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SEVERAL interesting articles intended for insertion in this Number have,
owing to the press of matter, been necessarily delayed; and among others,
Reviews of Kirkton's Memoirs, Hazlitt's Shakspeare, Stirling Heads, and the
Lament of Tasso :-the Case of the Deaf Mute; Prospectus of a Work intend-
ed to give a correct View of the State of Education in Scotland, with some
Remarks, and a Specimen of the Mode in which the Work will be executed,
by the Rev. Andrew Thomson, A.M. Minister of St George's Church, Edin-·
burgh; Sketches of Foreign Scenery, &c. They will probably appear in our


In place of a formal Prospectus, we now lay before our Readers the titles
of some of the articles which we have either already received, or which are
in preparation by our numerous Correspondents, among whom we are happy
to announce almost all the distinguished Contributors to the late Edinburgh
Monthly Magazine.

A series of Essays on the Pulpit
Eloquence of Scotland, No I.; being
a parallel between Mr Alison and Dr

A series of Essays, entitled "Baro-
niana;" being Disquisitions concerning
the Origin and Early History of Scot-
tish Families.

Regular Intelligence from the Sci-
entific Circles of Paris, by a distin-
guished Member of the Institute.

Letter to Walter Scott, Esq. from
Mr William Laidlaw, on an interest-
ing Agricultural Subject.

Defence of Drummond of Haw-
thornden, against an attack in Gif-
ford's Life of Ben Jonson.

On the Life and Writings of Isaac
Walton, and his friend Bishop Ken.
Strictures on the Latinity of Dr

On the Sports and Games of the


Bibliopolo Detectus," being an
Account of the Tricks, Squabbles, and
Schemes of Booksellers.

Notices of Reprints of curious Old
Books, No I. Dekker's Gull's Horn

The Knight Errants, No I.

Some Account of the Life and Un-

published Poems of John Finlay,
Author of the Vale of Ellerslie.

A series of Essays on the Greek
Drama, containing New Translations
both of the Dialogue and Chorusses.
By the writer of the Analytical Es-
says on the Early English Dramatic

A series of Essays on the French
Theatre, by the same Gentleman, and
on a similar plan.

A series of Essays on the Italian
Theatre, containing numerous Trans-
lations of Compositions that have never
before appeared in English; by the
same Gentleman.

An Essay on Romance, prefatory to
the Lives of the most eminent Trou-

An Account of all the great Public
Schools in England, Eton, Winchester,
Harrow, Rugby, Christ's Hospital, St
Paul's, &c.: to be followed by a more
full account than has yet been laid
before the Public, of the English Uni-
versities; and the subject to be con-
cluded by a series of Essays on Edu-
cation, containing a complete discus-
sion of the comparative merits of the
English and Scottish Systems.

Specimens of Translation from Span-
ish Poetry, written during the Penin-
sular War.

Dialogues over a Punch-bowl, No I.

Historical and Critical Essay on Blue

On the Ancient Modes of Interment
and Incremation.

[blocks in formation]

Answer to the Question, 66
the Church of Scotland illiterate?"
On the Latin Poems of Petrarch and

On Marino and his Poetry, con-
sidered in relation with the Writings
of Guarini.

On the Infancy and Youth of Shak-

Remarks on Dunlop's History of
Fiction, and an Essay on the Prose

Essays on the Writings of Lope de
Vega and Calderon, with Specimens.

View of the Age of Hadrian. Translations from the Minor Greek


Hours before Breakfast, No I. II. Six Letters from Killarney. Walks through the Highlands, in a series of Letters.

The Angler's Guide through Scotland, No I. II. III. IV. V.

On the Egotism of the Lake Poets, more especially of Wordsworth.

A Friendly Remonstrance with John Wilson, Esq. on some of the Principles of Poetic Composition adopted by him in his "City of the Plague."

Life of Zachary Boyd, with some extracts from his Works, published and unpublished.

Memoir of the Literary Life of John Pinkerton.

On the Marriage-Law of Scotland.
On the Genius of Baxter.
Extraordinary Anecdotes of a Con-


A Complete Guide through the Lakes of England.

Specimens of Oxford Prize Poetry, with Critical Remarks.

An Essay on Marine Poetry.

On Academical Abuses. Addressed to John Young, Esq. Professor of Greek in the University of Glasgow.

Review of the "Political Works" of James Graham, Esq. Advocate.

A series of Essays on the more obscure, but meritorious Modern Poets. On the Poets of the West End of the Town, No I.

On the Cockney School of Poetry, No II. III.

Accounts of various living Scottish Versifiers in the lower Ranks of Society, with Specimens; No I.

Letter addressed to C. K. Sharpe, Esq. on his mode of commenting on Church History.

Essays on the Genius of the living Artists of Scotland. No I. Allan. Three Essays on the English, Scotch, and Irish Characters.

On Pastoral Poetry.

On Public Opinion regarding Liter


On what Coleridge calls the "Reading Public"

Ought not Poets to be the best Critics on Poetry?

Is Superstition necessarily pernicious?

On Capital Punishment.

On the Profession of the Law,—an Essay. VOL. II.

On the absurd belief that the study of the Mathematics strengthens the Power of Moral Reasoning.

On Militar Genius, and the Education of a Soldier.

An Account of different interesting Funeral Ceremonies.

Scraps of Criticism, No I. II. III. Essays on British Zoology, No I. II. III.

On the Old Maids of the Greeks, and the Mysogynaical Apophthegms of Greek Authors.

Comparison between Ancient and Modern Eloquence, in a series of Essays. Two Letters to W. E. Leach, Esq. of the British Museum.

On the Modern Method of manufacturing Encyclopædias, addressed to Macvey Napier, Esq.

On "Translation," by Madame de Stael, her last Work, and never published in this Country.

Notices of William Cleland, the Covenanter.

A Dissertation on the "Periodical Criticism" of Great Britain, translated from the German of Schlegel.

Curious Notices of Gawin Douglas, Bishop of Dunkeld.

Remarks on the Melody of certain old Scots Airs.

On the Character of Sappho. Account of the Life and Poems of Chiabrera.

On Lyrical Poetry. No I. Of the Hebrews.

Remarks on the mean Qualifications of all the English Lexicographers, and on the Etymological Genius of J. H. Tooke.

On the Study of Anglo-Saxon.

On the fashionable Dances of Scotland about the time of Queen Mary. "Vitruvius Iratus," addressed to the Magistrates of Edinburgh.

MS. Tractate on Elves and Brownies, with Notes.

Duke Hamilton's Ghost, or the Underminer countermined, a Poem, dated 1659.

Account of some remarkable Trials omitted by Lord Fountainhall.

Remarkable Interview between Francis Jeffrey and William Wordsworth ; a Dream.

On the Taste of Burger in altering our old Scottish and English Ballads. On a proposed New Poetical Version of the Psalms.

On Byron's Imitation of the Lake School.


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