the morning, and his faithfulness every One look of kind benevolence ?-Thou canst ; night. During the night he would 'rise For thou art full of universal love, and give thanks ;' in the night ‘God's song And in thy boundless goodness wilt impart was with him. “When old and gray Thy beams as well to me as to the proud, headed' his harp and psaltery were still The pageant insects of a glittering hour ! his joy-sources of pleasure and instru 0! when reflecting on these truths sublime, ments of usefulness. His last words' were How insignificant do all the joys, prompted by the spirit of prophetic song. The gauds, and honours of the world appear! He was then permitted to lay claim to the How vain, ambition! Why has my wakeful lamp highest inspiration, and to assume to him Outwatched the slow-paced night!-Why on the self the title by which he has been cele page, brated. At length he fell asleep. Harp The schoolman's laboured page, have I employed and lute, psaltery and psalm, were heard The hours devoted by the world to rest, no more. The prayers of David, the And needful to recruit exhausted nature ? son of Jesse, were ended.' But he com- Say, can the voice of narrow fame repay menced with their close, and will continue

The loss of health ?-or can the hope of glory for ever, the service of song' in the Lend a new throb unto my languid heart, upper world.—Binney.

Cool, even now, my feverish aching brow,
Relume the fires of this deep-sunken eye,
Or paint new colours on this pallid cheek?


Say, foolish one, can that unbodied fame,
For which thou barterest health and happiness-
Say, can it soothe the slumbers of the grave-
Give a new zest to bliss, or chase the pangs
| Of everlasting punishment condign?

Alas! how.vain are mortal man's desires!
How fruitless his pursuits ! Eternal God,
Guide thou my footsteps in the way of truth;
And oh, assist me so to live on earth,
That I may die in peace, and claim a place
In thy high dwelling. All but this is folly,
The vain illusions of deceitful life.

H. KIRKE Weite.




Ye many-twinkling stars, who yet do hold
Your brilliant places in the sable vault
Of night's dominions !- Planets and central orbs
of other systems; big as the burning sun
Which lights this nether globe, yet to our eye
Small as the glow-worm's lamp !-To you I raise
My lowly orisons, while, all bewildered,
My vision strays o'er your ethereal hosts ;
Too vast, too boundless for our narrow mind,
Warped with low prejudices, to unfold
And sagely comprehend. Thence higher soaring,
Through ye I raise my solemn thoughts to him,
The mighty Founder of this wondrous maze,
The great Creator; him, who now sublime,
Wrapped in the solitary amplitude
Of boundless space, above the rolling spheres.
Sits on his silent throne, and meditates.
Th'angelic hosts, in their inferior heaven,
Hymn to the golden harps his praise sublime,
Repeating loud, The Lord our God is great,'
In varied harmonies: the glorious sounds
Roll o'er the air serene. Th' Æolian spheres,
Harping along their viewless boundaries,
Catch the full note, and cry, 'The Lord is great,'
Responding to the Seraphim. O'er all,
From orb to orb, to the remotest verge
Of the created world, the sound is borne,
Till the whole universe is full of him,

THERE can be little wonder that a pamphlet, with such a title as the above, should on its appearance create a considerable degree of interest, and even ex citement. This would have been expected even at a period of calm tranquillity, but coming forth as it does at a time when the community is in a state of feverish anxiety and fearful expectation regarding the future, and professing to raise in some degree the curtain which hides that future from view, it could scarcely fail to find many readers, and receive much notice.

It is not our intention to enter into a critical examination of the work. Our readers will see from its title that the author builds on the foundation of the prophets ;' but as many and varied struco | tures have been reared on the same basis, and fallen before the inexorable develop. ment of time, this is no guarantee of its

** The Coming Struggle among the Nations of the Earth : or, The Political Events of the next Fifteen Years described in accordance with Prophecies in Ezekiel, Daniel, and the Apocalypse showing also the important position Britain will occupy during, and at the end of, the Awful Conflict. London: Houlston & Stoneman. Edid. - burgh: Thomas Grant,

