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Riches, infinite, in a little room, 41.

make themselves wings, 828.
neither poverty nor, 829.
of heaven's pavement, 225.
possessed not enjoyed, 342.
that grow in hell, 225.
virtue and, seldom settle on one man,

Richmonds in the field, six, 98.
Rid on't, mend it or be, 121.
Riddle of the world, 317.
Ride abroad, next doth, 417.

mankind, things, 599.

to crouch to wait to, 30.
Rides in the whirlwind, 299, 331.

on the posting winds, 160.
pose, evil news, 242.

upon the storm, 423.
Rider, steed that knows its, 542.
Ridicule, sacred to, 328.

the test of truth, 578.

truth the test of, 444.
Ridiculous affairs, serious in, 735.

excess, wasteful and, 79.
in serious matters, 735.
no spectacle so, 591.

sublime to the, 431.
Riding o'er the azure realm, 383.
Rift within the lute, 629.
Rigdom Funnidos, 285.
Rigged with curses dark, 247.
Right and wrong he taught, 672.

as a trivet, 676.
as God gives us to see the, 622.
be sure you are, 852.
born to set it, 133.
by chance, a fool now and then, 414.
divine of kings, 332.
firmness in the, 622.
following him that sets thee, 754.
form of war, 112.
hand forget her cunning, 824.
hand, his red, 227.
hands of fellowship, 846.
his conduct still, 399.
his life I'm sure was in the, 2C0.
I see the, and I approve it too, 295.
in every cranny but the, 424.
is right since God is God, 653.
is right to follow, 623.
little tight little island, 675.
makes might, faith that, 622.
man in the right place, 642.
mind, clothed in his, 841.
names, call things by their, 457.
of all, duty of some, 505.
of an excessive wrong, 650.
on, I only speak, 114.
onward steer, 252.
or wrong, our country, 675.
rather be, than president, 517.
sorry for your heaviness, I am, 6.
the day must win, 653.
there is none to dispute my, 416,
to begin doing well, earns the, 618.
to dissemble your love, 445.
was right, 444.
whatever is is, 316.

Right, whose life is in the, 318.

words, how forcible are, 816.
Rights, blacks had no, 675.

dare maintain, their, 438.
men who know their, 438.
of a man, how he lies in the, 648.
of man, called the, 409.
property has its duties as well as, 582

reparation for

unalienable, 434.
Righteous are bold as a lion, 829.

die the death of the, 813.
forsaken, not seen the, 819.
hath hope in his death, 826.
man regardeth the life of his beast

overmuch, be not, 830.
perils doe enfold the, 27.

shall flourish, 822.
Righteousness and peace, 821.

exalteth a nation, 826.
sun of, 836.

word of, 848.
Rightly to be great, 142.
Rigorous law, 704.
Rigour of the game, 508.

of the statutes, 47.
Rill, by cool Siloam's shady, 535.

nor yet beside the, 386.

sunshine broken in the, 526.
Rills, thousand, 382.
Rim, the sun's, dips, 498.
Ring happy bells, 033.

in the Christ that is to be, 633.
in the thousand years of peace,

in the valiant man, 633.
of verse, thy rare gold, 651.
on her wand she bore, 520.
out my mournful rhymes, 633,
out old shapes of disease, 633.
out the darkness of the land, 633.
out the narrowing lust of gold, 633.
out the old ring in the new, 633.
out the thousand wars of old, 633.
out wild bells, 633.
posy of a, 138.
the fuller minstrel in, 633.
to evensong, 19.

with this, I thee wed, 851.
Rings, and chains, wearers of, 511.

of which all Europe, 252.
Ringing grooves of change, C26.
Ringlet, blowing the, 027.
Ripe and good one, a scholar and a, 101

and ripe, hour to hour we, 68.
cherry, I cry, 201,
Ripened in our northern sky, 433.

into faith, persuasion, 481.
Ripeness, love grown to, 624.
Ripening breath, summer's, 106.

his greatness is a, 99.
Ripest fruit first falls, 81.
Ripples break round his breast, 677.
Rise by sin, some, 47.

honest muse, 322.
let it, till it meet the sun, 529.
like feathered Mercury, 86.

Rise up Xarifa, 677.

Rob the Hybla bees, 115.
with the lark, 454.

us of our joys, 406.
Risen on mid-noon, 235, 476.

was lord below, 474.
Rising all at once, their, 227.

