ful of the lowly whom it pursues; mindful of the good men perplexed by its require

I see a poor Hindoo driven by a guilty ments; in the name of charity, in the name of the Constitution, repeal this en

conscience to inquire after an expiation. actment, totally and without delay. Be desert of a thousand miles, to the temple

I see a Bramin directing him to cross a inspired by the example of Washington; of Juggernaut in Orissa, and there, after Be admonished by those words of Oriental the practice of severe austerities, to offer piety—“Beware of the groans of the wounded soul. Oppress not to the utmost he does all this, and on his return he re

the costliest gifts which he can present; a single heart; for a solitary sigh has

ceives a little consecrated rice: he atpower to overset a whole world.” )

tempts to subsist upon this till, famished,

he perishes on the plain, --white to this The Scottish Review: A Quarterly Journal of day with the bones of such deluded pil

Social Progress and General Literature. No. grims. Is this romance ? Nay, it is a 1.-January 1853.

well attested fact. But who among us CORDIALLY, do we welcome this Quar- that knows the virtue of that 'blood which terly. It does honour to the great tem

cleanseth from all sin,' who would not reperance cause. In appearance and in joice to seize the hand of this wretched execution it is most excellent, while the votary, and say—'Behold the Lamb of price is only one shilling. The contents

God! -Cecil. of this number are--1. Bitter Beer and their Puffers. II. Burns. III. Emigra

THE FULNESS OF CHRIST. tion. IV. The Forests of India. V. The Malt Tax.

COME unto me, saith your Redeemer, VI. Pauperism. VII. The Story of the Covenanters. VIII.

and all your maladies shall be remedied,

all Social Progress. IX. Notices of New What though you have commited num

your necessities shall be supplied.! Books. x. Statistical Compendium. The berless sins? I offer to you unlimited staff of contributors includes Professor pardon. What though the law of God, Nichol, Thomas De Quincey, George which you have violated, the law to which Gilfillan, Rev. Dr Begg, Dr Lees, A. Prentice, Mrs Ellis, and Mary Howitt.

you can render no satisfaction, denounces its curse upon your head ? Fear not, I

have turned the curse from you; I have We perceive that a twopenny monthly bor it myself in your behalf; I have fultemperance magazine, called “The Ab- filled the law; I have made an atonement. stainer's Journal,' has been started, under what though you are immersed in weakthe superintendence of the Rev. William ness and corruption; unable to think any Reid. The friends of the cause will, we good of yourself; unable to will or to do; trust, assist in pushing it into extensive unable to discover the method of pleasing circulation.

unable to continue in the path of righteousness were you placed in it? In your weakness my strength shall be made

manifest and perfected. Your corruption THE CABINET.

I will cleanse in the fountain I have opened for uncleanness and sin. By the Holy Ghost the Comforter, whose iuflu

ence is at my disposal, I will enlighten It is God's heart of love opened to us your understanding, and renew your heart. for the knowledge of salvation, for pardon From me you shall learn the will of my and peace, for strength and comfort in the Father; from me you shall have grace, Holy Ghost; it discovers to us our cor- whereby you shall serve him acceptably. ruption and helplessness, that we may be What though you are surrounded by prein fear of ourselves, and gladly receive the sent evils ? I am head over all things; remedy which God has provided for us; all power is mine in heaven and in earth. it reveals to us the Lord Jesus Christ born My peace I give unto you. All things in our flesh, that we might be born again shall work together for good to you in the into his life and nature; it is the record of end. I lead you to a world where there his actions and miracles, that we might go shall be neither pain, nor sorrow, nor to him as the physician of our souls, and death. Your friends who sleep in me trust in his power for our own healing; it shall God bring with me.

"Your light calls us to him, all guilty and defiled as we afflictions, which are but for a moment, are, for washing in his blood; it is God's shall work for you a far more exceeding standing declaration of his mercy to a and eternal weight of glory.' -- Rev. T. Gisperishing world, and his offer and convey- borne. ance of full and free redemption from our siu, misery, and danger.-Ådam.





