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People's will, based upon her, 623. Perked up in a glistening grief, 98.
Peopled, the world must be, 51.

Permanent alliances, 425.
Peor and Baälim, 251.

forward not, 129.
Peppercorn, I am a, 86.

Permit to heaven, 240.
Pepper his cabbage, 712.

Pernicious to mankind, wine, 338.
Peppered the highet, who, 399.

weed, 415.
two of them, I have, 84.

Perpetual benediction, 478.
Perception, quintessence of, 663.

motion, scoured with, 88.
Perch, where eagles dare not, 96.

priesthood, literary men a, 577.
Perchance the dead, 545.

Perplex and dash maturest counsels, 226
to dream, to sleep, 135.

Perplexed in the extreme, 156.
Perched and sat, 640.

morality is, 411.
upon a bust of Pallas, 640.

the wisest may well be, 408.
Percy and Douglas, song of, 34.

Perplexes monarchs, 225.
Ferdition catch my soul, 153.

Perseverance better than violence, 726.
Peregrinations, labours and, 170.

Persian carpet, discourse like a, 723.
Peremptory tone, with a, 415.

Persian gulís, pearls of thought in, 661.
Perfect chrysolite, one, 156.

Persians, law of the Medes and, 835.
day, unto the, 625.

Persian's heaven is easily made, 519.
days, then if ever come, 658.

Person, freedom of, 435.
love casteth out fear, 819.

oblong square triangular, 461.
man, mark the, 819.

Persons of good sense, 796.
ways of honour, 101.

no respect of, place nor, 75.
woman nobly planned, 475.

there is no respect of, with God, 844,
Perfected, a woman, 656.

two distinct, 186.
Perfectest herald of joy, 51.

Personage, genteel in, 285.
Perfection, fulness of, 78.

less imposing, 527.
of reason, 24.

this goodly, 479.
perishes, what's come to, 647.

Persuade, tongue to, 255.
pink of, 401.

Persuaded in his own mind, 845.
praise and true, 66.

whom none could advise thou hast,
Perfections, his sweete, 23.

Perfidious bark, that fatal, 247.

Persuading, fair-spoken and, 101.
Perform, an ability that they never, 102. Persuasion flows irom his lips, 338.
patient to, 312.

holds aloof, 696.
Perfume and suppliance of a minute, of whatever state or, 435.

ripened into faith, 481.
on the violet, to throw a, 79.

tips his tongue, 297.
puss-gentleman that's all, 415. Persuasive sound, 339.
scent of odorous, 242.

Pertains to feats of broil, 150.
Perfumed like a milliner, 83.

Perturbed spirit, rest, 133.
Perfumes of Arabia, 124.

Peru, from China to, 365, 403.
Perhaps, a great, 578.

Perverts the prophets, 539.
turn out a song, 448.

Pestilence and war, 229.
turn out a sermon, 448.

like a desolating, 567.
Peri at the gate of Eden, 526.

seals that close the, 562.
beneath the dark sea, 526.

that walketh in darkness, $22.
Peril in thine eye, 105.

Petar, hoist with his own, 141.
Perils do environ, what, 27, 211.

Peter, by robbing, he paid Paul, 14, 772.
doe enfold, how many, 27.

denyed his Lord, C86.
safe through a thousand, 497.

feared full twenty times, 468.
Perilous edge of battle, 224.

I'll call him, 78.
shot out of an elder gun, 92.

Peter's dome, that rounded, 598.
stuff which weighs upon the heart,

keys, 331.

Peterkin, quoth little, 507.
Periodical fits of morality, 591.

Petition me no petitions, 362, 862.
Periods of time, in, 228.

Petrifies the feeling, 448.
Perish, all of genius which can, 552. Petticoat, her feet beneath her, 256.
in its fall, 453.

tempestuous, 201.
that thought, 296.

Petty pace, creeps in this, 125.
where there is no vision, the people, Phalanx, in perfect, 225.

the Pyrrhic, 157.
with thee, thy money, 843.

Phantasma, like a, 111.
Perished in his pride, 170.

Phantom of delight, she was a, 474.
Periwig-pated fellow, 137.

Phantoms of hope, 367.
Perjuria ridet amantum Jupiter, 106. Pherecydes, stories about, 759.
Perjuries, Jove laughs at lovers', 106, Phials hermetically sealed, 291.
Perjury, lovers’, 272.

