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NEW Edition Of Sir John SINCLAIR'S STATISTICAL Account respondent's letter. Having spoken at length elsewhere of Cinder. OF SCOTLAND.—Sir John has, with that generosity which has ever ella, as performed at our own theatre, we have this week no further distinguished him, presented the copyright of his valuable work to theatrical novelties, the Society for the Benefit of the Sons and Daughters of the Clergy;

WEEKLY List or PERFORMANCES. and these gentlemen are about to publish a new edition of it. Their

FEBRUARY 5-1l. prospectus, and a circular letter addressed to the clergy of Scotland, are now before us, From them we learn that arrangements have

SAT. A Bold Stroke for a Husvand, Ho Lies like Truth, & Pere been made with the publisher, in consequence of which the Society's


Mon. funds are secured against loss. The circular letter is an energetic Tues.

Cinderella, of The Robber's Wife,

Do. & The White Phantom. and unaffected appeal to our parochial clergy, calling upon them to Wed. Do. A Roland for an Oliver. lend their effective aid to a work which has already produced so THURS. Po. & Perfection. much benefit to the country at large, and to their own order in

FBI. Do. f The Bee Hive. particular; and which is now published for the behoof of a fund in which all of them have so near an interest. Could we conceive it

TO OUR CORRESPONDENTS. necessary, we should join in this exhortation, and also in emphati- A PAUL PRy sort of correspondent wishes to penetrate the secret cally recommending such a work to public patronage. Forty years of our theatrical arrangements. The office has for a time, like the have now elapsed since the first edition was commenced, and in that great seal upon the change of a Ministry, been put into commission. brief but busy period, much of its matter has already become obso- _" C. M. S.," " J. S.," "J. B.," “ A. M‘K.," " M.," “ W. S.," lete. The parochial divisions have again been adopted, and are, upon « M.," of Arbroath, and “ G, B.,” will not answer.-Mary Scott the whole, considering the nature of the work, the best. But a very evinces natural taste, but is too diffuse and unequal. The authors material improvement is the distribution of the different parishes of " Maggie Rouat," " A Sketch of the Deep," and of the poem, under their respective counties, and their arrangement, as nearly as entitled a “ Dirge," shall hear further from us.-Some papers have possible, according to their proximity in situation. The gentlemen gone amissing in the transference of a certain box. who subscribe the circular letter by authority of the Society are names of good augury. We find among them Lord Moncrieff, Principal Baird, the Lord Advocate, Drs Chalmers, Inglis, Andrew

[No. 118, February 12, 1831.] Thomson, and Gordon, and the Dean of Faculty, Mr Hope. But a yet surer ground of reliance is our confidence in the gentlemen in

ADVERTISEMENTS, whose hands the labouring oar has been placed, and in the talents of

Connected with Literature, Science, and the Arts. our church. The new edition will be much less voluminous than the former : not exceeding nine, or at the most ten volumes. It is to be published in quarterly parts-three forming a volume.

SCOTTISH DR ANDREW THOMsoy.-A sudden death has deprived us of one of ACADEMY OF PAINTING, SCULPTURE, the most talented members of the church of Scotland, and undoubtedly

AND ARCHITECTURE. of the most active and indefatigable in the discharge of his duties, as well in the parish committed to his

charge, as in the church courts. THE FIFTH ANNUAL EXHIBITION of the The most prominent features of Dr Thomson's character, were energy

ACADEMY, for the WORKS of LIVING ARTISTS, will and fearless honesty. An uncompromising advocate of what he be- Op en on Saturday, the 19th instant, at the Room of the Academy lieved to be right, we know he occasionally jarred the nerves of sen- 24, WATERLOO PLACE. sitive opponents. But his violence was merely excess of energy--it

By order of the Council, never was malignant. And we know that in the discharge of his

D. O. HILL, Secretary

Edinburgh, 11th Feb. 1831. more private and noiseless duties, he evinced, by the beds of the sick and dying, the warmest heart, and the most delicate sympathy. Dr

LE LOUVRE ECOSSAIS, Thomson's mind was not peculiarly distinguished, for a man of his eminence, by depth or subtlety,--it partook more of that power which