WE have heard of the mathematician | by sight?' It is not opinion, however who wished for a spot outside the world stubborn, or prejudice, however fixed, or on which to rest his lever. This would credulity, however facile. True, it is behave served other purposes than those de- lieving what we do not see, and believing sired by the philosopher. There is no it as firmly as though it were grossly subsuch platform accessible to man, whence stantiated to sense, for it is the evidence of he may survey the physical globe. To things not seen ;' but is there in this aught gain enlarged conceptions of it, we must absurd or incredible ? Unless it is held travel painfully over its surface, or climb that we can perceive everything that exists to a mountain top, and there combine and in the field of universal truth, which, as enlarge our notions of its geography; or, finite beings, we cannot do—and unless it better though more perilously, we may em- is argued that God cannot reveal to us bark with the aeronaut in his floating car, what is known to himself; then we assume and in the sky, far overhead, perceive how the possibility and necessity of faith. Even insignificant is the scene which constitutes the Pantheist, who, as but an infinitesimal to us our little world, when compared drop or wavelet in the great ocean of existwith the vast expanse embraced in our ence, cannot, whatever yearnings he may field of vision; or, could we rise yet higher, have after omniscience, but own that he is how impressive would be our view, as we much stinted in point of knowledge, often gazed till the features of the outlined earth greatly short, and much indebted to foreign faded before the eye, and its huge dimen- help, must admit its necessity; and the sions were visibly dwarfed amid the em- Deist, who allows omnipotence in God and bosoming spaces of infinity. But there is the faculty of belief in man, must concede a more important altitude than this ima- it possible. Faith, then, is belief of testiginary point to be coveted and reached. mony-testimony respecting our nature, There is a spiritual world whose confines, condition, desting, and duties-not only though including the present, stretch into testimony too true and well evidenced to the future. To that world all have rela- be doubted, but the single testimony tions, and to know our relations well is the which can be reckoned of value on such highest wisdom of man. Would he could points—the testimony of God, the maker, survey them as from a pinnacle ! as they lawgiver, and judge of all; for 'he that may be thought to see them who have the planted the ear, shall he not hear? he that insight of archangels, or as they may be formed the eye, shall he not see?' In the thought to know them who have experi- Bible, God, who is infinite in mercy, has ence of immortality! But these large- given us, as it were, those results of spiriminded and much-experienced ones come tual knowledge which, had we been looking not hither to tell us any mysteries of being, from his position, we should have seen, or to unfold the relations and duties of and much more that no intellect could mankind. Nor is it needful they should, for descry. Things are thus revealed in their we may project ourselves to such a point real importance and relative proportions of view, without and above, as shall give to faith. And looking thus into and us the desired clearness and reach of ob- around us with the eye of faith, what do we servation. To know ourselves as we are, behold ? Not only truths and facts before we need but inquire of Him who sees us unseen, but we look on the scenes and as we are, and whose great eye takes in transactions of the present with a purged the wide compass of things. Let us learn vision. How different the perceptions of of his Word, observe our true character, the man of sight and the man of faithposition, interest, and duty as inhabitants the man who discards and he who receives of the present scene, by looking at its revelation, in regard to the same objects ! phenomena and at ourselves, objectively Look to the planetary and stellar orbs. viewed as among them, from the vantage The former sees in them little more than ground of Faith. Standing eminently here, the result of certain principles of gravitawe can see order even in the whirling tion and indigenous fire-mist. The matworld beneath, and calmly listen to the ter of the globe is to him, not so much a voice of wisdom, undeafened by its battle. substance evoked from nonentity by the Life is written over with characters of fiat of the Great Causer, as a vast conglomystery; but faith has mastered the merate of silica, alumine, and lime, knotted cypher, and can read the riddle. For here and there into mountains upheaved what is faith-that faith of which the by central fire, and furnishing much curi. apostle speaks, when, addressing Chris- ous employment to his hammer and tians, he says, 'we walk by faith, and not l crucible. Mind, a thing of which he No. V.II. New SERIES.


speaks as of his locks, something be- as beings to be saved. Neighbours and longing to him, a 'principle of activity citizens are beings to be saved. Our swarmand intelligence rather than a conscious ing streets, our noisome lanes, our frebeing, and his very self. Life, a result of quented highways, are full of beings who organization, a series of thoughts and need to be saved. There are the hungry feelings-a time of yesterdays and to-mor- who need bread, the naked who need clothrows-a scene for eating and drinking, ing, the sick who need nursing, the helpless sleeping and waking, buying and selling, who need succour, the ragged boy and the winning and losing, marrying and giving ragged girl who need to be taught, clad, and in marriage. The grave, an inevitable fed; but all equally, and all in addition, receptacle into which men drop, and to need to be saved. He would not forget the which, with pitiful faces and wofül weeds, body-others, without his eyes, can perwe carry others. Death, a change, too ceive its wants; but he minds the soul