Phidias, his awful Jove young, 598

Philanthropists in time of famine, 597, Physical arguments and opinions, 750.
Philip and Mary on a shilling, 215. Physically impossible, 41.
drunk, appeal from, 807.

Physician heal thyseli, 841.
receiving news of success, 131.

is there no, there, 835.
when arbitrator, 731.

presurned to call himself


Philips whose touch harmonious, 367. Physicians, catc diseases to cure them
Philippi, I will see thee at, 115.

Philistines be upon the, 814.

use three, 686.
opponent of the children of light, 665. Pia mater, womb of, 55,
Phillis, neat-handed, 248.

Pick a pocket, not scruple to, 282.
Philologists who chase a panting syllable, no quarrels, 398.

Picks yer pocket, smiles while it, 350
Philosopher and friend, 320.

Picked, age is grown so, 143.
can scorn, scarce the firm, 356.

out of ten thousand, 133.
never yet that could endure the tooth- up his crumbs, 393.
ache, 53

Picking and stealing, 850.
Philosophers have judged, ay wise, 214. Pickwickian sense, in a, 652.
sayings of, 212.

Pict, from a naked, 685.
will put their names to their books, Picture, look here upon this, 140.

placed the busts between, 312.
Philosophic mind, the, 478.

who looks at an American, 402.
Philosopher, he was a, 1.

Pictures, eyes make, 502.
inuscular training of a, 745.

for the page atone, 331.
Philosophie, Aristotle and bis, 1.

in Afric maps, savage, 289.
Philosophy adversity's sweet milk, 108. of silver, 828.

bringeth about to religion, 166. Pictured urn, fancy from her, 382.
could find it out, if, 131.

Pie, finger in every, 789.
depth in, 166,

no man's, is freed from his finger, 98
dreamt of in your, 133.

Piece, faultless, to see, 3:23.
for fear divine, 632.

of British manhood, sounder, 579.
hast any, in thee shepherd, 70.

of work is a man, what a, 134.
how charming is divine, 245.

Pieces, dash him to, 114,
I ask not proud, 516.

Piecemeal on the rock, 519.
inclineth to atheism, 166.

Piercing the night's dull ear, 92.
is a good horse in tbe stable, 401. Pierian spring, taste not the 323.
is nothing but discretion, 195.

Piety nor wit shall lure it, 708.
lights of mild, 297.

whose soul sincere, 391,
makes men deep, 163

Pig in a poke, buying or selling of, 20.
of one who studies, 745.

Pigs squeak, naturally as, 210.
search of deep, 200.

Pike-statf, plain as a, 351, 800.
teaching by examples, 301.

Pilfers wretched plans, 412.
that no, can lift, 4S6.

Pilgrim gray, honour comes a, 390.
triumphs over past evils, 794.

of eternity, 505.
vain wisdoin and false, "28.

shrines, such graves are, 562.
what to be gained from, 762.

steps in amice gray, 241,
will clip au angel's wings, 574.

stock pithed with hardihood, CGO.
Phoebus 'gins arise, 159.

Pilgrim's Progress that wonderful book
in his strength, 77.

what a name, 539.

Pilgrimage, overtaketh in his, 44.
Phorbus' wain, wheels of, 243.

Pilgrimages, folk to gon on, 1.
Phocion and Demosthenes, 728.

Pillar of tire by night, 813.
saying of, 731.

of salt, 813.
Phosphor, sweet, bring the day, 203. of state, seemed a, 27.
Phrase, a fico for the, 15.

Pillared firmament, 245.
choice word and measured, 470.

shade high overarched, 239.
of peace, the soft, 149.

Pillory, each window, like a, 214.
proverbed with a grandsire, 104. Pillow hard, finds the down, 100.
would be more german, 145.

Pilot cannot mitigate the billows, 730
Phrases, mint of, in his brain, 54.

in extremity, a daring, 267.
Phrygian Turk, 45.

't is a fearful night, I.
Physic, gold in, is a cordial, 2.

of my proper woe, 572.
pomp, take, 117.

of the Galilean like, 217.
throw, to the dogs, 125.

that weathered the storm, 464.
to preserve health, 167.

