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The Mississippi, 34-

The Rhine, 94
The Tiber, 230.
The Ganges, 349.

Some Notable Pictures and their Story-

The Last Supper," by Leonardo da Vinci, 102.

Raphael's Cartoons, 206.

The Gold of the Sea, 145,

An African Monarch at Home, 214.

A Struggle with Fortune; or, the Wonderful Adven.

tures of Arminius Vambéry, 291.

How is Ink made? 322.

A Visit to Fingal's Cave, 340.


About Slave Dhows, 50; What is a Musk Ox? 50;
Aztec Temples, 50; Gog and Magog, 51; Indian
Medicine Men, 51; The Umbrella Bird, 51; Steering
a Balloon, 51; The Boomerang and its Uses, 51;
The Patagonian Cavy, 52; Greeting the New Year,



First-Footing, 53; Story of a Retriever, 53;
An Odd Horse, 53; The Silver Medal of the LITTLE
FOLKS Legion of Honour, 118; The LITTLE
FOLKS Prize Competitions for 1884, 118; Story
of a Bird's Nest, 118; Saddle Men, 118; The
Brighton Dogs' Home, 119; What is a Portage'
119; Concerning Professor Jacob, 119; "The Sea
Fathers," 120; Why was England called Merry? 181;
Clever Monkeys, 181; Photograph of a Flash of
Lightning, 181; A Fishing Bear, 181; A Wise
Terrier, 182; Sir Walter Scott and a School-fellow,
182; The Snake Dance of the Indians, 182; The
Mole in the Wrong Trap, 182; The Hall Porter's
Hen, 183; Another True Story of a Dog, 183;
George the Third and the Pretender, 183; The Oldest
Church in America, 183; Brittany Fishwives,_183;
Curious Dislikes of Animals, 246; The Largest Room
in the World, 246; A Frolicsome Horse, 246; Why
Tumblers are so called, 246; Something like a Toy,
246; A Hunted Fox, 247; Burrowing Grouse, 247;
The Travels of a Coin, 247; A Chinese Junk, 247;
The Hairs of the Head, 247; A Cunning Spaniel,
248; Snails, 248; Curious Passengers to New Zea-
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Hunters, 308; The Painter and the King, 308; An
Unhealthy Place for Cats, 308; A Sensible Dog,
308; Novel Use of a Snowball, 309; A Bird-killing
Tree, 309; Boring Animals, 309; The Fiery Cross,
309; Beware the Awful Avalanche," 309; The
People of Central Asia, 310; Story of a Rat-Hunt,
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371; A Sociable Spider, 371; Schools in Finland,
371; The Little Girl and the Custards, 371; Boy and
Eagle Fight, 372; A Slave Barracoon, 372; Tor-
turing King William, 372; The Pirates of the Cas-
pian, 372; A Clever Weasel, 372.

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New Special Prize Competitions for 1885, 54.
THE "LITTLE FOLKS Proverb Painting Book" Com-
petition, 55.

Award of Prizes in the 1884 Special Competitions, 62.
Award of Prizes in the "LITTLE FOLKS Special Illus-
trated Story Competition," 126.

The LITTLE FOLKS Prize Competitions for 1884. Distribution of the Work, Dolls, Scrap-Albums, &c., 188.

"Picture Pages Wanting Words," &c., and Answers58, 64, 125, 128, 187, 192, 251, 256, 315. 320, 376. Lists of Honour, 58, 59, 125, 187, 251, 316, 376.


59, 125, 190, 254, 318, 378.

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Queen Anne's Adventure (A Christmas Story), 1.
A Leap for a Life, 15.

Mother Carey's Chicken (A Fairy Story), 20.
Saved from the Flood, 33.

The "Children of the Rock," 65.

A Contented Child, 78.

Russell Escott's Victory (A School Story), 80.

Jack's Ride to Town, 89.

How Bertie was Rescued, 96.

In Valentine Land, 100.

