give that fellow monkey's allowance Betsy-What a

d-d fool the captain must be to let them smugglers ENGLISH SMUGGLERS,

get off-Betsy-Well, well, George-Betsy-D-n it, you're as stupid as the girl. Hand over that bundle of

cigars-- I tell you what, George,' Tur smugglers are the only race of people in this coun “ Well, what will you tell me?" said I, breaking in try who have not been at all acted upon by the improve- upon his medley soliloquy. ments of society. Everywhere else civilization has been “ George !-glad to see you with all my heart and soul, hard at work ; scouring through the land with the speed boy. You're just in time.” of a twopenny postman,-building schools, breeching High « Yes, I smell the supper." landers, and grubbing up the spirit of adventure from the “ You shall smell gunpowder, my boy, before you are very bosom of rocks and mountains. It has made a smart two day's older. A cargo from Dunkirk-red stern-twelve attack too on the gipsies, but with only a sort of piebaldinen and a boy-white gunnell-know all about her-success, robbing the gallows to augment the population of figured on the other side," he added with a knowing wink, Botany Bay ;' tåking off the edge of their daring, yet by no at the same time jingling some loose silver in his pocket. means lessening their indolence, or their love of petty lar “ D-n it all, I was afraid you'd be too late for the fun, ceny. But the-smuggler,--the sturdy smuggler,—is still but here you are, and in good time.” the same creature he was fifty years ago, and even allowing “ I can't say I see the fun." him to be a villain,-villain is a hard word,—there is yet “ But you shall, boy; you shall go with us; they fight something noble in his doings and his sufferings. In fact, like devils; no sneakers among them.” the good people of this city know as little about him as I fancy my face testified no great symptoms of delight they do of Prester John, or the Cham of Tartary. I have at the proposed amusement, for the Lieutenant, though not some right to speak on the subject, for one part of my much given to observation, exclaimed quickly, “ You're not early days was spent on the sea-coast, when—to my shame afraid, lad ?" be it spoken-I preferred the smugglers to my books; Still, I rather think, I should have declined this favour, and, from many wild pranks, became a favourite among for Frank really meant it as a favour—if his wife had them. There was one outlaw in particular, Harry Wood not come in at the critical moment : man would riff, or Woodrieve, who was much attached to the Master, even seem to be a coward in the presence of a woman, as they called me, partly, I believe, from the eagerness with and, before I well knew what I was about, my word ishich I listened to his tales of himself and his associates, was pledged to the business, to the infinite delight of and not a little because he mistook my romantic feelings Frank, who thereupon showed me, with great glee, a brace for courage.

Our acquaintance, or rather our intimacy, of barkers, as he called them, that Kit was to scour for my commenced by my going out with him in a storm, to the especial service. As to any danger I might run, that never relief of a distressed collier, when the chances were twenty once entered into Frank's calculation; he looked on these to one against our ever returning; but with me it certainly smuggling frays much as a fox-hunter looks on the chase, was not courage; there was an exaltation of the spirits in which bruises and broken heads are necessary contingenmore like the effect of wine, as we swept along the waves, cies, not to be talked of for a moment, and which by no that at one moment rose like a mountain, and in the next means take away from the pleasure of the pursuit. opened almost to the very sands. I feared no danger, for Supper over, and the regular allowance of pipes and grog I felt no danger, and there can hardly be courage without being duly despatched, I was suffered to retire, with a prothe consciousness of peril. But Harry was not the man to mise from Frank of calling me if there was any stir among look so nicely into things; I had shown no symptoms of the smugglers ; a promise that, it may be easily supposed, fear, and that was cnough for him, who held that a stout was altogether unsolicited on my part; indeed, I could have spirit included all the cardinal virtues : ever after he loved willingly dispensed with his punctuality on this point, but we as a son, and many a tale did I gather from the sturdy I knew him too well to doubt his keeping his word, and it amuggler, as he paced up and down the cliff with his glass was now over late to draw back ; to bed, therefore, I went, in his hand, on the look out for what the sea was next to in all that ferment of the spirits, which men of sedentary bring hit.

