British Military Medals: A Guide for the Collector and Family Historian Second Edition

Pen and Sword, 2013年9月16日 - 190 頁
This second edition of Peter Ducker's best-selling British Military Medals traces the history of medals and gallantry awards from Elizabethan times to the modern day, and it features an expert account of their design and production. Campaign and gallantry medals are a key to understanding - and exploring - British and imperial military history, and to uncovering the careers and exploits of individual soldiers. ??In a series of succinct and well-organized chapters he explains how medals originated, to whom they were awarded and how the practice of giving medals has developed over the centuries. His work is a guide for collectors and for local and family historians who want to learn how to use medals to discover the history of military units and the experiences of individuals who served in them.

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The East India Company Awards After 1784
The Earliest British Campaign Medals 181542
The Retrospective Medals of 184751
Chapter5 Medals for Major Campaigns 18501914
Chapter6 The Introduction of General Service Medals
aBasic Guide
Researchingthe Medals of 191418
Chapter10 Medals for the Second World War 193945
Medals for Major Campaigns After 1945
Researching Medals and their Recipients 19202008
TheOrigins of British Gallantry Awards
Chapter 14Awards for Longand Meritorious Service

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