68, GEORGE STREET. marked his whole character. The field of his fame was in the debate

Numerous and valuable additions being united to the late Exhibition

of PAINTINGS, able ground of a public meeting. It was there that his clear and definite views of a question—his powers of illustration, of argument, I THESE ROOMS are again Open, and the Colof humour, and sarcasm-had free scope. He was master of his sub.

lection now contains above Four Hundred PAINTINGS,

chiefly by the Ancient Masters of the various schools, in addition to ject, and dallied with his adversaries, as the eagle delights to buffet

the Chef d'Euvres (including the coamel-surpassing Exhumated the opposing wind. His written compositions, although far above Heads, by Legozio, unique, indescribable, and inimitable, so unexmediocrity, were more laboured, and less powerful. He was one of aggeratedly natural, and incomparably horrible, yet lovely in decay, the few who know to reconcile an independent and chainless mind

and beautiful in their beau-ideal of corruption, which have been to true feelings of devotion. He evinced equal judgment in the already exhibited, there may now be noticed many superb works,

which have been procured, owing to the late patriotic movements in happy discrimination betwixt serious religious sentiment and vague the Netherlands, &c., and from private Collections in England. morbid enthusiasm. He has left his place empty, and it will not Admission from 11 to 5 o'clock, 18. each. easily be filled up.

Tickets for three months from this date, 5s,, and to former sub

scribers 4s. MR WILLIAM RITCHIE.-Since our last Number went to press,

Artists are admitted gratis, as formerly, from 9 to 11. this gentleman, one of the original editors of the Scotsman news.

The proceeds will be applied to charitable purposes. paper, has been taken from his friends. We consider it our duty, as Edinburgh, 5th Feb. 1831. chroniclers of all events connected with literature, to take notice of this event, because the paper, of which Mr Ritchie was a joint con- WILSON'S AMERICAN ORNITHOLOGY. ductor, has always devoted much attention to science and literature,

Speedily will appear, in and still more, because it was the first paper that set the example of

CONSTABLE'S MISCELLANY, a more free and intellectual tone in its discussions. The sensation THE AMERICAN ORNITHOLOGY produced by the Scotsman, during the first years of its career, was

ОР prodigious; and if it be now less talked of, this is owing to the greater efforts which its success has obliged its rivals to make.


BONAPARTE. Ritchie possessed a naturally strong mind, which he cultivated assi. duously. He was a conscientious man, and a true friend. He and

WITH NOTES AND ADDITIONS, his coadjutors could make the proud boast, that while their paper

By ROBERT JAMESON, Esq. never shrunk from the honest and decided expression of their opi- Regius Professor of Natural History in the University of Edinburgh, nions, it passed through a period of the most virulent party-spirit,

&c. &c. &c. jealously watched, without having been accused, except in one in.

In Four Volumes. stance, (and that a trifling and pardonable ebullition of momentary Price 3s. 6d. each Volume. ---Fine paper, 55.-Royal paper, 6s. exasperation) of having indulged in such a personal reflection as our

This Edition of the above highly interesting Works will consufficiently watchful law could lay hold of.

tain the whole literary contents of twelve volumes quarto, and will Theatrical Gossip.The cause of Westmacottu. Kemble is set still farther be increased in value by numerous Additions and imdown for the 10th instant, to come on in the court of King's Bench.

provements by Professor JAMESON. The original and only Editions The appeal in the great Covent Garden cause, Harris v. Kemble,

have rarely been sold in this country under forty guineas; and are, is expected to be heard in the House of Lords on the 18th. The consequently, of much less frequency than their merits deserve.

The Proprietors of Constable's Miscellany therefore trust, that by stage has long enough cracked its jokes at the expense of the lawyers, putting such important and valuable Works, without curtailment, -it is now the turn of the latter. In the course of the year 1830, and in an improved state, within the reach of every person, they are there were brought out, in the various theatres of Paris, 169 new performing an essential service, not merely to the student of natural pieces : viz. 7 tragedies, 13 dramas, 31 comedies, 16 operas, 28 melo- history, but to the general reader.

