Excursions in the Holy Land, Egypt, Nubia, Syria, &c: Including a Visit to the Unfrequented District of the Haouran, 第 1 卷

R. Bentley, 1834 - 436 頁


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第 111 頁 - What are the hopes of man? Old Egypt's king Cheops erected the first pyramid, And largest, thinking it was just the thing To keep his memory whole, and mummy hid; But somebody or other, rummaging, Burglariously broke his coffin's lid: Let not a monument give you or me hopes, Since not a pinch of dust remains of Cheops.
第 321 頁 - Sublime tobacco ! which from east to west Cheers the tar's labour or the Turkman's rest ; Which on the Moslem's ottoman divides His hours, and rivals opium and his brides ; Magnificent in Stamboul, but less grand, Though not less loved, in Wapping or the Strand ; Divine in hookas, glorious in a pipe, When tipp'd with amber, mellow, rich, and ripe ; Like other charmers, wooing the caress, More dazzlingly when daring in full dress ; Yet thy true lovers more admire by far Thy naked beauties — Give...
第 404 頁 - I had frequently teen on the banks of the Nile a bird about the size of a dove, or perhaps rather larger, of handsome plumage, and making a twittering noise when on the wing. It has a peculiar motion of the head, as if nodding to some one near it, at the same time turning itself to the right and left, and making its conge twice or thrice before its departure; a mark of politeness I never before met with in any of the feathered tribe.
第 285 頁 - ... one of the new. The removal is said to have been made in the year 1403 AD (806 AH), in consequence of a plague which destroyed 21,000 of the inhabitants ; from which the importance of the place, down to comparatively later times, may be estimated. The scenery in this part is very striking : — ' The river is rocky here, and the navigation, by night at least, dangerous.
第 vi 頁 - Besides, it is with books as with women, where a certain plainness of manner and of dress is more engaging than that glare of paint and airs and apparel, which may dazzle the eye, but reaches not the affections.
第 286 頁 - Hardly any thing was to be seen but the vast remains of the old town of Syene, with mud-built walls and hovels on every side. Rocks, forming islands, were in the middle of the stream, upon which shrubs were growing. The scene altogether was wild and forlorn. In the distance appear high mountains, or masses of stone, with trees, corn, and grass of great height, extending to the water's, edge.
第 363 頁 - L'armee ayant mis, vingt jours apres, Les Mamelouks en fuite Aux Pyramides...
第 300 頁 - Ecco un' animal del Nilo.' It was a crocodile, and the first I had seen. It lay on the other side in a muddy bank, a little way from the rocks, which here shelved down to the river's brink. The men were dragging the boat, and after we had approached nearer, I thought of firing at him with a bullet, but when nearly even with him, a pelican wa» teen, and on our closer approach, the bird gave him warning by touching him with his beak.
第 232 頁 - I have omitted to mention that on our way from Malta, we touched at the island of Milo, where the inhabitants have lately discovered a theatre of white marble, which appears, from the little that has yet been exposed to view, to be in very perfect preservation. The seats at present opened are seven in number, beautifully worked out of large masses of the finest marble, and forming the segment of a circle, whose diameter, if complete, would be 116 feet.
第 233 頁 - Papa obliged the inhabitants to break in pieces, to prevent the Europeans from disturbing his holy retreat, a . cottage which he had built on an adjoining hill, where many remains of a white marble temple are still to be traced. This priest is luckily dead, or otherwise the theatre would have been in great danger of sharing the same disastrous fate.