of spectators. The case of this individual excited more than in view, and but a short distaace out of the reach of assistere ordinary interest, from the atrocious nature of the crime of from many anxious friends who lined the beach in dreadful which he was accused, especially when taken into view with pense. The sufferers were John Lace, (ao old and reaz. the general respectability of his previous character, and atten beaten tar,) T. Corlett, John Kenyen, and Charles Croytion to divine ordinances--of which ample evidence was given of them leaving large families. The gale still increwing, : on his trial by magistrates, clergymen, and other inbabitants. a lee-shore, the Manly was obliged to slip both anciers He was upwards of 72 years of age, and during a great portion seek refuge elsewhere. She came ashore, about elevea ees of that period, and up to the time of his apprehension, had fol on Monday, outside of Douglas pier-head, and was, with a lowed the mercantile profession, in comfortable circumstances, difficulty, got into port at night. and continued to enjoy the respect of the tradesmen and mer MELANCHOLY OCCURRENCE AT THE MEIKLE FEBRY, ST chants of Perth, with many of whom he was well and long ac ERLANDSHIRE.—On Saturday last, David Ross, hostler tot quainted.

Crown and Anchor Hotel, Tain, was sent with a chaise to me MELANCHOLY Accident.-On Saturday the 3d, while a vey some visitors froin Skibo Castle. On arriving at the R number of boys were climbing on the rocks at Kinkell

, two sbire side of the Ferry, about mid-day, it blew so hard that miles to the eastward of St. Andrews, one of them, the third was deemed impossible to cross, until it got a little mildere su son of Mr. Hart, corn merchant, a youth about twelve years of six o'clock at night. Oa coming to the usual laadiog pik2 age, fell from the “ Rock and the Spindle," and fractured his the opposite side, the surf was bigh, and the boat sa ei skull.

to sail round the point, and run up a small bay or brasch *** DISTRESSING OCCURRENCE.-On Monday the 5th, two dead frith called Poulchourich. Here they got ashore, bar the sia. bodies were found lying on the summit of a hill a little to the being of a soft muddy nature, the chaise stuck, and the es » south-east of DunningOn inquiry, they were found to be a exertions of the party could not extricate it. After getting mendicant old woman of the name of Irvine, and her grandson, horses fed, and partaking of some refreshment at the ies din a fine boy about ten years of age, belonging, it is reported, to by, they again proceeded to the chaise, and after ezredes this city. These unfortunate individuals applied for lodging at difficulty succeeded in getting on firm ground. In the c*2*a farm house on the hill side, on Saturday afternoon, during the time, Ross, the driver disappeared, but no one could do prevalence of the storm which then raged, but were denied ad- or where. Early in the morning he was found, guite last s mittance, when they took their way to the next hamlet. Dark- the beach. ness closing in upon them, and their strength, it is presuined, Fire.—We regret to learn, from an express jast arrived, having failed, they had endeavoured to find some shelter from the fine mansion house at Avoch, Ross-shire, belong ago the remains of an old dyke, at the "bield" side of which their dowager Lady Mackenzie, and occupied by Col. Mielec bodies were found lying together. In the woman's pocket was East India Company's Service, was on Wednesday almost found sevenpence, and a small quantity of tea and sugar in her burned to the ground. The principal part of the forsitare nu bosom.

fortunately saved. THE PICKPOCKETS. --The Schoolmaster" in Fraser's Ma. THE Convict STEWART.-The result of the incoming gasine, states that in foggy weather the pickpockets in Newgate which we announced were in course of beiog mute, in det may be heard to exclaim, " What a shame to lose such a tine ascertain more satisfactorily the criminality or in noceace # *** day as this!" If this be true, the thieves in the prisons of the woman, have been communicated to the judges, who, preto metropolis must have had a melancholy time of it yesterday at her trial; and on their application his ilajesty bas bei (Friday.) To be cooped up in “ dungeon vile" on a foggy pleased to grant her a farther respite for the period of day, and that, too, a Lord Mayor's Day, must surely have been weeks.- Perth Advertiser. sufficient to make the rogues go bang. Those of the fraterni On the 12th curt. at nine P.M., the sloop Uoity, 62 tass, f ty, however, who are not within the clutches of the law, availed Berwick, Ramsay, from Wales to Newcastle wiéb sites, a themselves of the opportunity in a way surpassing in audacity drifted in a calm upon the Little Pentlaod Skerty, and bas e all that we have ever heard. They mustered in gangs of from coine a complete wreck. In the morning the lightkeepers, ce six to twenty, and went about their work as openly, and with serving the crew, four in number, upon the wreck, mas na: as little concero, as if they were employed in a lawful occupa sea passing over them, immediately hoisted their signal de tion. One of their victims was a French gentleman, who was tress for the attending boat. After having beea 12 hours up passing along the Poultry, and wbo found himself suddenly the wreck, they were happily relieved by a boat from the Islam hemmed in by a party of six or seven respectably dressed of Stroma, and lodged in the lighthouse on the Great Pesten young fellows, who plundered him of his watch, chain, and Skerry, from whence they will get a passage soata is the lege:seals, wortb 70 guineas. This robbery was witnessed by huo- house tender along with a squad of artificers. dreds of persons, not one of whom attempted to interfere. The We would put the public up their guard respecting a forge: Frenchman,turned down Cheapside afterwards, and was again of one-pound notes on the Greenock bank, wbieb bas terre attacked by another gang of thieves near the end of Newgate appeared here. The style of engraving and design of the gem street.-Monsieur, who had then nothing to lose, seemed high- ine note have been so dexterously copied, and the signatures • ly amused at the last attack upon him, evidently finding conso- well imitated, that the forgeries can scarcely be detected, bs: * lation for the loss of his watch in the disappointment of the un. the inferiority of the paper, which has a slight reddish r. uccessful larrons. An attempt was made at the corner of From the unsoiled appearance of the forged notes, it is suspecte: King-street to rob a stout elderly gentleman, by pinioning his that some party is now putting them into circulatioa tatarms; but he escaped by giving his assailant a kick, which Aberdeen Herald. made himn roar out with pain. We heard of not fewer than Serious ACCIDENT.-On Sunday afternoon, the sloop na eight robberies in a space of fifteen minutes, In Aldersgate-street guret of Perth, ia warping out from the pier to go dose a thief suddenly snatched a muff from a lady who was sitting in river, went adrift, owing to the breaking of the line ; udt" à window, and bore it off in triumph.