0! 'tis this heavenly harmony which now
In fancy strikes upon my list’ning ear,
And thrills my inmost soul. It bids me smile
On the vain world, and all its bustling cares,
And gives a shadowy glimpse of future bliss.
O! what is man, when at ambition's height,
What e'en are kings, when balanced in the scale
Of these stupendous worlds ? Almighty God!
Thou, the dread Author of these wondrous works!
Say, canst thou cast on me, poor passing worm,'


strength or durability. Suffice it to say, storm about to burst, pointing out the however, that to our view it promises errors which he supposes former commenbetter things than its predecessors or tators have committed, and explained the crumbling contemporaries; and has at events which are about to happen on the least this merit, that it only asks fifteen Continent, the author comes nearer home, years to test its reality. The author begins and points out the noble part which our by saying

country is destined to playNever was there a time, in the past his But what, it will be eagerly asked, is tory of the world, when such a terrible Britain about all this time? Surely she and universal excitement prevailed re- must have an important part to play in garding political affairs, as at this moment this direful game of war. No such thing exists in the social mind. Wherever we -so far as we have yet gone Britain is turn, or into whatever society we enter, exempted from the affray, though her the same restless anxiety is apparent, the proximity to the scene of the unequalled same question passes from circle to circle struggle will keep her in a continual state and from friend to friend, but no reply of alarm, and her rulers anxious and comes forth to cheer or satisfy the alarmed watchful. But yet, though beyond the interrogators. “ What is about to hap eddies of the whirling vortex, she must pen?” is murmured in all the assemblies not, can not, will not be idle. She has a of men; and whether the sound floats mission to fulfil, and she must feel straitalong the noble halls of the great, vibrates ened till it is accomplished-a mission of among the rafters of the straw-roofed the strongest necessity, and she cannot cottage, or wanders through, mazes of to- evade it-a mission of the noblest nature, bacco smoke in a village ale-house, echo and she will not shun it. To her--to the only answers, What! Conjectures, indeed, whole Anglo-Saxon race, of which she is are made and opinions delivered, but as the head and representative--is the task these rest solely on the shifting sand of assigned of carrying forward the religious, political appearances, and assume the moral, and social progress of the world, various aspects with which faction and and in this she must be well assisted by party-spirit invest them, they are uttered her children in the west and south. Ame. only to be rejected; the same question is rica is to be united with her in the noble again asked by the same individual on the work, and Australia must grow in strength morrow, and with like success.

for the same purpose ; and thus supported That such an excitement should prevail on each side by a strong and stalwart son, at the present time is not at all wonderful. the brave old empire will feel equal to the The position in which the powers of task. Talk of America and Britain going Europe and Asia are placed, render it to war! the thing is impossible; nature evident to every thinking mind and in forbids it, and the Bible forbids it too. this age of boasted intelligence all should When they do fight it will be on one side, be thinkers—that we are on the very eve and against a common foe; but they have of a crisis, and a crisis unparalleled in the a far different battle to fight and win, in annals of the past. It is not at one part these coming years, than the sword or merely, or in one or two nations, that we cannon can accomplish. The great moral discern the signs of an approaching storm; contest of spiritual freedom and social but from one end of Europe to the other, morality must be sustained, and the cause the ominous cloud has gathered, and when must unite them and us in an eternal bond it bursts, as soon it must, the deluge will of brotherhood. A people must be prebe not only overwhelming, but universal. | pared for the Lord, that this kingdom Such a prospect as this is entirely new. may be populated when it is established, The shadows which preceded the advent and Britain with her sons is called on to even of the most devastating hurricanes rear, cherish, and protect them. that swept over the world in the 'ages that The many and severe wars which our are gone, were not so gloomy or portentous country has had to sustain, in order to as those which now hover above our whole preserve her Eastern territories, have by horizon, and as the image' must resemble many been considered as too dear payment the reality, that reality must be awful for their possession. We do not here, indeed. We are in the midst of that op however, enter on this question, but beg pressive calm which reigns when the ele | to inform such, that a far higher purpose ments are fully charged with all the than commercial interest or extended emingredients of a storm, and, like the pire is to be served by the presence of the mariner, we long for it's inevitable out- British power in the East. So far indeed break, in order that we may escape from as she herself is concerned, this may have our suspense, and learn at once how we been the real aim; and now that she is in are likely to cope with it.'

