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sary, 325.

Gait, and every motion, 485.

Garish eye, day's, 250. laxer in their, 510.

Bun, worship to the, 107. when his veering, 485.

Garland and singing robes, 253. Gaiters, lax in their, 510.

green willow is my, 9. Galaxy that milky way, 236.

immortal, is to be run for, 254. Gale, catch the driving, 318.

of the war is withered, 159. down he bears before the, 677.

to the sweetest maid, 314. note that swells the, 386.

Garlands dead, whose, 523. partake the, 320.

would grace a summer's queen, 492 passion is the, 317.

Garment of praise, 83k. sail with gentle, 354.

out of fashion, 160. scents the evening, 147.

Garments, stuffs out his vacant, 79. so sinks the, 431.

Garinented in light, 567. the lightning and the, 035.

Garners be full of fruit, 693. wafted by thy gentle, 455.

Garnish, eye of heaven to, 79. Gales and gentle airs, 238.

Garret, born in the, 294, 55. that from ye blow, I feel the, 381. jewels into a, 170. Galilean lake, pilot of the, 247.

living in a, 391. Galileo with his woes, 55.

Garrick is a salad, our, 399. Gall enough in thy ink, 76.

Gars auld claes, 417. Galls his kibe, 113.

me greet, it, 451. the infants of the spring, 129.

Garter, familiar as his, 91. Gallant fisher's life, 203.

mine host of the, 45. gay Lothario, 301.

Garters gold amuse, 318. Gallantry, conscience with, 442.

Garth did not write his own Dispen Galled jade wiuce, let the, 138. Gallery critics, 419.

Gashed with honourable scars, 496. Galley, what the devil did he want in Gate, lark at heaven's, 159. that, 798.

of Eden, Peri at the, 520. Galligaskins long withstood, 671.

strait is the, 839. Gallop of verses, 70.

suspicion sleeps at wisdom's, 231. Gallops, time, 70,

what boots it at one, 242. Gallows, thief to the, 213.

wide is the, 839. Gallows-tree, under the, 184.

Gates ever-during, her, 236. Gamaliel, feet of, 813.

of heaven, to the, 473. Gambol from, which madness would, of hell, detests him as the, 338. 111.

of light, unbarred the, 235. Gambols, where be your, 144.

of mercy shut, 385. Game is up, 100.

she claps her wings at heaven's, 32. little pleasure of the, 287.

Gath, tell it not in, 814. of goose royal, 398.

Gather up the fragments, 843. rigour of the, 508.

ye rosebuds while ye may, 202. war is a, 121.

Gathers no moss, rolling stone, 14, 711. was empires, whose, 555.

Gathered every vice, 332. Gamester and

Gatherer and disposer, 175. Gang a kennin' wrang, 418.

Gathering her brows, 451. aft a-gley, 446.

Gaudy, neat not, 510. Ganymede, the matchless, 310.

rich not, 130. Gaping age, mirror to a, 564.

Gaul, to Greece to, 416. inouth and stupid eyes, 273.

Gaunt, old John of, so. Garden and greenhouse too, 420.

Gauntlet with a gift in 't, 621. bird-cage in a, 180.

Gave his father grief, 335. come into the, Maud, 631.

to misery all he had, 386. God first planted a, 167.

what we, we have, 802. in her looks, 261.

Gay and festive scenes, 678. God the first, inade, 261.

and ornate, 242. in her face, there is a, 685.

cities, far from, 315. noblemen of the, 597.

from grave to, 320. of cucumbers, lodge in a, 832.

gilded scenes, 299. of girls, the rosebud, 631.

grandsire, 395. of liberty's tree, 516.

hope is theirs, 381. was a wild, the, 513.

innocent as, 308. we turn a cow out of a, 371.

Lothario, haughty galiant, 301. Gardens trim, that in, 249.

rhetoric, dear wit and, 240. Garden's end, river at my, 289.

would not if I could be, 436. Gardener, the grand old, 624.

Gayety of nations, eclipsed the, sco. Gardeners, no ancient gentlemen but, Gayly the troubadour, 581. 143.

Gaze and show of the time, 126.

poet, 388.