Robs me of that which not enriches him
early, heaven's help better than, 790.

in clouded majesty, 233.

the vast sea, the sun, 109.
in his, seemed a pillar of state, 227. Robbed, he that is, 154.
to a man's work, 753.

the, that smiles, 151.
Risks nothing gains nothing, 21.

Robbery, change be no, 17.
Rival all but Shakespeare's name,


Robbing Peter he paid Paul, 14.
in the light of day, 482.

Robe, dew on his thin, 515.
River, Alph the sacred, 500.

of clouds, throne of rocks in a, 553,
at my garden's end, 289.

of night, azure, 573.
Dee, lived ou the, 427.

the judge's, 47.
fair and crystal, 180.

Robes and furred gowns hide all, 148.
glideth at his own sweet will, 470. garland and singing, 253.
in Macedon, there is a, 92.

loosely flowing hair as free, 178.
like the foam on the, 491.

riche or fidel, 1.
like the snow-fall in the, 451.

Robin Hood, a famous man is, 473.
of his thoughts, 553, 614.

jolly Robin, 401.
of passing thoughts, 752.

Robin-redbreast, call for the, 181.
Rivers are highways, 799.

Robinson Crusoe, poor, 391.
by shallow, 41.

Robustious periwig-pated fellow, 137.
cannot quench, 95.

Rock aerial, brotherhood upon, 480.
of Egypt, 833.

dwell on a, or in a cell, 26.
run to seas, 274.

founded upon a, 839.
wide and shallow brooks, 248.

gem of the old, 219.
River's brim, primrose by a, 468.

moulder piecemenl on the, 549.
Rivets up, hammers closing, 92, 296.

of Ages cleft for me, 432.
Rivulet of text, a neat, 442.

of the national resources, 531.
Rivulets dance, where, 469.

pendent, a towered citadel, 158.
myriads of, 630.

reclined, all on a, 347.
Road, along a rough a weary, 448.

shall fly from its firm base, this, 491.
fringing the dusty, 657.

stood on, to bob for whale, 217.
life's dark, through, 564.

tall, the mountain, 467.
like one on a lonesome, 499.

the cradle of reposing age, 328.
morn furthers a man on his, 694.

us nearer to the tomb, cradles, 309.
no street no, 586.

weed flung from the, 542.
of casualty, 62.

Rocks and hills, 150.
takes no private, 320.

caves lakes fens bogs, 228.
taxed horse on a taxed, 462.

fleeting air and desert, 181.
through life's dark, 564.

music hath charms to soften, 294.
to virtue, no ready, 218.

pure gold, water nectar and, H.
whose dust is gold, 236.

throne of, robe of clouds, 553.
Roam, absent from Him I, 497.

whereon greatest men have oftest
soar but never, 485.

wrecked, 240.
some love to, 653.

Rock-bound coast, stern and, 569.
they are fools who, 362.

Rock-ribbed hills, 572.
when far o'er sea we, 525.

Rocked in the cradle of the deep, 676.
where'er I, whatever realms to see, Rocket, rose like a, 431.

Rocky are her shores, 344.
Roamed o'er many lands, 582.

Rod and thy staff, thy, 819.
Roar, a lion in the lobby, 352.

beaten with his own, 9.
gently as any sucking dove, 57.

he that spareth his, 826.
give a grievous, 352.

of empire might have swayed, 384.
he did not only sigh but, 283.

of iron, rule with a, 849.
music in its, 517.

reversed, his, 246.
nature says best and she says, 283. spare the, 8, 213, 262.
set the table on a, 144.

to check the erring, 475.
you an 't were any nightingale, 57. wit's a feather a chief a, 319.
Roaring lion, as a, 849.

Rode, full royally he, 23.
lions, talks as familiarly of, 78.

the six hundred, 628.
Roast an egg, the learned, 330.

Roderick, art thou a friend to, 491.
beef of old England, 363.

where was, then, 492.
Roasted rare, new-laid eggs, 274.

Rogue, inch that is not fool is, 269.
Rob a neighbour, that he might, 592. Rogues in buckram, 84.
me the exchequer, 86.

Roguish thing, equity is a, 194.
Peter and pay Paul, 186.

Roll darkling down, 366.


Roll of common men, 85.

