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Life above, there is a, 497. –

all labour be, why should, 624
all other passions fly, with, 508.
and death, no difference between, 757.
and liberty, God gave us, 434.
and light, form oi, 519.
anything for a quiet, 852.
as I have seen it in his, 129.
as though to breathe were, 625.
at a pin's fee, do not set my, 131.
bane and antidote, death and, 299.
be that which men call death, 699.
beyond life, 251.
blandishments of, 671.
blessed one's, with true believing, 611.
book of human, 617.
bread is the statk of, 283, 291.
brought dead bodies into, 604.
calamity of so long, 135.
can charm no more, till, 390.
can little more supply, 314.
cannot tell what other men think of

this, 110.
careless of the single, 632.
care 's an enemy to, 74.
characters from high, 320.
charmed, I bear, 120.
common walk of virtuous, 307.
condemned to part with, 398.
confined to the space of a day, 736.
creeping where no, is seen, 652.
crowded hour of glorious, 193.
crown of, receive the, 818.
daily beauty in his, 156.
dear to me as light and, 450.
death and, bane and antidote, 299.
death in the midst of, 851.
death of each day's, 120.
death what men call, 766.
deeds which make up, 614.
dignity in every act of, 752.
distasteful, have you found your, 651.
does smack sweet, my, 651.
dost thou love, 360.
dreary intercourse of daily, 468.
earliest shock in one's, 009,
elysian, suburb of the, 615.
every lovely organ of her, 53.
everything advantageous to, 13.
exempt from public haunt, 67.
fatigued with, 513.
fed by the bounty of earth, 597.
flows gently on, 749.
friend to my, 326.
from death to, 10.
from high, 320.
from the dregs of, 276.
fury slits the thin-spun, 247.
give for his, all he hath, 816.
God who gave us, 431.
good man's, best portion of, 467.
hand in hand through, 362.
harp of, love took up the, 625.
has passed but roughly, 423.
hath quicksands and snares, 614.
he passes from, 561.
his, I'm sure was in the right, 260.
hour of glorious, 193.

Life, how good is man's, 647.

how pleasant is thy morning, 447.
I love a ballad in print o', 78.
idea of her, shall sweetly creep, 53
in every limb, feels it», 466.
in short measures, 180.
in so long tendance spend, 30.
in that state of, 850.
in the midst of, 851.
intense, concentrated in a, 51.
into each, some rain, 613.
is a battle, 750.
is a bubble, whose, 201,
is a jest and all things show it, 350.
is a short summer, 360.
is all a cheat, 276.
is at the greatest when all is done, 266
is but a means unto an end, 657.
is but a span, our, 687.
is but a walking shadow, 125.
is but an empty dream, 612.
is in decrease, 309.
is in the right, whose, 318.
is like a winter's day, 263.
is like the summer rose, 677.
is love, all that, 197.
is made of the stuff, 360.
is of a mingled yarn, 7+.
is one dend horrid grind, 652.
is real life is earnest, 612.
is rounded with a sleep, 13.
is short and the art long, 700.
is sweet, 661.
is this, really death, 766.
is thorny and youth is vain, 500.
is what our thoughts make it, 751.
itself a lie, much makes, 551
lay down his, for his friends, 813.
leaves from the book of, 617.
let us cherish, 805.
lies before us in daily, 237.
like a dome, 505.
like a thing of, 550.
like following, 320.
little needed to inake a happy, 754,
loathed worldly, 19.
love of, increased with years, 432.
luxuries of, 637.
man's, lies within this present, 750.
many-coloured, 366.
map of busy, 420.
marble softened into, 329.
may you live all the days of your, 293
measure of a man's, 736.
measured by deeds not years, 443.
moving-delicate and full of, 53.
my joy my, 781.
my way of, 124.
nobody loves, like an old man, 697.
nor love thy, nor hate, 240,
not a thing of consequence, 753.
not bought with gold, 339.
not numbered by years, 784.
nothing half so sweet in, 521.
nothing in his, became him, 117.
O death in, 630.
of a man a poem of its sort, 578.
of a man faithfully recorded, 578