. unpleasant to be mooted, and not to be And as there are many in this broad world breathed in circles polite. Hereafter, a besides his countrymen and kin, his symthing of which we know little, and the less pathies radiate outwards. There is a of which we know the better—a plunge in European continent full of Pantheists, and the dark, whose ghastly idea is not to be Rationalists, and Sensualists, and men in intruded' amid the music and the dance, the toils of Popery; there is Asia, with the business, bustle, and pleasure seeking her countless sons, Islamites and Hindoos

, of life-sufficient unto that day being the Tartars and Chinamen; America, with her evil thereof. Not so looks on all these red-skinned and giant races; Africa, with things the man of faith. He knows all her Caffres and Bushmen, and woolly heads the other can, but much more. By faith -all of them needing to be saved! The he understands that the worlds were framed Word read and preached, blessed by the by the word of God.' He stops not short Spirit,—the gospel of Jesus Christ, underat natural laws; but, piercing into their stood and believed, can accomplish this recore, recognises the design of a supreme sult. Missions, then, which is the name of workmaster, not regardless of his creatures, the great machinery of evangelization, can and abscondent in some far retreat of im- be to the man of faith no secondary busimensity, but present and interested in all ness. Far from sneerer is the man of faith his works. Mind, with him, means man; at the efforts of the educator, or other welland man means a being immortal, respon- principled philanthropist. All well,' is sible, and guilty, Life, the period of his his kindly hail to such, whom, to the ut-' probation; death, the hour of its expiry, most, he aids; 'you have built apparatus , and grand turning-point of existence. at various points along the stream of life Eternity, the duration of the weal or woe to filter the waters, and done much interim that lies before him; the grave, a prison, good to the people on the banks: I am at or a chamber, where the body is kept work on the fountain-head, seeking to till again rejoined by its undying tenant, purify and sweeten them there. One thing when shall take place that second and is needful-salvation for the lost: 'Christ public judgment, and at which every man is the power of God and the wisdom of and woman sprinkled with atoning blood God unto salvation; and to his mind the shall be pronounced, by lips that can- grand, the absorbing business of Chrisnot deceive, righteous, and ushered into tian zeal, is to spread among men, that eternal joy, and at which every man and the Spirit may bless it to their souls, the woman who has trampled on that blood excellent knowledge of Christ. Thus faith shall be pronounced, by the same im- reveals to us the work to be done, which, partial lips, and once for all, anathema. in a sentence, is, that being saved ourSuch, according to the belief of the man of selves, we strive to get others saved. faith, is the condition and destiny of man- Let us now see how faith also qualifies kind. He believes that all men have sinned, and nerves for the execution of this work. and need salvation-he believes that Christ, From the character of the work itself, it the incarnate Son of God, died for sinners, is not difficult to infer who are the parties even the chief–he believes that God is proper to do it. At a glance we see it just in justifying the ungodly—that the cannot be men of sight, though not a few command of the Saviour is on him, to win such have assayed the work of moral souls who may be set as jewels in the reformation. Every reflecting person mediatorial crown. His Saviour's love perceives more or less clearly that fires him; the views of the mighty Man- there is something wrong, if not with hulover become his own. Henceforth reli- man nature, with human beings. Hence gion becomes his uppermost concern. His many warm-hearted, and several largeeyes turn naturally to those around him, minded, individuals have, from time to in the domestic circle. His wife, his chil- time, been found scheming, and speaking, dren, his friends now seem not so much and writing about human progress, elevaobjects to solace him in his human home, / tion, amelioration, and such like. But not

