Perfect Sight Without Glasses

Good Press, 2021年4月11日 - 203 頁
According to this book, patients with eye conditions like unclear close and distant vision, astigmatism, crossed/wandering eyes, cataracts, and glaucoma can relieve their symptoms by performing some physical practices or eye gymnastics. The methods presented here are safe and can be used by children. The practices are based on the principle of multiple repetitive relaxations of eye muscles, which we don't have a habit of practicing on a daily basis. This historical book is especially interesting today when sight issues have become a common problem, and the burden on our eyes has increased tenfold.



The Fundamental Principle
Simultaneous Retinoscopy
Evidence for the accepted theory of accommodation
The truth about accommodation as demonstrated by experiments on the eye muscles of fish cats dogs rabbits and other animals
The truth about accommodation as demonstrated by a study of images reflected from the lens cornea iris and sclera
The truth about accommodation as demonstrated by clinical observations
Memory as an aid to vision
Imagination as an aid to vision
Shifting and swinging
The illusions of imperfect and of normal sight
Vision under adverse conditions a benefit to the eyes
Optimums and pessimums
The relief of pain and other symptoms by the aid of the memory
Its cause and cure

The variability of the refraction of the
What glasses do to
The cause and cure of errors of refraction
Central fixation
their cause
their cure
their cause and cure
Home treatment
Perfect Sight Without Glasses

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