possession, the physical advantages which After sketching those Bible prophecies accrue from them will be a sufficient inwhich appear to intimate the nature of the citement to their retention. To preserve


the East Indian market, and keep a path But how, is it asked, will they be restored, open to it, Britain will strive much and do and how does Britain become the agent? much; but while her rulers may think In this very simple manner. When they are merely serving the nation, they Britain sees the Emperor of Russia in are really accomplishing one of the grand possession of Turkey, and preparing to designs of God, and evolving events, while conquer continental Europe, she will bethey cause her to take measures for the come alarmed for her darling Indian pospreservation of this distant part of her sessions, and strengthen her position in empire, will really and only produce oc- the Mediterranean Sea, to prevent the currences which will facilitate the great autocrat dominating there. design of Jehovah. Both God and Britain 'Having succeeded in dethroning the had a special design in the annexation of Sultan, and annexing the Turkish domithe Indian territory to the lion power, but nions to his sway, he will naturally endeathese designs were as different in nature vour to take possession of Palestine, as that and object as the finite is from the infinite country forms a part of the Ottoman EmWhile Britain thought only of wealth and pire. This, however, Britain cannot perconquest, God thought of his ancient mit. To let him occupy, this territory people, and of his covenant, and placed would be a virtual relinquishment of the the British Lion in the East to prepare a Eastern market, because the road to it by way for his ransomed, and to become their the Red Sea would be shut up. What protection in the infancy of their restora- course Britain will tually adopt to pretion. Such is God's design, and he has vent this we cannot learn from the proenlisted the energy of the Anglo-Saxons phecy, but that she will prevent it we are in its accomplishment, by making it their Not only will her own interests deinterest to bring it to pass. The value of mand it, but the word of Jehovah is conthese lands to the nation is the induce- cerned in the matter, and demands it too. ment he has given it to retain them at all These political and commercial interests risks; and one means of their retention, are but the means employed by God to which will by-and-bye become very ob- cause his great nation to perform his long vious, will be to do that which will tend expressed determination, to preserve the immediately to the accomplishment of Holy Land for the elected, eldest born of Jehovah's long promised purpose - the his children. Were the Russian Emperor restoration of the Jews. The idea has long allowed to take possession of it, he would been held, by those few who do believe in carry the land tenure of the north along a restoration, that it must be preceded by a with him, and thus the soil of the land of conversion. This is erroneous. The Jews Canaan would become part and parcel of will return to their own land in as great another nation, its peculiar character as ignorance regarding Christ as when they left an inalienable possession would be gone, it. They will be converted—of this we are and being “common” it could no longer assured; but it will be subsequent to their be called sacred or “holy." But this canre-establishment in Palestine, and by the not be. Jehovah hath said," the land shall immediate operation of the Divine Being. not be sold for ever, for the land is mine." In the many passages of Scripture which It is therefore impossible that it can ever speak of this people acknowledging the be occupied by a power that would at once Messiah, we can never identify the agency incorporate it with other territories. The to be employed in bringing about the attempt has already been made to do this, change as human. The Lord invariably but, as was to be expected, it signally speaks of it as his own work, and to be failed. Shortly after Mehemet Ali estadone, as only Divinity can do it—all at blished himself as “king of the south,” he

The veil is to be taken away, the attacked and conquered Syria, and, as we blindness is to be removed, and this before stated, “pushed at” the Sultan's after they are brought back to the hill of throne. The powers of Europe, however, Zion : Thus saith the Lord God, Be- interfered to prevent him from gaining hold, O my people, I will open your his point, and in negotiating terms of graves, and cause you to come up out of peace between the two countries, ordered your graves, and bring you into the land of Mehemet to restore Palestine to Turkey. Isracł. THEN ye shall know that I am This the king of the south refused to do, the Lord.”—(Ezekiel xxxvii. 12.)

