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Navies are stranded when, 493.

Needle in a bottle of hay, 670.
Navigators, winds and waves on the side points faithfully, the, 524.
of the ablest, 130.

to the pole, true as the, 306.
Navy, load would sink a, 99.

true, like the, 389.
of England, royal, 392.

Needle's eye, postern of a, 82.
Nay he shall have, 9.

Needless alexandrine, 324.
woman's, doth stand for naught, 163. Needy hollow-eyed sharp-looking: 50.
Nazareth, good thing out of, 842. Neglect may breed mischief, 300.
Ne supra crepidam, 721.

such sweet, 178.
Neara's hair, tangles of, 657.

wise and salutary, 408.
Near, he comes too, 193, 350.

Neglecting worldly ends, 42.
he seems so, 633.

Negligences, his noble, 288.
is God to man, so, 600.

Negotiate for itself, every eye, 51.
to be thought so, will go, 53.

Neighbour, hate your,

to kerke the, from God more farre, 29. love of your, 720.
Nearer my God to thee, 606.

love your, as thyself, 813, 834, 810.
Neat not gaudy, 510.

says, looks not to what his, 751.
repast light and choice, 252.

that he might rob a, 592.
still to be, still to be drest, 178.

to wrangle with a, 776.
Neat's leather, ever trod on, 110.

Neighbours, do good to our, 691.
leather, shoe of, 213.

Neighbour's corn, acre of, 472.
Neat-handed Phillis, 248.

creed, argument to thy, 598.
Nebulous star we call the sun, 030.

heart, in conjecture of a, 719.
Necessary being, God a,


shame, publishing our, 670.
end, death a, 112.

wife, love your, 591.
harmless cat, 64.

Neighbouring eyes, cynosure of, 248.
to invent God, 800.

Neighe as ever he can, 2.
Necessitatem in virtutem, 3.

Neighing steed, farewell the, 154.
Necessite, maken vertue of, 3.

Neighs, high and boastful, 92.
Necessity beautiful, 640.

Neither here nor there, 156,
has no law, 773.

Nelly, none so fine as, 285.
is the argument of tyrants, 453. Nemean lion's nerve, 131.
knows no law, 711.

Neptune, would not flatter, 103.
nature must obey, 115.

Neptune's ocean, all great, 120.
never refuses anything, 711.

Nerve, strength of, 482.
of mortal passions, 740.

stretch every, 359.
proper parent of an art, 441.

the Nemean lion's, 131.
the gods cannot strive against, 758. the visual, 240.
the mother of invention, 305.

Nerves and finer fibres brace, 357.
the tyrant's plea, 232.

shall never tremble, 122.
to make virtue of, 3, 192.

Nessus, shirt of, is upon me, 158.
turns to glorious gain, 476.

Nest, byrd that fyleth his owne, 8, 18.
villains by, 146.

birds in last year's, no, 613.
we give the praise of virtue to, 721. this delicious, 357.
Necessity's sharp pinch, 146.

Nests, birds of this year in the, of the
Neck, driveth o'er a soldier's, 105.

last, 792.
millstone hanged about his, 812.

birds in their little, agree, 302.
Necks to gripe of noose, 440.

birds of the air have, 839.
walk with stretched-forth, 833.

in order ranged, 242.
Nectar on a lip. 412.

Nest-eggs to make clients lay, 215.
water, and the rocks pure gold, 44. Nestor swear, though, 59.
Nectarean juice, 577.

Net, all is fish that cometh to, 15.
Nectared sweets, feast of, 245.

Nets, ladies spend their time making,
Need, deserted at his utmost, 271.

ever but in times of, 273.

Nether millstone, hard as, 818.
friend in, 701.

Nettle danger, out of this, 84.
good turn at, 782.

tender-handed stroke a, 313.
many things I do not, 759.

Neutral, loyal and, in a moment, 120.
of a remoter charm, 467.

Neutrality of an impartial judge, 411,
of blessing, I had most, 119.