Pimpernell and twenty more, 72.
well because I use none of your, 737. Pin a day's a groat a year, 303.
Physics pain, labour we delight in, 120. bores with a little, 82.
Physical and metaphysical impossibility, Pins it with a star, 582

Pin's fee, do not set my life at a, 131.


Pincers tear, where the, 312.
Pinch, a lean-faced villain, 50.

necessity's sharp, 146.
Pinches, where the shoe, 7:24.
Pindarus, house of, 252,
Pine, dwindle peak and, 116.

for thee, then most I, 607.
I live they lack I have they, 22.
immovable infixed, 228.
land of palın and southern, 628.
to equal which the tallest, 224.

with fear and sorrow,
Pines, silent sea of, 501.

thunder-harp of, 667.
tops of the eastern, 81.

under the yaller, C60.
Pine-apple of politeness, 440.
Pined and wanted food, 465.

in thought, 76.
Pink and the pansy, 248.

eyne, Bacchus with, 158.
of courtesy, the very, 107.

of perfection, 401.
Pinks that grow, the, 184.
Pinnace, sail like


Pinned with a single star, 582.
Pinto, Ferdinand Mendez, 294.
Piny mountain, 504.
Pious action we do sugar o'er, 135.

frauds and holy shifts, 212.
not the less a man though, 797.
seem when only bilious, 586.

thoughts, she sent, 221.
Pipe but as the linnets sing, 632.

easier to be played on than a, 139.
for fortune's finger, 138.
Gill shall dance and Jack shall, 199.
glorious in a, 555.
tipped with amber, 555.
to smoke in cold weather, 673.

to the spirit ditties, 576.
Pipes and whistles in his sound, 69.

soft, play on, 576.
Piping time of peace, 96.
Pippins, old, toothsomest, 181.
Pit, monster of the, 329.

they 'll fill a, as well as better, 87.

whoso diggeth a, 829.
Pitch, dark as, 265.

he that toucheth, 837.
my moving tent, nightly, 497.
out of tune above the, 771.

which flies the higher, 93.
Pitched, as the mind is, 421.
Pitcher broken at the fountain, 831.
Pitchers have ears, 17.
Pitchfork, clothes thrown on with a, 292.
Piteous chase, 67.
Pith and moment, enterprises of, 136.

seven years', these arms had, 149.
Pitiful 't was wondrous pitiful, 150.
Pitiless storm, pelting of this, 147.
Pity, challenge double, 25.

drops of sacred, 69.
gave ere charity begin, 396.
he hath a tear for, 90
I learn to, them, 402.
is akin to love, 282.

Pity is the straightest path to love, 918

like a new-born babe, 118.
melts the mind to love, 272.
of it lago the pity of it, 156.
swells the tide of love, 308.
It is 't is true, 133.
that it was great, so it was, 83.
the sorrows of a poor old man, 433.
then embrace, endure then, 317.
upon the poor, he that bath, 827.

writ, within the leaf of, 109.
Pity's self be dead, till, 390.
Pity-pat, his heart kep' goin, 659.
Pity-Zekle, but bern went, 659.
Pixes and rosaries, 215.
Place, all other things give, 349.
• and time, bounds of, 382.

and wealth, get, 329.
as a nail in a sure, 834.
at home in a better, 67.
below the skies, 538.
but the fate of, 98.
did then adhere, nor time nor, 118.
dignitied by the doer's deed, 73.
ear in many a secret, 469.
everywhere his, 200.
first in glory first in, 344.
fittest, where man can die, 080.
get wealth and, 329.
in childhood, there was a, 583.
in many a solitary, 468.
in thy memory dearest, 678.
jolly, in times of old, 472,
keep the pain but change the, 303.
kiss the, to make it well, 535.
know him any more, 816.
men are servants in great, 165.
mind is its own, 224.
no, like home, 568.
no respect of, 75.
of festivity, pleasant, 544.
of my birth, came to the, 550.
of rest, where to choose their, 240.
or time, not to be changed by, 224.
pensive though a happy, 482.
pride of, 120.
right man in the right, 642.
stands upon a slippery, 79.
sunshine in the shady, 27.
that has known him, 816.
thereof shall know it no more, 816
those who have the second, 291.
towering in her pride of, 120.
when virtuous things proceed, 73.
where he is not known, 372.
where honour 's lodged, 214.
where the tree falleth, 831.
which 't is not good manners to men

tion, 287.
worship the gods of the, 193.
Places all alike distant from heaven, 190

do not grace men, 737.
fill up their proper, 265.
lines in pleasant, 818.
men grace the, 737.
other graces follow in proper,

shall be hell, all, 41.
strange, crammed, 68.

