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Safe and sound your trust is, 313.

biud safe find, 21.
from temptation and pollution, 615.

through a thousand perils, 497.
Safer being meek than fierce, 650.
Safety, fear is the mother of, 411.

in multitude of counsellors, 825.
little temporary, 359.
pluck this tlower, 84.
pot of ale and, 91.
to teach thee, 79.

walks in its steps, 460.
Sagacious blue-stocking, 592.

of his quarry from so far, 239.
Sage advices, lengthened, 431.

by saint by savage and by, 334.
frolic, make the, 315.
he stood, 182, 227.
he thought as a, 428.
just less than, 518.
long experience made him, 348.
thinks like a, 607.

truths electrify the, 514.
Sages have seen in thy face, 416.

in all times assert, 8.

teach more than all the, can, 466.
Sage's pride, vain the, 330.
Sager, by losing rendered, 554.
Said anything that was remembered,

never, 609.
before, nothing that has not been,

it, as well as if I had, 292.
little, is soonest mended, 200.
nothing but what has been, 185.

on both sides, much may be, 300, 363.
Sail, bark attendant, 320.

breath of heaven swell the, 416.
is as a noiseless wing, this, 513.
learn of the little Nautilus to, 318.
like my pinnace, 45.
on even keel, 331.
on life's ocean diversely we, 317.
on O ship of state, 615.
on 0 Union strong and great, 615.
set every threadbare, 635.
swan spreads his snowy, 677.
what avail the plough or, 601.
wherever billows roll, ships will, 550.

white and rustling, 537.
Sails filled and streamers waving, 242.

filled with a lusty wind, 37.
over-weathered ribs aud ragged, 62.

purple the, 157.
Sailed for sunny isles, 589.

with me before, you never, 458.
Sailing like a stately ship, 212.

on obscene wings, 501.
Sailor, messmates hear a brother, 672.

on a mast, a drunken, 97.
Sailors are but men, 61.
Sail-yards tremble, the, 37.
Saint Augustine well hast thou said, 616.

George and the dragon, 78.
John, awake my, 314.
John mingle with my friendly bowl,

in cr3pe and lawn, 320.

Saint in wisdom's school, 181.

it, sinner it or, 321.
it would provoke a, 321.
Mary's lake, swan on still, 474.
my late espoused, 26.
Nicholas would soon be there, 527
no true, allows, 215.
Paul's, ruins of, 591.
savage and by sage, by, 334.
seem a, when I play the devil, 96.
sustained it the woman died, 335.
to corrupt a, 83.

upon his knees, 422.
Saints above, men below and, 487.

death of his, 823.
his soul is with the, 502.
immortal reign, where, 303.
who taught, 313.

will aid if men will call, 499.
Sainted, a thing enskyed and, 47.
Saintly chastity, so dear is, 245.

shew, falsehood under, 232.
Saint-seducing gold, 104.
Saintship of an anchorite, 510.
Salad days, my, 157.
Sally, there's none like pretty, 285.
Salmons in both, there is, 92.
Salt have lost his savour, 838.

of our youth, we have some, 45.
of the earth, ye are the, 838.
peck of, 7832
pillar of, 813.
seasoned with, 817.
upon the tails of sparrows, 291.

who ne'er knew, 31.
Salt-fish on his hook, 158.
Saltness of time, 88.

oil vinegar sugar and, 399.
Salt petre, this villanous, 83.
Salutary influence of example, 369.

neglect, wise and, 408.
Salutation to the morn, 97.
Salvation, no relish of, 139.

none of us should see, 65.

tools of working our, 215.
Samarcand, all the gems of, 437.
Samaritan, acts like a, 607.

without the oil and twopence, 460
Same, another and the, 331.

another yet the, 331.
Samphire, one that gathers, 148.
Sampler, ply the, 246.
Sanat santificat et ditat, 360,
Sancho Panza is my own self, 790.
Sanctified the crime, numbers, 4:25.
Sanction of the god, 337.
Sanctity of reason, indu'd with, 236,
Sanctuary of the intuitions, 602.
Sanctum supercilious, my, 686.
Sand and the wild uproar, 598.

leaves or driving, 337.
little grains of, 612.
roll down their golden, 536.

were pearl, if all their, 44.
Sands, come unto these yellow, 42.

ignoble things, 196.
o' Dee, across the, GG4.
of time, footprints on the, 612

your maiden

Sands small, the mountain make, 311.

