The Role of the Chinese Military in National Security Policymaking

Rand, 1998 - 89 頁
China's rise as a major power constitutes one of the most significant strategic events of the post-Cold War period. This development has many policymakers, strategists, and scholars focusing growing attention on the determinants of Chinese behavior in the national security realm. Of particular interest are the behavior and outlook of the Chinese military, viewed by many as an increasingly important player in a host of policy arenas, both domestic and external. The report, the first effort ever to provide a comprehensive picture of the Chinese national security policy process, describes and analyzes the leadership, structures, and interactions governing the formulation and implementation of China's national security strategy and resulting foreign and defense policies, with particular attention to the role of the Chinese military. The report focuses on the military's ties to four subarenas--national strategic objectives, foreign policy, defense policy, and military and civilian research, analysis, and intelligence. The author concludes that under certain conditions future military involvement in each of these subarenas could increase dramatically.

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