knowing clearly what they were anxious would compress its elastic spirit within to compass, ignorant of, or ignoring, chief the old bottles of a lean and shrunk phifacts in the condition of man, their efforts losophy, and make it step in the shoes of have been distracted, so much firing into every half-grown 'science and unbearded space, and beating the air. Who, then, thing that apes the gait and mouths the are to do the work? Men of faith, who words of Truth-not, in fine, those drones believe that there is a God, and that he of the hive, who live on the fat of the outhas spoken, men by his Son from hea- ward blessings which Christianity brings, ven—who believe that there is in every and who, though apparently valuing its man a soul to be saved or lost-saved by peculiar privileges, will not lift a finger to receiving, lost by rejecting, Christ. Chris- help in a Christian work. Not such—not tians, in all the grades of society and any such; but men and women who have spheres of life, keeping their own places, caught ardour at the cross, who, knowing and living their religion in secret before the value of their own souls, compassionGod, and in public before men, and all ate those of others—are filled with a genedoing good as they have opportunity, rous terror lest fellow-creatures should adorning and commending the gospel they perish, or come short of all that blessedespouse. And, besides, à supply which, ness to which the gospel of Jesus can raise if such Christians are multiplied, shall the vile. To them, as to Gideon's three never be scarce, of men who will devote hundred men that lapped, and not to the their lives to the exclusive service of God, common mob, will God give the victory! in the ministry of the Word abroad and Nor are the persons wanted altogether at home. Let us not mistake the marks rarities. Thanks to God, there are of of the persons required to do the work of them in our churches. There is one kind Christ. There are many who say, Lord, of man we want, sitting in his study amid Lord! totally disqualified—many others codices, and versions, and manuscripts, but indifferent helps—and some about the guarding jealously the sacred canon and Church, of whom the best that can be said text, not from professional and scholarly by charity is, that they are of no use at zeal merely-such scholars are but the all. For this work are wanted, not the drudges and quarriers to better men-but formalist, or mere professor-not the com- because he believes in a literal and plenary placent money-giver, who looks as if he inspiration. There is another, working had done somebody a favour, or been pro- day and night, grown old in Scripture fitable to the Almighty,' instead of having exegesis—a labour of love and of faith. performed a duty or enjoyed a privilege There, in the pulpit; is another, fervent not the seat-taker, who pays to be snug and faithful, keeping nothing back, but when he has a mind to endure or enjoy speaking because he believes. There, sermon, as he may consider the case to be, standing by sick-bed, offering a pastor's and who pays his pew as he does his box counsels or pastor's prayer. There, in at the theatre or place in the train the the pious elder, 'ruling well, and giving man of silly bustle or frothy ebullition, example to the flock. There, in the stuwho gets himself now and then artificially dent, sitting by his lamp; in the preacher roused to terrible acts of zeal--not the blind newly invested with the holy function, partisan, or crazy zealot~the person of saying, "What wilt thou, Lord, have me studied eccentricity, or impracticable crot- to do? If the world is not converted, chets-not the unhappy speculatist, who what am I to say to Christ?' There, in is ever losing the time of action-not the the godly neighbour, dropping the word in intolerant, who will commune with nobody season; the man of business on 'Change, --not the latitudinarian, who embraces all and in the market place, not 'making baste and sundry-not the censorious, who con- to be rich,' but diligent in business, fertribute nothing to any Christian cause but vent in spirit, serving the Lord; the tradeshard words and objections, who act as if man in the workshop, rebuking the prothey thought both Church and world must fane jest and the impure word; that father perish without their criticism, ignorant ministering at the household altar; that that both shall either sweep them along in mother in Israel, in the midst of her little their triumphant current, or wash them, ones, travailing, as in birth, till Christ be like rotten drift-wood, to the shore. formed in them; that bed-ridden saint, Nor is so much owed as may seem to passively witnessing for Christ, believing those amphibious kind of persons who are that they also serve who only stand and bent on bridging over Christianity, and the wait; that rich man, casting humbly in various isms that get into vogue, so that it his gifts ;' that poor widow, giving her two may ever have the good word

of the world, mites, which make a farthing; that frewhich is but a doubtful privilege-men quenter of the church and social prayerwho stretch religion on a Procrustes bed, meeting, and whose closet can tell of mighty and pare and clip its figure to the crib, wrestlings at the foot of the mystic ladder. making reason the measuring unit, whó In fine, there he is, that single-handed,