syllable men's names on, 243.
Sandal shoon, by his, 405.
Sanded floor, the nicely, 397.
Sand-dunes, like the, 754.
Sane, 't is better being, than mad, 650.
Sang, it may turn out a, 448.

of love and not of fame, 666.
Sange, ful wel she, 1.
Sans intermission, 68.

taste sans everything, 69.

teeth sans eyes, 69.
Sapphire blaze the living throne, 382.
Sapphires, glowed with living, 233.
Sappho loved and sung, where, 557.

survives we sing her songs, 6+5.
Sapping a solemn creed, 544.
Sardonic smile, 860.
Sat like a cormorant, 232.
Satan caine also, 816.

exalted sat, 220.
finds some mischief, 302.
get thee behind me, 840.
play at cherry-pit with, 76.
sabbathless, 509.
so call him now, 235.
stood unterrified, 229.
• trembles when he sees, 422.

was now at hand, 228.
Satanic school, the, 508.
Satchel, schoolboy with his, 69, 354.
Satire be my song, 539.

for pointed, 279.
is my weapon, 328.
like a polished razor, 350.

or senze, 328.
Satisfaction as the time requires, 168.

of the tongue, windy, 313.
Satisfied that is well paid, he is, 65.
Saturday and Monday, betwixt a, 285.
Satyr, Hyperion to a, 128.
Sauce, sharpen with cloyless, 157.
Saucy doubts and fears, 122.
Saul among the prophets, 814.

and Jonathan were lovely, 815.
Sauntered Europe round, 332.
Savage breast, soothe the, 294.

saint and sage, by, 334.
wild in woods the noble, ran, 275.

woman, take some, 626.
Savageness in unreclaimed blood, 133.
Save in his own country, 839.

me from the candid friend, 464.
Saviour's birth is celebrated, 127.
Savour, salt have lost his, 838.
saw and loved, 430.

an old said, 29.
and overcame, 90.
I doubted of this, 196.
no sound of hammer or of, 421.
the air too much, do not, 137.

who, to wish her stay, 237.
Saws, full of wise, 69.
Say I'm sick, I'm dead, 326.

it that should not, though I, 198.
nothing but what has been said, 185.
than do, more disagreeable to, 728.
to yourself what you would be, 746.

Say, wills to do or, 238.
Says a foolish thing, never, 279.
Saying and doing are two things, 284.

short, contains much wisdom, 697.
Sayings of philosophers, 212.

such odd, 62.
Scab of churches, 175.
Scabbard, sword glued to my, 194.
Scabbards, swords leaped from their, 409.
Scaffold high, on the, 680.

truth forever on the, 657.
Scale, free-livers ou a small, 536.

geometric, 210.
Justice with lifted, 330.

weighing in equal, 127.
Scales, Jove weighs in dubious, 343.
Scaly horror of his folded tail, 251.
Scan, or their faults to, 396.

presume not God to, 317.

your brother man, H8.
Scandal about Queen Elizabeth, 441.

in disguise, praise undeserved is, 330.

waits on greatest state, 161.
Scandals, immortal, 670.
Scandalous and poor, 279.
Scanter of

presence, 130.
'Scapes, hair-breadth, 150.
Scar, if two loves join there is oft a, 648.
Scars, gashed with honourable, 496.

justs at, that never felt a wound, 105,

remaining, they stood aloof the, 500.
Scarce expect one of my age, 459.

would move a horse, 416.
Scarecrows, no eye hath seen such, 86
Scared out of his seven senses, 493.
Scarfed bark, 62.
Scarfs garters gold, 318.
Scatter plenty, 385.
Scene be acted over, this lofty, 112.

last of all, 69.
not one fair, 582.
o'er this changing, 535.
of man, o'er all this, 314.
on which they gazed, 468.
that memorable, 263.
tread again the, 407.
was more beautiful far, 528.

was o'er, the proud, 331.
Scenes, gay and festive, 678.

gay gilded, 299.
like theso, from, 447.
like this, to live and die in, 522.

of my childhood, 537.
Scent of odorous perfume, 242.

of the roses, 522.
the fair annoys, whose, 415.
the morning air, methinks I, 132.

to every flower, gives, 414.
Scents, pleasant, salute the nose, 655.
Scented the grim feature, 239.
Sceptic could inquire for, 210.
Sceptre, a barren, in my gripe, 121.

all who meet obey, 550.
leaden, stretches forth her, 306.
our flag the, 550.
shows the force of temporal pownik

Sceptred hermit, a, 677.