The New LIFE of WILSON, from the pen of a distinguished Poet; dramas, 72 vaudevilles, and 2 pantomimes. 114 authors, and 9 will be added. composers, furnished this mass of works.-Our readers will find all Edinburgh: Printed for CONSTABLE and Co.; and HURST, that is of consequence of London theatrical intelligence in our cor. CHANCE, and Co., London,

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No: xxvii. Was published in London on 31st December, and may now be had

in Edinburgh, Glasgow, &c.

This day is published, -
Price Is. 6d., extra boards, fine paper, 58. royal, 6s.
Embellished with a beautiful view of Mount St Michael,




In the Years 1829 and 1830.5

Edinburgh : Constable and Co., 19, Waterloo Place; and Hurst,
CHANCE, and Co., London.

In the press,

And will speedily be published,

As tints fall down upon October leaves
Brilliant and many-hued, but touch'd with sadness,
So are the summer fancies of my mind

Chequerid with thoughts more wintry."
London : Hurst, CHANCE, and Co. Edinburgh: Henry Con.

CONTENTS. 1. Popular Defensive Force. 2. Lesson's History of Man. Hannibal's Passage of the Alps. 4. W ster's American Dictionary. 5. India and China Trade. 6. Character of George IV. 7. Scottish Parliamentary Reform. 8. Heiress of Bruges. 9.. Maxwell

. Il Belgian Revolution. 11. J. P. Cobbett's Italy. 12. Bruce's Travel 13. "Machine Breaking. 14. Tennyson's Poems. ` 15. Basil Barring ton and Friends. 16. The Wellington Administration, 17. European Revolution.

18. Doctrina copularum Linguæ Latine. List of Books, &c.

WILLIAM TAIT, 78, Prince's Street, Agent for Scotland. Sold also by T. ATKINSON and Co., Glasgow, and all Booksellers.


CONTAINING 5000 RECEIPTS! In 1 vol. neatly and closely printed in double columns, comprising

upwards of 500 pages.. Only 9s. 6d. bound, THE COOK'S DICTIONARY, and HOUSE

KEEPER'S DIRECTORY; a new Family Manual of Cook ery and Confectionary, on a Plan of ready Reference never hitherte attempted. By RICHARD DOLBY, of the t'hatched House Tavere, St James's Street.

“ T'he dictionary plan is novel; you pounce at once, ladies, on the article you want, and settle in half a glance how to have it cooked Poor Dr Kitchener would have run wild, and summoned a new com ipittee of taste, had he thought it possible to present such an ir provement in the culinary art. It appears to contain all that the veriest gourmand in Christendom would sigh for, in a life like We thusalem's."-Lady's Magazine.

Printed for HENRY COLBURN and RICHARD BENTLEY, London: and sold by BELL and BRADFUT8, 6, Bank Street, Edinburgh.

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In the press, .
And speedily will be published,

In one volume, 12mo, price 78.


Edited by PAUL HEIDIGER, Esq.

Late Lieutenant in the Royal Navy.
Genus amborum scindit se sanguine ab uno.Virg.

O Hymenae, Hymen,

Hymen, O Hymenæe !-Catull. 1 Edinburgh: HENRY CONSTABLE, 19, Waterloo Place; and HURST, CHANCR, and Co., London.

This day is published, In 4 vols. Coolscap, price £1, 88. in cloth boards, illustrated with

100 Engravings of curious, rare, and interessing subjects, i LONDINIANA; or, Anecdotes, Tracts, and

MEMORIALS of the STREETS, BUILDINGS, and PERSONAGES, connected with the HISTORY of LONDON in all ages. By E. W. BRAYLEY, Esq. . “Mr Brayley's Londiniana is indeed a very interesting miscellany, in which the historian, the antiquary, the topographer, and the man of letters, will find ample and various sources to gratify each his peculiar appetite."--Literary Gazette.. See also Gentleman's Ma. gazine, the Monthly Review, the New Monthly Magazine, &c. &c.

In fancy boards, price 6s !

To palliate dulness and give time a shove."'-Cowper.

In one very large volume, 8vo, with One Hundred Engravings,

Price L.1, 5s., half bound,

A SECOND EDITION OF The OPERATIVE CHEMIST, consisting of a full Practical Display of MANUFACTURING CHEMISTRY, and of its detailed applications to every branch of Manufactures.