Life of care, weep away the, 566.

of danger and hardship, 537.
of joy, renews the, 577.
of man brutish and short, 200.
of man but a point of time, 7-29.
of man less than a span, 170.
of mortal breath, 615.
of poor Jack, watch for the, 436.
of the building, stole thence the, 120.
of the husbandman, 597.
of the law, reason is the, 24.
on any chance, set my, 121.
on the ocean wave, 679.
not the whole of, to live, 496.
outlive his, half a year, 138.
passing on the prisoner's, 47.
perfected by death, 620.
piercing the depths of, 542.
presiding angel o'er his, 155.
protracted is protracted woe, 365.
pulse of, stood still, 306.
pursue, not for nothing that we, 276.
questioned me the story of my, 150.
rainbow to the storms of, 550.
sacred burden is this, 641.
seasoned, of man, 254.
seemed formed of sunny years, 679.
seemed one pure delight, 587.
sequestered vale of, 385, 425.
set gray, 625.
set upon a cast, 98.
she was his, 553.
short art is long, 803.
short therefore is man's, 750.
so dear or peace so sweet, 430.
so his, has flowed, 577.
80 softly death succeeded, 270.
spent worthily, 143.
spirit giveth, 846.
staff of my, 786.
struggling for, 370.
sunset of the, 514.
sweat under a weary, 136.
sweet civilities of, 273.
sweetener of, 354.
take no thought for your, 838.
taste lifts him into, 421.
tedious as a twice-told tale, 79.
that dares send a challenge, 258.
that, is long, 309.
that lies before us, 651.
that man liveth, 749.
the race is a, 608.
this house to be let for, 204.
thou art a galling load, 448.
thread of, wove with pain,
't is all a cheat, 276.
to come, expatiates in a, 315.
to come, we 'ld jump the, 118.
to lead a tranquil, 752.
to live not the whole of, 496.
took a man's, with him, 579.
tree of, the middle tree, 232.
triles make, 311.
unbought grace of, 410.
unspotted, is old age, 836.
useful, progressive virtue, 355.
vanities of, forego, 192.

Life, variety's the spice of, 419.

victorious o'er all the ills of, 451
vital warmth that feeds my, -
voyage of their, 115.
was beauty, dreamed that, 654
was duty, found that, Q.
was gentle, 115.
was in the right, I am sure, 20
Waste not the remnant of thy, 1311
wave of, kept hearing, 583.
web of our, is of mingled yarn, 14.
were in 't, stir as, 125.
we've been long together, 33.
wheels of weary, 276.
when Jove gave us, 339.
which others pay, 339.
while there's, there's hope, 349, 116
wine of, is drawn, 120.
you take my, 65.

your arms enfold, so dear a, 629.
Life's battle, who in, 805.

blessings, two greatest of, 713.
business being the terrible chuice, 61
common way, 472.
dark road through, 564.
dull round, travelled, 379.
enchanted cup, 512.
fading space, 262.
feast, chief nourisher in, 120
fitful fever, 121.
great end which answers, 309.
means, ravin up thine own, 120.
morning march, 515.
poor play is o'er, 318.
rough sea, 37.
small things, 661.
star, our, 477.
tale makes up, 502.
tremulous ocean, 528.
uncertain voyage, 109.
vast ocean we sail on, 317.
worst ills, ill cure for, 594.

young day, love of, 580.
Life-blood of a master-spirit, 254

of our enterprise, 86.
Life-inclining stars, 38.
Lift her with care, 586.

it bear it solemnly, 641.
it up fatherly, I cannot, 657.

slight gives the greatest, 172.
Lifts him into life, 421.
Light, a foot so, 107.
and calm thoughts, 502.
and choice of Attic taste, 252.
and leading, men of, 410.
and life, dear to me as, 450.
as air, trifles, 154.
as if they feared the, 256.
blasted with excess of, 382.
burning and a shining, $13.
by her own radiant, 24.
children of, 842
common as, is love, 566.
darkness from, 650.
darkness visible, no, 223.
dear as the, 383.
dies before thy uncreating word, 32.
dim religious, 250.



