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C. Baldwin, "Printer, New Bridge-street, Blackfriars, London.




AGRICULTURE, report of, 147, 305. Conclave, history of the last, 321-is
Albani, Cardinal, character of,

opened on the 3rd September, at the
Approved method of setting houses on fire, Palace of Monte Cavallo, 324.

Conferences sur la Religion par M. Fray-

sinous, notice of, 466.

Convalescent, the, 376.
Bankes, Mr. W., and Mr. Buckingham, 1. Courier, Paul Louis, assassination of, 139.
Belzoni Sepulchre, 609.

Chansons Nouvelles, notice of,
132—success of, 277.
Births, Marriages, and Deaths, 157, 315, De l'Etat de la Religion par M. de la

Mennais, notice of, 484.
486, 621.
British Artists in Suffolk-street, second

De Staël's Lettres sur l'Angleterre, notice
exhibition of, 114.

of, 576.
British Institution, No. I. 387remarks Death in the Gallipot, 542.
on the British School of Painting, 388— Dernier Chant de Childe Harold, review

of, 459.
on Epic Painting, 389.

Dieteticon, Natural and Medical, 225.
Discourse de M. Girardin sur l'etat de

la France, notice of, 283.
Campbell, Mr., his university, 36. Don Esteban, or memoirs of a Spaniard,
Cavalchini, Cardinal, about to be chosen

review of, 221.
Pope, 325—is rejected, 326—cause of

his rejection, ib.
Celestial Phenomena for May, 156.
Chamfort, notice of, 139.

Economic Funeral Society, 238.
Charlatinisme Le, notice of 285.

Examination of a young pretender, by the
Charles X., mortification of, at his recep- Extracts from Mr. Croker's Journal, kept

Modern Dilworth, 46.
tion at Paris, 283.
Chazet, M., 457.

during a late attempt to discover the
Cheltenham, foolery at, 247.

topographical position of Russel-square,

Chess and Chess Players, 97—description

of M. Legalle, ib.—the game of Chess
between the Edinburgh and London
Clubs, 106—further remarks on, 319.

Fashion, on, 585.
Cid of Andalusia, success of, alarms the Franklin, Dr.

, original letters of, 606.
police, 138.

Funds, English and Foreign, prices of,
Claqueurs of Paris, 240-anecdotes of, 160, 318, 488, 622.

Clara Gazul, Plays of, reviewed, 401–

translation of the Spaniards in Denmark, Gaieties and Gravities, reviewed, 90.

Genga, Cardinal Annibal della, proposed
Classiques and Romantiques, war be- to be chosen Pope by Cardinal Severoli,
tween, 140.

329_elected, 330.
Clery, Hanet, Mémoires de, notice of, 577. Genlis, Madame de, anecdote of, 281.

Genlis, Madame de, memoirs of, 281. Moralities, No. 1. The Lawyers, 73-No.
Gifford, Mr. 510—his translation of Ju- II. The Way to Conquer, 521.
venal, 512.

Music, Report of, 141—list of new com-
Gonsalvi, Cardinal, his arrival in Rome in

positions, 145—Madame Pasta's ap-
1814, 322—his boldness, 323—hatred pearance in Desdemona, 269~Signor

of the cardinals towards him, 32). Veluti's first appearance in England,
Gourgaud's Examen Critique of Segur's 269—his execution in La Notte si

Histoire de la Retraite de Moscow, Bella and Notte Tremenda, 270-de-
notice of, 571.

scription of his manner of singing, 474–
debut of Mademoiselle Garcia as Rosina,

in 11 Barbiere de Seviglia, 475.
Hackney Coaches, 555.
Highlands and Western Isles of Scotland,
by Dr. Macculloch, review of, 355.

National Stud, 471.
Histoire de la Révolution de 1688 en

New Cemetery Project and Cemeteries,
Angleterre, par F. Mazure, notice of,


New South Wales, a Convict's recollections
Histoire de René Roi de Naples, notice of,

of, 49—-treatment of male convicts, 49

-of female convicts, 54.
Northumberland, Duke of, anecdote of,

Impediments of Speech, Broster's System

for the Cure of, 533.
Imperfect Dramatic Illusion, 599.
Infant Lyra, 468.

