Howard's Practice Reports in the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals of the State of New York, 第 58 卷


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第 93 頁 - The principle is, that where the owner of two tenements sells one of them, or the owner of an entire estate sells a portion, the purchaser takes the tenement or portion sold with all the benefits and burdens which appear at the time of the sale to belong to it, as between it and the property which the vendor retains.
第 309 頁 - ... its use. or for the use of any of its shareholders or creditors: and all payments of money to either, made after the commission of an act of insolvency, or in contemplation thereof...
第 474 頁 - In an action for libel or slander, it shall not be necessary to state in the complaint, any extrinsic facts, for the purpose of showing the application to the plaintiff, of the defamatory matter out of which the cause of action arose ; but it shall be sufficient to state generally, that the same was published or spoken concerning the plaintiff, and if such allegation be controverted, the plaintiff shall be bound to establish, on the trial, that it was so published or spoken.
第 179 頁 - The absolute power of alienation shall not be suspended by any limitation or condition whatever, for a longer period than during the continuance of not more than two lives in being at the creation of the estate, except in the single case mentioned in the next section.
第 310 頁 - That suits, actions, and proceedings, against any association under this act, may be had in any circuit, district, or territorial court of the United States held within the district in which such association may be established; or in any state, county, or municipal court in the county or city in which said association is located, having jurisdiction in similar cases...
第 150 頁 - Each house shall be the judge of the election,, returns, and qualifications of its own members...
第 144 頁 - ... shall not change or alter any decision before made by them, but shall only cause their canvass to be correctly stated...
第 260 頁 - ... may establish, or tend to establish, that such witness owes a debt, or is otherwise subject to a civil suit. But this provision shall not be construed to require a witness to give any answer which will have a tendency to accuse himself of any crime or misdemeanor, or to expose him to any penalty or forfeiture, nor in any respect to vary or alter any other rule respecting the examination of witnesses.
第 85 頁 - No easement exists so long as there is a unity of ownership, because the owner of the whole may, at any time, rearrange the qualities of the several parts. But the moment a severance occurs, by the sale of a part, the right of the owner to redistribute the properties of the respective portions ceases ; and easements or servitudes are created, corresponding to the benefits and burdens mutually existing at the time of the sale.
第 479 頁 - The 2d section declares, that "the judicial power shall extend to all cases in law or equity, arising under this constitution, the laws of the United States, and the treaties made, or which shall be made, under their authority...