Light, dry, 722.

fantastic toe, 248. feasting presence full of, 109. for after times, 507. form of life and, 549. from grave to, 273, 799. from heaven, 447, 549. gains make heavy purses, 37. gleaming tapers, 399. glides in, 577. hail holy, 230. halls of dazzling, 678. hate the day it lendeth, 30. have neither heat nor, 180. Hebrew knelt in the dying, 589. his sleep was aery, 234. in heaven's own, 496. in liquid, 678. is as the shining, 825. is sweet, truly the, 831. lady garmented in, 567. let there be, 812. lets in new, 221. like a shaft of, 625. mellowed to that tender, 551. men of inward, 214. merely to officiate, 237. no, but darkness visible, 225. of a dark eye in woman, 544. of a pleasant eye, 653. of a whole life, 669. of common day, 478. of day, rival in the, 482. of heaven restore, 340. of hope, leave the, 514. of it, they made, 810. of jurisprudence, gladsome, 24. of light beguile, 54. of love, 550. of love, purple, 382. of morn, golden, 584. of other days, 523, 561. of setting suns, 467. of the body is the eye, 838. of the heaven she's gone to, 657. of the Mæonian star, 325. of the morning gild it, 529. of the world, ye are the, 838. of things, come forth into the, 466. of thy countenance, 818, 851. of truth, in the, 475. out of hell leads up to, 227. possessed with inward, 503. presence full of, 109. put out the, 156. quivering aspen, 490. relume, that thy, 156. remnant of uneasy, 471. restore, thy former, 156. rule of streaming, 244. scorns the eye of vulgar, 520. seeking light, 54. she fled in, away, 447. silver, on tower and tree, 673. sounds possessed with inward, 503. sprinkled with rosy, 338. stand in your own, 17. streakings of the morning, 574.

Light, such a dawn of. 563.

sweetness and, 291.
swift-winged arrows of, 416.
that led astray, 447.
that lies in woman's eyes, 522.
that never was on sea, 475.
that visits these sad eyes, 383.
the one true, 768.
the true, which lighteth, 812.
through chinks, lets in new, 22L
through yonder window, 105.
to counterfeit a gloom, 250.
to guide rod to check, 475.
truth and noonday, 651.
unbarred the gates of, 235.
unreflected, 544.
unto my path, 823.
unveiled her peerless, 233.
walk while ye have the, 843.
we seek it ere it come to, 424.
which beats upon a throne, 629.
which heaven sheds, 522.
which once he wore, 618.
will repay the wrongs of night, 203.
windows that exclude the, 386.

within his own breast, 244.
Lights are fled whose garlands dead, 523.

as vain as pleasures, 492.
earthly godfathers of heaven's, 54.
every room blazed with, 109.
let your, be burning, 812.
of mild philosophy, 297.
of the world, 414.
shifting fancies and celestial, 621.
that do mislead the morn, 49.
truth may bear all, 578.

without a name, 256.
Lightens, ere one can say it, 106.
Lighter than vanity, 265.
Lighthouse looked lovely as hope, 528.
Lightly draws its breath, 466.

from fair to fair he flew, 189.
like a flower, 634.

turns to thoughts of love, 625.
Lightning and the gale, 635.

as quick as, 214.
defence against, 713.
does the will of God, as, 538.
done like, 178.
flash of the, 561.
in the collied night, brief as the, 57.
or in rain, in thunder, 115.
quick as, 214.
too like the, 106.

vanish like, 594.
Lightnings may flash, the, 666.

of his song, veiling the, 565.
Like as eggs, 77.

as one pease is to another, 33.
but oh how different, 476.
endure the, himself, 53.
following life, 320.
my father, no more, 128.
not look upon his, again, 128.
one who treads alone, 523.
to a little kingdom, 111,

will to like, 11.
Liked it not, and died, 175.