Opera. Pietro l'Eremita, 13—Cleopatra
Reine d'Egypte, 14Madame Pasta in
Otello and Semiramide, 290—in Nina

Pazza per Amore, and Romeo e Giu-
Jouy, M. de, notice of his Belisarius, 571. letta, 371–Clari, 375_appearance of

Velluti in Il Crociato in Egitto, 517—

his reception, ib.
Kent East Indiaman, Narrative of the Loss Paris, letters from, by Grimm's Grandson,
of, 335.

-- No. V. Beranger's Chansons Nouvelles,
132-success of, 277-history of the

poets of France for the last two years,
La Vision, par Mademoiselle Delphine

134-M. de la Martine's Meditations,
Gay, notice of, 575.

135—his Dernier Chant de Childe
L'Honnet Homme et le Niais, 140.

Harold, 136, 288—M. de la Vigne's
Le Mort de Casar, 388.

character as a poet, 135—is offered a
Le Plus beau Jour de ma vie, translation

pension by the king, and refuses it, 277~-
of, 211.

the Theatre Français, 137–Cid of Anda-
Le Roman Comédie, par M. de la Ville,

lusia, success of, alarms the police, 138
notice of, 573.

-Chamfort, notice of, 139-assassina-
Legalle, M. de, description of, 96.

tion of Paul Louis Courier, 139-war
Lorinian, M. Baour, 278.

between the Classiques and the Roman-
Louis XII. et Francois I., par M. le Comte

tiques, 140-L'Honnet Homme et le
Ræderer, notice of, 467.

Niais, 140, No. VL M, Baour Lormian,
Lying in all its branches, reviewed, 103.

178—M. Sosthenes de la Rochefoucauld,
his astonishment at M. de la Vigne's re-

fusal of a pension, 278_remark of M.
Mandement de M. Cardinal Croy, ac- Dupaty thereon, 279.--Histoire de la Ré-

compagne par une Refutation par M. volution de 1688 en Angleterre par F.
Alexis Dumesnil, notice of, 282,

Masure, notice of, 279,--Memoirs of
Marchangy's Tristan le Voyageur, notice Madame de Genlis, character of, 281-
of, 575.

Madame de Genlis, anecdote of, 281-
Martine, M. de la, his Meditations, 135— Thierry's History of the Norman con-

Dernier Chant de Childe Harold, 136, quest, 281--Mandement de M. Cardinal
288---review of, 459_Chant du Sacre, Croy, accompagné par une refutation par
notice of, 483.

Alexis Dumesnil, notice of, 282 Dis-
Mitford's History of Greece, Observations cours de M. Girardin sur l'etat de la

France, aotice of, 283—Charles X., mor-
Modern Athens, the, 490—politics of 498 tification of, at his reception at Paris,

-literature of, 500—philosophy of, 508 283— Vers prononces a St. Genevieve par
education of, ib.

Mademoiselle Delphine Gay, notice of, 283.

on, 193,

on, 130.


Le Charletanisme, notice of, 285.-Le. -Mr. Colburn's letter to the John Bull
Mort de Cæsar, 288—Duke of Northum-
berland, anecdote of, 289. No. VII. Register, Theatrical, 89, 301, 478, 618.
M. Chazet, 457Dernier Chant de Rochefoucauld, M. Sosthenes de la, his
Childe Harold, review of, 459~Chant astonishment at M. de la Vigue's refusal
du Sacre, notice of, 463—-Theatre de of a pension, 278.
Clara Gazul, notice of, 464De l'Etat Royal Academy, Exhibition of, 256.
de la Religion, par M. de la Mennais,
notice of, 464 Histoire de René Roi de
Naples, par M. Comte V. Bargemont,
notice of, 465—-Conferences sur la Reli- Science, News of, 147.
gim par M. le Comte Fraysinous, notice Scraps from the Correspondence of a
of, 466-Louis XII. et François I. par