habits never fail to experience after a day of travel. It was not, however, of Harry's early stories that I It was ten o'clock before I rose from my morning sleep kould speak at present, though a time may come for them the only sleep I had enjoyed—and on going down to breaktoo, but of our meeting two years ago, when we least ex- fast, I found that my friend was out, and myself very much pacted it, and for an end that thrilled my blood with horror. in the way of Peggy and her mistress, whose daily occupaRemember this is no fiction ; here and there some local de- tions were at a stand-still from my laziness. My hostess viations are introduced, for reasons sufficiently obvious, had involuntarily caught up a broom that had been left by but the main facts are as true as that the sun is in the Peggy, and I plainly saw that she was burning to commence hearens.

a vigorous campaign against the dust and the spiders. In It was in the autumn of 1820 that my friend, Lieutenant pity, therefore, to her troubles, I swallowed down my breakE-, invited me to pass a few weeks with him on the fast, without,' indeed, the least danger to my throat, and coast where he was stationed on the preventive service - posted off in quest of my friend, the Lieutenant, who, she an invitation that had been too often repeated to be again told me, was at the battery, a name by which they had dig. slighted without offence to honest Frank, whose heart was nified a large mound of earth with two old guns, that might much better ballasted than his head. Accordingly I set be said to be on half-pay, for though they retained their out a little before sunrise, and by six o'clock at night I place, they were never employed. It was not, however, my reached my friend's house. This was a snug cottage, about fate to reach the battery that morning, for I must needs try a hundred yards from a long bed of shingle, which had to make a short cut to my end, by which, as many wise Criginally been thrown up there by the sea, and which men have done before me, I lost it altogether. The ground, Dow served as a defence against its encroachments. As it a large tract of open country, was intersected by dykes ; as impossible to drive the chaise up to the door, I was the first of these having low banks, and not being very obliged to get out, and, having paid the post-boy, shouldered wide, I got over easily enough ; the next was too much for dy portmanteau, and strode forward lustily to the cottage, me, and I therefore bent my course to a narrower part, Rhere the first thing I heard was the voice of my friend, which again led me into another difficulty, to be avoided by Che Lieutenant, loud in anger on some half dozen subjects, a similar circuit, and so on, till I was completely entangled. Which be contrived to twist together like the different plies The greater my efforts now, the more they removed me of a cable, and of which my absence seemed to be the prin- from my object, and, at last, they brought me to a small cipal

hollow, partly formed by nature, and partly by the chalk * Confound all landlubbers l_Peg, you jade, hand us up having been originally dug out for the purpose of making The supper Kit not cleaned my barkers yet? If I don't lime ; three sides of it were perpendicular rocks, with here

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and there a few broad weeds, not unlike dock leaves, shoot were an anker of brandy-Nance, girl,"—turning to his ing through the interstices ; the fourth'sloped roughly down daughter, who had hitherto looked on onr meeting with sito a depth of ninety feet, of perhaps more, and was covered lent curiosity,—“ Fetch us a drop of the right stuff, and a with briers that twined their long thin arms with the high clean pipe_ though, stay, there's plenty of pipes here." grass, and made the descent a work of toil except by one “ I don't smoke, Harry, and as to drinking, "beaten path. In breadth it was about two hundred feet, “ You don't drink neither?" in length full twice as many. In the bottom was a cot “Not at this hour." tage and garden as I expected, for I had been used to these “Why Lunnon has clean spoilt you, Master - you could artificial glens in Kent, where they are sure to find occu- smoke, and drink, too, for that matter, and without asking pants the moment they are deserted by the chalk-miners. whether it was morn or midnight. But you're another A soil is easily and cheaply formed from the sea.weed, guess sort of chap, now. You had better have staid in while the exclusion of the wind, and the reflexion of the sun Kent, Master." from the chalk, make a shelter for trees and vegetables, “ Why did you leave it ?" which will thrive there much better than on the open “Wouldn't do; grew hot as h-l-sink the customs !" downs, exposed as they are to all the bleakness of the wea “ I doubt whether you have much mended the matter by ther, and the influence of the salt sea air.