Likelihood, fellow of no, 86.
Likeness of a kingly crown, 228.
Likewise, go and do thou, 812.
Lilies of all kinds, 78.

of the field, consider the, 838.
roses and white, 685.

twisted braids of, 216. Lily, a most unspotted, 101.

fresh, thou becomest thy bed, 159.
hand, waved her, 318.
how sweet the, grows, 535.

to paint the, 79.
Lima, traveller from, 592.
Limb, feels its life in every, 466.

Howing, in pleasure drowns, 357.

vigour from the, 542.
Limbs, decent, composed, 335.

her gentle, did she undress, 499.
on those recreant, 79.
whose trembling, 133.
will quiver after the soul is


375. young in, 02. Limed soul, 139. Lime-twigs of his spells, 245. Limit of becoming mirth, 55.

of the world, quiet, 625.

to the giant's strength, 572. Limits of a vulgar fate, 382.

stony, cannot hold love out, 105.
Limitless billows, swelling and, 503. .
Limns on water, 170.
Line, cancel half a, 768.

creep in one dull, 324.
fight it out on this, 664.
full resounding, 329.
harsh cadence of a rugged, 270.
in the very first, 399.
lives along the, 316.
longest kingly, 491.
Marlowe's mighty, 179.
marred the loity, 189.
not one, to blot, 377.
stretch out to the crack of doom, 123.
too labours, the, 321.
upon line, 834.

we carved not a, 563.
Lines accords, soul into the, 205.

desert of a thousand, 329.
in pleasant places, 818.
let a lord once own the, 324.
mottoes of the heart, 514.
reading between the, 803.
see two dull, 311.
where beauty lingers, 548.

where go the poet's, 636. Lineaments, in my, they trace, 552.

of gospel-books, 23. Linen, dirty, to wash, 800.

old, wash whitest, 181,

you 're wearing out, not, 585. Linger, do not live but, 188.

sound which makes us, 518. Lingering look behind, 385.

winter, chills the lap of May, 394.
Lingers, lines where beauty, 518.
Lining, silver, on the night, 243,
L'injure se grave en métal, 100.
Link, last, is broken, 682.

Link, silver, silken tie, 488.
Links, pain to break its, 5:20.
Linked sweetness, 249.

with one virtue, 551. Linnets, pipe but as the, 632. Lion among ladies, 58.

as a roaring, 819.
better than a dead, 831.
blood more stirs to rouse a, 84.
bold as a, 8:29.
breakfast on the lip of a, 91.
from his lair, rouse the, 495.
half appeared the tawny, 236.
heart and eagle eye, 392.
hungry, give a grievous roar, 388.
in his den, beard the, 490.
in the lobby roar, 352.
in the way, there is a, 828.
is in the streets, 828.
like a bear or, 158.
mated by the hind, 73.
not so fierce as painted, 206, 222.
pawing to get free, 236.
righteous are bold as a, 829.

wooes his brides as the, 392. Lions growl and fight, 301.

talks familiarly of, 78. Lion's hide, thou wear a, 79.

mane, dew-drop from the, 102.
nerve, the Nemean, 131.

skin will not reach, 731.
Lip, between the cup and the, 190.

contempt and anger of his, 76.
coral of his, admires, 200.
nectar on a, 442.
of a lion, eat breakfast on the, 91.

vermeil tinctured, 216.
Lips are now forbid to speak, 581.

beauty's ensign crimson in thy, 109 divine persuasion flows from his, 338 drop gentle words, 692. fevered, 577. from speaking guile, 819. had language, O that those, 423. heart on her, 554. here hung those, 144. inmortal blessing from her, 108. in poverty to the very, 155. let no dog bark when I ope my, 60. man of unclean, 833. no sign save whitening, 636. of Julia, 201. of those that are asleep, 832. poisoned chalice to our, 118. reproof on her, 582. she dasht her on the, 38. smile on her, 489. emily round the, 659. soft were those, 38. soul through my, 623. steal blessing from her, 108. steeped to the, in misery, 614. suck forth my soul, her, 41. take those, away, 49. talk of the, 826. that are for others, 630. that he has prest, 635. that I have kissed, 144.

