let us now go on to consider some other grievous Offenders against this Law, who nevertheless, from a ioo prevailing, though abominable Cuftom, are apt to fancy themselves intirely innocent in This respect. We have already seen how crowned Heads imagine themselves privileged under the Sanction of the Word Honour, to commic all Manner of Enormities, not only with Impunity, and without Blame, but even wiih Applause; and we hall now few how, under the Cover of the same Cant Term, for they have thereby made it no more, a Person, who would cake it extremely ill to be deemed a Cut-throar, Pick pocket, and Scoundrel, will be guilty of Actions which give him a Claim most juftly to every one of these honourable Titles, and at the same Time imagine himself a compleat fine Gentleman,' and consequently one whose Company is to be coveted, and whom any body may be proud to imitate.

A modern Man of Honour chen, is one who will draw you in to game, chear you out of your whole Elale, by playing booty Matches, dipping

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Would it not astonish any serions Person, and make him shudder with Horror, to think such Crimes as these should be perpetrated in a Coun. try that is called Cbriftian ? Certainly it would ; What chen must it do, to hear what is really Truth, not only that all these Enormities are free quently committed, but that she Scoundrel who is guilty of every one, shall escape with Impunity, be applauded and valued for killing his Man fairly, have his Company courted, and be dignified with the Character of a Man of strict Honour? Must it not make him tremble for a Country where such Abu. ses are openly tolerated and connived at ? Yer this is the wretched Case of this once Cbriffian Nation!

If a Man will not bear to be told he lies, tho' he maintains the moft notorious Untruth, without calling you to an Account for ir ; if he will not put op with the Name of Rogue, without curring your Throat ; though he runs in Debt out of Wanron. ness, with Design never to pay, and ruins whole Families; if he will defend the Character of the poor Creature he has debauched, at the Expence of the Life of his deareft Friend ; if he will punish with Death the least Insinuation of his having played foul, or being bribed, choboth are real Facts, such an one, let his Wife, Creditors, Friend, or Country, think what they please to the contrary, will be universally allowed by your People of Fashion, to be a Person who knows the World,


and a Man of unblemished Honour! Thus is Mur, der, Rapine, and Injuftice, with a Violation of all Laws Human and Divine, fan&tified in a Kingdom which goes under the Name of Chriftian.

Puder, hæc Opprobria nobis,
Et dici potuiffe, & non potuisse refelli.

Having now premised as much as we think ne. ceffary, concerning the several Ways by which obis Commandment is violated, we shall next new how cautious we ought to be of transgrelling this Law, on any Account whatever, even after the greatest and most continual Provocations. Now norbing, we chink, can see this in a clearer Light, than the Case of !hat excelene Partern for all succeeding A. ges, the Royal Pfalmift, who being stiled in Scrip. fure the Man after God's own Heart, and being a Prophet as well as a Prince, may be reasonably supsupposed to be fully acquainted with his Duty. This incomparable Person then, after having been the immediate loftrument in the Hand of Providence of delivering his Country, by the Death of Goa liab, not only from Ignominy and Reproach, bus from cruel Bondage, instead of being rewarded for so great Service, iaw himself exposed undeservedly to the Envy and Hatred of Saul, insomuch that he daily sought to kill him, and laid Snares for his Life.

Bus did David therefore think himself privileged to llay Saul ? Far from it; though it was after the moft repeated Provocations. Though it might be justly said to be in his own Defence, and though he knew the LORD had rejected Saul from reigning over Ifrael, and had even caused Samuel to anoint him King in his stead ; yet, when God had delivered his cruel Enemy into his Hand, fo that he might have killed him with the greatest Ease and Safety, he only cut off the Skirt of his Robe,


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