coming here." Curiosity led me down into the hollow, where I found “ Ay, ay; hard times, master, when a poor man can't eat the door of the cottage open, and the first object that at his bread and cheese without fighting for it first.-Not that tracted my attention was a young girl, apparently not I much mind that either, if things were a little more on the more than seventeen years of age: even in a drawing-room, square, but 'tis d-d hard to fight with a rope round one's amidst lights and crowds, the enemies to all romance, 1 neck. It was all fair enough when they looked after the should yet have noticed her as something singular; but cargo and let the man alone : if they could seize the goods, here, in this wild glen, where the mind was previously pre- that was their luck ; if we got off, that was ours; and all pared, by local circumstances, for the reception of every fan- friends afterwards. But now if they catch you, they haul ciful impression, I felt as much startled at her presence as if you off to jail, and if you fight for it, they hang you up as she had been a shadow from the world of spirits. Her form, though you were a pirate.-Šink the customs! though extremely elegant in its proportions, seemed as light “ Better take to some other business !" and airy as if no earth had entered into her composition: her “ Why look ye, lad ; I'm hard on sixty, and that's over hair curled in jet-black ringlets about a face that was as pale late to go on a new tack. But here comes Nance with the as marble ; her eyes were of a deep blue, with an expression grog—What's that bottle, girl ?" that was something akin to madness; and a dark melan “ Some of the claret that you brought over last week for choly sate ou her forehead, that seemed to fling a shadow the innkeeper of " over the whole face, and deepen its natural paleness. What “ Avast heaving, Nance-Not that I think the Master rendered her still more striking was the utter discordance would tell tales, but,-draw the cork." of her dress and manners with the luxurious poverty about This was more easily said than done, a corkscrew form. her, in which wealth and want were strangely blended. A ing no part of Harry's domestic economy, and for a long deal table, scored and stained, was waited upon by half a time Nancy worked at it with a broken fork to very little dozen mahogany chairs, of as many fashions as there were purpose. chairs; two large silver goblets stood on the same row with “ Hand it over,” said Harry, and he gravely knocked off a party of coarse white plates, flawed and fractured in every the neck of the bottle. direction ; and a Brussels carpet was spread on the floor, “ There ; I've done it-Brave liquor it is too, so help though the laths of the ceiling showed through the plaister yourself

, Master.—Sink the customs! Do you call that above, like ribs from the thin sides of poverty. On the helping yourself? Here's a change! You could put your mantel-piece, which was tolerably well smoked, was beak deep enough into a pint pot when you were a you. handsome gold time-keeper, flanked by a whole host of to. ker.” bacco-pipes in every possible stage, from the black stump to “ Let me help you, sir,” said Nancy; and she filled up the immaculate whiteness of the perfect tube. Higher up, my glass with a grace that certainly did not belong to : guns, pistols, and cutlasses were ranged in formidable order, smuggler’a cottage. I could not keep my eyes off her

, and and with the same love of variety, no one weapon had its the old man must have read my thoughts"; fór he spoke as i fellow. I had been too much used to such dwellings in in answer to them. my boyhood not to guess pretty well upon what company “ She did not learn it of me, you may be stre, Master : I had stumbled, and when a man came out of the inner it was all got at Miss Trott's boarding school.”. room, I was prepared to see a smuggler, but not to see Harry “So, so," thought I _" Another precious instance of Woodriff

. It was Harry, however! the identical Harry? parents educating their children above the situation the -and though full fifteen years had elapsed since we last are to fill in life,—refining them into misery.” Somethin? walked together on the cliffs of Kent, I knew him that in- of the same kind was evidently passing through Nancy't stant; it was impossible to mist:ke that peculiar face ; the mind, for her eyes were suffused with tears, to the sore all. features were too strongly cast originally to be much af- noyance of the smuggler, who was dotingly

fond of her, men fected by time, which, indeed, had only hardened the mould withstanding his apparent apathy, and who was lored by against successive years, and not altered it.-His name her in return with no less sincerity. burst from my lips involuntarily—“Harry Woodriff !" “ What's the matter with you, Nance ?_Squalls again :

“Ay, ay,” exclaimed the old man, without the least - Is there any thing I can do for you ?" symptom of recognition,-"What cheer now, messmate ?" There was a beseeching look in Nancy's eyes, the meat

Don't you know me, Harry? Don't you remembering of which I did not then understand, but which was your old friend George, and our going off to the brig perfectly intelligible to Harry; for he added, though in his Sophy?" “What! the Master ?_Sink the customs! you can't Is it a gown you want? Silk'? Brussels lace? Only sare

usual even tone,—“ That is, any thing but the old story. be he George was a little rosy-faced chap, no higher than word, and it's yours ; for not to tell you a lie, Nance

, i this table."

you wished for all the shells that lie between here al “ That was fifteen years ago, Harry; and fifteen years Dunkirk, you should have them or I'd drown for it. will make a difference on your little rosy-faced chaps, no the customs !" higher than the table.

