English and Scottish Ballads, 第 4 卷

Francis James Child
Houghton, Mifflin, 1886

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第46页 - Earl Douglas on his milk-white steed, Most like a baron bold, Rode foremost of his company, Whose armour shone like gold. " Show me," said he, " whose men you be, That hunt so boldly here ; That, without my consent, do chase And kill my fallow-deer.
第28页 - Away rode the abbot all sad at that word, And he rode to Cambridge, and Oxenford ; But never a doctor there was so wise, That could with his learning an answer devise.
第43页 - God prosper long our noble king, Our lives and safeties all; A woful hunting once there did In Chevy-Chase befall ; To drive the deer with hound and horn, Earl Percy took his way; The child may rue that is unborn, The hunting of that day. The stout Earl of Northumberland, A vow to God did make, His pleasure in the Scottish woods Three summer's days to take; The chiefest harts in Chevy-Chase To kill and bear away.
第99页 - How blyth and merry wad I be! And I wad never think lang. He grew canty, and she grew fain; But little did her auld Minny ken What thir slee twa togither were say'n, When wooing they were sae thrang. And O ! quo' he, ann ye were as black, As e'er the Crown of my Dady's Hat, Tis I wad lay thee by my Back, And awa' wi
第26页 - The following is chiefly printed from an ancient black-letter copy to "the tune of Deny down." AN ancient story He tell you anon Of a notable prince, that was called King John ; And he ruled England with maine and with might, For he did great wrong, and maintein'd little right.
第195页 - Dory was fitted, the porter was witted, to let him in thereat-a. The first man that John Dory did meet, was good King John of France-a ; John Dory could well of his courtesie, but fell down in a...
第30页 - And then your grace need not make any doubt, But in twenty-four hours you'll ride it about.
第23页 - He belted on his guid braid sword, And to the field he ran ; But he forgot the helmet good, That should have kept his brain. When Percy wi' the Douglas met, I wat he was fu' fain ! They swakked their swords, till sair they swat, And the blood ran down like rain.
第120页 - He was a braw gallant, And he rid at the ring; And the bonny Earl of Murray, Oh he might have been a King! He was a braw gallant, And he playd at the ba; And the bonny Earl of Murray, Was the flower amang them a'.
第56页 - They did lay him to sleep the drink out of his crown. In the morning, when day, then admiring he lay, For to see the rich chamber, both gaudy and gay.