rudder coming violently in contact with one of the pass o On Saturday evening the 3d, the Manly, Captain Bidzlie, of in deepening the river, the tiller struck the eaptain over be Aberdeen, last from Dantzic, grain laden for Mr. Boscow, of when he fell head foremost on the punt, and was several ispark Ramsay, came to anchor in that bay, all well. Sunday morn On the 31st ult., Peter Goar, Esq. surgeon, Island etc ing a fresh breeze sprung up from the northward, which in the day, perished at sea, under the following distressing circos.SK evening very much increased, accompanied by heavy showers ces. Having crossed from Sanday, to an adjacent island, in a of hailstone and vivid flashes of lightning. The crew being, to tendance on a patient, he was on his return home, bent all appearances, unacquainted with the barbour, and the vessel boat went down near by, and in sight of his own and his father “riding heavy" in the bay, on Monday morning several indi- house. His loss is much regretted in Sanday, where be · viduals, anxious for the safety of the vessel, after several fail- just commenced the practice of his profession, with the s. ures, succeeded in launching their boat over the angry element, Aattering promises of success. and to the number of six individuals, proceeded alongside the COUNTERFEIT Sovereigns.—The public should be brig, where they, with the greatest dificulty, left a pilot. At their guard against a new species of counterfeit, E this time, observing a schooper close by in distress, they exert: difficult of detection perhaps than any former o ed themselves, and through perseverance also supplied her with contains a considerable portion of gold, is of fall we a pilot. The ill-fated men had now to encounter the most

im- and differs but slightly in sound from the genuine minent danger, in their return to the shore, through the heavy it has, however, a silvery hue, and will not pass thra ned; they pulled for the land, which they had nearly succeeded the gauge; the impression is the early one of Goor. in reaching, when, alas! an unlucky sea struck the frail little IV. but the head' is much more full than in the bark and capsized her whereby the unfortunate crew perished, I impression.

larter. one.


!r lh.


Doune prices. The principal part of the supply consisted of lean

stock. Two-year-old Highland stots sold from L. 4, 105 to EDINBURGH, Nov. 22.-Best oatmeal, Is 8d ; second ditto, L7, 78. Three-year-old do. L.7 to L.ll. Two-year-old High6d; barleymeal, ls 6d; peasemneal, is 6d per stone of 14 land queys, from L.3, 10s to L.5, 10s, quality inferior. There pesial lbs. Beef, 3}d to 6d ; mutton, 34d to 60 ; veal, 6d was but a poor supply of fat catile in the market, prices from 10u; pork, 4d to 6d per 1b. Lamb, ls 6d to 2: 60 per 55 to 7s per imperial stone.

Tallow, 365 to 383 per cwt. Hides, 6s. to 6s 60 per Sheep have also been on the rise. At the October Spittal of

Calf skins, 5d to 7d per lb. Sheep skins, 2s to 4s. Glenshee Fair, held at Perth, the whole stock was cleared off ab skins, 2s to 4s. Quartern Loaf, 8d. Potatoes, 4d per at an early hour. Prime black-faced wedders sold at from 20s ck. Fresh butter, Ild to ls ld; salt do., 9d to 100 per Ib. ; to 2ls, and inferior down as low as 14s. Prime ewes were w ditto, sos to S4s per cwt. Dunlop cheese, 463 to 50s. bringing from 7s 6d to 12s. 198, ls 2d per dozen.

The Grain Markets have been looking down all the month, GLASGOW.-Bazaar, Nov. 22.–The sale of cheese in mar- but no permanent depression is calculated upon.

to-day was pretty brisk; about 950 stone in market. Ordi. The Muir of Ord Cattle Tryst was held on Wednesday and ry qualities from 83 4d to 8s 6d, and best from 8s 9d to 93 a- Thursday, 14th and 15th November. The number of stock vae; best quality of single cheese, 9s 31 to 9s 6d a-stone shown might be about 400 head, including several which were he supply of fresh butter was small, (59 stone) and sold gene- brought for the purpose of putting them to winter; the followlly at lid per lh. Little salt butter appeared. Eggs sold at ing were the prices given for the respective lots, &c. :-- 1 lot of im 9d to ls; and picked ones, 13d a-dozen. Hens, from 3s stots, three-year-olds, fetched the highest price on the Muir, 43; chickens, 1s 3d to 2s 6d; ducks, 2s to 2s 6d ; and namely L.8, 9s. ; I lot do. L.7, 73; } lot do., L.6, 2s. 60 ; 1 lot geons, 8d to 10d a-couple.

two-year-olds, real Highlanders, fetched the high price of L.6, MANCHESTER, Nov. 90.-Best four per sack of 290 lbs. 129. 6d. Two-year-olds were selling on average from L. 4, 10s.

to 48s; do. by retail, 1s 8d, ls 100, 25, 2s 4d, and upwards to L.4, 12 ; year-olds were selling from L.1, 78. to L.2, 59. 2: 10d per 12 lb. Oatmeal, per load of 240 lbs., from 22s 26s; by retail, ls 2d to ls 6d per 10 lb. Bread, lad to 2d At Paisley Martinmas Fair, the best draught horses in the