G. C. H.

single-minded missionary in the field; or if things are possible to him that believeth? you want a Scripture type of the strong be- And as we firmly believe that efficacy is liever, see him in the valley of Elah, where God's, let us also firmly believe that instruthe man of Gath, brutal and huge, and cased mentality is man's. Moses cried unto God in solid armour, grasping a spear whose staff at the Red Sea, and was chidden, not in. is like a weaver's beam, defying the armies deed for crying unto God, but for doing no of the living God, saying, Give me a man more: 'Speak,' was the great reply, “speak that we may fight together, is met and unto the people that they go forward! confronted by a stripling Bethlehemite, we are to assay even the impossible

, clad only in the costume of his shepherd knowing that at a fitting juncture Omnihills, and carrying a simple sling; and potence shall interpose. We cannot con now, as in the valley and between enclos- vert the soul, but we can preach the Word; ing armies, they engage, who would not just as the Israelites, though they could back the Philistine, and tremble at the not push back the solid billow, could use pitiless odds against which the devoted their limbs and walk up to its margin; boy, as if presumptuously, rushes ? And and if we cannot preach the Word, we can yet, to the dismay of the alien hosts, and by our substance cause it to be preached, the amazement of the quaking faithless and all at least can pray that its preaching Hebrews, do we see, in that unequal con- may be blessed. test, the blasphemer overthrown, and the As those who by profession 'walk by foot of the ruddy shepherd planted on his faith,' let us lift up faith's eye and look on neck! And what made him so strong but the fields. Then, perceiving that the harthe power of faith? for he said, 'the battle vest is plenteous, but the labourers few, is the Lord's.' And that which strength- we shall, in the spirit inculcated by the ened David strengthens the soldier of the Saviour, pray the Lord of the harvest that cross on the high places of the field. he would send forth labourers into his What the son of Jesse was, standing alone harvest. amid craven friends and violent foes, facing the type and champion of Philistine idolatry with but his sling and his stone,

ISAIAH LIII. 9. is the missionary. Friends have faltered and quailed, the powers of darkness have ‘AND he made his grave with the bestirred themselves, pretended coadju- wicked, and with the rich in his death.' tors, like Saul and his men, have remained These words in our translation are ob. aside, envious or neutral, while heathenism viously elliptical, and require something in its hugest shape confronts him where to be supplied to make them express a he stands; but how often, defenceless distinct meaning. 'He made his grave looking as he was, with only a Bible for with the wicked,' and he was with the his weapon, and amid savage tribes, has rich in his death. The natural significathis and that Goliath superstition, been tion of this statement is, 'He was buried seen to fall before the unwarlike man, for with the wicked, and was with the rich in he too said, The battle is the Lord's. Thus dying.' sunk and perished Druidism in our island Those interpreters who deny the rehome-thús fell, as with a crash, the old ference of this oracle to the Messiah, have Papacy, smitten to its vitals at the Refor- been reduced to the greatest difficulties in mation—thus, in many a broad tract of their attempts to extract anything like a Hindostan and Polynesia, were extin- a coherent meaning out of these clauses. guished self-immolation and infanticide; It would serve no good purpose to detail and thus, in Calabar, has the mortal wound their absurdities. One specimen, not been given to the time-entrenched rites of worse than many others, will suffice. human sacrifice. O then for men of faith, They, i.e., my people, treated him, i. e., with clear eyes to know and strong hearts my servant, as a wealthy tyrant.' to do their part! , 0 for such rife and But even those interpreters who hold plenty at home, in our pews and in our the Messianic reference of the oracle, have pulpits; and abroad, reaping with their had some difficulty in satisfactorily exmighty sickles in the white harvest-field plaining the passage. It seems strange Elijah-like men, whose prayers can stop that the burial should apparently be put the very rain of heaven, or bring it down before the death, and there is no corres. in floods! Then should the great moun- pondence with the facts of the evangelical tain,' that bugbear difficulty, become a history. He whom we acknowledge plain before us, and nations be born in a the Messiah, was not buried among the day. Then should cease and determine wicked, nor was he associated with the our dubious and hypothetical petitions, -as rich in his death. though we said to the Almighty, 'If thou Various methods have been adopted canst do anything!! Do we not hear the meet the difficulty. Some have supposed pungent rebuke, "If thou canst believe, all that the words, the wicked' and 'the


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