Sceptred isle, this, 81.

Scorn of consequence, 623.
pall, tragedy in, 250.

of eyes retlecting gems, 96.
sovereigas, dead but, 554.

of scorn the hate of hate, 623.
sway, mercy is above this, 64.

read to doubt or read to, 194.
Scheld or wandering Po, 394.

to laugh to, 71.
Scheme for her own breakfast, 311. what a deal of, looks beautiful. 76
Schemes o mice, best laid, 446.

Scorns of time, whips and, 135.
Schiller has the material sublime, 505. Scorned, no fury like a woman, 294.
Scholar and a gentleman, 447.

slighted, disappointed woman, 96.
in the soldier more than in the, 151. Scornful jest, most bitter is a, 366.
rake Christian dupe, 388.

Scorning the base degrees, 111.
ripe and good one, 101.

Scorpion died of the bite, 400.
Scholars, base born, the greatest, 190. Scot and lot, 178.
great men, not great, 638.

Scots, a few industrious, 37.
the land of, 395.

wha hae wi Wallace bled, 450.
Scholar's life assail, the, 305.

wham Bruce has often led, 450.
soldier's eye, 136.

Scotch nation void of wit, 389.
School, creeping unwillingly to, 69. understanding, 459.
days, in my joyful, 509.

Scotched the snake, 121.
experience keeps a dear, 360.

Scotchman, left to a beggarly, 370.
of mankind, example the, 411.

much may be made of a, 371.
of Stratford, 1.

Scotchman's noblest prospect, 370.
saint in wisdom's, 181.

Scotia's grandeur springs, 447.
tell tales out of, 12.

Scotland at the Orcades, 318.
the Satanic, 508.

stands, where it did, 124.
Schools, flogging in great, 372.

Scotland's strand, fair, 452.
jargon of the, 287, 414.

Scoundrel and a coward, 370.
old maxim in the, 290.

last refuge of a, 372.
Schoolboy, whining, 69.

maxim, 367.
whips his taxed top, 462.

Scoured with perpetual motion, 88.
with his satchel, 69, 354.

Scourge inexorable, 226.
Schoolboys, frisk away like, 447.

of God, him that was the, 571.
Schoolboy's tale, a, 541.

whose iron, 382.
Schooldays, in my, co.

Scourged to his dungeon, 572.
Schoolmaster is abroad, 527.

Scours the plain, Camilla, 324.
Science, bright-eyed, 383.

Scout, the blabbing Eastern, 243.
eel of, by the tail, 331.

Scraps of learning dote, on, 310.
fair, frowned not, on his birth, 386. stolen the, 56.
falsely so-called, 818.

Scratched, a little, 't will serve, 56.
glare of false, 428.

Screw your courage to the sticking
good sense though no, 322.

place, 118.
new, that men lere, 6.

Scripture authentic, 310.
of our law, the lawless, 627.

elder, writ by God, 310.
one, will one genius fit, 323.

the devil can cite, 61.
proud, never taught to stray, 315. Scruple of her excellence, 46.
sort of hocus-pocus, 350.

Sculptured in stone on poet's pages, 648.
star-eyed, 513.

marble, although no, 531.
Sciences, all the abstruse, 556.

Scutcheon, honour a mere, 87.
books must follow, 168.

Scuttled ship, that ever, 557.
Scilurus on his death-bed, 731.

Scylla and Charybdis, 810.
Scio's rocky isle, old man of, 550.

your father, 64.
Scion of chiefs and monarchs, 547. Scyllam, incidis in, 64.
Scipio buried by the upbraiding shore, s'death I 'll print it, 326.

Sea, alone on a wide wide, 498.
Scipio's ghost walks unavenged, 298. as stars look on the, 607.
Scoif, fools who came to, 397.

beheld and fled, the great, 261.
Scoffer's pen, product of a, 479.

best thing between England and
Scolding from Carlyle, 637.

France, 597.
Scole of Stratford, 1.

boisterous captain of the, 392.
Scope of my opinion, 126.

by the deep, where none intrude, 547.
Score and tally, no books but the, 94. cloud out of the, 815.
Scorn delights, 247.

come o'er the moonlit, 611.
for the time of, 155.

compassed by the inviolate, 623.
in spite of, 225.

desert of the, 833.
laugh a siege to, 125.

down to a sunless, 500.
laugh thee to, 837.

dreary, now blows between, 500.
laughed his word to, 415.

far-heard whisper o'er the, 498.
not the sonnet, 485.

first gem of the, 522.