Potatoes, per load of 252 lbs. 4s to 5s 6d ; do. by re- market were offered for L.35, At Hallow Fair, good draught il, 5d to 60 per 20 lbs. Beef, 5d to 7d; mutton, 60 to 7d ; horses brought good prices, but ioferior animals were in little ork, 5d to 7d per lb. Best sweet butter, ls 4d; good country demand. atter, salted, is to ls 2d; fresh do. 70 to 10d. Wages for all At the Newcastle Cow Hill Fair, the first-rate horses brought nds of labour very low. The above may be assumed as the for sale were few in number, and were disposed of before the iverpool and Leeds prices.

regular fair commenced. There were a great many of an inWe understand, that owing to the interference of the Magis- ferior description ; such as were useful brought pretty goud ates, the bakers of Stirling have now reduced the price of prices. le quartern loaf another penny; the fine being at length 9d The Frankfort FAIR.By the Flanders mail, we have, od the second 7d. The Magistrates are certainly entitled to amongst other commercial intelligence, an account of the Frank redit for this meritorious act.

fort Michaelmas or autumnal fair, and are happy to perceive that la Paris bread is now cheaper than it has been koown for British manufactured goods continue to keep the lead, as, of all aany years.

foreign productions of industry, Germany consumes the largest MARKETS AND FAIRS.

quantity of our manufactures, although the competition of the HALLOW FAIR.

native manufacturers, aided by the import duties, may, for the The fair commenced on Monday the 12th, in two fields on the present moment, somewhat narrow the number and amount of arm of Dean, situated about a mile to the north-west of this city, sales effected. in the line of the great North Road. The show of stock op this HERRING FISHERY-BANFF.-In our last report, we stated rccasion was much below that of last year, there being only that the produce of the herring fishing in the Murray Frith this about 10,000 head of cattle on the ground on Tuesday morning, year, fell considerably short of the two preceding years, and the ut which time operations in the shape of business only begin, corers were, in consequence, speculating upon very high prices. he preceding day being chiefly occupied in collecting and bring- | These expectations are, however, not likely to be realized; and ing the cattle to the place of rendezvous. Business began on although the supply of herrings be short, it appears to be fully Tuesday in a rather lagging style, from the holders taking high equal to the demand. This may, however, be accounted for ground, and demanding long prices. Towards noon, however, by the prevalence of cholera in Ireland, in consequence of which sales became very numerous, and by the evening a great pro

the priests have allowed the people to dispense with fish on fast portion of the stock had exchanged owners at prices fully 20 days. per cent above those obtained at last Falkirk Tryst, the better lescription of bea-ts bringing about L.2 a-head of advance upon

TRADE AND MANUFACTURES, the Falkirk and Doune prices.

Trade has improved, though we caonot yet report much imDoune MARKET.-The show of cattle and sheep was much provement in the state of the workinen, save in one or two temless than that of last season, the sale proportionably brisk, porary branches of manufacture. and the prices considerably higher than those at the last Ful. MANCHESTER, Nov. 15.-- Our woollen manufactures are kirk Tryst. ---On Tuesday, wedders were sold at L.17 to L.21, thriving, and silks find a market with more facility than forand eves from LS to L ll per clad score, being from 23. merly. Indeed this trade thrives in spite of us, and it is wonto 3s. 64. a-head above the prices of last season, and from delal the continued squabbles of masters and men does not 23. 6d. to 45, 6:1, higher than the average price at Falkirk in rive it into more prudlent hunds than it at present is placed October.

in. Fustians are also in demand, and so are coarse cotton goods, Derny.--At Denny fair, which was held on Wednesday the but prices lo:v. The Americans have come into the market 14th current, milch cows of every description were about 15 this season early for spring goods, und although they are not per ceat higher than last season. Good farrow cows sold pressing for the immeuliate execution of their orders, the spirit for about L.6; and a few cows, lately calved, brought from L. 10 they are showing augurs a good trade with that country. to L.11. For fat cattle the sale was rather dull; good beef,

The conduct of the gugged Dutchman bas for the present put atots and queys, about 5s. per stone of 16 imperial pounds, sink a stop to our trade to Antwerp, wbich was an entrepot for our ing offals.' Oatmeal in this district is selling from 23s. to 295. goods to almost the whole of Germany, the duties being only per load, retail Ild per peck of 8; imperial pounds. Potatoes, one half per cent ad valorem,--they mne now, however, find of excellent quality at 5s per old boll.

their way via Hainburgh, but this is now a new route, and not Cattle have considerably improved in price, owing to the so good as the old tract, and will cause the breaking up of old, plentiful supply of fodder, and the favourable state of the tur- and settling new establishinents, which is always expensive and nip crops, At Doune Fair, cattle, were 20s a-bead higher than unpleasant. At Old Biggar Fair, cattle, of the true Ayrshire

STATE OF TRADE.- We cannot note much alteration in the breed, sold readily at an advance of full 30 per cent over last state of trade, this week. We may observe, however, that the year's prices. At Hallow Fair, held at Edinburgh on the 13th sanie activity still prevails among our spinners and manatacand 14th November, there was a brisk sale. The quantity of turers, and the same eagerness to purchase is still visible amongst catrle in the market was at least a fourth less than last year. our merchants. The woollen trade is certainly a shade better, During the first day all the best lois changed hands at least 30 and rather more business has been done in it lately. Low stout per cent above last year's market, and 20 per cent above prices broad cloths, about 8s. per yard, are a little advanced io price, Obtained at last Falkirk Tryst, the better description of cattle and the demand is increasing. The stuff trade is very brisk, bringing an advance of about L.2 per head on the Falkirk and, and the prices for six quarters wide merinos and other fine light

last year.

goods, are advancing. The merchants at Bradford market, to establish an advanced market for colonial and most one last Thursday, were heard to complain of the scarcity of merinos wools. The wools from our possessions in Australia and is of these dimensions, and they were consequently prevented from Diemen's land showed that increased care and attenties is doing so much business as they wished. The scarcity of merinos, been paid in the growth and packing, and were mare free fr in widths of six quarters, is owing principally, we understand, to the burr than heretofore, sheep shearing having been comis the expense of altering the looms, which would cost, on an ced this season earlier than usual. average, about four pound each. It is thought, however, that if the manufacturers will advance to a number of their weavers