Gaze, thou art gone from my, 587.

with all the town, 677.
Gazed, and still they, 397.
Gazelle, uursed a dear, 526.
Gazing rustics, amazed the, 397.
Geoir, wicked spells of, 512.
Geese are swans, all our, 188.
Gem instinct with music, 485.

of purest ray serene, 385.
of the old rock, 219.
of the sea, first, 5:22.

upon her zone, the best, 598.
Gems, eyes reflecting, 90.

of heaven, 233.
of Simarcand, all the, 437.
rich and rare were the, 520.

the starry girdle of the year, 513.
General, good captain lost in an ill, 779.

't was caviare to the, 134.
Generalities, glittering, 589.
Generation, men from a former, 530.

passeth away, 830.
Generations, enmity of twenty, 592.

honoured in their, 837.

the cross leads, on, 566.
Generous and free, 285.

friendship, 339.
Genial current of the soul, 384.

morn appears, when, 513.
Genius and mortal instruments, 111.

bane of all, 507.
commands thee, 674.
goes and folly stayö, 600.
no, without a tincture of madness, 714.
one, fit one science, 323.
parting, is with sighing sent, 251.
patience an ingredient of, 008.
proof of, 590.
the substitute for, 414.
which can perish, all of, 552.

work of, 662.
Genteel in personage, 285.

thing, the, 401.
Gentil dedes, to do the, 4.

herte, priketh every, 2.
knight, a veray parfit, 1.

that doth gentil dedis, 4.
Gentility, cottage of, 507.
Gentilman, Jafeth, 182.

Jhesus, 182.

take him for the gretest, 4.
Gentle airs, fresh gales and, 238.

and low her voice, 119.
beast, very, 59.
blood, signe to know the, 29.
craft, 856.
deeds, to do the, 4.
dulness ever loves a joke, 331.
earth, lie lightly, 197.
his life was, 115.
knight, a very perfect, 1.
lights without a name, 256.
limbs did she undress, her, 499.
peace, carry, 100.
rain from heaven, 64.
shepherd tell me where, 672.
sleep nature's soft nurse, 89.
spring, come,

Gentle though retired, 44.

yet not dull, 257.
Gentle-hearted Charles, my, 501.
Gentleman and scholar, 447.

first true, that ever breathed, 182.
grand old name of, 033.
is not in your books, 50.
no ancient, but gardeners, 143.
nomination of this, 11.
now be thing the, 680.
prince of darkness is a, 147, 256.
since I was a, 182.
so stout a, 87.

who was then the, 68).
Gentlemen, cooks are, 187.

God Almighty'a, 268.
mob of, 329.
of England, 176.
of the French guards, 856.
of the shade, 82.
the seamen were not, 593.
three, at once, 40.
two single, rolled in one, 151.
were not seamen, 593.

who wrote with ease, 329.
Gently as a sucking dove, 57.

do my spiriting, 12.
on him, his faults lie, 100.
scan your brother mm, 48.
speak, 't is a little thing, 683.
time has touched me, tt).
touch us, time, 533.

upon my heart, 617.
Genuine and less guilty wealth, 257.
Geographers in Atric maps, 289.

in their maps, 722.
Geography, despite of, 212.
Geometric scale, 210.
Geometry, royal path to, 811.
George, if his name be, 78.

that swinged the dragon, 78.

the Third was king, when, 556.
Germin to the matter, 145.
Germans have the empire of the air, 577
Gestic lore, skilled in, 395.
Gesture, diguity in every, 237.
Get a man's own, to, 279.

money still get money, 177.
out of my house, 791.
place and wealth, 329.
thee behind me Satan, S10.
thee to a nunnery, 136.

understanding, 82).
Gets him to rest, 92.
Getting and spending, 476.

up not so easy as lying, 584.
Ghastly smile, death grinned a, 229.
Ghost be prent with April dew, 180.

like an ill-used, 335.
of him, I'll make a, 131.
Scipio's, walks unavenged, 298.
stubborn, unlaid, 24.
the hollow, 665.
there needs no, 132.
vex not his, 0 let him pass, 149

what beckoning, 335.
Ghosts of defunct bodies, 210.

shoals of visionary, 3H.


