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Writing, true ease in, 324.

Year, Christmas comes but once a, 20.
well, nature's masterpiece is, 279. days saddest of the, 573.
Written a book, that mine adversary, 817. happiest of the glad new, 624.

out of reputation by himself, 281. heaven's eternal, is thine, 270.
that my words were now, 817.

if I preach a whole, 439.
to after times, 253.

mellowing, 246.
troubles of the brain, 125.

memory outlive life half

&, 138.
wise above that which is, 845.

moments make the, 311,
with a pen of iron, 835.

no winter in thy, 438.
Wrong, always in the, 268.

rich with forty pounds a, 396.
cradled into poetry by, 566.

rolling, is full of Thee, 357.
day of, I have seen the, 56.

seasons return with the, 230.
dread of all who, 619.

starry girdle of the, 513.
forever on the throne, 657.

three hundred pounds a, 46.
great right of an excessive, 650.

vernal seasons of the, 254.
him who treasures up a, 555.

were playing holidays, 83.
his argument, 399.

where are the snows of last, 769.
his can't be, whose life is right, 318. winter comes to rule the varied, 356.
in some nice tenets might be, 260.

winter ruler of the inverted, 420.
multitude is always in the, 278.

wisdom with each studious, 544.
one, but one idea and that a, 371, 609. Years, ah happy, 541.
oppressor's, 135.

days of our, 822.
our country right or, 675.

declined into the vale of, 153.
pursue yet condemn the, 295.

dim with the mist of, 541.
side of thirty, 292.

eternal, of God are hers, 573.
sow by the ear, 19, 785.

fate seemed to wind him up for four-
that does no harm, 500.

score, 276.
they may gang a kennin', 448.

flag has braved a thousand, 514.
they ne'er pardon who have done the, flight of, unmeasured by the, 497.

following years, 330.
to dally with, 500.

fourteen hundred, ago, 82.
vengeance waits on, 344.

full of honor and, 655.
we are both in the, 348.

if by reason of strength they be four-
Wrongs in marble, some write their, 314.

score, 822.
of base mankind, 315.

knelled the woe of, 646.
of night, 203.

laden with unhonoured, 449.
unredressed, 480.

life seemed formed of sunny, 679.
Wrongdoer has left something undone, love of life increased with, 432.

man of wisdom is the man of, 309.
Wronged orphans' tears, 194.

measured by deeds not, 443.
Wrongly win, wouldst, 117.

nature sink in, 299.
Wrote with ease, gentlemen who, 329. none would live past, again, 276.
like an angel, 388.

O tide of the, 66%.
reading what they never, 419.

of Europe, better fifty, 626.
them in the dust, 314.

of man, the first, 368.
Wroth with one we love, 500.

of peace, thousand, 633.
Wrought and afterwards he taught, 2.

outweighs, whole, 319.
brain too finely, 413.

return, the golden, 566.
by want of thought, 584.

sad presage of his future, 427.
in a sad sincerity, 598.

steal fire from the mind, 542.
Wry-necked ife, squeaking of the, 62. tears of boyhood's, 523.
Wut 's words to them, 660.

that bring the philosophic mind, 478.

thought of our past, 478.
Xanadu, Kubla Khan in, 500.

thcusand, in thy sight, 822.
Xarifa, rise up, 677.

thousand, to form a state, 541.
Xerxes did die and so must I, 687.

three thousand, ago, 517.

threescore, and ten, 822.
Yaller pines, under the, 660.

through endless, 5:26.
Yarn, is of a mingled, 74.

through many changing, 611.
Yawn confess, everlasting, 332.

time who steals our, 518.
when churchyards, 139.

to be let for life or, 204.
Ye distant spires, 381.

vanity in, 85.
gentlemen of England, 176.

we do not count a man's, 603.
gods it doth amaze me, 110.

we live in deeds not, 054.
mariners of England, 514.

we spend our, as a tale, 822.
Yea-forsooth knave, 88.

weight of seventy, 479.
Year, almanacs of the last, 258.

where sleep the joys of other, 497
by year we lose friends, 569.

wisdom not acquired by, 700.

age and, 163.

Years, with all the hopes of future, 615. Young-eyed cherubins, 65.
young, seventy, 638.

Younger than thyself, let thy love be,
Years' pith, seven, 149.

Yellow leaf, my days are in the, 555. Younker or a prodigal, how like a, 62.
leaf, sere the, 124.

Yours, what 's mine is, 50, 700.
melancholy, green and, 76.