APPOINTMENTS. a sum adequate to such an alteration, it would ultimately greatly The King has been pleased to present the Revere redound to their advantage, as from various reasons, the demand Adam Cairns to the church and parish of Danboz. for such goods is likely to be much more permanent than is ge- the shire of Fife and Presbytery of Cupar, vacant by the nerally believed. Halifax Express.

death of the Reverend James Keyden. THE STATE OF TRADE.-We are glad to learn that the The Kirk Session of Arbroath have elected the hosiery, and other business connected with it, are in a greater verend John Cooper, late assistant in the parish of C 23 state of activity at the present time than has been knowo dur, mannan, to the assistantship of the parish of Arira. ing the same season for several years past. factory the work people have been employed extra hours, some.

vacant by the translation of the Rev. Mr. Doig te Ide

burn. times all night, to complete the orders in hand.-Leicester Herald. HUDDERSTIELD MARKET.-The amount of sales transacted

SCOTS BANKRUPTS. at this market, last Tuesday, wsa very good, considering the

Milne and Company, flesbers and cattle-dealers in Daada wetness of the day. Strong heavy cloths sold well, at a small M'Donald, Son, and Company, Turkey red dyers, prieten advance in price. Fancy goods were, however, rather flat. and merchants in Glasgow. Halifax Express.

James Kay, bookseller, Blenheim Place, Edinburgh. The clothing districts of the West Riding of Yorkshire ex James Mahon, wright, Glasgow. port their manufactures by the rivers Aire and Calder; and,

William Miller, wood merchant, Leith Walk. while that navigation transmits the produce of their industry to

Thomas Herbertson, wright and builder, Glasgow, other parts of Great Britain, and to foreigo countries, it William Ross, coach proprietor and ipokeeper, Paztekel furnishes their inhabitants with corn imported from the East

OBITUARY. Riding and the northern parts of Lincoloshire. The annual

PROFESSOR SIR JORN LESLIE. average quantity of corn which thus ascends the Aire and Cal

This eminent philosopher breathed his last on the sigh: e der, for the supply of the clothing districts, amounts to 842,000 Saturday the 3d instant, at his seat of Coates, situate with eas quarters, whilst 100,000 quarters are sent up the River Don miles of Largo, in Fifeshire, the place of his birth. A selez. for the consumption of Sheffield and its populous neighbourhood. cold, and exposure to wet in superintending some improvement These 942,000 quarters, about half of which is estimated to consist of wheat, cannot be produced by the cultivation of much legs, not much heeded by himself at árst, broug be on his des

on his much loved place, followed by erysipelas in mea sa less than the same number of acres, a surface equal in extent to He was out on his grounds on Wedoesday se'eonight; be se the county of Sussex.

disorder from that day increased 90 rapidly, as to finish its Trade or HawicK.-It affords us great pleasure to state, work, as already mentioned, on the following Saturday night. that the trade of Hawick has not been better, nor the mapu

He was born in April 1966, and destined, we beliers, by bei facturing stocks so low for the last sixteen years. THE Cotton MANUFACTURES or France.- The French connected with a small farm and mill

. parents, to follow the humble, though respectable per part

But before he reacte Cotton Manufacture has increased with great rapidity since the his twelfth year, he had attracted considerable notice to buy peace, as appears from the fact that the quantity of cotton wool imported was 25,000,000 lbs. in 1810, and is between 80 and proneness to calculation, and geometrical exercises ; and be a

in consequence, early mentioned to the late Professi 90,000,000 lbs. at present.

Robison, and by him to Professors Playfair and Stewart. AiThe manufacturing of tartan shawls has been on the increase some previous education, his parents entered him a student these several years past, and has been a source of profit to those the University of St. Andrews. Having passed some time engaged in it. The weavers employed at these fabrics are bet- that ancient seminary, he removed to Edinburgh, in een ter paid than those connected with the cotton and silk manu- with another youth, destined like himself to obtain a high arhi facture. Last year the manufacturers of these durable and com- in the Temple of Scientific Fame James Ivory. fortable shawls, found great difficulty in supplying the market; -Mr. Leslie's first important undertaking was - Translating and this year, although the demand has scarcely commenced of Buffon's “ Natural History of Birds, which ras pabes x yet, the orders already received cannot be executed. The de- in 1793, in nine octavo volumes. Some time after and be mand for tartan shawls of all patterns, has extended all over the proceeded to the United States of America, as a tutor to de: 9 kingdom, especially to London and Dublin.

the distinguished family of the Randolphs;

and after his reten The Wool Trade. In the beginning of the month there to Britain, he engaged with the late Mr. Thomas Wedges was a numerous attendance of woollen manufacturers and others to accompany him to the Continent, various parts of which be in the city from Yorkshire and other places, in consequence of visited with that accomplished person, whose early death a series of sales of Colonial and other wools having been an ever lamented as a loss to science and to his country. nounced. There was also declared for sale a small quantity of At what period Mr. Leslie first struck into that brilliant for wool imported from the Swan River, being the first imports of of inquiry wbere he became so conspicuous for his masteriy e the kind from that distant settlement. During the several days periments, and striking discoveries regarding radiante the sales continued, the sale-rooms at Garraway's were very and the connexion between light and heat, we are asale much crowded, and the biddings were unusually brisk, the to say: His Differential "Thermometer was ist manufacturers being in high spirits at the improved aspect of before the year 1800. The result of thoxe fine inquine the trade. The quantity of wools announced for sale was be- garding light and heat, in which he was so much aided by the tween 2500 and 2600 bales, of which rather more than 1000 exquisite instrument, were published to the world in 1904 bales were New South Wales, 500 Van Diemen's Land, 240 his celebrated “ Essay on the Nature and Propagation of het bales of German, 342 bales of Smyrna, 90 bales of Cape, 50 In the year 1805 Mr. Leslie was elected to the Matheter bales of Spanish, 2 bales of Swan River, some English combing Chair in oar University, fand our Church Courts were and other wools. The manufacturers from Bradford, Halifax, turbed and contaminated by an unwarrantable attempt to re* Leeds, and other principal places in Yorkshire, bought largely that election. lo 1810 he arrived, through the assistance Some superior Australian Heeces sold as high as 3s. to 3s. 24d. another of his ingenious contrivances-his Hygrometer*** per lb, ; fine from 28. to 28. 11d.;