And all this he said without the least correspondence oi Right, messmate z_sink the customs! and so you are the tone, or, indeed, any symptom of feeling, except that, Master ?_D_n you!" —And he grasped me with his iron laid one of his huge iron paws on the girl's right shoulder hand, till my bones cracked again, though without the slight- and gently patted her. Nancy made" no answer but by est change of feature on his part

, or any symptoms of emo: leaning her head on her father's brawny bosom. Follow: tion in his voice. _“Am as glad to see you as though you ing up my first idea of the unfitness of such a situation to a



girl of her habits, I referred her grief to that cause ; and The day passed as might have been expected; my friend, under the idea of pleasing her, I ventured to auggest that in his capacity of host, toiled like a mill-horse to entertain she would do better by seeking her fortune in the world, me, and I, as in duty bound, laloured equally to be entere and even proferred my assistance. She cut short this pro- tained, though it was by objects that could have no interposal, however, with a tone of energy and decision that com est for me whatever. I was dragged successively to see pletely silenced me.

his new cutter, the two old guns, the kennel of his seamen, * I shall go nowhere, sir, without my father. Where he -I can give it no better name,mand the berth of his Mids, is there his daughter must and shall be."

who, according to his idea of things, were lodged like PrinThere was a moment's pause; I was too much con Their principality, however, did not appear to me a founded by the manner of this address to make any reply : subject for much envy; it consisted of two apartments, one Harry kept on smoking his pipe as if we had been talk- of which was a general bed-room, and the other a general isg of matters that in nowise concerned him, and in a lan- parlour. The floor was sanded, and the white-washed guage that he did not understand, while the girl herself walls were ornamented with a variety of long and short seemed to be struggling with some internal resolution. hends, and sundry witty inscriptions, such as “ Tom Jen. For a few moments she fixed her wild flashing eyes on me kins is a fool,” “Sweet Polly Beaver,” “Snug's the word," with a gaze so keen that it made the blood start up into &c. &c. The windows, indeed, looked out upon the sea ; my cheeks, till at last, as if satisfied with the inquiry, she and close under them was a patch of garden, which the repeated in a milder tone, “ I will not leave my father - Is Mids, in the lack of better occupation, had surrounded with this a time to leave him?" And she pointed to his grey a wall, formed of rude chalk blocks loosely piled together hairs" Is this a place ? I will not leave him. But oh, without cement; under this shelter a few cabbages contrived sir, if you are his friend, persuade him to quit this life, to run to seed amidst a luxuriant crop of thistles. which must sooner or later end by the waves, or the sword, Having seen these lions, we returned to tea, and passed or the gallows. Persuade him, sir ;-'tis a better deed than the dreary interval between that and supper-time in a wagiving ten alms to the poor, for in that you save the body ter excursion, which only wanted a more congenial comonly, but here you save both soul and body. Persuade him, panion to have been delightful. I know nothing more an. sir; he shall not want; indeed he shall not: I will work noying to a man of romantic habits than the being linked for him, beg for him, steal for him—!”

in with your plain matter-of-fact folks, who have no ideas The poor creature burst into tears, exclaiming, “0 associated with any subject beyond what are presented to them father, father!”

by the obvious qualities of form and colour. My friend, “ Hey for Dunkirk! No soft water, Nance ; you know though an excellent seaman, was precisely one of these; he I can't abide it.—So, hark ye in your ear.”

saw nothing in the ocean but a road for shipping ; and as He drew his daughter aside, whispered a few words with to the sky, I question much whether he ever looked up to his usual imperturbability, and finished by exclaiming it, except to take an observation. Still this water excuraloud, “ I will I sink the customs !"

sion was not without it use; it had whiled away three “ But will you, indeed ?”

hours, and that was something ; it had procured me an ex“There's my hand to it-smuggler's faith! Will you cellent appetite for supper, and that too was not to be slightbelieve me, now ?"