Never alone appear the Immortals, 502.
of milk not strong meat, $48.

better late than, 13.
Needs go that the devil drives, 18, 73. comes to pass, 454.
only to be seen, 269.

elated, never dejected, 320.
Needed by each one, all are, 598.

ending still beginning, 272.
Needful, one thing is, 812.

less alone, 431, 455.
Needle and thread, hinders, 585.

loved sae blindly, had we, 452.
and thread, plying her, 585,

mention her, no we, 581.
eye of a, go through the, 840.

met or never parted, had we, 452.

Never never can forget, 580.

says a foolish thing, 279.
tell a lie, 757.
to hope again, 99.
was seen nor never shall be, 182.

would lay down my arms, 364.
Never-ending flight of days, 227.
Never-failing friends, 500.

vice of fools, pride the, 323.
Nevermore be officer of mine, 152.

quoth the raven, 640.

shall be lifted, 640.
New broom sweeps clean, 16.

cost little less than, 296.
departure, 358.
ever charming ever, 358.
fashion, the world's, 5t.
is not valuable, what is, 532.
laws, new lords and, 200.
look amaist as weel's the, 447.
or old, ale enough whether, 23.
or old, alike fantastic if too, 324.
see this is, it may be said, 830.
Testament, blessing of the, 164.
thing under the sun, no, 830.
things succeed, 203.
transcends the old, the, 618.
what is valuable is not, 532.
what was, was false, 374.
world into existence, 461.

Zealand, traveller from, 591.
News, bringer of unwelcome, 88.

evil, rides post, 242.
from a far country, 828.
good, baits, 242.
much older than their ale, 397.
on the Rialto, what, 61.

swallowing a tailor's, 80.
New-born babe, pity like a, 118.

babe, sinews of the, 139.

child, a naked, 478.
New England, I sing, 655.

lights her fire in every prairie, 655.
Newest kind of ways, 90.
New-fangled mirth, May's, 54.
New-fledged offspring, 396.
New-laid eggs roasted rare, 274.
New-lighted, herald Mercury, 140.
New-made honour doth forget men's

names, 78.
New-mown hay, 296.
New-spangled ore, 248.
Newspaper, never look into a, 441.
Newspapers are villanous, H1.
Newt, eye of, and toe of frog, 123.
Newton be, God said let, 330.

where stood the statue of, 475.
Next doth ride abroad, 417.
Niagara stuns with thundering sound,

Nicanor lay dead in his harness, 837.
Nice of no vile hold to stay him up, 79.

too, for a statesman, 399.
Nicely sanded floor, 397.
Nicer hands, affection hateth, 27.
Niche he was ordained to fill, 121.
Nicht-goun, in his, 679.
Nick, Machiavel, 215.

Nick of time, 257.

our old, 215.
Niggardly rich man, 761.
Nigh is grandeur to our dust, 600.
Night, a cap by, 397, 401.

across the day beyond the, 627.
an atheist half believes a God by, 308
and storm aud darkness, 544.
as darker grows the, 399.
attention still as, 227,
azure robe of, the, 573.
bed by, chest of drawers by day, 397.
before Christmas, 't was the, 527.
black it stood as, 228.
borrower of the, 120.
breathed the long long, 639.
breathing through the, 583.
calm and silent, 642.
candles of the, 66.
chaos and old, 224.
cheek of, hangs upon the, 105.
closed his eyes in endless, 382.
cometh when no man can work, 843.
danger's troubled, 515.
darkens the streets, 224.
day brought back my, 252.
day of woe the watchful, 508.
deep of, is crept upon our talk, 115.
descending, 331.
doomed to walk the, 131,
eldest, and chaos, 229.
empty-vaulted, 244.
except I be by Sylvia in the, 44.
fair regent of the, 426.
follows the day, 130.
for the morrow, desire of the, 507.
from busy day the peaceful, 387.
gloomy as,, he stands, 345.
golden lamps in a green, 262.
good, and joy be wi' you, 458.
good night good, 106.
had withdrawn her sable veil, 786.
has a thousand eyes, 669.
hideous, makes, 331.
hideous, making, 131.
how beautiful is, 507.
imagining some fear in the, 59.
in love with, 107.
in Russia. this will last out a, 47.
in the dead of, 88.
infant crying in the, 632.
infinite day excludes the, 303.
innumerable as the stars of, 235.
is but the daylight sick, 66.
is long that never finds the day, 124
is the time to weer, 497.
joint labourer with the day, 126.
last in the train of, 235.
light will repay the wrongs of, 203.
lightning in the collied, 57.
listening ear of, 610.
lovely as a Lapland, 475.
lovers' tongues by, 106.
many a dreadful, 356.
meaner beauties of the, 174.
mid the cheerless hours of, 568.
motions of his spirit are dull as, 66.
my native land good, 540.