Youth, a happy, 471.
primrose was to him, 468.

against time and age, 24.
sands, come unto these, 42.

age 'twixt boy and, 489.
to the jaundiced eye, 325.

and health, joy of, 444.
Yemen sword, with his, 811.

and home, the music tells of, 523.
Yeoman's service, it did me,


and I lived in 't together, 503.
Yesterday and to-day, 848.

and love, kiss of, 557.
great families of, 286.

and pleasure meet, 542.
in embryo, man, 753.

and vigour dies, 341.
O call back, bid time return, 81.

begin in gladness in our, 470.
sweet sleep which thou owedst, 154. bounds of freakish, 419.
the word of Cæsar, 113.

when it is past, but as, 822.

delight, gives his, 318.
Yesterdays, cheerful, 481.

delusion of, 608.
have lighted fools, 125.

dew of thy, 823.
look backwards with a smile, 307. did dress themselves, 89.
Yesterday's sneer and frown, 664.

distressful stroke of my, 150.
Yestreen, I saw the moon late, 404. eagle mewing her mighty, 255.
Yew, hails me to yonder, 180.

examples for the instruction of, 411.
never a spray of, 665.

fiery vehemence of, 491.
Yielded, by her, by him received, 232. flourish in immortal, 299.
with coy submission, 232.

flower of, 703.
Yielding marble of her snowy breast, follies may cease with their, 376.

friends of my, where are they, 550.
Yoke, Flanders hath received our, 220. glass wherein the noble, 89.
of bullocks at Stamford fair, 89.

home-keeping, 44.
Yore, we have been glad of, 471.

in my hot, 556.
Yorick, alas poor, I knew him, 144.

in the bloom of, 702.
York, this sun of, 95.

in the lexicon of, 606.
't is on the Tweed, 318.

is a blunder, 608.
Young and fair, ladies, 68.

is more than a, 50.
and so fair, 586.

is vain and life is thorny, 500.
as beautiful and soft as young, 308. learning in the freshness of its, 695.
body with so old a head, 64.

morn and liquid dew of, 129.
both were, and one was beautiful, morning like the spirit of, 158.

now green in, 338.
desire, nurse of, 427.

of frolics an old age of cards, 321.
disease, the, 317.

of labour with an age of ease, 396.
ever fair and ever, 271.

of pleasure wasteful, was your, 651,
fellows will be young, 428.

of primy nature, violet in the, 129.
I have been, and now am old, 819. of the realm, corrupted the, 94.
idea how to shoot, teach the, 355.

on the prow, 383.
idle wild and, 676.

our joys our, 26.
if all the world and love were, 25. our, we can have but to-day, 312.
if he be caught, 371.

plaything gives his, delight, 318.
if ladies be but, and fair, 68.

promises of, 368.
ladies making nets, 291.

rebellious liquors in my, 67.
man's fancy lightly turns, 625.

rejoice in thy, 831.
men are fools, old men know, 36.

remember thy Creator in, 831.
men think old men fools, 36.

replies I can, 600,
men's vision, the, 268.

riband in the cap of, 142.
Obadias David Josias, 686.

sheltered me in, 595.
seventy years, 638.

80 sinks the, 338.
so wise so, never live long, 97.

some salt of our, 45.
spurned by the, 585.

spirit of, in everything, 163.
though I am, I scorn to flit, 200.

that fired the Ephesian dome, 296.
till forty, look, 275.

that means to be of note, 158.
Timothy learnt sin to fly, 686.

they had been friends in, 500.
to be, was very heaven, 476.

time that takes in trust our, 26.
war seeks its victims in the, 097.

't is now the summer of your, 378.
when my bosom was, 515.

to fame unknown, 386.
who always find us, 599.

to many a, and many a maid, 248.
whom the gods love die, 558.

to whom was given, 472.

Youth, virtue be as wax to flaming, 140.

waneth by encreasing, 24.
we poets in our, 470.
wears the rose of, upon him, 158.
what he steals from her, 378,
whom the gods favour dies in, 700.
whose fond heart, 500.
wloso neglects learning in his, 699.
wisdom is rare in, 343.

worm is in the bud of, 423.
Youthful follies o’er, count their, 492.

hart, Aly like a, 302.
hose well saved, 69.
jollity, jest and, 248.
poets dream, such sights as, 249.
poets fancy when they love, 301.

sports, my joy of, 547.
Yreken, ashen cold is fire, 3.
Ywette, joly whistle wel, 3.

Zeal, served God with half the, 100.

with commutual, 312.
Zealand, traveller from New, 591.
Zealots fight, let graceless, 318.
Zealous for nothin 373.

yet modest, 428.
Zealously affected, good to be, 8:6.
Zekle crep' up quite unbeknown, 669.
Zembla or the Lord knows where, 318.
Zenith, dropped from the, 225.

wisdom mounts her, 433.
Zephyr gently blows, when the, 324.

soft the, blows, 383.
Zeus, impossible to escape the will of.

the dice of, fall ever luckily, 697.
Zigzag manuscript, 419.
Zion the city of the great king, 820.
Zone, as a circling, 236.

best gem upon her, 598.
Zurich's daughters, fairest of fair, 677.

waters, margin of fair, 677.
Zuyder Zee, traveller on the, 592.

Zaccheus he did climb the tree, 087.
Zeal, heavenly race demands thy, 359.

of God, 811.

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