Places the eye of heaven visits, 80.

which pale passion loves, 184.
Place-expectants, gratitude of, 304.
Plagiare among authors, 253.
Plagiarism, memory to convict of, 376.
Plague, every one has his particular, 730.

my wife is my particular, 730.
of all cowards, 84.
of both your houses, 107.
of sighing and grief, 87.
the inventor, return to, 118.
upon such backing, 84.

us, instruments to, 149.
Plagues and common dotages, 188.

of heaven, 464.

that haunt the rich, 424.
Plain and tiat, 658.

and simple faith, 114.
and to the purpose, 51.
as a pack-statt, 172.
as a pike-staff, 351, 800.
as way to parish church, 68.
blunt man, 114.
Camilla scours the, 324.
in dress, be, 350.
knight pricking on the, 27.
living and high thinking, 472.
loveliest village of the, 395.
nodding o'er the yellow, 356.
of Marathon, 369.
stretched upon the, 539.

tale shall put you down, 85.
Plains, silver-mantled, 610.
Plainness of speech, use great, 846.
Plaintive martyrs, 447.
Plaited cunning hides, what, 146.
Plan, not without a, 314.

that admits no modification, 710.

the simple, sufficeth them, 473.
Plans, pilters wretched, 412.
Planet, born under a rhyming, 54.

swims into his ken, when a new, 576.
Planets, guides the, 436.

in their turn, all the, 300.

then no, strike, 127.
Planned, perfect woman nobly, 475.
Plant, fame is no, 247.

fixed like a, 317.
himself on his instincts, 601.
of slow growth, confidence is a,

rare old, is the ivy green, 652.
that grows on mortal soil, 247.

while the earth bears a, 675.
Plants, aromatic, 398.

children like olive, 824.

suck in the earth, 200.
Planted a garden, God Almighty, 167.

Apollos watered I have, $15.

of the tree I, 51.
Planting, wheat for this, 616.
Platform, upon the, 129.
Plato, taught of the rule of, 254.

thou reasonest well, 298.
Plato's retirement, 241.
Play and make good cheer, 20.

at cherry-pit, 76.
better at a, 519.
false, wouldst not, 117.

Play, good as a, 856.

healthful, 302.
heart ungalled, 138.
holdeth children from, 34.
in the plighted clouds, 244
is the thing, 135.
life's poor, is o'er, 318.
me no plays, 802.
on give me excess of it, 74.
out the play, 85.
pleased not the million, 134.
pleasure when I, not, 25.
rather hear a discourse than see a 191
run, they will not let my,
the devil, seem a saint and, 26.
the fools with the time, .
the man, 683.
the woman with mine eves, 124.
to you is death to us, 670.
who goes to an American, 462.
with similes, 473.
work or healthful, 302.

wouldst have me sing and, 56
Plays his part, so he, 69.

many parts, one man, 69.
round the head, 319.

such fantastic tricks, 48.
Playbill of Hamlet, 494.
Played and sung, as once I, 525.

at bo-peep, 202.
familiar with his hoary locks, 588

upon a stage, if this were, io.
Player, life's a poor. 125.

ought to accept his throws, 097.

shutfles off the buskin, 37.
Players, men and women merely, 29
Playing holidays, all the year were, &
Playmates, I have had, 509.
Plaything, elephant man's, 739.

some livelier, 318.
Plea, necessity the tyrant's, 232.

shall beauty hold a, 162.
so tainted, in law what, (3.

though justice be thy, 65.
Plead lament and sue, 489.

like angels, his virtues will, 118

their cause I, 387.
Pleasant and cloudy weather, 433.

bread eaten in secret is,
country's earth, 82.
fellow, touchy testy, 300.
for brethren to dwell together, 84
in man, all that was, 39).
in their lives, 815.
is thy morning, life how, 447.
places, lines in, 818.
scents salute the noses, (35.
sights salute the eyes, (55.
thought, we meet thee like a, 473.
thoughts bring sad thoughts, 4
to be hold the sun, 831.
to see one's name in print, 539
to severe, grave to light, 273, 799.
to think on, 256.

vices, our, 149.
Pleasantness, ways of, 825.
Please, books cannot always, 444.

certainty to, 455.

