sible that you thought me serious—that The joy of sensitive men is modest. you believed that ?'

They show their wounds more readily 'Indeed,' said Grace, very much alarm- than their raptures, because they do not ed, 'my father assured me that you were think both are deserved, or they show married.'

both from behind the veil of a tear. "That is


Some time ago When a man remains modest, not by before I had seen you, or rather before praise, but by censure, then is he truly our acquaintance had commenced, your modest. father said to me one day—"when are you Begin the cultivation of thy heart, not to be married ?" and I answered, "Oh, for with the improvement of thy noble prothe present poetry is my little wife.” The pensities, but with the bridling of thy young gentleman improved the opportu- perverse inclinations. When once the nity of making known to Grace that he weeds are withered or plucked up, then had never been in love until now, &c. will the noble flower raise its head and

And Grace had owned that she was grow luxuriantly. willing to have him ask mamma a little One learns silence best among those question. Certainly when the chaise who have none, and talkativeness best stopped at Mr Elton's door, there were two among those who are silent. very bright faces revealed. The poet took In our age the decrease of stoicism and papa away, and Grace was glad to dance the increase of egotism are about equal. up to her own room.

The stoic covers his treasures and buds Well, my dear,' said Mr Elton, 'Law- with ice, the other is ice itself. So in rence Norton has proposed.'

physics; the mountains decrease while 'Proposed what?'

the glaciers increase. 'To marry Grace.

When one does not hold still at the 'What, our Grace? What do you sting of a bee or of fortune, the sting mean, Mr Elton ? To take another tears out and remains behind. wife?'

Sorrowful earth, which three or four 'Yes, my dear.'

great men can make better or desolate! 'And what did you say? Did you stand Thou art a real theatre. In the forestill and smile?'

ground are several fighting actors and 'Yes, I smiled, I assure you, and told | linen tents, while the painted soldiers him, if Grace happened to fancy him, that and tents crowd the background. I was willing.'

States, like diamonds, when they have 'Why, what is the matter with mam- defects, are divided into smaller; and men ma ?' cried Grace, as she entered the in great states, and bees in great hives, room.

lose their courage and vigour, if they 'Grace !' cried Mrs Elton, 'your papa affix small lands to other small lands, has told that vile Lawrence Norton that like one colony-hive to another. he may have you for his other wife, if you

Man thinks his own affliction is that wish it.'

of humanity, as bees estimate the wea-, Grace looked down and smiled slightly. ther by the dryness of their hive, and alPapa thought proper to explain-Mrs though the sun shines, do not venture out Elton listened with a mixture of vexation for fear of the rain. and amazement, and at last promised to To man, as to books, there are before think of the matter; and perhaps by the and behind two white empty coverstime Grace was twenty-five she might chilhood and old age. give her answer. In one year there was Memory is the only paradise from which a wedding.

we cannot be expelled. Even our first

parents were not banished thence. SELECTIONS FROM JEAN PAUL.

Virtue itself gives no consolation when Nothing so moves man as the look of thou hast lost a friend; and the noble pardon. Our weaknesses are not pur- heart that friendship has pierced bleeds chased too dear by the hour of their for- mortally, and all the balm of love cannot giveness, and the angel who feels no re- staunch it. sentment must envy the man who over- One seldom knows those who are hapcomes it. When thou forgivest, the man picst. The gentle zephyr of purest joy who wounds thy heart is like the sea- moves no metallic anemoscope, nor anworm that perforates the oyster shell, nounces its noiseless flight from echoing which closes up the wound with pearls. towers.



positive knowledge on the subject, for his

entrance had been unannounced; but I Our tents were pitched one thought I had a right to make that night, as usual. It was not long before assumption, and to govern myself acthe camp-fires gave token that the even- cordingly. ing meal was in process of preparation. But the thought of such a companion In due time the guards were set, silence was horrible! A sleeping partner, tooreigned in the little army, and naught a snake, so forbidding in every possible was to be heard save the regular tread of aspect, that even at this time, although the night-watch, as he paced his silent about nineteen years have rolled over the round.

incident, it makes me shudder through I had no idea when I turned in that every limb to think of! But that was night, that I was to be unceremoniously not the question uppermost in my mind turned out before morning. But I was at that time. The question was: 'how mistaken. During the night, our camp am I to get rid of hin?' And it was a was visited by a most furious rain-storm. nice question, too-one more casily conThe water descended in torrents, and dis- ceived than executed. I knew the fix I turbed in his lurking-place an enormous was in, I was fully aware of my posirattlesnake, who, it would seem, took up tion; for my presence of mind bad not for his line of march, with, I presume, no very one moment deserted me. correct idea of his destination, but with a Although an intruder-although he commendable desire, I doubt not, to pro- had presumed to poach upon my manor vide himself with shelter from the pitiless without a license-still I was aware that storm that was raging about, and invading this king of his species was to be treated his dominions, the broad forest, of which with great respect and consideration, until he had probably been an undisturbed oc- I had got, at least, beyond the reach of cupant for many years.

