Statement of Claims of the British Subjects Interested in Opium Surrendered to Captain Elliot at Canton for the Public Service

Pelham Richardson, 1840 - 209 頁

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第 210 頁 - or any of them, powers and authorities over and in respect of the trade and commerce of His Majesty's subjects within any part of the dominions of the Emperor of China, and to make and issue directions and regulations touching the said trade and commerce, and for the direction of His Majesty's subjects within the
第 210 頁 - of His Majesty's subjects within the said dominions, and to impose penalties, forfeitures, or imprisonments for the breach of any such directions or regulations, to be enforced in such manner as in the said order or orders shall be specified. And whereas the officers of the Chinese Government, resident in or near Canton, in the empire of
第 54 頁 - Canton, do hereby formally give notice and require, that all British-owned schooners, cutters, and otherwise rigged small craft, either habitually or occasionally engaged in the illicit opium traffic within the Bocca Tigris, should proceed forth of the same within the space of three days from the date of these presents, and not return within the
第 83 頁 - supra-cargoes of the East India Company; over and in respect of the trade and commerce of His Majesty's subjects at the port of Canton, should be, and the same were, thereby vested in the superintendents for the time being, appointed under and by virtue of the said Act of Parliament.
第 54 頁 - I Charles Elliot, Chief Superintendent of the Trade of British Subjects in China, moved by urgent considerations immediately affecting the safety of the lives and properties of all Her Majesty's subjects engaged in the trade of Canton, do hereby formally give notice and require, that all
第 120 頁 - in quantity ; and yet the broadcloths, and camlets, and cotton goods, of the barbarians from beyond the pale of the empire are in constant request. Taking men generally, the minds of all are equally unenlightened in this respect, so that all men prize what is strange, and undervalue whatever is in ordinary use. From Fuhkeen, Kwangtung,
第 100 頁 - to be understood that proof of British property, and value of all British opium surrendered to me agreeably to this notice, shall be determined upon principles, and in a manner, hereafter to be defined by Her Majesty's Government. " Given under my hand and seal of office at Canton, in China, this twenty-seventh day of March, one thousand eight hundred
第 121 頁 - people enervated by luxury. In the history of Formosa we find the following passage : " Opium was first produced in Kaoutsinne, which by some is said to be the same as Kalapa (or Batavia). The natives of this place were at the first sprightly and active, and being good soldiers, were always successful in battle. But the people called
第 205 頁 - and interests of the British Crown, cannot be prejudiced by their continued residence in Canton beyond the period of his own stay, upon their own responsibilities, and in spite of the solemn injunctions of Her Majesty's officer. Given under my hand and seal of office, at Canton, in China, this
第 123 頁 - and the scholars. Those who do not smoke are the common people of the villages and hamlets. If, then, the officers, the scholars, and the military, alone, be prohibited smoking opium, while all the people are permitted to deal in and smoke it, this will be to give a full