By SAMUEL F. GRAY, Esq. Author of “ The Supplement to the Pharmacopæia," &c. &c.

In 2 large vols. 8vo, price 218, The HISTORY of the HEBREW COMMONWEALTH, from the EARLTRST TIMES to the DESTRUCTION of JERUSALEM, A.D. 72, Translated from the German of Jown JAHN, D.D. With a Continuation to the Time of Adrian." By CALVIN E. STOWB.

“ This very able work of Professor Jahn, one of the most learned of Continental biblical scholars, has long been'a desideratum in the English language. No biblical student should be without it, and it may be read with interest and profit by the general enquirer."Monthly Review, June, 1829. See also Literary Gazette, August 1, 1829. IMPORTANT TO ARCHITECTS, ENGI.

NEERS, STONEMASONS, &c. &c. A new edition, in royal 8vo, price 18s., with 13 plates from original

drawings, by Mr Peter Nicholson, A POPULAR AND PRACTICAL TREATISE


Architect and Engineer, author of "The Architectural Dictionary,”

The Carpenter's Guide," &c. &c. London; HURST, CHANCE, and Co., 65, St Paul's Churchyard : and HENRY CONSTABLE, Edinburgh.

0 1 b

In one large vol. 8vo, 16s., MCULLOCH'S PRINCIPLES 'of POLITICAL

ECONOMY. Second edition, greatly enlarged and improred. “ By much the best manual of political economy that has yet been presented to the world."-Edinburgh Review, No. 104.

SMITH'S WEALTH of NATIONS. By M'Cul. LOCH. 4 vols. 8vo, L.2, 12s. 6d.

" The best edition of one of the best books in the English labguage."-New Monthly Magazine..

BROWN'S PHILOSOPHY of the MIND. 4 rols. 8vo, L.2, 12s. 6d. ; or in vol. L.1, 1s.

“ An inestimable book."-Parr.

TYTLER'S HISTORY of SCOTLAND, Vol. 1., II., and III., 8vo, each 12s. Vol. IV. will speedily appear.

This work has been noticed, with decided approbation, by Sir Walter Scott, the Westminster Review,

British Crític, Quarterly Re view, Times, Spectator, New Monthly Magazine, and by most of the Newspapers and other Periodicals.

PITCAIRN'S CRIMINAL TRIALS, Part I. to VIII, 1to, each 15s. Part IX. will complete the work.

The SCOTTISH SONGS, Collected and IUustrated by RODENT CHAMBERS. 2 vols. royal 18mo, 12s.; and

The SCOTTISH BALLADS. 1 vol. 6s.

2 vols. 12mo, with eight fine Plates, 16s.; or 9 vols, post 8vo, 21s.

TRADITIONS of EDINBURGH. By R. CHAN: BERS. 2 vols. strall 8vo, 9s.

STATISTICAL ACCOUNT of SCOTLAND. ! vols. 8vo, L.12, 12s.;

L.4, 4s, in quires, credit; or L.3, 13s Gil, ready money.

Printed for WILLIAM Tart, 78, Prince's Street; ATKINSON and Co., Glasgow; and LONGMAN and Co., London,



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FOUR YEARS”, RESIDENCE in the WEST principa! Contributors to Black wood's Magazine with numerous



9. The CELEBRATED ADDRESS to the DEIL. !! Published by

By ROBERT BURNS. With Eleven first-rate Engravings on Wood, WILLIAM KIDD, 6, Old Bond Street, London; and HENRY from Designs by Thomas Landseer. CONSTABLE, 19, Waterloo Place, Edinburgh.

“We should have thought it impossible that so perfect a gem Important to all who are interested in the great Question of Negro could be produced at so triding a cost."-Times. Emancipation.