ed; and lastly, the sea-air had so much influence on me, Naney only answered with a kiss ; but there was still a that, when bed-time came, I dropt fast asleep the very morestless expression about her eyes and lips that showed she ment I laid my head on my pillow. My sleep, however, was far from being satisfied; at the time I attributed it to was any thing but quiet; I dreamt, and my dreams were some lurking distrust of her father's sincerity, for I had no full of grotesque images, and all more vivid than any I have doubt that he had promised her to give up smuggling ; ever experienced either before or after. The agony was too skrewd, however, as this guess was, it did not happen to be great for endurance, and I awoke. To my surprise, there quite correct, and it was only by combining one fact with stood Frank by my bed-side, a pair of cutlasses under his another, that I afterwards got at the whole truth. It seems arm, and a candle in one hand, while with the other he tut Harry had risked all he possessed, nearly four hun. pulled and tugged at me might and main.

He had no dred pounds, in a single venture to Dunkirk, under the doubt been the black dog of my dreams, for his fingers were conduct of his son; and his promise to quit the free trade closed on my arm with the gripe of a blacksmith's vice. was with express reference to the safe return of his cargo, “ Why, how now, lad ? You ate too much of the pork -a sort of compromise that could not altogether quiet the last night.” And with that he gave me another shake, fears of Nancy. To those who are unacquainted with such as if he meant to shake my arm out of its socket. meries it may appear strange that the old man did not ra “What's the matter? what's the matter ?" I exclaimed, ther go out with the boat himself: but the fact is, that in for I was not yet quite awake! and black dogs, and Nan. smuggling, as much, if not more, depends on the manage-cies, were making a strange medley of it in my brain. ment by land than by water. Experience has shewn these “ There's no time for talking-but clap on your rags as people that they can put very little confidence in each other; quick as may be.” And I set about dressing myself almost the temptations to betray are much too strong for their mechanically, while he paced up and down the room, as if slender stock of honesty ; and the chiefs, therefore, seldom he had been walking the quarter-deck, whistling a very trust more than one of their associates with the secret of popular, but not very elegant tune, in all manner of times, the boat's landing-place, which one the rest follow at a now fast, and now slow, according to the rise and fall of moment's warning, through brake and brier, over moor and his fits of impatience. In a few minutes, the last tie was Dountain, like so many wild-ducks after their leader. tied, and the last button buttoned. Now, Harry thought, and wisely, that such a secret could “ All ready, lad ?-Here's your cutlass, then, and your be trusted io no one so well as to himself, and he had, barkers. And now we'll clap on all sails and be up with therefore, sent out his son, a stout able young fellow, who them in a jiffy." had been brought up to the business from his cradle, while I was by this time fully awake and conscious of our buhe himself staid behind to look after the landing of the siness, for the night air, that blew on me as I left the

cottage, sobered down the fumes of sleep in an instant. The It was now nearly two o'clock, the Lieutenant's dinner- wind was cold and boisterous, rolling the clouds along in kerr, and I rose to take my leavé, saying, “ To-morrow I dark broken masses over the sky, where neither moon nor will be bere again."

stars were shining, but there was a dull grey light that So saying, I left the glen, and returned to the Lieuten- just served to make the dark ness visible. Frank was int's; but, notwithstanding my improved kuowledge in the cessantly urging me to speed, though we were going at cography of these parts, I did not arrive time enough to a brisk rate, and as we went along communicated to me save my credit with my little fat hostess, whom I found in the whole matter, as an additional stimulus to my tardi

al tribulation, fretting and fuming over half-cold fish, This was precisely what I anticipated ; a smug. Gels doue to death, and pudding that was as beavy as lead. I gling boat had long been expected on this very night, af