Night, nature's laws lay hid in, 330.

naughty, to swim in, 147.
no evil thing walks by, 244,
nor the moon by, 824.
O day and, 133.
of cloudless climes, 551.
of memories and of sighs, 511.
of sorrow, a fore-spent, 258.
of the grave, 428.
of waking, morn of toil, 491.
oft in the stilly, 623.
oft in the tranquil, 587.
passed a miserable, 96.
pillar of tire by, 813.
pilot 't is a fearful, 581.
regent of the, 426.
sable goddess, 306.
say not good, 133.
shades of, 234.
shadow of a starless, 564.
shall be filled with music, 614.
silver lining on the, 243.
singeth all, 127.
so full of ghastly dreams, 96.
80 late into the, 553.
soft stillness and the, 65.
son of the sable, 39.
sound of revelry by, 542.
stars in empty, 490.
steal a few hours from the, 521.
sung from moru till, 427.
Sylvia in the, except I be by, 44.
that makes me or fordoes me, 156.
that first we met, 581.
that slepen alle, 1.
till it be morrow, 106.
to bloom for sons of, 520.
to each a fair good, 490.
toiling npward in the, 616.
unto night showeth knowledge, 819.
upon the cheek of, 105.
vast and middle of the, 128.
watch in the, 8:22.
watchman what of the, 833.
what is the, 123.
when deep sleep falleth, 816.
windy, a rainy morrow, 102.
wings of, 611.
witching time of, 139.
with this her solemn bird, 233.
womb of uncreated, 227.
world in love with, 107.
would not spend another such, 96.
yield day to, 93.
Nights and days to come, all our, 117.

are longest in Russia, when, 47.
are wholesome, 127.
awake, lie ten, 51.
dews of summer, 426.
forty days and forty, 812.
profit of their shining, 54.
such as sleep o', 111.
three sleepless, I passed, 465.
to waste long, in pensive discontent,

with sleep, winding up, 92.
Night's black arch, 151.

black mantle, 781.

Night's blue arch adorn, 424.

candles are burut out, 108.

dull ear, piercing the, 92.
Night-cap decked his brow, 401.
Night-flower sees but one moon, 3.1.
Nightingale dies for shame it another

bird sings, 188.
man who imitated the, 736.
no music in the, H.
roar an 't were any, 57.
the wakeful, 233.
to act the part of a, 743.

was mute, the, 589.
Nightingale's high note, 551.

song in the grove, 428.
Nightly pitch my moving tent, 49.

to the listening earth, 340.
Nil tam difficilest, 203,
Nile, allegory on the banks of the, 440.

dam up the waters of the, 54
dogs drinking from the, 715, 719.
outvenoms all the worms of, 100)
show me the fountain of the, ure.

where is my serpent of old, 137.
Nilotic isle, 210.
Nimble and airy servitors, 233.

and full of subtle flame, 130.
Nimbly and sweetly recommends itsell,

capers, in a lady's chamber, 95.
Nine days' wonder, 6, 16.

lives like a cat, 16, 691.

moons wasted, 149.
Ninety-eight, to speak of, 681.
Ninny, Handel's but a, 351.
Ninth part of a hair, I'll cavil on, $5.
Niobe, like, all tears, 128.

of nations, 516.
Nipping and an eager air, 130.
Nips his root, 99.
Nisi suadeat intervallis, 857.
No better than you should be, 197.

day without a line, 7:31).
love lost between us, 178.
more like my father, 128.
more of that Hal, 85.
reckoning made, 107.
sooner looked but they loved. 71.
sooner met but they looked, 71.
Booner sighed but asked the reason,

Noah's ark, hunt it into, 416.

ark, mouldy rolls of, 208.
Nobilitas sola est atque unica virtus

Nobility, betwixt the wind and his. 83.

idleness is an appendix to, 187.
is the only virtue, 721.
my, begins with me, 733.
of ascent and descent, 668.

our old, 680.
Nobility's true badge, mercy is, 103.
Noble and approved good masters, 149

army of martyrs, 850.
be, 056.
bloods, the breed of, 110.
by heritage generous and free, 285.
in a death so, 242.