10. The GENTLEMAN in BLACK, by one of the INDIES, in 1826, 7, 8, 9. In one handsomne 8vo vol., with

. 8vo, Qumerous Views.

in cloth, price 7s. 6d. “ Our readers have heard much lately about the misery and hard- • This is, without exception, one of the cleverest and most amuships endured by the slaves in the West Indies: but as there are sing stories we ever met with : as a work of fun and fiction it stands always two sides to a question, we advise them to suspend their unrivalled. The illustrations are by that prince of artists, George judgment till they have perused a very intelligent volume, just Cruikshank, and are, as they always are, inimitable."-Edinburgh published, called Four Years in the West Indies," —Morning Evening Post, Chronicle.

Vide also Alhenæum, Literary Gazette, &c. &c. &c. A very clever work, containing a great deal of useful informa- 11. A LETTER to EARL GREY, on his tion. It should be read by every person who is interested in the

SPEECH in favour of the Corn Laws. By an Old Farmer. 8vo, West India question; and who is there in this country that is not

18. 6d. deeply interested ?"- Monthly Magazine. “A very interesting volume, containing a complete history of the

This day is published, past and present state of the West Indies.”—Monthly Review. In 4 vols, foolscap, price £1, 8s. in cloth boards, illustrated with The only readable book on the West India Colonies that has yet

100 Engravings of curious, rare, and interesting subjects, appeared : it abounds in lively and graphic pictures of society."- LONDINIANA: or, ANECDOTES, Tracts, and Glasgow Free Press.

MEMORIALS of the STREETS, BUILDINGS, and PERSONAGES, “ This volume cannot fail to supply much valuable information

connected with the HISTORY of London in all ages. By E. W. to those interested in West India property, as well as to those who BRAYLEY, Esq. are pledged to advance the great cause of humanity--the abolition

“ Mr Brayley's Londiniana is indeed a very interesting miscellany, of negro slavery."-British Magazine.

in which the historian, the antiquary, the topographer, and the 2. The DOMINIE'S LEGACY; consisting of a man of letters, will find ample and various sources to gratify each Series of detached Tales. 2d edition, 3 vols. post 8vo, price 24s. his peculiar appetite."- Literary Gazette. See also Gentleman's Ma,

“We begin now to have some hopes of winning fame for sound gazine, the Monthly Review, the New Monthly Magazine, &c. &c. wholesome literatire, since the public are willing to patronize so

London: HURST, CHANCE, and Co., 65, St Paul's Churchyard; unpretending and unpuffed a work as the Dominie's Legacy."- and HENRY CONSTABLE, Edinburgh. Atheneum.

Price 2s. " These highly interesting tales well deserve a place in every library."-Blackwood's Magazine.

THE CHILDREN 3. TRAVELS and RESEARCHES of the most Eminent English Missionaries. By the Author of the “ Dominie's

THE WOOD. Legacy." In one closely-printed volume, price 75. 6d., neatly bound ILLUSTRATED WITH EIGHT EXQUISITELY FINISHED in cloth.

WOODCUTS, “ A little work, well conceived, and extremely well executed. The author need not be anxious on the subject of encouragement; a good Nesbitt, S. WILLIAMS, JACKSON, and BRANSTON and Wright.

From Drawings by HARVEY, and Engraved by THOMPSON, and useful work like this is sure to meet with it."-Spectator.

" Though the Christian may find much for solemn reflection, and London: JENNINGS and CHAPLIN. Edinburgh : HENRY CON. the philosopher much to interest in this volume, yet an idler could STARLE, 19, Waterloo Place. hardly take up a more amusing book."-Sunday Times. “ A volume which will be read with avidity, more particularly in

Just Published, price 14s.

In extra cloth boards, Embellished with a beautiful Portrait of the country"-Atheræum.

A Second and much cheaper edition,

From a Painting by John WATSON GORDON, S.A.,
4. DERWENTWATER; a Tale of 1715. 2 vols.

VOLUME FOURTH Bil post 8vo, price 14s.

OF “ A tale told in a good spirit, and with a refinement of taste un usual in ordinary povels."— Allas.

