Historische Zeitschrift, 第 17 卷

Heinrich von Sybel
Cott'sche Buchhandlung, 1867

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第 311 頁 - Containing the Political History, Geographical Position, and Social State of the Principal Nations of Antiquity, carefully digested from the Ancient Writers, and illustrated by the Discoveries of Modern Scholars and Travelers.
第 311 頁 - Recherches sur les monuments qu'on peut attribuer aux six premières d-ynasties de Manéthon, précédées d'un rapport adressé à M. le Ministre de l'Instruction publique sur les résultats généraux de sa mission en Egypte.
第 319 頁 - The Toilet and Cosmetic Arts, in Ancient and Modern Times. With a Review of the Different Theories of Beauty and copious allied Information, Social, Hygienic, and Medical, including Instructions and...
第 341 頁 - Peerage. Containing an Alphabetical List of the House of Lords, together with the date of the creation of each Title ; the birth, accession, and marriage of each Peer; his heir apparent or presumptive, family name, political bias and patronage ; as also a brief notice of the offices which he has hitherto held, his town address, country residences, &c.
第 319 頁 - Léonard de Vinci, Raphaël, avec une étude sur l'art en Italie avant le XVIe siècle et des catalogues raisonnes, historiques et bibliographiques. Illustré de 167 dessins d'après les grands maîtres. Paris, Hetzel (1881), gr. in-8°. 1609 - (D.).
第 203 頁 - ... to direct Mr. Grenville, that the independency of the thirteen Provinces should be proposed by him in the first instance, instead of making it a condition of a general treaty...
第 319 頁 - Ottley, Henry. A biographical and critical dictionary of recent and living painters and engravers; forming a supplement to Bryan's Dictionary of painters and engravers, as edited by G.
第 382 頁 - In Vinculis ; or, The Prisoner of War. Being the Experience of a Rebel in two Federal Pens, interspersed with Reminiscences of the late War, Anecdotes of Southern Generals, etc. 12mo. cloth. New York, 1866. 1 00 2232 KEIM (BR) Sheridan's Troopers on the Borders: A Winter Campaign on the Plains. Portrait. 12mo. cloth. Philadelphia, 1870. 1 75 2233 KELLOGG (RH) Life and Death in Rebel Prisons.
第 384 頁 - History of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, from the Discovery of the Territory included within its limits to the present time, with a Notice of the...