his murderous fangs. I commenced, thereI cannot for one moment imagine that fore, the process of sliding my legs out his snakeship had any particular penchant from under him-not, to be sure, at a for my quarters, but it so happened that pace of two-forty - but imitating more the about one o'clock at night, or rather morn- speed of the snail, and almost holding my ing, he brought up at my tent, and, acting breath during the operation. I was fully upon the old proverb perhaps it is not aware that my only safety lay in this. a proverb, only a saying—of 'any port in Perhaps I might have got rid of him in a storm,' he pitched in, without as much as a more summary way, but in doing it, saying, 'By your leave, sir; and the first perhaps I might have placed him in a intimation afforded me that I was to be position unsuited to his dignity, and conhonoured with his distinguished presence trary to his ideas of propriety, and most was the fact that he was insinuating his probably retaliation on his part would have cold, wet, and horrid carcase directly followed, and I should have come out of across my legs, just above the knee-joints. the contest second best. But I found Having obtruded himself thus far into my plan working well, and persevered in good society, he seemed to be entirely sa- its execution. By dint of great patience, tisfied with himself, with me, and, for I finally, after a labour of some ten aught I knew, with the rest of mankind, minutes or more, succeeded in finding and the comfortable quarters into which myself free from my disgusting companion. he had thus thrust himself unbidden; I at once threw off the mosquito-bar that for I am very certain, had I been permit- surrounded my ground-bed, stepped over ted to make choice of a companion for the my blankets, drew on my boots, as a matnight, my tendencies would not have been ter of precaution, not knowing the precise in that direction. But here he was, locality of my pleasing and amiable com. warm, quiet, and free from the storm, panion at this time. I now seized a shiland seemed mightily inclined, so far as I lelah that I knew was standing in a corcould discover, to tarry for awhile. But ner of my tent-for it was as dark as by this time I began fully to realise my Egyptian darkness itself—and commenced own position. I had assumed, in the first flailing my scanty bed with an carnestplace, as all the indications were that way, ness that would have been highly amusthat it was a snake; and my imagination, ing to a disinterested looker-on. I conin the second place, led me to suppose it tinued this healthful exercise for some was a rattlesnake. Of course I had no fifteen minutes, in the fond hope that


some of my random blows, although given boat, and there was an additional tent in the dark, and without any knowledge for the use of the soldiers. But the reaof the locality of his snakeship, might be son for this was to them a mystery. so fortunately directed as to finish the career of my enemy. But I was in total

HOME FINDINGS. ignorance of the result, and had no means at hand by which I could throw any light on the subject. True, I had candles, When I married, I was a young foolish but what use were they to me without thing of seventeen, very romantic, and matches !--and of them I had none. equally fond of having my own way. I

