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Joys, to rob us of our, 406.

too exquisite to last, 496.
we dote upon, fading are the, 281.

with age diminish, do your, 651.
Joy's delicious springs, 510.
Joyful in the day of prosperity, be, 830.

let the poet be, 655.

school days, my, 509.
Joyfulness of a man, 837.
Joyous prime, 28.

the birds, 238.

time will not be staid, 30.
Judas had given them the slip, 284.
Judea stretches far, wild, 610.
Judee, down in, 659.
Judex damnatur, 910.
Judge, amongst fools a, 331, 415.

an upright learned, 65.
in his own cause, 711, 798.
neutrality of an impartial, 411.
not by appearance, 843.
not of a man before he dieth, 696.
of all things, 799.
of Israel, Jephthah, 134, 404.
of the man, mind is the, 715.
of truth, sole, 317.
sober as ., 363.

you as you are, 47.
Judges alike of the facts and laws, 671.

all ranged a terrible show, 348.
fool with, 415.

hungry, soon the sentence sign, 326.
Judge's robe, the, 47.
Judgment, a Daniel come to, 65.

book, leaves of the, 666.
day, waiting the, 668.
defend against your, 270.
faculty that forms thy, 750.
falls upon a man, we say, 195.
fled to brutish beasts, 113.
green in, when I was, 157.
guide his bounty, gives not till, 102.
he which is the top of, 47.
hoodwinked, surrender, 422.
inclination gets the better of, 698.
man's erring, 323.
of any man or thing, right, 578.
reserve thy, 130.
shallow spirit of, 93.
suspension of, 766.
vulgarize the day of, 597.
we still have, here, 118.
when the, 's weak, 672.

young in limbs old in, 62.
Judgments as our watches, 256, 323.
men's, are a parcel of their fortunes,

Judicious care, with, 447.

drank and daring dined, 332.

grieve, make the, 137.
Juggling fiends no more believed, 123.
Juice, bee buried in its own, 168.

divine nectareous, 314.

nectarean, 577.
Julep, this cordial, 246.
Julia, lips of, 201.
Juliet is the sun, 105.
Juliet's hand, white wonder of, 108.

Julius fell, ere the mightiest, 126.

ye towers of, 383.
July, second day of, 429.

warmth of its, 595.
Jump the life to come, 118.
June, leafy month of, 499.

rose newly sprung in, 451.
seek ice in, 539.

what so rare as a day in, 658.
Juno smiles, Jupiter on, 233.
Juno's eyes, lids of, 77.

unrelenting hate, 274.
Jupiter a bull to beguile Io, 32.

in the shape of Amphitrio, 32.

on Juno smiles, 233.
Juries, trial by, 435.
Jurisprudence, gladsome light of, 24.
Jury passing on the prisoner's life

Jurymen may dine, 326.
Just, actions of the, 209.

and mightie death, 26.
and right, grounded on, 238.
are the ways of God, 242.
as the twig is bent, 320.
battled for the true the, 632.
be, and fear not, 100.
God forgive, 473.
he was a good man and a, 842.
hint a fault, 327.
jewel of the, 261.
knows and knows no more, 414.
less than sage, 518.
memory of the, is blessed, 825.
men, spirits of, 848.
our cause is, 426.
path of the, 825.
prosperous to be, 657.
remembrance of the, 851.
the gods are, 149.

whatever is is in its causes, 276.
Justice a debt put off with ease,

as uncompromising as, 605.
be thy plea, 65.
conquers evermore, 600.
course of, 65.
even-handed, 118.
in fair round belly, 69.
love of, 795.
mercy seasons, 65.
of my quarrel, 40.
poetic, with lifted scale, 330.
rails upon yond thief, 148.
revenge a kind of wild, 164.
shall be done, 653.
the great interest of man, 531.
to all men, equal and exact, 435.
to be patient is a branch of, 751.
truth the handmaid of, 460.
unwhipped of, 147.
virtue of the soul, 762.
which the, which the thief, 148.

with mercy I shall temper, 239.
Justifiable to men, 242.
Justified of her children, 839.
Justify the means, the end must, 287.

the ways of God to men, 223.
Jutty frieze buttress, no, 117.