of the King's blue jackets, thof it was against meeld

He tried to go on, but could not, and was evidad

cording to his information, from the other side of the wa- ing round, I saw on the shingles below, on the other side ter; and some fishermen, bribed to his purpose, had kept of the dyke, where the fight had first ta en place, a young a sharp look-out from their smack, and had thus-been able girl, supporting a wounded smuggler in her arms; it was to givo him timely warning of its approach. This story too dark to distinguish their faces with any degree of perbe was told with great glee by my friend, but I most honestly cision, but their voices soon betrayed them to me. My confess that “ I had no devotion to the business." While blood ran cold as I listened to the following short dialogue, all was dark, and still, and nothing announced that the for I was in the shadow and could not be seen by the fray was near, and I had reason to believe that it was speakers. at least a mile from us, I only felt anxious and bewil.. “ Sink the customs ! It's of no use, Nance; I'm fairiy dered ; but when a sudden shout burst on us, followed by a-ground, and you ha'n't strength enough to shove tax of a rapid discharge of fire-arıns, and the turn of the cliff again. So here I must lie, old rotten hull as I am, til showed us the battle that moment begun, and not a hun. they find me, and then I swing for it." dred yards from us, what a change then came over me!-- “But try, father, only try ; lean on me.". It was not fear, for it had none of the palsy of fear; my Again she endeavoured to drag or rather support the hand was firm, and my eye was certain, but it was a most in man forwards, and her efforts were really wonderful for tense cousciousness of self and of the present moment. I felt creature so slim and lightly formed. She actually see I scarce knew how, nor even at this distance of time can Iceeded in dragging him up a low bank, and even a few well make out what were my feelings; to be thus sudden- yards beyond it, but there her strength failed; she could ly dragged from warm sleep to deal with blows and death go no farther, and it was only by an almost superšunas on the midnight shingle, was enough to stupify any man of exertion that she held him from falling. peaceful habits, and such mine had been for years. At “ It won't do, Nance; this shot in the thigh out k this moment, a voice seemed to whisper close to my ear, me move an inch farther -80 here I must be caught, and “ Mary!" So perfect was the illusion,-if it was illu- suppose they'll hang me for being found in artis apaian sion, that I involuntarily echoed 6 Mary!and looked the King's officers. Sink the customs ! They sha'n't te up for the speaker. Yet no Mary was there-how, indeed, noose about my neck, however. We'll blow up the could she be? Still it was her voice ; I was nei her drunk sooner than she shall fall into the hands of the enemy. nor dreaming, nor lunatic, and yet I heard it as clearly as give us a kiss, my girl-God bless you. And norears could hear it, and at the sound my heart swelled, and for Dunkirk !" I felt that I could dare any thing. In an instant I was And I saw him hold a pistol to bis breast, which Nang in the very midst of the fray, dealing my blows right and seized with a suppressed scream. Poor thing! her gesture left with all the fury of a maniac. As I learnt afterwards, at that moment would have wrung pity from & heart my death had been certain twenty times in the course of stone, the scuffle, if it had not been for Frank, and still more “For God's sake, father-for your poor Nancy's sake for poor Harry, who was fignting among the smugglers, there is yet hope. Some of our friends may return befa yet could not forget his young friend, though his hand was the king's-men leave the boat-house." against him. Many a blow that was meant for me was “ Not much likelihoods of that, Nance : they'll hard parried by their watchfulness; but of all this I knew no- slip their own necks into a halter to save mine." thing; when all was over,--and it had scarcely lasted ten And I stood listening to all this, like a fool! I me minutes--I had only a confused recollection of having have been bewildered stunned by what had passed. struggled stoutly for life amidst sword-cuts and pistol-shots, I was now awake again, and cursing my own dulness and men dropping as if struck by some invisible power could waste so many precious moments, 1 dashed core It is difficult to make any body understand this, who never into the dyke, waded knee-deep through mud and water has been in danger, or who has so often faced it that the and with infinite difficulty clambered up the opposite her! circumstance has lost its novelty; these are sensations that where I was instantly observed by the old smuggler

. belong only to the first time of periling life, and are to “ Sink the customs! They are here, Nance." tally independent of fear or conrage; they can not occur a In another moment I was at his side, but in that second time.