I finally put on part of my clothes, chose my husband out of two or three threw my cloak around me, took my um- eligible young men, who, believing, perbrella, for it was still raining in torrents, haps, that I should make a pretty amiablo and sallied forth into the camp. But sort of wife, and possibly tempted by my here I was no better off. The rain had father's position, and the nice little forextinguished the camp-fires, and dark- tune he had it in his power to bestow ness reigned supreme. The sentinel was upon me, made persevering love to me. at his post, but it was useless to trouble Everybody wondered why I should choose him with my story. My umbrella soon the poorest and plainest of my admirers. became useless as a protection against There was certainly no disinterestedness the drenching storm, and I was forced in the case. The truth was, Charles had back to my tent for shelter. But here been so very humble and assiduous as a all was doubt and uncertainty. What lover, that I expected my love of power had become of the snake? There was a to be fully gratified in my new position as possibility that I might have killed him, a wife. but there was an uncertainty about it. However, I very soon found out my But I ventured back, and drawing out mistake. Charles rather disappointed me, my rifle-case, which had served me for a even during the honeymoon. He was not pillow, I sat down on it, near the en- always willing to attend me in my protrance to the tent, resolutely determined menades at all hours of the day. Someto watch the waning hours until daylight times he wanted to go one way, when I should reveal to me the result of my had signified my intention of going anlabours. The reader may imagine my other; or he wished to spend an evening thoughts, but it would be difficult to de- at home, when I was tempted by the scribe them. At length-it seemed al- programme of a public ball or concert. most like an eternity—the dawn broke The wretch even carried his independence upon another day. It was like a new so far as to fall asleep once or twice after life, a new being, a new existence. Again dinner; and, though I had not yet acquired the life-blood began to course freely boldness to be openly angry, I testificd through my veins; my heart had gone my displeasure by coqueting with him the back to its usual resting-place, and was whole of the day after. again performing its accustomed func- However, when at length we arrived in tions. The first rosy tints of morning our snug little home, and I assumed all satisfied me my enemy was not in sight. the dignity of a bride, I determined to Where was he? Was he lurking in some make a firm stand against the spirit of sly corner, ready to strike whenever I independence and authority that I saw should approach him ? Certain it was growing upon my husband, and to settlc he had not coiled himself about my legs, the matter once for all, whether Charles nor had he wreathed himself about my was to be pleased or I. An opportunity body or neck! Where was he, then ? was soon afforded me. Perhaps I had killed him, Lucky My love,' said my husband, coming in thought. Why had it not occurred to one evening in a great fuss, 'Taglioni will me before? Again I seized my stick- make her farewell appearance at our the same identical one with which I had theatre to-night, and I have secured performed such wonderful deeds in the tickets for you and me. There will be an dark the night before and with this I awful crush. I might not have been able raised the blankets up, and there lay my to procure the tickets, for I was so full of sleeping companion, my bed-fellow, now thought as I went to the office this mornsleeping the sleep of death!

ing, that I never observed the placards, After this occurrence, I slept in my so I knew nothing about it until noon. But Tom Taylor had two to dispose of, tural lord and master, Man, it is equally because they had just heard of the death vain and unwise to stand out about trifles; of his wife's father, so I bought them at and that the only way to make her opinions once. And now let us have tea; and and wishes respected is, by the acquiremake haste and dress yourself, for the ment of that potent influence which is cab will be here in an hour.'

based upon a graceful and loving spirit of ' Bless me, Charles !' I exclaimed, submission. what a fuss! And how excited you are just about a dancer! Even if I approved | ADAPTATION OF PLANTS TO THE of such an exhibition, I don't think I

WANTS OF MAN. could go, for I faithfully promised to spend The quantity of grass which grows an hour or two this evening with that dear on this remarkable region is astonishing, creature, Ellen Haigh.'

even to those who are familiar with India. 'Not go !' cried my husband. 'What It usually rises in tufts with bare spaces nonsense, Louisa. You must go, after between, or the intervals are occupied by the hurry I have made to come home for creeping plants, which, having their roots you. What new fit of propriety is this? buried far beneath the soil, feel little the

"You might have sent me a note from effects of the scorching sun. The numthe office,' I said, 'to know whether I ber of these which have tuberous roots is should like your scheme or not. I would very great; and their structure is intended rather not hazard the crush, even for to supply nutriment and moisture, when Taglioni, if it's all the same to you. during the long droughts they can be

Poob! I never knew you afraid of a obtained nowhere else. Here we have crush before. It is all mere perversity. an example of a plant, not generally Comc, just give me a cup of tea—there's tuber-bearing, becoming so under circuma good girl—and mind you are in your stances where that appendage is necessary best looks to-night,' he added, smiling. to act as a reservoir for preserving its life;

There was no making the creature be- and the same thing occurs in Angola to a lieve that I really disapproved of the species of grape-bearing vine, which is so exhibition, or preferred spending the even- furnished for the same purpose. The plant ing with my friend. He pooh-poohed to which I at present refer is one of the all my protestations and all my arguments. cucurbitaceæ, which bears a small scarletI waxed positive, then angry, and at coloured eatable cucumber. length we had a regular quarrel. In the Another plant, named Leroshúa, is a midst of this the cab drove up to the door, blessing to the inhabitants of the Desert. and my husband ran hastily up-stairs, to We see a small plant with linear leaves, smooth his ruffled countenance and put and a stalk not thicker than a crow's sone finishing touches to his apparel. quill; on digging down a foot or eighteen

'And did the monster really go alone ?' inches beneath, we come to a tuber, often asks some young wife among my readers, as large as the head of a young child; jealous of her pre-eminence.