Bea, footsteps in the, 423.

fountain stream and, 496.
give a thousand furlongs of, 42.
glad waters of the dark blue, 550.
go down to the, in ships, 823.
grew civil at her song, 57.
his deeds inimitable like the, 36.
hollows crowned with summer, 629.
home on the rolling, 679.
how the fishes live in the, 161.
I'm on the, 538.
in rage deaf as the, 80.
in the bozom of the, 94, 182.
in the flat, sunk, 24.
in the rough rude, 81.
into that silent, 498.
is a thief, 109.
is calm, when the, 710.
isles that o'erlace the, 645.
lane of beams athwart the, 625.
light that never was on, 475.
like to the Pontic, 155.
loved the great, more and more, 538.
Marathon looks on the, 557.
money to a starving man at, 786.
most dangerous, 63.
music of the, 503.
my bark is on the, 553.
no breath came o'er the, 611.
nor earth nor boundless, 162.
now flows between a dreary, 500.
of glory, summers in a, 99.
of pines, silent, 501.
of troubles, arms against a, 135.
of upturned faces, 193, 531.
on life's rough, 37.
one as the, 196.
one foot in, and one on shore, 51, 405.
one voice is of the, 478.
or fire in earth or air, in, 126.
or land, thing of, 242.
our flag is known in every, 605.
our heritage the, 537.
Peri beneath the dark, 526.
pouring oil on the, 740.
precious stone set in the silver, 81.
Proteus rising from the, 477.
robs the vast, 109.
rolls its waves, while the, 675.
scattered in the bottom of the, 96.
ships that have gone down at, 527.
sight of that immortal, 478.
sing the dangers of the, 672.
siren who sung under the, 521.
stern god of, 253.
swelling of the voiceful, 503.
the breeze is on the, 491,
the open, the blue the fresh, 538.
the passenger pukes in, 559.
they who plough the, 712.
under the deep deep, 583.
union with its native, 480.
upon the rosy, 524.
uttermost parts of the, 824.
was roaring, 't was when the, 347.
wave o' the, I wish you a, 78.
wet sheet and flowing, 537.
what thing of, or land, 242

Sea, whether in, or fire, 126.
Seas, dangers of the, 176.

foam of perilous, 575.
guard our native, 514.
incarnadine, 120.
of gore, shedding, 559.
of thought, strange, 475.
rivers run to, 274,
roll to waft me, 316.
Severn to the narrow, 483.
such a jewel as twenty, 44.
two boundless, 525.

unsuspected isle in the far, 614.
Sea-born treasures, my,

Sea-change, suffer a, 42.
Sea-coal fire, by a, 89.
Sea-girt citadel, winged, 541.
Seal, seem to set his, 140.
Seals of love but sealed in vain, 49.

that close the pestilence, 562.
Sealed their letters with their thumbs

Sea-maid's music, to hear the, 57.
Seamen, the gentlemen were not, 593.
Sea-sand, brown as the ribbed, 493.
Search men's principles, 752.

not his bottom, 257.
not worth the, 60.
nothing so hard but, will find it, 203.
of deep philosophy, 260.
patient, and vigil long, 555.
the coffers round, 251.

vain my weary, 395.
Searches to the bottom, 102.
Sea-shore, boy playing on the, 278.
Season, each thing that grows in, 54.

ever 'gainst that, 127.
everything at its proper, 720.
from that time unto this, 30.
priketh every gentil herte, 2.
shock of corn in his, 816.
things seasoned by, 66.
to everything there is a, 830.
when I have convenient, 843.
word spoken in, 611.
word spoken in due, 826.

your admiration for a while, 128.
Seasons and their change, 233.

death thou hast all, 570.
justice, when mercy, 65.
return with the year, 230.
roll as the swift, 636.
vernal, of the year, 254.

who knew the, 623.
Seasoned life of man, 254.

timber never gives, 204.
with a gracious voice, 63.

with salt, 847.
Seat, his favourite, be woman's feeble

breast, 482.
in some poetic nook, 536.
is the bosom of God, her, 31.
misfortune made the throne her, 301.
nature from her, 239.
of Mars, this, 81.
this castle hath a pleasant, 117.
up to our native, 226.
vaulted with ease into his, 86.