THE EDINBURGH LITERARY JOURNAL A charming romance of the early part of last century, which

AND GAZETTE. contrasts powerfully with the inflated stuff which forms the bulk of modern romances."-Intelligence.


weekly periodical in Scotland devoted exclusively to literary discus5. RANULPH DE ROHAIS, a Romance of the sion, and while it has pretty nearly kept race with the southern Twelfth Century. 3 vols. post 8vo. By the popular Author of press in its reviews of London publications, it has generally main“ Tales of a Voyager to the Arctic Ocean."

tained a priority in so far as relates to works published in Scotland. “ The descriptions of nature in these volumes are vivid and In the extent of its information regarding Continental and American picturesque, and the characters individualized and brought out with Literature, it has also equalled that of any other similar periodical. no ordinary degree of skill. We heartily recommend it as a work In the department of the Fine Arts it challenges competition with of considerable interest and varied talent, beautifully written, and any British publication, and scarcely a Number has appeared unen, full of pictures of the good old days of love and heroism."-Edin- livened by Fragments of Literary Gossip, Sketches of Society and burgh Literary Gazette:

Manners, Tales, or Imaginative Pieces, from Contributors of high 6. The BRUNSWICK, a Poem, in Three Cantos.

Literary celebrity.

The aim of the Conductors of the LITERARY JOURNAL has been 3d edition, with considerable additions. Foolscap 8vo, 5s.

from the first to make it decidedly a national publication ;-in the “ Fallen, fallen, fallen, fallen !"-Dryden.

liberal and modern acceptation of the term, which implies neither A more agreeable diversity of witty conceits and touches of ignorance of, nor dislike to the literature of other countries. Above all, genuine poetry, has not appeared since the immortal Don Juan,”- they have aimed at distinguishing themselves by independence and Morning Post.

fearless honesty. Their endeavours have been rewarded by a steady “In this poem there is much beautiful poetry, many excellent and increasing circulation, which extends throughout all Scotland, descriptions, and a vein of good-natured satire, at once severe and great part of Ireland, the North of England, and even the British Me

The author rambles from grave to gay with the most deter- tropolis. Nor will the late change in the editorial department produce mined uneoncern."-Brighton Gazette.

any change in the spirit or principles of the work, seeing that the 7. FACETIÆ; being a general Collection of the in their adhesion, and that the gentleman who now conducts the

phalanx of its old friends remains unbroken—that new ones have given Jeux d'Esprit, illustrated by Mr Robert Cruikshank. In two hand work, has long been the most extensive contributor to its pages, and LO some vols. with gilt edges.

has, ere now, assumed the management in the absence of his prede“ These elegant little volumea, which are got up in a very tasty cessor. manner, are well adapted for the drawing-room table, and will be The Work is published every Saturday morning, elegantly printed eagerly sought for to beguile a weary hour. Under the title of in double columns, on royal octavo. To give assurance of the accuFacetiæ, they comprise all the witty sallies and effusions of mirth racy and beauty of its typographical details, it is sufficierrt to menthat have appeared, from Monsieur Tonson'. to Margate'—ation, that it issues from the BALLANTYNE PRESS. humorous poem, which, though late in the field, is by no means Price

of each Number 6d., and 10d, when stamped and sent free inferior in merit to any of its predecessors. The illustrations alone by post; but arrangements have been made, by which unstamped are worth considerably more than the price charged for the whole copies are delivered on the day of publication to Subscribers in all work."-Morning Chronicle.

the principal towns of Scotland. It is sold likewise in Monthly Parts, 8. The POPULAR JEUX D'ESPRIT, illustra- (price 28.) neatly covered; and is made up into volumes every hall

year, one great object being to make its contents of standard interest ted by ROBERT CRUIKSHANK. Separately, as follow :

and value. 1. The High-Mettled Racer, by 8. March of Intellect, Is. Charles Dibdin, Is. 6d. 9. Old Booty's Ghost, 1s.

Edinburgh : Published for the Proprietors, every Saturday Morning, 2. Monsieur Nongtongpaw, 16. 10. The Devil's Walk, 1s.


PLACE; 3. Monsieur Tonson, 1s.

11. The Real Devil's Walk, 20 1, Monsieur Mallet, 1s.

edition, with considerable Sold also by THOMAS ATKINSON & Co., 84, Trongate, Glasgow; W. 5. Margate, & Humorous Poem, Additions, 2s.

CURRY, jun. and Co., Dublin : HURST, CHANCE, and Co., St Is. 6d. 12. The Devil's Visit, ls.