and inferior from 1s. to discovery of that singularly beautiful process of artificial <-> is. 11d. per lb. The finest Van Diemen's Land wools offered, gelation, which enabled him to convert water into ice. produced from 1s. 5d. to 2s. 2d. and inferior and middling from Mr. Leslie was removed to the Chair of Natural P. iod. to Is. 4hd. per Ib. The German wools were sold at from phy in 1819, on the death of Professor Playfair. He had 1s. to ls. 101d. per lb. ; the Smyrna at from 6d. to 101d. ; viously published his “ Elements of Geometry, and an the Cape at from Is. 1d. to ls. 6bd., and the English combing, count of Experiments and Instruments depending on the red from 1s. to 1s. Id. per lb. The wool from Swan River was of tion of Air to Heat and Moisture." of his Elements good quality, and sold at 29. 1d. per lb.--there

was some com- Natural Philosophy,'' afterwards compiled for the user petition for it on account of the novelty of the article, being the class, only one volume has been published. He wrote, beste first imported from

the colony. The results of these sales tend- I the works mentioned, some admirable articles in the Lotus


of a son.



a son.

urgh Review, and several valuable treatises on different branches

BIRTHS, Physics, in the Supplement to the Encyclopædia Britan At 9, Newington Place, on the 25th ultimo, Mrs. H. Pillans, of a ica.

daughter. Lord Tenterden died, on Monday morning the 5th instant, at

AŽ 14, Scotland Street, on the 27th ultimo, Mrs. Balfour, of a daughis house, 28, Russell Square. His Lordship, when he attended At Ardgowan, on the 27th ultimo, Lady Shaw Stewart, of a daughter. ve trial of Mr. Pinney, the Mayor of Bristol, on Saturday At 109, Douglas Street, Glasgow, on the 30th ult. Mrs Robert Knox, 'eek, appeared to be in the most infirm state of health, and was

of a daughter, equently observed to lean back in his seat, apparently in an ex

At 10, Moore Place, Glasgow, on the 31st ultimo, Mrs H. Rainy, austed state.

He was unable to leave his house after he re At 14, Stafford Street, Edinburgh, on the 3d instant, Mrs Anthony arned home on Saturday afternoon, and the symptoms of his Murray of a daughter. implaint became more alarming since that time. 'Last Satur

At 13, Annandale Street, on the 3d instant, Mrs. Drysdale, of a wy, morning, about five o'clock, a most unfavourable change ok place, and his Lordship continued to get worse until 20

At Inchyra House, on the 31st ultimo, Mrs. Clerk Rattray, of a son.

At Castlemilk, on the 30th ult., the Lady of James Hotchkis, Esq., inutes before 9 o'clock on Monday morning, when his Lord

of a son. lip, expired. He continued in possession of his faculties till

At Cupar, on the 1st current, Mrs. Robert Methven, of a son. le last moment, and died apparently without the slightest pain. ter.

At Ardgowan, on the 27th ustimo, Lady Shaw Stewart, of a daughis Lordship was in his 71st year, and has left a family of two At Dalkeith Palace, on the 5th instant, the Duchess of Buccleuch, ns and two daughters, who were with bim at his death.


At Ladykirk Manse, on the 6th instant, Mrs. G. H. Robertson, of a bth instant, at noon, M. J. B. Say, Professor of Political

At Dunnikeir House, on the 3d instant, the Lady of Sir John Os conomy at the College of France, and at the Conservatoire des wald, of a son. rts et Metiers, died of an attack, which he suffered the day

At Cadzow Bank, Hamilton, on the 31st ult., the Lady of the Rev. fore, at half-past 4 o'clock, on coming to visit some of his

Williain Meek, D.D., of a son. iends.

At Ruthven Manse, on the 29th ultimo, Mrs. Gardiner, of a son,

At Bicester House, on the 30th ult. the Viscountess Chetwynd, of a We remember, sometime ago, inserting, at the request of our daughter. leadcorn friends, an account of three old ladies in that parish, At Gloucester Place, on the 9th instant, Mrs. Charles Earle, of a imed after Job's three daughters, Jemima, Keziah, and Keren- son..

At Birkenbog, Banffshire, on the 8th instant, the Lady of James ippuch, meeting together to enjoy a social cup of tea, each in

Anderson, Esq., of a daughter. te full enjoyment of every faculty at the age of nearly 80 years. At 7, St. Andrew's Square, on the 9th instant, Mrs. M.Kean, of a sob. Te have now to state that the old ladies have all departed this At 46, Charlotte Street, Leith, on the 8th instant, Mrs. Combe, of fe, at intervals exactly corresponding with those which inter

At Foredrum Cottage, Easter Road, Leith, on the 1st instant, the ned between their respective births. The last died a few days Lady of John Reid, Esq. of a son and heir. 0, aged 83 years, greatly esteemed and regretted by all the in At Dingwall, on the i3th instant, the Lady of Hugh James Cameron, abitants of the respectable village of Headcorn.-Maidstone Esq. of a daughter. ournal

In Hamilton Place, London, on the 11th instant, the Countess Gower, of a son.

At 21, Albany Street, on the 20th instant, the Lady of Alexander

Crawford, Esq. of a daughter.

At Charlotte Street, Leith, on the 20th instant, Mrs. Jones, of twin. daughters.