Lips that were forsworn, 49.

to speak, causing the, 832.
tremble, see my, 333.
truth from his, prevailed, 397.
we are near, make love to the, 521.
we love, far from the, 521.
were four red roses on a stalk, 97.
were red and one was thin, 256.

whispering with white, 543.
Liquid dew of youth, 129.

fire, glass of, 457.
lapse of murmuring streams, 237.
light, sparkling and bright in, 678.

notes, 251.
Liquors, hot and retallious, 67.
Lisped in numbers, 327.
List list O list, 131.

of friends, enter on my, 422.

ye landsmen all to me, 672.
Listen when she speaks, angels, 279.

where thou art sitting, 246.

with credulity, ye who, 367.
Listeris like a three years' child, 498.
Listened to a lute, 589.
Listening ear of night, 610.

earth, nightly to the, 300.
mood, in, 490.

still they seemed to hear, 315.
Listeth, wind bloweth where it, 842.
Litel gold in cofre, 1.

on the Bible, his studie was, 2.
Literary men are a perpetual priesthood,

men, parole of, 374.
Literature consoles sorrow, 590.

failed in, and art, 609.
grazed the common of, 376.

on a little oatmeal, 460.
Litigious terms, 253.
Little added to a little, 739.

and the great, between the, 424.
better than one of the wicked, 83.
boats should keep near shore, 360.
can a moment show, 186.
contented with, 451.
deeds of kindness, 642.
drops of water, 642.
earth for charity, 100.
employment, hand of, 143.
finger, more goodness in her, 293.
fire kindleth, 849.
folding of the hands, 825.
for the bottle, 136.
foxes that spoil the vines, 832.
gold in cotfer, 1.
grave, my kingdom for a, 82.
hands were never made to tear each

other's eyes, 302.
happy if I could say how much, 51.
have, and seek no more, 22.
here a, and there a little, 834.
his study on the bible was, 2.
in one's own pocket, 789.
is better than nothing, 710.
kingdom, like to a, 111.
knowest thou that hast not tried, 29.
lay up little upon a, 694.
learning dangerous, 323.

Little, leaven leaveneth, 846.

love me, love me long, 16, 41, 202.
lower than the angels, 818.
man, there was a, 519.
man wants but, 308, 402.
month, a, 128.
more than a little is too much, 86.
more than kin, 127.
needed to make a happy life, 754.
of this great world can I speak, 150.
one become a thousand, 834.
one's chair, sits in my, 657.
one's cradle, lies in my, 657.
said is soonest mended, 200, 787.
shall I grace my cause, 150.
sleep a little slumber, 825.
soul let us try, 519.
talk too much and think too, 268.
things are great to little man, 394.
too wise never live long, 172.
valiant great in villany, 79.
we see in nature that is ours, 476.

wise the best of fools, 177.
Live all the days of your life, 293.

alone, why should we fear to, 569.
alway, I would not, 678, 816.
and learn, 7%.
but linger, do not, 188.
by bread alone, man shall not, 838.
by bread only, man doth not, 813.
by one man's will, 31.
cleanly, leave sack and, 88.
dare to die bear to, 318.
disgraced, better not to live than, 697
good men eat to, 738.
good world to, in, 279.
in brass, men's evil manners, 100.
in deeds not years, 654.
in hearts we leave behind, 516.
in peace, adieu, 334.
in pleasure when I live to thee, 359.
in snuff, rather than, 26.
it matters not how long you, 713.
means to, 43.
means whereby I, 65.
more virtue than doth, 178.
not in myself, I, 513.
one day asunder, 279.
or die sink or swim, 530.
past years again, none would, 276.
peaceably with all men, 811.
so may'st thou, 240.
80 wise so young never, long, 97.
taught us how to, 313.
teach him how to, 4:25, 774.
thus let me, 334.
till I were married, 51.
till to-morrow, 423.
to be in awe of such a thing, 110.
to be the show and gaze, 126.
to eat, bad men, 738.
to fight another day, 216, 403.
to, is Christ, 847.
to please must please to live, 366.
true as I, 173.
unblemished let me, 333.
unseen unknown, let me, 334.
we must eat to, 363.

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