ment the pistol was discharged, and he dropped into The fray ended by the seizure of all the goods, the death arms mortally wounded, exclaiming of five smugglers, and the capture of two, who afterwards “ Sink the customs! You are too late to hang me, tas contrived to get away. As to the rest, they all escaped, as mate. Nance, my girl, they cannot say your father I then imagined, by favour of the dykes, and their better hung; you're a wife now for any man,--the best it knowledge of the country, with the exception of one poor land, let him be who he will._Sink the custodis!" wretch, who was desperately wounded ; him they bore into 66 'Tis 1, Harry,--your friend, George Seymour." a near boat-house, which was nothing more than a rude “ What, the Master L-Give us your hand. do shed, pitched and tarred, and covered with dry seaweed, as -You're a brave lad, Master--fought better than any a sort of shelter for the nets and skiffs when not em. ployed. Hither I went with the rest, and looked upon a But, Master,—" scene that I shall not easily forget; the poor creature was lying on the ground, pale and dripping with blood ; his bleeding apace internally, though one little drop of the neckcloth had been taken off, and his clothes were torn to upon his lips was the only outward sign of injury. tatters As the torches glared on his eyes, they seemed Master, you'll think of"blue and glassy, and as if fixed in their sockets; he was Again the words were as if stifted in his breast ** evidently dying, and though I had often looked on death in pointed with a shivering hand to Ndney. But I reply hospitals, I could not stand this sight. The visitations of to the sign, for I understood it well—too well. nature may be even more painful to the sufferer, but there “She shall not want a home, Harry, while I is something soothing in the idea that they are visitations of one." nature ; the sick one is struck by the hand of the Deity "God bless you, Master. Nancy, my girl, there himself; he is only undergoing the common doom: but a you? The night grows so dark, or something is conti violent death is always connected with the idea of crime or over my eyes.

Kiss me, Nance.” of unusual suffering; it is an end that might have been And Nancy moved towards him with a calmness avoided; and as I gazed on this poor creature, my very was truly frightful. As she stooped to kiss hin, somerlat heart was sick; every thing was beginning to swim before like a smile passed over her blue lips. me, when I rushed out into the open air, and even there such a smile again!

In the same moment Harry si I was forced to lean a few moments for

support against the slightly convulsed, and with a groan that was scarcels at shed.

dible he expired in my arms. As I began to breathe more freely in the night-wind, my By this time, the Lieutenant and his party, who had been attention was caright by the sound of voices

, and on look? alarmed by the report of the pistol, came up to us, and el

May I never

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planations were asked and given in less time than it has With this he burst out of the court, to the great dismay taken me to write or my readers to peruse them. Frank of the foreman, who, when he recovered from his surprise, carefully minuted down every thing in his pocketbook, and, said in a tone of grave importance : having given the dead body in charge to a party of his “ This is contempt of the court, and must be punish. ainen, attempted in his rude way to confort Nancy. ed.” The poor girl, however, was not in a state to need, or listen The Lieutenant, however, put in his veto; for with all 4 comfort; the blow had stunned her into insensibility, his roughness, he did not want for feeling, and the galod there she stood a thing of life, but without its func- lantry of the young smuggler had evidently won bis heart. ins. After many fruitless attempts at consolation, he ex “ Psha! the poor fellow only speaks up for his father, lained in a tone that under any other circumstances had and he has a right to do so.” wen ludicrous,

“ Yes, but with your leave, Lieutenant E-" * By G-d! the poor thing has gone mad or stupid ! I “ Come, come, Mr. Denton, I know you are too kind. Il you what, George, we'll have her home with us, and hearted to hurt the lad for such a trifle'

her is Bet's hands ; she's a better doctor than half our Triflel do you call it a trifle to damn the court ?" i women in the navy,”.

“ Well, call it what you will, but let the poor fellow go This was no sooner said than done, and without either scot-free. He has enough of it already, I think ; his anks or opposition from Nancy, who seenied to have lost goods have been taken, his father killed, and his sister is I powers of volition, The Lieutenant's wife, however, run mad." ling that such a case was something beyond the usual Why, as you say, Lieutenant E-I am not hard. nge of her practice, begged the ship-surgeon might be hearted, andmOh, Mr. Seymonr, I beg your pardon for deen for, and willingly sank into the subordinate situation taining you. We want your evidence as to this business

