Report of Legislative Committee on State Educational, Benevolent and Correctional Institutions to the General Assembly, 第 62 期

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第 8 頁 - No portion of said fund, nor the interest thereon, shall be applied, directly or indirectly, under any pretense whatever, to the purchase, erection, preservation, or repair of any building or buildings.
第 8 頁 - Any State which may take and claim the benefit of the provisions of this act, shall provide, within five years, at least, not less than one college, as described in the fourth section of this act, or the grant to such State shall cease, and said State shall be bound to pay the United States the amount received of any lands previously sold, and that the title to purchasers under the State shall be valid.
第 8 頁 - States for the purpose of aiding in the maintenance of colleges ''where the leading objects shall be, without excluding other scientific or classical studies, and including military tactics, to teach such branches of learning as are related to agriculture and the mechanic arts.
第 23 頁 - Haute was the only place to offer any inducement to secure the institution. A tract of land three hundred feet square near the center of the city, valued at $25,000 and .$50,000 in cash were offered, and the city agreed to maintain forever one-half the necessary expense of keeping the buildings and grounds in repair. This liberal offer was accepted and the construction of the building was begun. Aided by subsequent appropriations, the trustees were able to complete certain portions of the building,...
第 23 頁 - There shall be established and maintained a normal school, the object of which shall be the preparation of teachers for teaching in the common schools of indiana, which shall be governed by a board of four trustees appointed by the governor and approved by the senate.
第 15 頁 - Assembly in 1852 enacted that "the institution established by an act entitled 'an act to establish a college in the state of Indiana', approved January 28, 1828, is hereby recognized as the university of the state...
第 24 頁 - Haute, which had occupied a portion of the building since its completion, to find new quarters, thus leaving the entire building of three stories to be occupied by the Normal School alone. On the forenoon of April 9, 1888, the building and its contents were almost totally destroyed by fire. Only the foundations were left unimpaired; the library, furniture, apparatus and everything in the building — the accumulation of eighteen years — were consumed. Terre Haute provided temporary quarters for...
第 69 頁 - The trustees and (under regulations and a form of application which they shall prescribe) the superintendents are authorized and required to receive as pupils of said Home, orphans and children residing in this State under the age of sixteen years who may be destitute of the means of support and education in the following order: First. Orphans, children...
第 91 頁 - County seat a suitable monument in memory of the soldiers and sailors of the late war of the rebellion from said County. City Council by ordinance provided, inter alia, as follows: "Section 1. That permission be and is hereby granted to the County of Lehigh to erect a Soldiers' Monument in the centre of Seventh Street on the south side on the public square.
第 23 頁 - ... confer on Its students that education, discipline, professional training and practical skill which will best fit them for teaching In the public schools of Indiana. The school limits Its attention and work to this one thing — the preparation of teachers for teaching In the common schools of Indiana. No person Is admitted who does not enter for the purpose of preparing to teach in the common schools of the State, and all the work of the school has this one end In view. Perhaps a brief statement...