Musical Dilletante, travelling in Italy,
M. le Comte Ræderer, notice of, 467 —

notice of Rossini's Opera, composed on

Senior Wrangler, continuation of Struggles
occasion of the coronation, 467. No.

of, 161.
VIII. M. de Jouy's Belisarius, notice Severoli, Cardinal, his boldness, 329—is
of, 571Gourgaud's Examen Critique of

elected Pope by the Conclave, 527-is
Segur's Histoire de la Retraite de Moscow,

rejected by the exclusion of the King of
notice of, 571-Le Roman Comédie, par

Portugal, 328—his behaviour thereon,

ib.death 329.
M. de la Ville, notice of, 573-Mar-
changu's Tristan le Voyageur, notice of, Shares in the principal Canals, &c. prices
575- Mademoiselle Gay's La Vision,

of, 156, 315, 485, 620.
notice of, 575_De Stuïl's Lettres sur

Smith, Rev. Sidney, his speech on the

Catholic claims, 293,
l'Angleterre, notice of, 576Pichot's
Voyage en Angleterre et en Ecosse, notice Somaglio, Cardinal della, 327.
of, ib.-- Mémoires de Hanet Clery, notice Spaniards in Denmark, translation of, 404.
of, 577-account of a sitting of the Spanish religious tournament, account of,

French Academy, 579.
Pére la Chaise, account of, 369.

Spirit of the Age by Hazlitt, letter on, 182.
Pichot's Voyage en Angleterre et en

St. James's Park, on the projected im-
Ecosse, review of, 558.

provement of, 445.
Pius VII., death of, 323.

Superannuated man, the, 67-No. II. 71.
Playhouses, the, 81—Mathews's Memo- Switzerland, models of, 41.

randum Book, ib. Abon Hassan, 83
The Hebrew Family, 84–Orestes in
Argos, 85— Lofty Projects, 86—Mr. Tales of the Crusaders, review of, 593.
Kean's reception in Scotland, 88– Teonge, Henry, Diary of, reviewed, 250.
William Tell, 299— Faustus, 300—Tri- Theatre de Clara Gazul, notice of, 464.
bulation, 301-Coronation of Charles Thespian supper, 340.
X., 602-Opening of the English Opera The Theatre Français, 137.

House with Broken Promises, 603. Thierry's History of the Norman Conquest,
Poetry--Quatrains to the editor of the Every

Day Book, by C. Lamb, 16—The Three To day in Ireland, review of, 379.
Graves, 41-Remonstratory Ode from
the Elephant at Exeter 'Change to Mr.
Mathews at the English Opera House, University Intelligence, 150, 310, 479.
189—An Epistle to a country cousin,

208–To Charles Lamb, written over a
flask of Sherris, 332--Four Sonnets,
composed during Ascot Race Week, by
a Person of Sentiment, 443—Ode to

Vers prononces a

St. Genevieve, par
L. E. L. Authoress of the Improvisa-

Mademoiselle Delphine Gay, notice of,
trice and other Poems, 582.

Proverbes Dramatiques, by M. le Clerc, re- Vigne, M. de la, his character as a poet,
view of, 17.

135—is offered a pension by the King,
and refuses it, 277-elected Academi.

cian, 579.
Quarterly Review, No. LXIII, 137—The
late Editor of, 510.

Wedding, the, 217.

Widow Fairlop, 350.
Refinement, Man of, 120–Ryder, Hon. Wines.- No. 1. 545—of England, 546—

Mr., his letter to the newspapers on, ib. of Germany, 547-of Prussia, 549—of

Austria, 550of Hungary, 551—of the Works, projected, list of, 153, 313, 482,
Turkish Empire, 552-of Russia, ib.- 619.
of Persia, 553—of the Cape of Good Works published during the month, list of,
Hope, 554.

153, 314, 482, 619.
Works imported by Bossange and Co. Wright's Life of Richard Wilson, Esq.
during the month, 154, 483.

review of, 210.

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