Please everybody, hard to, 712.

live to, must please to live, 366.
natural in him to, 267.
studious tu, 306.
surest to, 399.
uncertaiu coy and hard to, 490.

you so if not why so, 44.
Pleases all the world, he, 800.
Pleased, I would do what I, 788.

not the million, 131.
the ear is, 421.
they please are, 395.
to the last, 315.
with a rattle, 318.
with novelty, 417.
with the danger, 267.

with this bauble, 318.
Pleasing anxious being, 385.

dreadlul thought, 299.
dreams and slumbers light, 490.
hope, whence this, 298.
less, when possest, 351.
memory of all he stole, 331.
of a lute, the lascivious, 95.
punishment that women bear, 50.
shade, ah happy hills, 381.

shape, power to assume 2, 135.
Pleasure after pain, sweet is, 271.

all hope, 276.
at the helm, 383.
by myself a lonely, 470.
chords that vibrate sweetest, 452.
dissipation without, 431.
drown the brim, 73.
drowns in, 357.
ease content, 318.
friend of, 39.
full of, void of strife, 209.
give a shock of, 577.
has ceased to please, 368.
Lowe'er disguised by art, 403.
I fly from, 368.
in poetic pains, 419.
in the pathless woods, 517.
in trim gardens, takes his, 219.
like the midnight tower, 520.
little, in the house, 427.
live in, when I live to thee, 359.
lost, the just, 163.
love sweeter than all other, 276.
man of, is a man of pains, 303.
inixed reason with, 399.
never to blend our, 172.
no, is comparable, 104.
no profit grows where is no,

of being cheated, 214,
of love is in loving, 795.
of the game, the little, 287.
of the time, spoils the, 122.
praise all his, 305.
reason's whole, 319.
she was bent, though on, 417
smile in pain frowu at, 309.
stock of harmless, 36).
sure in being juad, 277.
sweet the, 271.
take, some men to, 321.
to be drunk, it is our, 362

Pleasure to come, immense, 380.

to deceive the deceiver, 797.
to the spectators, 593.
treads upon the heels of, 295.
unseasoned by variety, 710.
was the chief good, 760.
well-spring of, 610.
when I live to thee I live in, 359.
when I play not, 25.

youth and, 542.
Pleasures and palaces, 568.

are like poppies, 451.
banish pain, 303.
calm, 357.
doubling his, 455.
every age has its, 800.
hovered nigli, 357.
in the vale of pain, 492.
of the Mahometans, 387.
of the present day, 359.
of the spheres, 526.
pretty, might me move, 25.
prove, all the, 10.

soothed his soul to, 272.
Pleasure.dome, stately, 500.
Pleasure house, lordly, 623.
Pledge, never signed no, 659.

of a deathless name, 616.

our sacred honour, 431.
Pleiades, sweet intluences of, 818.
Plenteous, harvest truly is, 839.
Plentiful as blackberries, 85.

lack of wit, 133.
Plenty o'er a smiling land, 385.
Pleurisy of people, 199.
Plighted clouds, play in the, 244,
Plodders, continual, 5t.
Plods his weary way, 381.
Plut me no plota, 862.

of state to make a bank, 263.
this blessed, this eartlı, 81.

we first survey the, 83.
Plough deep while sluggards sleep, 360.

following his, 470.
for what avail the, 601.
the sea, those who. 712.
the watery deep, 337.

who steer the, 598.
Ploughman homeward plods. 384.
Ploughshare o'er creation, 309.

blern Ruin's, 418.

unwilling, 486.
Ploughshares, swords into, 832.
Plover, muskets aimed at, 439.
Pluck bright honour from the moon, 81.

from memory a rooted sorrow, 1:25.
out the heart of my mystery, 139.
this flower safety, ot.
up drowned honour, 81.

your berries, I come to, 246.
Pluckel his gown, 397.
Plume a eu d'avantage sur l'épée, 189

of amber snuff-box, 326.

to fledge the shaft, 513.
Plumes her feathers, she, 244.
Plumed like estridges, 80.

troop farewell, 15+,
Plummet, deeper than e'er, 43.

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