Juvenal, most bucolical, 494.
Juventus inundi, 169.
Katerfelto with hair on end, 420.
Kathleen mavourneen, 673.
Keel, and sail on even, 354.

she steadies with upright, 498. Keep clean as fruit, 261.

moving, push on, 457.
no bad company, 398.
step to the music of the Union, 588.
the word of promise to our ear, 126.
thy shop and thy shop will keep thee,

who can, they should, 473.

your powder dry, 588.
Keeper, ain I my brother's, 812.
Ken, far as angels', 223.
Kendal green, knaves in, 84.
Kennin' wrang, gang a, 48.
Kepen wel thy tonge, 5.
Kept the faith, I have, 848.
Kettle black, pot calls the, 791.
Kew, his highness' dog at, 334.
Key, in a bondman's, 61.
Shakespeare unlocked his heart with

this, 485.
that opes the palace, 243.
Keys, clutch the golden, 633.

of all the creeds, 032.
Peter's, 331.

two massy, he bore, 247.
Keystane o' night's black arch, 451.
Kibe, galls his, 143.
Kick against the pricks, 843.

in that part more hurts honour, 214.
may kill a sound divine, 416.
me down stairs, why did you, 445.

their owners over, 139. Kicks, from crowns to, 559. Kicked until they can feel, 213.

waxed fat and, 811.
Kickshaws, little tiny, 90.
Kid, lie down with the, 833.
Kidney, man of my, 46.
Kill a man as a good book, 254.

a sound divine, 416.
princes privileged to, 425.
the bloom before its time, 483.
thee a hundred and fifty ways, 71.
time, how to, 772.

too apt before to, 261. Kin, little more than, 127.

neither kith nor, 404.
prohibited degrees of, 215.

the whole world, 102. Kind and gentle heart, he had a, 400. as kings upon their coronation day,

base in, 413.
be to her virtues very, 287.
best in this, 59.
cruel only to be, 141.
deeds with coldness, 466.
enjoy her while she's, 274.
hearts are more than coronets, 624.
kiss before we part, one, 671.
lost him half the, 272.

Kind, makes one wondrous, 387.

more than kin and less than, 127. of alacrity in sinking, 16. of easiness, lend a, 141. of excellent dumb discourse, 43. of good deed to say well, 98. of grace, sweet attractive, 23. of heaven to be deluded by him, 281. of semi-Solomon, 593. of ways, newest, 90. porcelain clay of human, 277. to her virtues, 287. to my remains, 270. will creep where it may not go, 14. yet was he, 397. Kinds, lilies of all, 78. Kindest man, the, 64. Kindle soft desire, 272. Kindled by the master's spell, 455. Kindles false fires, 484.

wantonness in clothes, 201. Kindlier hand the eager heart, 633. Kindling her undazzled


255. Kindly, frosty but, 67.

fruits of the earth, 850.

had we never loved sae, 452. Kindness, greetings where no, is, 468.

law of, 8:29.
little deeds of, 642.
milk of human, 117.
nameless acts of, 467.
save in the way of, 463.
to his majesty, 503.

who does a, 320. Kindnesses, do me some mischief for

these, 731.
she doeth little, 658.
Kindred points of heaven, 485.
Kine, beeves and home-bred, 474.
King, balm from an anointed, 81.

Cambyses' vein, 85.
cat may look on a, 17.
city of the great, 820.
conscience of the, 135.
contrary to the, 94.
Cophetua loved, 105.
cotton is, 854.
drinks to Hamlet, 145.
equals the shepherd with the, 792.
every inch a, 148.
expedients with such a, 352.
farewell, 82.
fellow with the best, 93.
first who was, 801.
God bless the, 351.
God save our gracious, 285.
God save the, 285.
great as a, 436.
here lies our sovereign, 279.
himself, greater than the, 364.
himself has followed her, the, 400.
if chance will have me, 116.
if I were tedious as a, 52.
I'll call thee Hamlet, 130.
is dead long live the king, 860.
long live our noble, 285.
long live the, 417.
lustre that surrounds a, 778.