Room up of my absent child, grief fills
of honor, pension list is the, 669.

the, 79.
on dark blue ocean, 547.

who sweeps a, 204.
wherever waves can, 413.

worst inn's worst, 322.
Rolls it under his tongue, 283.

Roost, as chickens come home to, c06.
of fame, in all the, 345.

Roosts, perched, 242.
of Noah's ark, 268.

Root, axe is laid unto the, 841.
Rolled two into one, 454.

humility that low sweet, 527.
up the wrong way, hedgehog, 584. insane, 116.
Rolling deep, home on the, 679.

love that took an early, 539.
in fine frenzy, 59.

nips his, and then he falls, 99.
stone gathers no moss, 14, 711.

of age, worm at the, 423.
year is full of thee, the, 357.

of all evil, money is the, 848.
Roman fame, above all, 329.

of the matter is in me, 817.
fashion, after the high, 159.

tree of deepest, 432.
hand, we do know the sweet, 76. Roots itself in ease, 131.
holiday, to make a, 546.

Rooted sorrow from the memory, 125.
more an antique, than a Dane, 146. Rope enough, you shall never want, 773.
name, above any Greek or, 267. Rosaries and pixes, 215.
noblest, of them all, 115.

Rose, any nose may ravage a, 643.
senate long debate, can a, 298.

at Christmas, desire a, 54.
streets, gibber in the, 126.

Aylmer, 511.
than such a, 114.

blossom as the, 834.
thought hath struck him, a, 157.

budding, above the full blown, 476.
urns, fire in antique, 213.

by any other name, 105.
Romans call it stoicism, the, 298.

dewdrop clinging to the, 611.
countrymen and lovers, 113.

flung odours tlung, 238.
last of all the, fare thee well, 115.

go lovely, 220.
Romance, by the shores of old, 472.

growing on his cheek, 31.
Romances of Marivaux, 387.

happy is the, distilled, 57.
Romanism and rebellion, 679.

I am not the, 806.
Romantic, if folly grow, 321.

in aromatic pain, 316.
Rome, aisles of Christian, 598.

in spring, familiar as the, 752.
big with the fate of, 297.

is fairest when 't is budding, 491.
but that I loved, more, 113.

is sweetest washed with dew, 491.
can Virgil claim, 271.

Je ne suis pas la, 806.
do as they do at, 791.

just newly born, the, 611.
eternal devil to keep state in, 110. last, of summer, 521.
grandeur that was, 640.

like a full-blown, 575.
growing up to might, 642.

like a rocket, 431,
hook-nosed fellow of, 90.

like an exhalation, 225.
I do fast on Saturday at, 767.

lovely is the, 477.
in the height of her glory, 533.

my life is like the summer, 677.
more than the Pope of, 212.

my luve 's like a red red, 451.
move the stones of, 114.

of love, gather, 202.
not built in one day, 15, 792.

of the fair state, 136.
palmy state of, 126.

of youth, he wears the, 158.
queen of land and sea, 642.

red as a, is she, 498.
shall fall when falls the Coliseum, 516. should shut and be a bud, 575.
than second in, 727.

so red, never blows the, 768.
thou hast lost the breed of noble sweeter in the bud, 33.
bloods, 110.

that all are praising, 581.
time will doubt of, 558.

that lives its little hour, the, 573.
when at, do as they see done, 193. thought like a full-blown, 575.
Romeo, wherefore art thou, 105.

under the, 219.
Roof, arched, 251.

up he, and donned his clothes, 142
fretted with golden fire, 134.

vernal bloom or summer's, 155.
to shrowd his head, 189, 194.

with leaves yet folded, 500.
under the shady, 250.

with thorns, 691.
Room and verge enough, ample, 383. without the thorn, 203, 232,
as your company, 859.

Roses and lilies and violets, 581.
blazed with lights, 109.

and white lilies, 685.
civet in the, 415.

bower of, by Bendemeer's stream, 526
for Shakespeare, 179.

four red, on a stalk, 97.
for wit, heads so little no, 222.

from your cheek, 378.
infinite riches in a little. 41.

full of sweet days and, 204.
no gilded dome swells the lowly, 571. in December seek, 539.
no wit for so much, 222.

make thee beds of, 41.