Ghosts, true love is like, 795.
Giant branches tossed, 569.

dies, pang as great as when a, 48.
dies, fling but a stone the, 354.
mass, baby figure of the, 102.
on the shoulders of a, 185, 206, 504.
the western, 687.
tyrannous to use it like


48. Giants in the earth, 812. Giant's strength, excellent to have a, 48.

unchained strength, 572. Giant-dwarf Dan Cupid, 55. Gibber, squeak and, 126. Gibbets keep in awe, 311.

unloaded all the, 86. Gibes, where be your, 144. Giddy and unfirm, our fancies are more,

and unseen, 89.

paced times, 75.
Gift for my fair, found out a, 380.

heaven's last best, 235.
horse in the mouth, 11, 211, 771,
is as a precious stone, 827.
of beauty, the fatal, 545.
of fortune, well-favoured man is a, 51.
of heaven, good sense the, 322.
of heaven, moderation the, 698.
of noble origin, 474.
of poesy, heavenly, 270.
that no philosophy can lift, 486.
to fools avail, what, 344.
to know it, they have the, 68.

which God has given, 488. Gifts and dispensations, 212.

death craves not only, 696.
of a bad man, 698.
of the world, 66.
rich, wax poor, 136.
seven hundred pounds is good, 45.

that took all eyes, 600.
Giftie gie us, 448.
Gild retined gold paint the lily, 79.

the vernal morn, 424.
Gilded fool, thinks better of a, 181.
Gilead, balm in, 835.
Gill shall dance, 199.
Gilpin long live he, 417.
Gilt, dust that is a little, 102.

o'erdusted, more laud than, 102.
Gineral C. is a dreflle smart man, 659.
Ginger shall be hot in the mouth, 75.
Gingerly, as, 852.
Girdeth on his harness, 816.
Girdle of the year, starry, 513.

round about the earth, 58.

round about the world, 30. Girl, then spoke I to my, 201.

unschooled impractised, 64. Girls, be courted in your,

between two, 93.
golden lads and, 100.
that are so smart, of all the, 285.
rosebud garden of, 631.

un-idea'd, 309.
Girl-graduates, sweet, 629.
Girt with golden wings, 243.
Give a cup of water, to, 577.

Give ample room and verge enough. Se

an inch he 'll take an ell, 20.
Avery man thy ear, 130.
give, crying, 829,
him a little earth for charity, 100.
his little senate laws, 327,
it an understanding, 129.
me a cigar, 655.
me a look give me a face, 178.
me again my hollow tree, 3-3
me another horse, 9.
me back my heart, 510.
me liberty or death, 430.
me my childhood again, 608.
me the ocular proof, 154.
me that man, 138.
me what this riband bound, 29.
more blessed to, 813.
me neither poverty nor riches, 8:29.
sorrow words, 124.
the devil his due, 83.
the world the lie, 25.
thee all I can no more, 525.
thee sixpence, I, 464.
thy thoughts no tongue, 129.
to get esteem, they, 395.

what thou canst, 421. Gives, blesseth him that, 64.

much receives but nothing, 672
not till judgment guide, 102.
the nod, 337.

what he has, he, 102.
Given, to him that hath shall be, 841.

them the slip, 284.
to hospitality, 811.
unsought is better, love, 70.

you, ask and it shall be, 839.
Givers prove unkind, 136.
Giveth his beloved sleep, $24.
Giving, godlike in, 519.

thy sum of more, 67. Glad diviner's theme, 268.

father, wise son maketh a, 823.
he thanks God, 370.
me with its soft black eye, 520
of yore, we have been, 471.
the heart of man maketh, 823.
waters of the dark blue sea, 500

would lay me down, 239.
Glade, points to yonder, 335.
Gladiator, I see before me the, 546
Gladlier grew, 237.
Gladly to the badder end, 4.

wolde he lerne, 2.

would I meet mortality, 239. Gladness, hospitality sitting with, 617.

of heart, 837.
shared each other's, 611.

youthful poets begin in, 470. Gladsome light of jurisprudence, 24. Glance from heaven to earth, 59.

of the mind, how fleet is a, 416. their many-twinkling feet, 35%. Glancing of an eye, upward, 497. Glare, maidens caught by, 510.

of ial se science, 23. Glass darkly, see through a, 815.

dome of many-coloured, 66).