Ai Glendevon, on the 19th instant, Mrs. C. Ayton, of a son. THE COMET.-The observer, by looking towards the At Peebles, on the 17th instant, Mrs. Gordon of Evie, of a son. ast, will see the constellation Leo (which is remarkable At the Manse of Montrose, on the 20th instant, Mrs. Smith, of a son. or its many bright stars, and is easily discovered by its

At Friars, Jedburgh, on the 17th inst. Mrs. Elliot, of a son,

At Teaninich, on the 19th instant, the lady of Colonel Munro, of a eing south of the Great Bear) a little above the horizon, son. ad near to this constellation he will find the situation of

MARRIAGES. he comet.

At Viewforth Place, Edinburgh, on the 23d ultimo, the Rev. Wil.

liam Scott Moncrieff, of Pennicuick, to Hectorina, youngest daughter of The bridge over the Findhorn at Forres, and that James Robertson, Esq. ver the Spey of Fochabers, are both drawing to comple-Royal Bank, to Helen Elphingstone, daughter of the late Walter Lock.

At Perth, on the 26th ultimo, John More, Esq. accountant of the ion.

hart, Esq.

Depute-Clerk of Session. One of the candidates for the Pottery borough, calling at the On the 10th instant, at 11, West Maitland Street, Edinburgh, Mr. onse of an elector, who happened to be from home, was al

James Paterson Cumine, farmer, Addinston, Berwickshire, to Jae

Cross Irvine, daughter of William Irvine, Esq., Brechin. osted by the worthy dame with “ How do you do, Mr. ?

At Ekolsund, in Sweden, on the 26th

last, Captain John am very glad to see you : I have known you a great many Engelhardt, to Agnes, daughter of Dr. Patrick Baron Seton of Pres. ears. “Yes," replied the candidate ; “ I hope you are well ton. -I hope Mr. is well; I have called to solicit his vote." At Sligo, Ireland, on the 15th ultimo, John Fenton Motherwell, Esq., I am sorry he is from home," rejoined the old lady: “ he has

of that town, to Elizabeth, daughter of William Fowler, Esq. of

Edinburgh. romised the other three candidates; and I am sure he would

At Paisley, on Tuesday, Matthew A. Baird, Esq. Greenbank Dye Tomise you, he has known you so long." --Staffordshire Ad- Works, to Janet, eldest daughter of Ninian Hodgert, Esq. Union ertiser..

Bank. Six months ago there existed in Prussia a club of suicides, otway, and Lisson Hall, in the county of Tipperary, to Sophia, eldest

At London, on the 23d ultimo, Robert Otway Cave, Esq, of Castle very member of which had taken an oath to destroy himself daughter of Sir Francis Burdett, Bart. ithin a given period. Twelve persons have been mad enough In September, at her Uncle's House, Philadelphia, Dr. Gilman, join this most singular association,

which, though the sta- Kimball, to Mary, eldest daughter of the late Dr. Henry Dewar, of

Lassodie. ates enjoin them to endeavour to make prosely tes to supply the On the 6th instant, at 58, Great King Street, Edinburgh, George Hace of those who took themselves into another world, has be- Johnstone, junior, Esq., East Wemyss, Fife, to Jane, third surviving me extinct; the last member, faithful to his oath, having daughter of the deceased William Sibbald, senior, Esq., Leith. own out his brains.

Ai St. James's, London, on the 14th ultimo, J. Grant, Esq., of BanffRECIPE

FOR THE ROT IN SHRBP.-Take nitre, in powder, shire; to Cecilia Wargaret daughter of the late Sir J. Leslie, Bart, of 02. ; ginger, fresh powdered, 4 OZ. ; colcother of vitriol, in At Fort George, on the 1st current, E. Bush, Esq., Surgeon, 93d ne powder, 2 02. ; common salt 34 lb. ; boiling water, 3 gal- Highlanders, to Isabella Agnes Manford, daughter of William Manford, ene. Pour the water bot on the ingredients, stir them, and Esq., Barrack Master of Fort George.

On the 31st October, at Inches House, John Bailie Rose, second son -hen new-milk warm, add to every quart of the mixture 3 oz.

of the late Col. Hugh "Rose of Kilravock, to Ellen Philis Pattinson, spirits of turpentine. When you bottle it, mind and keep the youngest daughter of the late Richard Pattinson, Esq., of Shandwich, ixture well stirred, otherwise the ingredients will settle. Upper Canada THE HEIGHT OF ÍMPUDENCE.During a trial of a man who

On the 1st of October, at the Palace, Valetta, Robert Anstruther as capitally indicted for murder at an Irish assizes, the chief Esqu; of Tbirdpart, Fife, major in the 738 regiment, to Louisa, young.

est daughter of Sir Howard Elphinstone, Bart. of Are Place, Sussex, itness, on his examination, detailed the leading incidents-he colonel in the corps of royal engineers. eing awakened by cries for help-his rising, striking a light At Edinburgh, on the 31st ultimo, Mr. James MacIntosh, Bookseller, pening his door, and finding a man dead upon the threshold College Wynd, to Mrs Margaret Ramsay, confectioner, North College

Street. And what did you do next, my friend ?”' interrogated to At Lauriston Castle, on the 8th instant, William Charles Henry, Crown lawyer. Wby (replied the witness, with amazing Esq., of Manchester, M.D., to Margaret, daughter of Thomas Allan, Ang froid) I called out, . Àre any of ye there that kilt the boy? Esq., of Lauriston. Ey J. --, I'll give a thirteen to him who'll tell me who it Scone, to "Margaret, eldest daughter of Walter Grieve, Esq., 31, Gil

Here, on the 8th instant, the Reverend James Craik, minister of as that had the impudence to murder a man at my door.'” more Place.