Noble in reason, 134.

None on earth above her, 455.
living and the noble dead, 476.

resign, few die and, 435.
mind o'erthrown, 136.

so blind that will not see, 283, 293.
negligences, teach his, 288.

so deaf that will not hear, 19, 283.
of nature's own creating, 358.

80 poor to do him reverence, 113.
origin, gift of, 474.

think the great unhappy but the great.
thoughts, never alone with, 34.

to be good, 't is only, 624.

to praise, maid with, 469.
to be, we'll be good, 406.

unhappy but the great, 301.
too, for the world, 103.

who dares do more is, 118,
Nobles and heralds, 288.

without hope e'er loved, 377.
by the right of an earlier creation, Nonsense and sense, through, 269.

now and then, a little, 389.
Nobleman writes a book, when a, 374. the corner of, 505,
Noblemen of the garden, 597.

Nook for me, an obscure, 643.
Nobleness in other men, 656.

seat in some poetic, 536.
Nobler growth, man is the, 133.

Nooks to lie and read in, 536.
in the mind to suffer, 135.

Noon, blaze of, 241.
loves and cares, 477.

heaven's immortal, 566.
Noblest, feels the, acts the best, 654. no sun no moon no, 586.

mind the best contentment has, 27. of thought, 433.
Roman of them all, 115.

sailing athwart the, 501.
thing, earth's, 656.

sun has not attained his, 202
things, sweetness and light the two, to dewy eve, irom, 225.

Noonday, clearer than the, 816,
work of God, an honest man, 319, 447. light, truth and, 654.
Nobly born must nobly meet his fate, that wasteth at, 822.

Noontide air, summer's, 227.
die for their country, 102.

Noose, necká to gripe of, 40.
planned, perfect woman, 475.

Noosing a bursting purse, 449.
Nobody at home, there 's, 336.

Norman blood, 624.
I care for, 427.

North, Ariosto of the, 545.
Nobody's business, 207.

ask where's the, 318.
Nod, affects to, 271.

fair weather out of the, 817.
an esteemed person's, 728.

hills of the stormy, 570.
ready with every, to tumble, 97.

no East no West no, 517.
shakes his curls and gives the, 337. to southeast to west, 781.
Nods and becks, 248.

unripened beauties of the, 298.
Homer sometimes, 706.

Northern main, to the, 333.
nor is it Homer, 323.

thought is slow, 648.
Nodded at the helm, Palinurus, 332. North-wind's breath, 570.
Noddin, nid nid, 458.

Norval, my name is, 392.
Nodding horror, 243.

Norwegian hills, hewn on, 224.
violet grows, 58.

Nor-wester is blowing, a strong, 510.
Nodosities of the oak, 412.

Nose, any, may ravage a rose, 643.
Noise, dire was the, of conflict, 236.

down his innocent, 67.
like of a hidden brook, 499.

entuned in hire, 1.
no, over a good deed, 753.

his own, would not assert his, 415.
of endless wars, 229.

into other men's porridge, 787.
of folly, shunn'st the, 249.

jolly red nose, 683.
of many waters, 822.

look so blue, why does thy, 673.
of waters in mine ears, 96.

of Cleopatra, 799.
they that govern make least, 196.

on a man's face, 44, 192, 785.
Noiseless fabric sprung, 535.

paying through the, 858.
falls the foot of time, 464.

sharp as a pen, 91.
foot of time, inaudible and, 74.

spectacles on, and pouch on side, Co.
tenor of their way,

that's his precious, 585.
Noll for shortness called, 388.

to the grindstone, 360.
Nomen alias quære, 175.

wipe a bloody, 319.
Nominated in the bond, 65.

Noses, and pleasant scents the, 655.
Nomination of this gentleman, 145.

athwart men’s, 104.
to office, 410.

to the grindstone, 11, 172, 191.
Non amo te, Sabidi, 286.

Nosegay of culled tlówers, 779.
None are so desolate, 541.