Glass, excuse for the, she 'll prove, 442.

he was indeed the, 89.
is good and a lass is good, 673.
of fashion and mould of form, 136.
of liquid fire, 457.
she made mouths in a, 147.
thou art thy mother's, 161.
turn down an empty, 760.

wherein the noble youth, 88. Glasses, fill all the, 260.

itself in tempests, 547.
Shakespeare and musical, 402.

stand to your, steady, 641.
Glassy essence, his, 48.
Gleam of time, life a, 580.
Gleams purpureal, 482.
Gleamed upon my sight, first she, 474.
Gleaming taper's light, 399.
Gleaning of the grapes of Ephraim, 814.
Glee, filled one home with, 570.

forward and frolic, 491.
laughed with counterfeited, 397.

so many and such, 574.
Glib and oily art, I want that, 146.
Glide through a quiet dream, 538.
Glides the bonnie boat, 674.

the smooth current, 367.
Glimmer on my mind, to, 514.
Glimmering and decays, 264.

square, slowly grows a, 630.
tapers to the sun, 443.
through the dream of things, 541.
Glimpse divine, is left, nor, 332.

gives but a, 378.
of happiness, 221.
Glimpses of forgotten dreams, 623.

of the moon, 131.
that would make me less forlorn,

Glisteneth, all is not gold that, 173.
Glistering grief, perked up in, 98.

with dew, 233.
Glisters, all that, is not gold, 62.
Glittering eye, with his, 498.

generalities, 589.
in golden coats like images, 86.

like the morning star, 409.
Globe, all that tread the, 572.

annual visit o'er the, 438.
in this distracted, 132.
itself shall dissolve, 43.

twirls the spotty, 637.
Gloom, chase my, away,

456. counterfeit a, 250.

of earthquake, 564.
Gloomy and peculiar, 677.

as night he stands, 345.
Glorie, thin be the, 3.
Glories in the dust shall lay, 337.

like glow-worms, 181.
of our blood and state, 209.

past, all their, 561.
Glorified candy, 509.
Glorify, a God to, 672.

what else is damned, 354.
Glorious and free, 522.

by all that's good and, 554.
by my pen, 257.

Glorious by my sword, 257.

in arms, 55.
in a pipe, tobacco, 555.
morning, full many a, 161.
song of old, that, 640.
summer, 95.
Tam was, 451.
uncertainty of the law, 350.
war, circumstance of, 154.

works, these are thy, 235.
Gloriously drunk, 421.
Glory, air of, walking in an, 263.

and good of art, 651.
and peace, he died in, 571,
and shame of the universe, 799
and the dream, 477.
but his country's good, no, 571.
desire of, 747.
dies not, the, 674.
do not seek, 460.
excess of, obscured, 225.
first in place first in, 344.
from defect arise, so may a, 650.
from his gray hairs gone, 618.
full meridian of my, 99.
full-orbed, 507.
go where, waits thee, 519.
guards with solemn round, 681.
hoary head is a crown of, 826.
honour praise and, 303.
in a sea of, 99.
is in their shame, whose, 847.
jest and riddle of the world, 317.
leads the way, 281.
left him alone with his, 563.
no path of flowers lead to, 797.
no sound can awake him to, 666.
not hate but, 338.
nothing so expensive as, 460.
of a capacious mind, 342.
of a creditor, 46.
of an April day, the uncertain, 44.
of God, heavens declare the, 819.
of the Creator, 169.
of the times, were the, 837.
of this world, vain pomp and, 99.
one shame and one, 658.
or the grave, rush to, 515.
passed from the earth, 477.
path of duty the way to, 628.
paths of, lead to the grave, 384.
peep into, 264.
pursue, and generous shame, 382.
Rome in the height of her, 533.
set the stars of, 573.
share the, the many's eyes, 104.
shows the way, 281.
sons of France, awake to, 804.
that was Greece, 640.
this gain of our best, 39.
to God in the highest, 841.
track the steps of, 552.
trailing clouds of, 477.
trod the ways of, 100.
vain pomp and, 99.
visions of, 383.
waits ye, this goin' ware, 659.
who pants for, 329


Glory, who walked in, 470.
Glory's lap, low they lie in, 496.

morning gate, 639.
page, rank thee upon, 518.

thrill is o'er, 519.
Gloss of art, than all the, 398.
Glove, hand and, 413.

