History of the University of Texas: Based on Facts and Records

H. Hutchings, 1891 - 322 頁
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第 7 頁 - ... the interest of which shall be inviolably appropriated, by each State which may take and claim the benefit of this act, to the endowment, support, and maintenance of at least one college where the leading object shall be, without excluding other scientific and classical studies, and including military tactics, to teach such branches of learning as are related to Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts...
第 138 頁 - Texas," together with all the proceeds of sales of the same, heretofore made or hereafter to be made, and all grants, donations, and appropriations that may hereafter be made by the State of Texas, or from any other source, shall constitute and become a permanent university fund.
第 237 頁 - Texas, for instruction in agriculture, the mechanic arts and the natural sciences connected therewith.
第 231 頁 - ... one-tenth of the alternate sections of the lands granted to railroads, reserved by the state, which were set apart and appropriated to the establishment of
第 121 頁 - And that the sum of one hundred thousand dollars be, and the same is hereby, appropriated to defray the expenses of missions and negotiations, to agree upon the terms...
第 248 頁 - The Legislature shall, as soon as practicable, establish, organize and provide for the maintenance, support and direction of a university of the first class, to be located by a vote of the people of this State, and styled "The University of Texas," for the promotion of literature, and the arts and sciences, including an agricultural and mechanical department.
第 209 頁 - Texas, there is hereby set apart and appropriated, for the endowment, maintenance and support of said university and its branches, one million acres of the unappropriated public domain of the state, to be designated and surveyed as may be provided by law; and said lands shall be sold under the same regulations and the proceeds invested in the same manner as is provided for the sale and investment of the permanent university fund...
第 28 頁 - Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence and founder of the University of Virginia.
第 235 頁 - All funds, lands and other property heretofore set apart and appropriated for the support of public schools; all the alternate sections of land reserved by the State out of grants heretofore made or that may hereafter be made to railroads, or other corporations...
第 206 頁 - ... members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, and a less number may adjourn from time to time. SEC.