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Roses, month of leaves and, 655.

never expect to gather, 692.
red and violets blew, 28.
repentance amid the, 355.
roses strew on her, 665.
scent of the, 522.
she wore a wreath of, 581.
strew on her roses, 665.

virgins soft as the, 549.
Rosebud garden of girls, 631.

set with thorns, 629.
Rosebuds, crown ourselves with, 836.

filled with snow, 685.

gather ye, while ye may, 202.
Rose-leaves scattered, like, 558.

stirred with the air, 558.
Rose-lipped cherubin, 155.
Rosemary for remembrance, 142.
Rosewater on a toad, pour, 597.
Ross, the Man of, 322.
Rost, rule the, 8, 191.
Rosy light, sprinkled with, 338.

red, celestial, 238.
Bea, upon the, 524.

steps, morn her, 234.
Rot and rot, from hour to hour we, 68.

propagate and, 317.

to lie in cold obstruction and to, 48.
Rots itself in ease, 131.
Rote, learned and conned by, 115.
Rotten apples, small choice in, 72.

at the heart, a goodly apple, 61.

in Denmark, something is, 131.
Rottenness, firmament is, 245.
Rough as nutmeg-graters, 313.

quarries rocks and hills, 150.

rude sea, all the water in the, 81.
Rough-hew them how we will, 145.
Rough-island story, 628.
Roughly, life has passed, 423.
Round and round we run, 653.

at the top, from the, 055.
attains the upmost, 111.
dance their wayward, 469.
fat oily man of God, 357.
glory guards with solemn, 681.
hoop's bewitching, 378.
keeps up a perpetual, 749.
life's dull, 379.
numbers are false, 375.
the slight waist, 518.
the square, all, 584.
trivial, the common task, 569.
unvarnished tale, 150.

while you perform your antic, 123.
Roundabout, this great, 424.
Rounded with a sleep, life is, 43.
Roundelay, my merry merry, 25.
Roundheads and wooden shoes, 300.
Rouse a lion, the blood stirs to, 84.

and stir as life were in 't, 125.

the lion from his lair, 495.
Ro‘isseau, ask Jean Jacques, 417.
Rout on rout, ruin upon ruin, 230.

where meet a public, 176.

world with its motley, 424.
Routed all his foes, thrice he, 271.
Roving, go no more a, 553.

Row brothers row, 518.

one way and look another, 186.
Rowers, like, who advance backward.

Rowland for an Oliver, 859.

to the dark tower camne, 147.
Roy's wife of Aldivalloch, 674.
Royal office to execute laws, 411.

path to geometry, 811.

train believe me, a, 100.
Royally he rode, 23.
Royalty of virtue, the, 668.
Ruat cælum fiat voluntas tua, 205, 218
Rub, let the world, 786.

there's the, 135.
Rubs which providence sends, 401.
Rubente dextera, 227.
Rubicon, I had passed the, 530.
Rubies grew, where the, 201.

price of wisdom is above, 817.

wisdom is better than, 825.
Rudder is of verses, rhyme the, 211

true, steer my, 777.
Ruddy drop of manly blood, 602.

drops, dear as the, 112, 383.
Rude am I in my speech, 149.

forefathers of the hamlet, 384.
hand deface it, may no, 469.
in speech, though I be, 816.
militia swarins, 273.
multitude call the afternoon, 56.
sea grew civil at her song, 57.

stream, mercy of a, 99.
Rudely, speke he never so, 2.

stamped, I that am, 95.
Rue and euphrasy, 240.

nought shall make us, 80.

with a difference, wear your, 142.
Rueful conflict, the heart riven the, 473
Ruffian, that father, 85.
Ruffles, sending them, 398.

when wanting a shirt, 286.
Rug, snug as a bug in a, 361.
Rugged line, harsh cadence of a, 270.

Russian bear, 122.
Ruin and confusion hurled, in, 300).

drunkenness identical with, 765.
final, fiercely drives, 309.
has designed, whom God to, 269,
lovely in death the beauteous, 308
majestic though in, 227.
man marks the earth with, 547.
one prodigious, swallow all, 337.
or to rule the state, 267.
prostrate the beauteous, 453.
seize thee ruthless king, 383.
systems into, hurled, 315,
the fires of, glow, 513.
threats of pain and, 385.

upon ruin rout on rout, 230,
Ruins, fame on lesser, built, 258.

human mind in, 682.
of himself, the, 347.
of Iona, 369.
of St. Paul's, 591.

of the noblest man, 113.
Ruin's ploughshare, stern, 448.
Ruined by natural propensities, 411

Russian bear, the rugged, 122.
Rust, better to be eaten to death with, 88

better wear out than, 853.

unburnished, to, 625.
Rustic life and poverty, 514.

moralist, teach the, 385.
Rustics, amazed the gazing, 397.
Rustling in the dark, mournful, 615.

in unpaid-for silk, 159.
Rusty for want of fighting, 211,
Ruth when sick for home, 575.
Ruthless king, ruin seize thee, 383.