Paul's Churchyard; and EPPINGNAM Wilson, Royal Exchange, 6. Brighton, a Comic Sketch, 1s. 13. Steamers versus Stages, Isa London : and by all Newsmen, Postmasters, and Clerks of the 7. Matthew's Coinic Annual, Is.

Roads throughout the United Kingdom.

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Just published, in 1 vol. 8vo, price 14s.


STANDARD NOVELS. Description of the Country, its Advantages and Prospects with reference to Emigration; and a particular Account of the Man

Uniform with the WAVERLEY NOVELS. ners, Customs, and Condition of its aboriginal Inhabitants.

On the 1st of March, beautifully printed and embellished, By ROBERT DAWSON, Esq.

price 5s, each number, Late Chief Agent of the Australian Agricultural Company. “ The comprehensive nature of Mr Dawson's duties, and the STANDARD NOVELS.-No. 1. Containing monuinents he left of his exertions, demonstrate that no man could

Godwin's celebrated story of CALEB WILLIAMS, complete, stand in more favourable circumstances than he did, for appreciating price 5s. the exact amount of benefit to be derived from location in New No. II. will contain THE PILOT, by Cooper, complete, price South Wales. The narrative portion of his book is distinguished by

5s. delightful simplicity, affording the general reader a fund of agreeable

According to the Prospectus, issued some time since, the present information, while those whose thoughts are fixed upon emigration

collection will consist solely of those works of fiction which have to Australia will find the question discussed, both specifically and

been established in public estimation by the uneming voice of fame: incidentally, to a highly satisfactory extent."- Atheneum.

and to the novels of each writer will be prefixed a Biographical and SMITH, ELDER, and Co., Cornhill, London.

Critical Essay.

Printed for HenrY COLburn and RICHARD Bentley, London:

and sold by every Bookseller throughout the Kingdom: Agents for

Scotland, Messrs BELL and BRADFUTE, Bank Street, Edinburgh ; In Two Volumes, Demy 8vo., price 305,-Royal 8vo, price L.2, 23., and for Ireland, JOHN CUMMING. Dedicated, by permission, to his Majesty,

KNOWLEDGE FOR THE PEOPLE. THE SCOTTISH GAEL; or, Celtic Manners as pre erved among the Highlanders. Being an Historical and

This Day, elegantly printed, price ls., Descriptive Account of the Inhabitants, Antiquities, and National ZOOLOGY: BIRDS.-Being Part IV. of Peculiarities of Scotland, more particularly of the Northern or Gaelic Parts of the Country, where the singular Habits of the Aboriginal Because.

KNOWLEDGE for the PEOPLE; or, The Plain Why and Celts are still most tenaciously retained. Illustrated by upwards of Sixty deseriptive Plates, and accurately coloured Engravings of the

By JOHN TIMBS, Costumes of the Highland Clans; with correct Specimens and De

Editor of " Laconies," " Arcana of Science," &c.

Printed fur H. CONSTABLE, 19, Waterloo Place, Edinburgh. scriptions of their respective Padges, Tartans, &c. &c. By JAMES LOGAN,

of whom may be had, Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland.

PART 11.-ZOOLOGY: QUADRUPEDS. Is. “ Mr Logan has acquitted himself loyally to his country, and faithfully to Literature-his work bears in every pige the unequivocal

PART I.- DOMESTIC SCIENCE. Is. evidence of observation and research. To all Scotchmen, and lovers PART III.-ORIGINS and ANTIQUITIES. Is of Scotland--to every enquirer into the history of man-we recom- PART. V.-POPULAR CHEMISTRY. Is mend Mr Logan's book."-Atheneum. “ Mr Logan's work will have the good effect of clearing up many

(March.) doubts, and of showing the Celts and Lowlanders in a more distinct light than they have hitherto been relatively placed; it possesses also

This day is published, the merit of being accurate, patient in details, highly descriptive,

In 2 vols. 12mo, price 15s. boards, and always entertaining. Wherever there is a small collection of

THE MILITARY BIJOU; books pretending to the character of a Library, this History of the Scottish Gael should be added to it without loss of time."- Allas.