when the rind is removed, we find it to Indeed he did, my sympathising sister; be a mass of cellular tissue, filled with and the worst of it all was, that, though fluid much like that in a young turnip. I pouted, and sulked, and endeavoured to Owing to the depth beneath the soil at render his life miserable for a whole week, which it is found, it is generally deliciI had to give in, and make the first ously cool and refreshing. Another kind, advances, after all. However, though I named Mokuri, is seen in other parts of have not space to record the whole tran- the country, where long-continued heat saction, it cured me of my ambition for parches the soil. This plant is a herbaunlimited power; and yet I have in reality ceous creeper, and deposits under ground lost nothing by this unlooked-for result, a number of tubers, some as large as a for, at this moment—by endeavouring to man's head, at spots in a circle a yard or oblige my husband, and yielding my will more, horizontally, from the stem. The to his in immaterial matters—I can at any natives strike the ground on the circum. tinc secure his compliance with any rea- ference of the circle with stones, till, by sonable desire or conscientious scruple of hearing a difference of sound, they know mine.

the water-bearing tuber to be beneath Found.—That when one of the gentler They then dig down a foot or so, anc sex yields up herself and her actions to find it. the guidance and protection of her na- But the most surprising plant of the


Desert is the 'Kengwe, or Kēme' ( Cucu- He that falls by himself never cries. mis Caffer), the water-melon. In years He that gives little, gives heartily. when more than the usual quantity of Poverty is a shirt of fire. rain falls, vast tracts of the country are The dog that is idle is never tired of literally covered with these melons; this running was the case annually when the fall of If time is not favourable to thee, render rain was greater than it is now, and the thyself favourable to it. Bakwains sent trading parties every year The candle does not give light to itself. to the lake. It happens commonly once The bird feels not its wing heavy. every ten or eleven years, and for the Measure a thousand times, and cut last three times its occurrence has coincided with an extraordinary wet season. He that begins the play must continue Then animals of every sort and name, in- | it. cluding man, rejoice in the rich supply. He that eats does not know, but he The elephant, true lord of the forest, that cuts knows how much is consumed. revels in this fruit, and so do the different A cucumber being given to a poor species of rhinoceros, although naturally man, he did not accept it because it was so diverse in their choice of pasture. The crooked. various kinds of antelopes feed on them If you have money, you are wise; if with equal avidity, and lions, hyenas, you have none, you are a fool. jackals, and mice, all seem to know and The fox goes at the last to the shop of appreciate the common blessing. These the furrier. melons are not, however, all of them eat- The camel went in search of horns, and able; some are sweet, and others so bitter, lost its ears. that the whole are named by the Boers He who asks has one black face, and the 'bitter water-melon.' The natives he who refuses has two. select them by striking one melon after Buy the respect of the insolent. another with a hatchet, and applying the God keep us from judge and doctor. tongue to the gashes. They thus readily After the conflagration remain ruins. distinguish between the bitter and sweet. The replenished understand not the The bitter are deleterious, but the sweet pain of the starving. are quite wholesome. This peculiarity of Broth made of cheap meat is insipid. one species of plants bearing both sweet Nourish the raven that will pick out and bitter fruits occurs also in a red eatable thine eyes. cucumber often met with in the country. You cannot contract for the fish that It is about four inches long, and about is in the sea. an inch and a-half in diameter. It is of a bright scarlet colour when ripe. Many A THOUGHT ABOUT WASHINGTON. are bitter, others quite sweet. Even

In the complicated and marvellous machinery melons in a garden may be made bitter of circumstances, it is absolutely impossible to by a few bitter kengwe in the vicinity. decide what would have happened, as to some The bees convey the pollen from one to events, if the slighest disturbance had taken the other.-- Dr Livingstone.

place, in the march of those that preceded them. We may observe a little dirty wheel of brass

spinning round upon its greasy axle, and the TURKISH PROVERBS.

result is, that in another apartment, many yards He that falls in the sea, takes hold of distance from it, beautiful piece of silk issues the serpent to be saved.

from a loom, rivalling in its hues the tints of the

rainbow; there are myriads of events in our lives, Long hair, little brain.

the distance between which was much greater He that speaks truth, must have one than that between this wheel and the riband, but leg in the stirrup.

where the connection has been much more close. Strong vinegar ruins the vessel in If a private country gentleman in Cheshire, about which it is contained.

the year 1630, had not been overturned in his The nest of a blind bird is made by instead of being a free republic at this moment,

carriage, it is extremely probable that America, God.

would have continued a dependent colony of Kiss ardently the hands which you England. This country gentleman happened to cannot cut off,

be Augustus Washington, Esquire, who was thus The teeth of a horse of which a pre- accidentally thrown into the company of a lady, sent has been made are not observed.

who afterwards became his wife, who emigrated

with him to America, and in the year 1632, at VirEvery fish that escapes appears greater ginia, became the envied mother of George than it really is.

Washington the Great.

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