Third Mate of the Polly Ann, 105.

A Strange Railway Journey (A Fairy Story), 107. Allan the Hero, 129.

Tuft's Lesson, 131.

Which was the Braver? 148.

Harold's Lost Opportunity, 155.

Ulric the Little Musician (A Fairy Story), 159.

The Adventures of Grandfather Frog, 173.

Addie's Easter Surprise (.4 Moscow Story), 193.

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Knuckle Down" (A School Story), 207.

Cock Robin's Coming of Age, 211.

How Bess was found (A Fairy Story), 223.

A Row for a Life, 227.

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'Just like our Tiny," 233.

Wooden-legged Peter, 257.

The Story of Poor Pinky-Winky, 259.

What we found in the Smugglers' Cave, 281.

A Brave Peasant, 291.
Always in a Hurry, 294.

Felix's Fairy Pickaxe (A Fairy Story), 304
The Professor among the Indians, 321.

Kit Graham's Tournament (A School Stor)), 337.
Why Maggie acted the Old Soldier, 344.

How Elsa spent Christmas Eve (A Fairy Story), 357.
The Story of Arion, 361.


Fun in the Barn-yard, 29.
Saved from the Flood, 33.

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The "Children of the Rock," 65.
Pussy's Letter to Nan, 79.
A Game of Romps, 80.

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Just like our Tiny," 233.

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Wooden-legged Peter, 257.

The Story of Pinky-Winky, 259.
Rogue Rook and his Little Ways, 264.
The Mischievous Four, 284.
The Nightingale's Song, 300.
"Once upon a Time," 349.
About the Butcher Bird, 351.


Bible Storms by Sea and Land-
Unmoved by Danger, 38.
Smitten before Israel, 86.

Saved from the Wreck, 150.

The House of the Feasters Blown Down, 218.

The Alliance with the Wicked reproved, 278.

Thunder and Rain at Wheat Harvest, 354.

Bible Exercises and Answers, 40, 88, 152, 220, 280, 356.


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BY "AUNT MAGGIE," Author of "Dot's Christmas Ride," &c.



HERE, there, Miss Dolly! do be quiet now. I would not be naughty at


for all the world, if I were you. It's never the time to be cross and disagreeable when everybody's thinking of presents." "You want me to be good do you?"

just for what I can get, then, Two dark eyes looked up; two little cheeks were all crimson and tear-stained; two little hands clasped with passionate fervour to her bosom the oldest, most battered, yet best beloved, of all her large family of dolls.

I cannot pretend to judge between Nurse Alcock and her charge, little Miss Dorothy Verner, the vicar of Hazeley's youngest child. There may have been faults on both sides: I daresay there were; any way, there had been an outbreak, and the two were at variance.

It was the day before Christmas Day, and all the vicarage servants had so much extra to do, what with the coming home of the elder children from school, guests staying in the house, Christmas charities, and so on.

It was hardly to be wondered at if Dorothy,

who was only eight years old, did get a little put on one side and neglected at this season. Still less was it to be wondered at if the little lady, who was accustomed to be first in everything, should resent this neglect, and become troublesome and rebellious.

"I know what we'll do," went on Dolly, with a sob: "Queen Anne and I will go away, miles and miles away, and you'll never see us again."

"Very well. I don't care to have any naughty little girls here; but when my own good Miss Dolly comes back, then we shall be pleased."

And nurse went downstairs to the kitchen to help cook, who had her hands more than full, leaving Dolly and Queen Anne alone.

The early winter dark was just beginning to gather in the corners, and fill the great room with eerie shadows. Outside there was a white gleam from the crisp snow which covered all the lawns and walks in the vicarage garden.

It was very still and lonely to the child. Everybody else seemed busy and happy. Her brothers had gone out to skate on the mere, her sisters to help with the decorations in church, her father was busy in the parish.

Dorothy turned from the window, and gave Queen Anne another frantic embrace.

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