and claimed the land as his for ever by * It is needless, therefore, to look for right of conquest. He was, however, at the conversion of Israel as an indication length compelled to yield to the demand, of the coming of the latter days. It is and the land of Israel was given back to their restoration that becomes an evidence those whose creed will not allow them to i of this; and we can imagine with what claim the soil. They have indeed "divided surprise the conversion-theorists will wit- the land for gain,” but those pachas who ness the approaching colonization of the occupy it hold it by no tenure, and may land of Israel. by its former inhabitants. | be, and indeed often are, deprived of their


possession, without having the right to great amount of territory adjacent to the complain. According to the Mahom- | Holy Land. In the present state of affairs, medan creed, the land is God's, and though there would neither be peace nor safety for it may be occupied, cannot be owned by the Jews in their own country. The Sulany niortal; and certainly, whatever doc- tan has “divided it for gain," and his trine of thé Koran is false, this is true. pachas lay it waste and hold it waste at The Jews cannot even sell any part their pleasure. It will, therefore, be of it from one to another, far less can necessary to occupy Egypt, Ethopia and the uncircumcised Gentiles get it for a Seba, besides other places, in order to prey.

make these a wall of defence for the Jewish The only way that seems likely for colony, and hence the language of Jehovah Britain to preserve her Eastern market to his restored people--"I gave Egypt for open in this emergency, will be to place a thy ransom, Ethiopia and Seba for thee." Jewish colony in Palestine; and thus, it By possessing these she will also lay her will appear, that the river was dried up in hands upon Edom, Moab, Ammon, and order that the way of the kings of the other places on the Red Sea, till at length, east might be prepared.” The drying up being shadowed on every side by the wings (f the river, or the destruction of Turkey, of this mighty power, the new commonwill render it necessary for the “kings of wealth will grow and prosper, like a cedar the east,” or the British power which on their own mountain of Lebanon.' l'ules there, to promote the return of the | Then follows a description of events Jews to their own land, by placing its down to the Battle of Armageddon, after mighty banner of guardianship over it, | which is the following paragraph, with and holding out every inducement for the | which we shall close our notice of the sons of Abraham to repair to it. Be this, / work: however, as it may, it is Britain that re We pause at this point of the prophecy, stores the first portion of the Jews, as we considering it unnecessary at the present learn from the eighteenth chapter of Isaiah, time to enter into a minute examination where the prophet is furnished with a com- of the nature or duration of the millennial mand to "the land shadowing with wings, period. We have already followed the that sendeth ambassadors by the sea," subject beyond the limits indicated by our enjoining it to put forth its power for the title page, and it would swell this pamphlet protection of "a nation scattered and peeled, | far beyond its intended size, to enter into a nation terrible from their beginning a discussion of these points. A great hitherto, a nation rooted out and trodden obscurity rests on the events that imdown, whose lands the rivers have spoiled.” | mediately follow the battle of Armageddon, What a powerful and graphic description so that although we might come pretty is this of the present and past state of the near the reality, our remarks would be Jews ! How their former greatness and essentially conjectural. It is probable present degradation and desolation is asso that Assyria, Persia, and Britain will be ciated and contrasted! But how, it may the only three powers that will exist in the be asked, do we identify the “land shadow old world, besides the kingdom which the ing with wings?We are told that it is Most High will establish in Jerusalem ; beyond the rivers of Ethiopia. Now, for it is stated by Daniel, that “the rest going east from Judea, across the Eu of the beasts” lived for a “season and a phrates and Tigris, we reach Hindostan, time” after the destruction of the dragon. the most important of our Indian posses It is very natural to suppose that Britain sions, and therefore governed by a power will continue to hold a high place among that “sendeth its ambassadors by the sea," the nations, on account of the noble and in other words, by an island state, which important mission she will have fulfilled, shows that the reference is to Britain, and though what that position will be, or how to her alone. The allusion will, however, long she will, retain it, it is impossible to become more apparent in a short time, say. The Anglo-Saxon race must, from when our empire is greatly extended in the very nature of their constitution, be that quarter, and when the lion-flag waves a leading people, and will probably cono'er many an island and country, proving tinue unrivalled in intellectual greatness ; as much its protector as its ruler. There but it is evident that the Hebrews will can then be no doubt as to the fact that have the chief place during that glorious this country will open up a way for the era which these stirring changes are to despised and persecuted race of Abraham, usher in. They will become officially to stand once more in their father-land, greater than any of the other nations, and and raise anew the songs of David upon that in virtue of their covenant agreement the holy hill of Zion, and it is probable with Jehovah, but this appears to be the that the event will be brought about in extent of their privilege. In point of insome such manner as we have indicated. tellectual attainments, the Jewish race can But, first of all, this country must seize a never soar above the Saxon mind, and