, purse, to the sore displeasure of Frank, who hated the merely as a matter of form. You were present when Harry

sight of a doctor. Yet neither the skill of the one, nor Woodriff shot himself. Administer the oath to Mr. Seymore than sisterly attention of the other, availed any mour.” DE The morning came, and she was evidently mad; a The oath was accordingly administered in due form, and mnd, and a third followed, and still she was no better ; I was reluctantly compelled to tell the whole business, which idea that her father lived, and was to be hung, had got still farther authorized the little foreman in his darling u hold of her mind, and nothing could root it out. All scheme of burying a man in the meeting of four roads, and would say was in vain ; she brooded on this one thought driving a stake through his body. I do not believe he was

a sullen silence, much worse than any violence of really of a bad disposition, but this ceremony flattered his my could have been ; and I now began to feel myself importance, besides that it gratified the appetite for horror, ad in a most awkward situation by my promise, so un so common to all vulgar minds. To have been present at tingly given, to the father. It could not be expected such a sight, under any circumstances, would have delighted Frank would trouble himself many days longer with a him, merely as a spectator ; but to have it take place under hisc, and what was I to do with her ? One moment I his own auspices, was too great a treat to be given up for hed the poor thing might die, and in the next was angry any consideration that Frank or myself could offer. In ad

myself for my selfishness - then again, I cursed the dition to the mere pleasure of the thing itself, his persistency Ethat brought me on such an unlucky visit ; when, as gave him, in his own eyes, all the dignity of a man resolute Il this was not enough, I was summoned to the coroner's in the performance of his duty, however unpleasant, and in beat, sitting on the body of Henry Woodriff. I was not spite of the most powerful solicitations. We were, thereprised at such a call, but it seems I might have spared fore, obliged to yield the point, and leave the field to the I wonder; for however the smugglers may perish, this little foreman, who instantly selected half a dozen stout peamony is never omitted, and the inquest had already sate sants to keep watch over the body. the others who were found dead near the beach.

In coming out we saw a knot of smugglers in earnest Internally yowing to leave this abominable place within conversation at the end of the street, about fifty yards from Text four-and-twenty hours, never to return, I set off us. Among them was young Woodriff, whose gestures Hedienice to the summons of the law, and found the in- spoke pretty plainly that the council was not a peaceful one, assembled in the parlour of a little public house, di- and the Lieutenant was not slow in guessing their pur

only by a field from the village. Here, too, was pose. nk, with a party of his sailors, either as witnesses, or “ Do you see them, George ? Just as I thought :Beories. The foreman of the inquest was a short, stout they'll have a haul now at the old smuggler's body before

sith a round face, and a short nose turned up as if night is over, and I'll not stand in their way for any coroont of the two thick lips that opened beneath it, and ner's quest of them all--not I. It's no seaman's duty to air of yellow, filaring eyes, though destitute of all ex. look after corpses." sion He looked full of the dignity of his office, and As he said this, we came close upon the little party, who

I entered, was in the high tide of discussion with a stout were suddenly silent, eyeing us with looks of scorn and sul. rug smuggler, who, by his tone and manner, seemed to len hatred, that made me expect a second fray ; Frank, very little for any body present. And he spoke out however, was too brave to be quarrelsome.

rand, as plainly as his father would have done, though “ You need not scowl so, lads; I have only done my quite so cooly.

duty, and mayhap I may be sorry to hav it to do, but Thea I'll be d_d if you do. Gentlemen, as you call still it was my duty, and I did it, and will do it again, if melse, there's ne'er a Crowner of you all shall drive a the same thing happens again. But that's neither here nor through the old man's corpse, while there's a hand to there. All I meant to say was, that I shall keep a sharp body."

look-out on the water to-night for any boat that may be Respect the dignity of the court, young man. Your coming over, and, in case of the worst, I shall have all

being compos, did make away with himself. I take hands aboard. So, good-by to you." ntlemen, the evidence is sufficient to that effect ; but « The lieutenant's a brave fellow after all," said one, as presently examine Mr. Seymour"

we walked off, My name is Seymour."

“ I never thought worse of him," replied young Harry; Pray be seated, Mr. Seymour; I'll speak to you direct “ but if I find out the scoundrel who first shot my father,

Your father, I say, being compos, did make away b -t my soul, but he's as dead a man as any that lies in bieself, and the law, in that case made and provided, the churchyard."

“ Come on, George," cried the lieutenant ; « if I seem to De the law.. I say, whoever runs a stake through hear what these fellows say, I must notice it, and I don't father's body, I'll send a bullet through his head. So wish that, if I can help it-poor devils.” you ou know my mind, and let him try it who likes It may be easily supposed, that the day did not pass yery

pleasantly, with me at least, who was not used to the trade

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