King never dropped out of the clouds, 196. Kingly line in Europe, the longest, 494.

not only hating David but the, 268. Kinship, things that have, 755.
of day, powerful, 355.

Kirk, the near to, from God more far,
of England cannot enter, 365.
of France went up the hill, 686. Kiss but in the cup, leave a, 179.
of good fellows, 93.

drew my soul with one long, 623.
of shreds and patches, 141.

had won, many a loving, 581.
of snow, mockery, 82.

immortal with a, 41.
of terrors, 817.

long long, 557.
pageantry of a, 688.

me and be quiet, 350.
reigns but does not govern, 810.

me sweet-and-twenty, 75.
ruin seize thee ruthless, 383.

of youth and love, 557.
shake hands with a, 563.

one kind, before we part, 671.
state without, or nobles, 588.

she with traitorous, 676.
Stephen was a worthy peer, 152, 406. snatched hasty, 356.
such divinity doth hedge a, 142.

the place to make it well, 535.
under which, Bezonian, 90.

till the cow comes home, 197.
was a' for our rightful, 452.

to every sedge, giving a gentle, 44.
when George the Third was, 556. which Jews might, 325.
who pretender is and who, 351. Kisses bring again, my, 19.
who would wish to be thy, 492.

dear as remembered, 630.
worm that hath eat of a, 141.

first invented, 293.
Kings and republics, farce of, 777.

from a female mouth, 554.
are like stars, 565.

tears and smiles, 474.
can cause or cure, 367.

thinking their own, sin, 108.
come bow to it, bid, 79.

Kissed, courtesied when you have, 42.
death lays his icy hands on,


lips that I have, 144.
dread and fear of, 64.

the ground, 343.
enthroned in the hearts of, 64. Kitchen bred, in the, 552.
for such a tomb would die, 251.

ruled the rost in the, 194.
guilt of Eastern, 258.

Kites or crows, wars of, 255.
he shall stand before, 828.

Kith nor kin, neither, 404.
invest knights and barons, 189. Kitten, I had rather be a, 85.
it makes gods, 97.

Knave best defence against knave, 730.
may be blest, 451.

he is an arrant, 132.
may love treason, 182.

how absolute the, is, 143.
meaner creatures, 97.

more, than fool, 41, 787.
of Brentford, two, 417.

rascally yea-forsooth, 88.
of modern thought are dumb, 665. thank God you are rid of a, 52.
pride of, the, 314.

that wears a title lies, 310.
princes are the breath of, 447.

Knaves, flatter, or lose his pension 290.
reigned in green palaces, 221.

he called them untaught, 83.
right divine of, 332.

in Kendal green, 84.
ruined sides of, 196.

little better than false, 53.
setter up and puller down of, 95. whip me such honest, 149.
showers on her, barbaric pearl, 226. Kneaded clod, to become a, 48.
stories of the death of, 82.

Knee, his head on his, 406.
this royal throne of, 81.

pregnant hinges of the, 137.
upon their coronation day, 269. Knees, bow stubborn, 139.
will be tyrants from policy, 410.

down on your, 70.
would not play at, 421.

man at arms must serve on his, 25.
King's Bench walks, chambers in, 297. on parent, 438.
creation, you may be of the, 282.

saint upon his, 422.
crown, not the, 47.

Kneeling take aim, 597.
English, abusing the, 45.

Knell is rung by fairy hands, 389.
every subject's duty is the, 92.

of parting day, 381.
eye, horse made fat by the, 729.

overpowering, 559.
name a tower of strength, 97.

sighed at the sound of a, 416.
stamp, 't is nut the, 282.

sound like a rising, 542.
Kingdom for a horse, 98.

that summons thee to heaven, 119.
good man possesses a, 715.

the pall the bier, 562.
good mind possesses a, 22.

the shroud the mattock the, 308.
like to a little, 111.