Seat, while inemory holds a, 132. Seeds of poesy by heaven sown, 347.
Seats beneath the shade, 395.

of time, look into the, 116.
Seated heart knock at my ribs, 116. Seeing eye, the hearing ear, 827.
Second childishness and mere oblivion, eyes were made for, if, 599.

not satisfied with, 830.
Daniel, a, 65.

precious, to the eye, 56.
each, stood heir to the first, 149.

the root of the matter, 817.
in Rome, 727.

Seek and ye shall find, 839.
nature, custom is, 735.

it ere it come to light, 424.
thought, the sober, 283.

thee in vain by the meadow, 587.
thoughts are best, 277.

Seeks painted trifles, 391.
thoughts, to their own, 283.

Seeking light doth light of light beguile,
Secret as the grave, 792.

black and midnight hags, 123.

the bubble reputation, 69.
bread eaten in, 825.

whom he may devour, 819.
dread and inward horror, 298.

Seem a saint when I play the devil, 96.
in silence and tears, in, 682.

they grow to what they, 395.
of a weed's plain heart, 656.

things are not what they, 612.
of nature, death is a, 751.

Seems madam I know not seems, 127.
of success is constancy, 608.

wisest virtuousest best, 238.
soul to show, 551.

Seeming estranged, providence, 586.
sympathy, it is the, 488.

evil still educing good, 357.
things are the Lord's, 814.

otherwise, 151.
trusted to a woman, 725.

Seemly, do it not if it is not, 756.
Secrets of my prison-house, 131.

Seen better days, we have, 68.
of the nether world, 749.

evidence of things not, 848.
reveal no, '398.

needs only to be, 269.
Secretary of nature, 208.

never was nor never shall be, 182.
Sect, slave to no, 320.

that day, or ever I had, 128.
Sects, vicissitudes of, and religions, 168. too early, unknown, 105.
Secure amidst a falling world, 300.

what I have seen, 136.
the past at least is, 532.

Seldom he smiles, 111.
Security for the future, 364.

shall she hear a tale, 380.
public honour is, 689.

Selection, natural, 622.
Sedge, giving a kiss to every, 44.

Self, smote the cord of, 625.
Seduces all mankind, woman, 348.

something dearer than, 541.
See a hand you cannot see,


true to thine own, 130.
a world to, 33.

Self-approving hour, one, 319.
all things, light to, 30.

Self-disparagement, inward, 480.
and be seen, 707.

Self-dispraise, luxury in, 480.
and eek for to be seie, 3.

Self-esteemn, nothing profits more than,
her is to love her, to, 452.

is this a dagger which I, 119.

Self-evident truths, 434.
it, I don't, 297.

Self-existence, concatenation of, 401.
may I be there to, 417.

Self-knowledge self-control, 623.
none so blind as those that will not, Self-love not so vile a sin, 91.
283, 293.

Self-made men, 637.
oursels as others see us, 448.

Self-mettle tires him, 98.
the conquering hero comes, 281. Self-neglecting and self-love, 91.
the right and approve it, 295.

Self-preservation in animals, 764.
thee again, then I shall, 115.

Self-reliance, discontent is want of, 601.
thee at Philippi, 115.

Self-reproach, feel no, 468.
thee damned first, I will, 464.

Self-respect, never lose thy, 750.
thee still, I have thee not yet, 119. Self-reverence self-knowledge, 623.
through a glass darkly, 845.

Self-sacrifice, spirit of, 475.
't is but a part we, 315.

Selfsame flight the selfsame way, 60.
what I see, to have seen what I have heaven that frowns on me, 98.

Self-slaughter, canon 'gainst, 128.
what is not to be seen, 439.

Self-taught, I sing, 347.
with his half-shut eyes, 326.

Sell with you buy with you, 61.
Sees God in clouds, 315.

Selling of pig in a poke, 20.
or dreams he sees, 225.

Selves, from our own, our joys must flow,
what he foresaw, 476.

with equal eye, who, 315.

stepping-stones of their dead, 631.
Seed begging bread, nor his, 819.

Semblance, wait for me a little, 746.
fruit from such a, 54.

Semi-Solomon, a kind of, 593.
in the morning sow thy, 831.

Sempronius, we 'll do more, 297.
of the church, 756.

Senate at his heels, Cæsar with a, 319.

seen, 136.

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