O that I were a, 105.
Glow, my heart has learned to, 316.
Glowered amazed and curious, 451.
Glows in every heart, 310.

in the stars, 316.

with one rczentment, 339.
Glow-worm lend thee her eyes, 202.

shows the matin to be near, 132.
Glow-worms, glories like, 181.
Glozed the tempter, 239.
Gluttony, swinish, 246.
Gnat, strain at a, 810.
Go ahead, be sure you are right then,

and do thou likewise, 842.
boldly forth my simple lay, 437.
call a coach, 285.
call it madness, 4.56.
down to the sea in ships, 823.
forget me, 503.
forth under the open sky, 572.
his halves, I 'li, 772.
little booke, 6.
lovely rose, 220.
no more a-roving, 553.
on forever, but I, 627.
poor devil get thee gone, 378.
shall I bid her, 406.
soul the body's guest, 25.
that the devil drives, 18.
to grass, 198.
to the ant thou gluggard, 825.
we know not where, 18.
where glory waits thee, 519.
whither thou goest I will, S14.

with fainting steps they, 398.
Goads, words of the wise as, 832.
Goal, do not turn back just at the, 711,

of ill, final, 632.
the grave is not its, 612.

ye win, till the, 641.
Goats upon the left hand, 657.
Goblet, parcel-gilt, $9.
Goblin damned, 130,
God a necessary Being, 266.

a zeal of, 811.
above or man below, 315.
all merey is a God unjust, 308.
Almnighty first planted a garden, 167.
Almighty's gentlemen, 208.
alone was to be seen in heaven, 553.
an animal immortal, 764.
An atheist halt believes a, 308.
an attribute to, 64.
and Manmou, cannot serve, 838.
and nature with actors fill, 194.
and your native land, 561.
answers sudden on some prayers, 621.
as lightning does the will of, 638.
assumes the, 271.

God, attribute to, 64.

at all, who think not, 242.
awe-inspiring, 480.
be for us, ii, 818.
beginning meau and end, 654.
bless no harm in blessing, 351.
bless the king, 351.
bless us all, 351.
bosom of his, 386.
bosoun of, the seat of the law, 31.
builds a church to, 3:22.
built a church to, 415.
called mind fate and Jupiter, 764.
calm on the bosom of thy, 510.
conscious water saw its, 258.
could hardly love and be wise, a, 703
could have made a better berry, 157.
dear to, and famous to all ages, 254.
declare the glory of, 819.
devote ourselves to, C13.
disposes, man proposez but, 7.
doorkeeper in the house of my, 821.
dreadful as the Manichean, 421.
due reverence to, 170.
erects a house of prayer, wherever, 286
eternal years of, 573.
every, did seem to set his seal, 110.
excellent angler now with, 208.
farthest from, 283.
fast by the oracle of, 223.
favours the heaviest battalions, 801.
fear of, before their eyes, Sti.
feared, and eachewed evil, 816.
first planted a garden, 107.
follows nature up to nature's, 311.
fools call nature what I call, wl.
forbid, SH.
freedom to worship, 570.
from thee we spring, great, 367.
from whom all blessings flow, 278.
fulfils himself in many ways, 629.
further from, 12.
gave the increase, 845.
give each moment to, 379.
gives us love, 621.
gives virtue to every man, 421.
gives wind by measure, 200.
glad that he thanks, 370.
grace of, to man, 673.
had I but served my, 100.
has given you one face, 136.
has not the figure of man, 765.
has sifted three kingdoins, 616.
hath a temple, where, 1:72.
hath joined together, 818.
hath made man upright, 831.
hath made them so, 301.
hath made this world so fair, 197.
heavens declare the glory of, 819.
help thyself and, will help thee, 2016
helps them that help themselves, 340,
helps those who help themselves, 26
her fathers’, before her, 493.
himself scarce seemed to be, 499.
I want to be forgotten by, 643.
image of, in ebony, 222.
in apprehension bow like a, 131.
in clouds, sees, 315.

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