Knells call beaven invites, 307.
my large, for a little grave, 82.

in that word alone, C06.
my mind to me a, i8, 22.

to a world of death, 499.
Kingdom come, 't was kin' o', 659.

us back, each matin bell, 500.
Kingdoms, God has sifted three, 616. Knew, all declared how much he, 397.
Kingly crown, likeness of a, 228.

himself to sing, 246.

Knew more, no man spoke less and, 738. Know their own good, how few, 274. that before you were born, 716.

their rights, men who, 438. that one small head could carry all then thyself, 317, he, 397.

thought so once now I, 350. thee but to love thee, 562.

thyself, 791. what's what, 8.

thyself and nothing too much, 736. Knife, blood will follow the, 312.

to esteem to love, 502. carved upon it with a, 90.

we believe what we least, 775. to thy throat, put a, 828.

we loved in vain, 539. war even to the, 511.

what we are, 112. Knight, a prince can make a belted, 452. what were good to do, GO. parfit gentil, a veray, 1.

where to find information, 372. pricking on the plain, 27.

where'er I go, yet I, 477. Knights, accomplishing the, 92.

ye the land of cypress and myrtle barons kings can invest, 189.

549. carpet, 187.

Knowing dare maintain, 438. Knight's bones are dust, 502.

that they know nothing, 702. Knightly counsel, 456.

Knowledge, ample page of, 384.
Knitters in the sun, spinsters and, 75. and timber, 638.
Knives, hands made before, 293.

be innocent of the, 121. Knock and it shall be opened, 839.

book of, 230. as you please, 336, 415.

by suffering entereth, 620. at iny ribs, make my heart, 116.

comes but wisdom lingers, 626. it never is at home, 415.

diffused, immortalizes itself, 457. the breast, nothing to, 242.

evergreen tree of, 440. Knocks, apostolic blows and, 210

from ignorance, 650. open locks whoever, 123.

great step to, 609. Knock-down argument, 277.

grow from more to more, let, 631. Knocker, tie up the, 326.

he that hath, 827. Knolled to church, bells have, 68.

he that increaseth, 830. Knot in a bulrush, 701.

increaseth strength, 828. of roots, man is a, 601.

in excess, desire of, 165. unloose the Gordian, 91.

is but sorrow's spy, 207. Knotted and combined locks, 131.

is of two kinds, 372. oak, to bend a, 294.

is ourselves to know, 320. Know a subject ourselves, 372.

is power, 168. a trick worth two of that, 84.

is proud, 4:22. all words are faint, 437.

is the one only good, 760. all ye need to, 576.

is the only fountain, 530. does both act and, 263.

lost by incredulity, 724. enough for man to, 319.

manners must adorn, 353. everything except myself, 709.

more than equivalent to force, 368. happier than 1, 237.

multiplieth words without, $17. her own, so well to, 238.

night unto night showeth, 819. her was to love her, 455.

not according to, 844. him no more, shall, 816.

of divine things, 724. how frail I am, 820.

of what is excellent, 727. how little can be known, 319.

out-topping, 665. how sublime a thing it is, 613.

shall be increased, 835. it is not safe to, 217.

spirit of, 833. knowledge is ourselves to, 320.

sweet food of sweetly uttered, 31. me, not to, 231.

the fountain of human liberty, 630. me, when it came to, 526.

too high the price for, 313. men who their duties, 438.

true, leads to love, 465. mine end, make me to, 820.

under difficulties, 528. myself, not if I, 509.

we must snatch half our, 320. not I ask not, 522.

Known, to be forever, 260. not for what he was made, 755.

too late, 105. not what, to be we, 276.

Knows and knows no more, 414. not what's resisted, 448.

no man distinctly, 766. not what we may be, 142.

not till he tries, 713. nothing really, we, 766.

Knuckle-end of England, 459. one's self, difficult to, 757.

Kosciusko fell, shrieked as, 513.
or dream or fear all we, 562.

Kubla Khan, 500.
reason but from what we, 315.
that deformed, I, 52.

Laborin' man an' woman, 658.
that I love thee, 522.

Laborious at the first ascent, 253. thee not, who, 437.

days, to live, 247.