Nostril, that ever offended, 46.
but himself his parallel, 352.

upturned his, 239.
but the brave deserves the fair, 271. Nostrils, breath is in his, 833.
ever loved but at first sight, 35. Not a drum was heard, 563.
knew thee but to love thee, 562.

dead but gone before, 455.

Not if I know myself at all, 509.

Nothing, I have everything yet hare, 702.
in the vein, I am, 97.

I owe much, I have, 770.
in toys we spent them, 200.

I want nothing and I possess, 702.
lost but gone before, 283.

if not critical, 151.
of an age but for all time, 179.

ill can dwell in such a temple, 13.
that I loved Cæsar less, 113.

in excess, 757.
to know me, 231.

in his life became him, 117.
to speak it profanely, 137.

infinite deal of, speaks an, 60.
what we wish, 390.

is but what is noi, 110.
with me is against me, 842.

is changed in France, 809.
Notches on the blade, 811.

is good or fair alone, 508.
Note, deed of dreadful, 121.

is impossiole, 11.
deserving, 201.

is here for tears, 242.
it in a book, 834.

is law that is not reason, 278.
of him take no, 52.

is so hard but search will find it out,
of praise, swells the, 384.

of preparation, give dreadful, 92.

is there to come, 261.
of time, we take no, 300.

is unnatural, 41.
of, when found make a, 652.

learned nothing and forgotten, 811.
take note take, O world, 151.

like being used to a thing, 441.
that means to be of, 158.

little is better than, 710.
that swells the gale, 386.

long, everything by starts and, 208.
which Cupid strikes, 218.

must be done too late, 720.
youth that means to be of, 158.

new except what is forgotten, 811.
Notes, all the compass of the, 271.

of him that doth fade, 42.
by distance made more sweet, 390. passages that lead to, 386.
chiel's amang ye takin', 449.

profits more than self-esteem, 238.
of woe, the deepest, 452.

risks nothing gains, 21.
thick-warbled, 241.

says, when nothing to say, 374.
thy liquid, 251.

secretly, do, 697.
thy once loved poet sung, 335.

settled in manners, there is, 602.
with many a winding bout, 249.

so becomes a man as modest stillness,
Note-book, set in a. 115.

Nothing, a thing cannot go back to, 751. 80 difficult but it may be found out,
becomes him ill, 55.

before and nothing behind, 503.

80 expensive as glory, 460.
blessed is he who expects, 347.

so precious as time, 773.
but that, inight ever do, 78.

starve with, 60.
but vain fantasy, begot of, 105.

succeeds like success, 858.
but well and fair, 242.

that he did not adorn, 367.
but what hath been said before, 185, the sweet do, 748.

the world knows, of its greatest mell,
can be well done hastily, 711.

can bring back the hour, 178.

't is something, 153.
can come out of nothi.ig, 751.

't is not for, we life pursue,

can cover his high fame, 198.

to him falls early, 183.
can need a lie, 2015.

to this, but, 378.
can touch him further, 121.

to wail or knock the breast, 242.
can we call our own but death, 82. to write about, 748.
comes amiss so money comes, 72.

triumphs for, 160.
comes to the new or strange, 625.

true but heaven, 524.
common did or mean, 203.

we desire, so much as what we ought
condition of doing, 748.

not to have, 711.
created something of, 222.

will come of nothing, 146.
death in itself is, 276.

wise for saying, (0.
dies but something mourns, 558.

wise men say, in dangerous times, 190.
earthly could surpass her, 555.

zealous for, 373.
either good or bad, 131.

Nothings, such laboured, 324.
else but to be mended, 211.

Nothingness, day of, 548.
emboldens sin so much as mercy, 109.

pass into, 574.
except a battle lost, 103.

Noticeable man, 472.
extenuate, 156.

Notion, blunder and foolish, 448.
for thee is too early, 752.

Notions, fudge we call old, 661.
full of sound and fury signifying, 125. Notorious by base fraud, 715.
gives to airy, 59.

Nought is everything, 517.
half so sweet in life, 521.

shall make us rue, 0.
having, yet hath all, 174.

so vile that on the earth, 106.
hid from the heat thereof, 819. Nourish all the world, 56.

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