On the 15th current, at 130, George Street, Alexander Bartholomew, At Thurso, on the 30th ultimo, of the typhus fever, Miss A LITRI Esq., Paisley, to Elizabeth, daughter of the late Mr. Hume, Castle. Brodie, daughter of the late David Brodie, Esq., of Hopeille. mains of Yester, East Lothian,

At Inverness, on the oth ultimo, Mr. Alexander Fraser, to At Kelso, on the 13th instant, Archibald Horne, Esq., accountant in Merchant, very generally regretted. Edinburgh, to Agnes, daughter of the late James Darling, Esq., agent In London, on the 30th October, the Hon. Archibald Stuart, free for the Bank of Scotland at Kelso.

ly, of the Queen's Bays, the only (and twin) brother of the La At Arbroath, on the 6th instant, Mr. James Weir, writer, Edin. Moray. burgh, to Rennald, third daughter of Mr. John Rodger, shipowner, At Linlithgow, on the 7th instant, James Rae, Esq., Sheril.Sus Arbroath.

tute of Linlithgowshire. At Buccleuch Place, on the 13th instant, William Hagart, Esq. At Glasgow, on the 1st current, in his 74th year, Mr. Patrick Fdinburgh, to Jane, eldest daughter of the late Hugh Walker, Esq. of farlane, so justly famed for his unweared zeal and eminent stucco Carron Hall, St. Mary's, Jamaica.

the translation of many excellent works of piety in Gazlic. On the 11th current, Mr. James Marshall, jeweller, to Margaret, sc. At Leith, on the Ist. instant, Miss Jesse Anderson, eidet dans cond daughter of John Patterson, Esq. Carlton Place.

of the late Mr. John Anderson, Henderland. At 26, Northumberland Street, on the 15th current, the Rev. Dr. At Kirkcaldy, on the 16th ultimo, Marion, second daughter or Y David Scott, minister of Corstorphine, to Miss Helen Heugh, daughter John Hume, residing there. of the late John Heugh, of Gartcows, Esq.

At Haddington Place, on the 11th instant, much and greati, nes At Leith Hall, on the 5th instant, Major Mitchell of Ashgrove, to ted, Mary, wife of Mr. Duncan Blain,

and daughter of Yr. M.GE Mary, eldest surviving daughter of General Hay of Rannes.

late of St Andrew Square. At Kirkaldy, on the 20th instant, John Reid, Esq. writer, to Isabella, der, Esq., of Banlochmyle

, and daughter of the late Sir Wilfan

At London, on the 5th instant, Helenora, sidow of Clsud Aru youngest daughter of James Hendry, Esq.

On Tuesday the 9th, the Earl of Lincoln to Lady Susan Hamilton. well, Bart, of Springkell. The Dukes of Hamilton and Newcastle, the fathers of the young couple At his house, Charlotte Street, Portland Place, London, ta, were present, with the Duchess. About a thousand of the tenantry, we instant, Colonel Robert Broughton, of the Hon. East India Co. are told, appeared mounted, in front of the palace, though it is not said service. where the thousand came from.

At Kinghorn, on the 7th current, James Meldrum, late trzy

Craigton, in the 93d year of his age.

At Dumfries, on the 11th instant, Miss Susan Copland, zu

daughter of the late Alexander Copland, Esq., of Colliston. At Kirkcaldy, on the 6th ultimo, Marion, second daughter of Mr.

On the Ilth instant, at Dale Park, near Arundel, Frances Daug John Hume, residing there.

Marchioness of Bute. Here, on the 19th ultimo, Donald Mackintosh, Esq. W.S.

At 29, Bernard Street, on the 20 instant, William, eldest and At 8, South Grey Street, Newington, on the 22d ultimo, Agnes, third liam Lorimer, Esq., solicitor, Leith. daughter of Mr Carfrae, junior, Edinburgh.

On the 29th ultimo, at 47, Hope Park End, Mr. William Wie, i Ať 23, Union Place, on the 21st ultimo, Mrs J. R. Marder, wife of the Bank of Scotland. Henry Marder, Esq. late paymaster of the Cork district.

Here, on the 3d instant, Ann, eldest daughter of the late John At Madeira Street, North Leith, on the 13th ultimo, Captain John terlony, Esq., of Guynd. Thomson, late of the 3d royal veteran battalion.

Here, on the 3d current, Mr. John Laing, surveyor of taxes At Portobello, on the 16th ultimo, Mrs. Robertson, widow of Licu.

At Ravelston, on the 4th instant, Sir Alexander Keith of Desir, tenant-Colonel Donald Robertson.

Knight Marischall of Scotland. At Dalkeith, on the 23d ultimo, Mrs. Marion Douglas, wife of Mr

Ai Vanburgh Place, Leith, on the 6th current, Mrs. Margar William Douglas.

bertson, relict of Mr. John Thomson, merchant, Leirh. At Dunblane, on the 7th ultimo, William Stirling, Esq. writer, in the At Eiderslie House, on the 2d instant, Archibald Spiers, Esp, * 720 year of his age.

Elderslie. Ai Dreghorn, on the 13th ultimo, Mr. David Gillies, in the 85th

Suddenly, at his house in Kirkcaldy, on the 5th instant, Viss year of his age. He was the father of 13 children by one mother, 55 Fortune, Deacon of the Incorporation of Bakers, in the Bd yea: 45 grand-children, and 30 great-grand-children, making in all 3 of an off.

age, spring.

At Loretto House, near Musselburgh, on the 7th instant, Fisk At Mayne house, in the county of Louth, Ireland, on the 21st ult.,

Rowand, daughter of the Reverend Thomas Langhorne, aged ** Anne, wife of Berkely Buckingham Stafford, Esq. of Mayne, and third

year. daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel Tytler, Edinburgh.

At Aberdeen, on the 31st ultimo, George Hogarth, Esq., Mesta At Inverary, on the 11th ultimo, Duncan Campbell, Esq. of Dun- meadows, in the 84th year of his age. choigine, late Sheriff.substitute of Argyllehire.

At Glasgow, on Sunday nigbt, Herbert, infant son of Herbert Bad At Forres, on the 18th ultimo, aged 17, Cadet James Innes, second

anan, Esq., Brandon Place. son of the late Captain John Innes, of H. M. 66th regiment of Foot.