Labour and intent study, 253.

and sorrow, their strength is, 822.
and to wait, learn to, 612.
bears a lovely face, 182.
capital solicits the aid of, 532
cheers the tar's, 555.
ease and alternate, 355.
for his pains, 378, 784.
for my travail, I have had my, 101.
good week's, 174,
hard, difficulty and, 230.
in his vocation, 83.
is but a sorrowful song, 653.
is done, and, 667.
is independent and proud, 532.
is the lot of man, 339.
many still must, for the one, 551.
mountain in, 706, 716.
of an age in piled stones, 251.
of love, 817.
we delight in physics pain, 120.
what to speak, 168.
why should life all be, 624.
work under our, grows, 238.

youth of, with age of ease, 396. Labours and peregrinations, 170.

mourn, our fruitless, 344.
the line too, 324.

to tax our, 413.
Labour's bath, sore, 120.
Laboured not for myself, 837.

nothings, such, 324.
Labourer is worthy of his hire, 812.
Labourers are few, 839.
Labouring incessant, 336.

man, sleep of a, 830.
Laburnum's dropping gold, 570.
Lace, hedgehogs dressed in, 635.
Lacedæmonians and the enemy, 734.
Lack, I have they, 22.

of argument, 91.
of kindly warmth, 109.
of many a thing, 161.

of wit, plentiful, 133.
Lacked and lost we rack the value, 53.
Lackest, mind not what thou, 754.
Lack-lustre eye, looking on it with, 68.
Lad of mettle a good boy, 84.
Ladder, Jacob's, 597.

of our vices, 616.
who ascended Fame's, 655.

young ambition's, 111. Ladies, a lion among, 58.

be but young and fair, 68.
fond of the company of, 376.
good night sweet, 142.
intellectual, lords of, 555.
make nets and not cages, 291.
over offended, 297.
sigh no more, 51, 405.

whose eyes rain influence, 249.
Ladies' love, unfit for, 272.
Lads and lassies in their best, 683.
Lady Disdain are you yet living, 50.

doth protest too much, 138.
faint heart ne'er won fair, 789.
Fortune, railed on, 68.
garmented in light, 567.

Lady he's dead and gone, 405.

here come the, 107.
is in the case, when a, 319.
married to the Moor, 477.
of the Mere, 472.
protests too much, 138.
so richly clad, 499.
sweet arise, 159.
weep no more, 405.

who lent his, to his friend, 559.
Lady's fan, brain him with his, 84.
Ladyship, humorous, 79.
Lady-smocks all silver white, 56.
Lags the veteran, superfluous, 365.
Lai i low in my grave, 78.

on with a trowel, 66.
Lair, rouse the lion from his, 495.
Lake, pilot of the Galilean, 247.

or moorish fen, 244.
silver, on thy fair bosom, 677.
swan on still St. Mary's, 474.

where drooped the willow, 596. Lamb, go to bed with the, 454. God tempers the wind to the shorn,

one dead, is there, 615.
skin of an innocent, 94.
the frolic and the gentle, 486.
to the slaughter, as a, 834.
Una with her milk-white, 477.

wolf dwell with the, 833. Lambs, such protection as vultures give

to, 412. Lambe them lads, 495. Lame and impotent conclusion, 151.

feet was I to the, 817.

man, living with a, 729.
Lamely and unfashionable, 95.
Lament for Madam Blaize, 400.
Lamp, arguments smelt of the, 728.

ere Homer's, appeared, 414.
holds out to burn, 303.
no, so cheering, 522.
of experience, 429.
that lighted the traveller, 522.
ungirt loin and the unlit, 616.

unto my feet, 823.
Lamps, heaven's distant, 615.

in a green night, golden, 262.
in sepulchral urns, 415.

shone o'er fair women, 542. Lancaster, time-honoured, 80. Land, be of good cheer I see, 763.

beside, no, 78.
bowels of the, 97.
darkness of the, 633.
deal damnation round the, 334.
fight for such a, 489.
flowing with milk, 813.
French have the empire of the land,

from out of foreign, 261.
ill fares the, 396.
into the silent, 805.
light that never was on sea or, 475.
madden round the, 326.
my native, good night, 540.
my own my native, 488.

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