Ruin-trace, can print no, 610.
Rule alone, too fond to, 327.

all be done by the, 157.
Britannia, 358.
exceptions prove the, 187.
eye sublime declared absolute, 232.
Homer's, the best, 328.
little sway, a little, 358.
long-levelled, 244.
none shall, but the humble, 599.
of men entirely great, 606.
of Plato, 254.
over others, how shall I, 771.
the good old, 473.
the great, ill can he, 29.
the law, rich men, 395.
the rost, 11, 191.
the state, to ruin or to, 267.
the varied year, to, 356.

them with a rod of iron, 819.
Rules, a few plain, 479.

and hammers, 159.
never shows she, 321.
o'er freemen, who, 375.
the twelve good, 398.

the waves, Britannia, 358.
Ruler of the inverted year, 420.
Ruleth all the roste, 8.

his spirit, he that, 827.
Ruling passion, 321, 322.

power within, 760.
Rum and true religion, 556.

Romanism and rebellion, 679.
Ruminate, as thou dost, 153.
Rumination wraps me, my often, 70.
Rumour of oppression, 418.
Rumours of wars, 841.
Run amuck, too discreet to, 328.

away and fly, 212.
away, they conquer love that, 200.
back, time will, 251.
before the wind, 393.
he may, that readeth it, 836.
I can, or I can fly, 246.
to and fro, many shall, 835.
to wait to ride to, 30.
with the hare, 33.

with the hound, 12.
Runs away, he that fights and, 216.

away, he who fights and, 403.
may read, he that, 422.
the great circuit, 420.

the world away, 138,
Runneth not to the contrary, 392

over, my cup, 819.
Running brooks, books in the, 67.

sprightly, 276.
Rupert of debate, 606.
Rural quiet, retirement, 355.

sights alone, not, 417.
Rush against Othello's breast, 156.

into the skies, 315.

to glory or the grave, 515.
Rushed to meet the insulting foe, 443.
Rushing of the arrowy Rhone, 543.

of the blast, the, 573.
Russet mantle clad, morn in, 127.
Russia, last out a night in, 47.

Sabaoth and port, 170.
Sabbath appeared, when a, 416.

bill to frame a, 586.
day to me, Sunday shines no, 326
he who ordained the, 636.
of his rest, the eternal, 277.

was made for man, 841.
Sabbathless Satan, 509.
Sabean odours, 232.
Sable cloud with silver lining, 243.

goddess, night, 306.
hearse, underneath this, 179.
night, son of the, 39.

silvered, his beard a, 129.
Sables, suit of, 138.
Sabler tints of woe, 386.
Sabrina fair, listen, 246.
Sack, intolerable deal of, 85.

purge and leave, 88.
Sacred and inspired divinity, 170.

burden is this life, 641.
honour, pledge our, 434.
pity, drops of, 69.
religion mother of form, 39.
to gods is misery, 343.

to ridicule his whole life long, 328
Sacrifice, is no vain, 301.

to the graces, 353, 760.
turn delight into a, 204.

unpitied, an, 408.
Sacrifices, such, my Cordelia, 148.
Sacrilegious murder, 120.
Sad and bad and mad it was, 650.

as angels, 513.
because it makes us smile, 560.
by fits, 't was, 390.
experience to make me, 71.
fancies do we affect, 483.
heart, ruddy drops that visit my, 112
impious in a good man to be, 308.
music of humanity, 467.
near to make a man look, 59.
80, so tender and so true, 380.
stories of the death of kings, 82.
vicissitude of things, 379, 393.
votarist in palmer's weed, 243.

words of tongue or pen, 619.
Sadder and a wiser man, 499.
Saddest of all tales, 560.

of the year, days the, 573.
Saddle, things are in the, 599.
Saddled and bridled, 682.
Sadness and longing, feeling of, 614.

diverter of, 207.
wraps me in a most humorous, 70.

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