At Fort William, on the 13th ultimo. Mrs, Cameron, levert At 13, Monteith Row, Glasgow, on Monday, Mr. Richard Griffin,

aged 93 ; and on the 24th ultimo, Mr. Alexander Cameron, each Bookseller.

This venerable couple had lived together in the mannet sted at the At Montreal House, Hamilton, on the 25th ultimo, Marrion Black.

very long period of 15 years. wood, spouse of Mr. John Mackenzie.

At Cupar, on the Ižth instant, Mr. Andrew Wake, leather De At Kilbarchan, on the 16th ultimo, Mr. James Semple.

chant. At Ayr, on the 24th ultimno, at the house of William Fullarton, Esq.

At Stornoway, on the 3d instant, Mrs. Barbara Reid, het of *. of Skeldon, in whose family he had filled the situation of confidential

Reid, Esq. late collector of his Majesty's Customs servant for 57 years, with faithfulness and honesty, James Stewart,

At 5, Gilmore Place, on the 15th instant, Mrs Mary Witherspo* aged 81.

wife of Thomas Ireland, junior, bookseller. At Dalhousie Castle, on the 25th ultimo, George, Lord Ramsay.

At Blacket Place, on the 13th instant, Janet Wedell Turnbul, saga Here, on the 27th ultimo, John Gordon, senior, Esq. W.S., in his ter of the Rev. James Turnbull, aged two years. 97th year.

At Bo'ness on the 5th instant, Mrs. Mary Fisher, wife of the Sea At 11, South Charlotte Street, Edinburgh, on the 26th ultimo, Mrs

Archibald Harper.
Duthie, widow of the late James Duthie, Esq. Stirling.

Lately, aged 103, Mr. William Branan, of Rochdale.
On the 19th of June last, on his passage from India, Lord George Here, on the 15th instant, Mr. George Gillespie, builder.
Thyne, aged 23 years, sixth son of the Marquis of Bath.
On the 19th ultimo, in the 90th year of his age, Mr William Linton, can Blain.

At Haddington Place, on the lith instant, Mary, wife of Nr. De preacher of the Gospel, and rector of the Grammar School of Brechin.

At 5, Howe Street, on the Ilth instant, Helena Strathy, et At Baltimore, North America, on the ed ultimo, aged 69, James

James M Arthur. Burn, Esq. eldest son of the late William Burn, Esq. merchant, Edin.

Here, on the 13th instant, the Rev. John Stark, preacher of + burgh.

pel: AC 1, Ladyfield Place, Edinburgh, on the 31st ult., John Edgar, Esq.,

At Portsmouth, on the 27th ultimo, Lieutenant Henry Wo: late accountant of Excise, in the 95th year of his age. At London Row, Leith, on the 28th ́ultimo, Margaret Reid, spouse of Weinyss Hall, Fifeshire.

31st regiment, youngest son of the late Colonel James Balfour Wto Captain Alexander M'Vicar, R. N.

At Meadow Place, Edinburgh, on the loth current, Captaia la At 6, John's Place, Links, Leith, on the 26th ultimo, Miss

Margaret Lunn, of the s6th

regiment. Goodlet, daughter of the late Mr Alexander Goodlet, Leith.

At her father's house, Viewforth, Edinburgh, on the 4th CTT" On the 14th September, at Toulouse, in France, Donald Cameron,

Jane, daughter and only child of Mr. William Tullis. Esq., of Lochiel.

At 14, Roxburgh Place, Edinburgh, on the lzth current, Mr.com At 13, Monteith Row, Glasgow, on the 29th ult., Mr. Richard Grif.

M'Laren, spirit-mercbant. fin, Bookseller.

At Inveresk, on the 14th instant, Miss Margaret Hay, secuest At Haddington, on the 26th ultimo, Margaret, infant child of An.

ter of the late Major George Hay. drew Pringle, tanner and wool merchant, and, on the 29th, Catherine At Seikirk, on the 4th instant, Elizabeth Young, aged 13, er Pringle, his wife.

Mr. James Cameron, watchmaker. Here, on the 31st ultimo, Miss Margaret Watson, daughter of the de.

At Gatehouse.of.Fleet, on the 11th instant, Mrs. Janet Gordus: ceased James Watson, Esq., of Saughton.

lict of the late Rev. Hugh Gordon, minister of Aroch. Here, on the 5th instant, Andrew Steele, Esq., of Crosswoodhill, On the 3d instant, at the Manse of Carlaverock, the Rev. Dr. W..

liam M.Morine, At 1, Lauriston Lane, on the 1st inst., Mrs. John Ferguson.

At the Manse of Leswalt, upon the 10th ultimo, Mrs. Isabeta At Rachen Cottage, Peebles-shire, on the 1st instant, Lady Raeburn,

lean of the Island of Tyree, wife of the Rev. Audrew Mac-Cat. relict of the late Sir Henry Racburn.

nister, of Leswalt, Presbytery of Stranraer. At Haddington, on the 27th ult., Mrs. Margaret Aitken, relict of

At Huntly, on the 4th instant, Mr. Alexander Ure, Superre Mr Thomas Nicol, Inte merchant there.

At Pathhead, Fifeshire, on the 26th ultimo, David Millie, Esq., of
Cameron Bridge.

At Moffat, on the 31st ultimo, Mr. Thomas Harkness, senior, writer, EDINBURGH: Printed by and for Joux JOU NSTONE, 19, S

Square.—Published by JOHN ANDERSON, Jan., Bookster, 38, At Brechin, on the 22d ultimo, Lieutenant Alexander Young, late Bridge Street, Edinburgh; by Jons MACLEOD, and ATKINSON of the 21st regiment, or royal North British fusiliers.

Booksellers, Glasgow ; and sold by all Booksellen and Vedua At The Burn, on the 230 ult., John Ramsay, Esq., of Barra,

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