therefore they can never become morally deficiency-an awful void. Direct your greater than Britain or America. These attention, however, to Scripture, and see two countries, especially the latter, will the Rock of Ages rolled down from heaven continue to move forward the chariot to earth, filling up the dreadful abyss wheels of the world's progression, and created by sin, and forming

the foundation carry the human soul through endless of all our hopes. Behold Deity becoming stages of development, till the highest the foundation of his Church. Here is a point of its earthly compass is reached, living stone; and who can he be but one and the wider sphere and nobler pursuits who is possessed of essential life? He says of eternity shall unfold themselves.' of himself, — I am the life.' Had he been

We offer our apology to the talented a finite being, he could not have used such author for extracting so much from a language; for it cannot be said of any finite pamphlet which can be procured for a being that he is life. Of the highest inmere trifle, and which we advise all our telligences it can only be said that they readers to possess and carefully peruse, live. Life in God is essence. They are Bible in hand,

only the offspring of essence. In this liv. ing Rock the life of the foundation ascends and prevades every stone; this is the rea

son why they adhere to each other. Here, THE CABINET.

then, is the edifice rising ; God himself is the architect, God himself is the life prevading not only the foundation but every

stone in the building. His truth and his Oh! you who are the children of God, ministers are the means made use of in how are we walking worthy of our high erecting it, and he will ere long present it and heavenly calling? What is there in to the wondering gaze of universal being, us that indicates a heavenly mind? What as the grand master-piece of infinite wishave we to show that we are Christ's, dom and love. Are we part of this noble beyond the mere outward profession of his building? If so, O could we but form an name, and the approval and adoption of idea of the honour conferred upon us by an evangelical creed? They who have God in uniting us to such a foundation, all not the Spirit of Christ in the least degree our little joys and sorrows in travelling can approve and adopt an evangelical through time to eternity would be abcreed; can enter into religious conversa- sorbed in the overpowering thought. tion; can be very charitable, even to the Thoughtless sinner, consider the expense giving away of all their property; can be of Doity in laying this foundation; and very active and laborious in forwarding shall the corner-stone be despised with im. the cause of religion and religious institu- punity ? Consider the peril that attends tions :—What have we to show, that these its rejection. Every sin must be visited with have not? What have we to distinguish punishment equal to its desert; but this us from those, whose religion is thus the ascends above every other : the choice is child of the earth, the effect of nature only? -a throne in heaven, or the lowest bed in Believe me, we ought to be known by hell. Happy is he who knows what it is something more than this; something to prize the Saviour, and cling to him in more peculiarly spiritual; something more exact proportion as he discovers the depth eminently divine. Those who see us ought of his own depravity; verily he is a living to see something in us, by which they may

stone in that building which will appear, take knowledge of us, that we are the seed in a short time, in all its glory. Howels. that the Lord hath blessed; that we are the tree of righteousness, which the Lord

THE TEMPLE OF GOD DEFACED. hath planted; whose fruit, though it may grow from a stock in which the world may That God hath withdrawn himself, and see no beauty, and which the world may left this his temple desolate, we have many despise, is yet not only more lovely, more sad and plain proofs before us. The approved in the sight of God, but more stately ruins are visible to every eye, that luxuriant and plentiful also,' than any bear in their front, yet extant, their dole. thing the most imposing trees of nature's ful inscription,– Here God once dwelt.? growth ever bore.- Rev. M. Vincent. Enough appears of the admirable frame

and structure of the soul of man, to show the Divine presence did sometime reside

in it; more than enough of vicious deGod has from eternity determined to formity, to complain he is now retired and erect an edifice in the world exceeding in gone. The lamps are extinct, the altar glory all the works of his hands; but there overturned, the light and love are now was no foundation here on which to build vanished, which did the one shine with so it-and why not? There is an alarming heavenly brightness, the other burn with


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