OR, THE “A production of much research and ability, and replete with CONTENTS OF A SOLDIER'S KNAPSACK. interesting investigations into our Northern Antiquities. It deserves the warmest patronage of the public, as a most meritorious, curious,

By JOHN SHIPP, Author of his Own Memoirs. and sterling performance."-Literary Gazette.

Waugh and INNES, 2, Hunter Square, Edinburgh; and WartSMITH, ELDER, and Co., 65, Cornhill, London.

TAKER and Co., London. As a complete LIST OF SUBSCRIBERS to this Work will be

This day is published, inserted at the end of the Second Volume, Gentleinen desirous of

12mo, price 38. sewed, possessing Subscribers' Copies will require to forward their names to the Publishers, or to their respective Booksellers, immediately. L'HERMITE DE LA CHAUSEE D'ANTIN.

Par M. De JOUY, Membre de l'Academie Française. Being & NEW WORKS,

selection of the most interesting articles from the larger celebrated

works of M. Jouy, descriptive of the Scenes and Manners of Paris in NEARLY READY for PUBLICATION BY

the present times, and equally adapted for the Student of Modern HENRY COLBURN and RICHARD BENTLEY,

French in its purest form, and for the general reader, in respect of New Burlington Street, London.

wit and amuseinent. A list is appended of words of familiar Parisina

use, but not to be found in Dictionaries. I.

WAUGH and INNES, 2, Hunter Square, and 31, South Hanover

THE CORRESPONDENCE of the Right Hon. Street, Edinburgh ; M.OGLE, Glasgow; and WHITTAKER, TREI

CHER, and ARNOT, London, SIR JOHN SINCLAIR, BART., with REMINISCENCES of the most DISTINGUISHED CHARACTERS who have appeared in Great

This day is published, Britain and in Foreign Countries during the last 50 years, illustrated

In three vols. with fac-similes of upwards of 200 Autographs. In 2 vols. 8vo, with

(Uniform with Tales of a Grandfather,") Portrait.

Price Hall-a-Guinea,


FOR CHILDREN. of a Visit to AZANI and other newly discovered Ruins in Asia Minor.


In 2 vols. 610,

Author of Our Village." with Maps and Plates. III.

London: WHITTAKER, TREACHER, and Co.; and WAUGA and

INNES, 2, Hunter Square, and 31, South Hanover Street, EditThe PREMIER!!! In 3 vols. post 8vo.

burgh. IV.


18mo, 2s, 61. cloth, Sir ARTHUR DE CAPELL BROOKK, Bart, F.R.S. Containing an A BIOGRAPHICAL MEMOIR of the late Di Account of a RESIDENGE in BARBARY, and of an OVER


In two

both of the Royal Navy, and Major ALEX. GORDON LAING, all vols. 8vo, with Plates.

of whom died amit their active and enterprising endea yours to V.

EXPLORE the INTERIOR of AFRICA. The TUILERIES. An Historical Romance. By

By the Rev. THOMAS NELSON, M.W.S. the Authoress of Hungarian Tales. In three vols. post 8vo.

London: WHITAKER, TREACHER, and Co.; and Wargu and VI.

INNES, ?, Hunter Square, and 31, South Hanover Street, Edin

burgh. CAPTAIN BEECHEY'S VOYAGE to the PACIFIC and BEHRING'S STRAIT', for the purpose of Discovery, Edinburgh: Published for the Proprietors, every Saturday Morning, and of Co-operating with the Expeditions under Captains Parry and by JOHN AITKEN, (of CONSTABLE & Co.) 19, WATENLUO Franklin. In One vol. with numerous Plates, engraved by Finden. PLACE; VII.

Sold also by THOMAS ATRINSON & Co., 84, Trongate. Glasgow; W.

CURRY, jun. and Co., Dublin; HURST, CHANCE, and (e., St The HISTORICAL TRAVELLER. By Mrs Paul's Churchyard; and EPPINGHAM WILSON, Royal Exchange, CHARLES GORE. In one vol. small 8vo. This Work will consist of Lundon ; and by all Newsmen, Postmasters, and Clerks of the a series of Narratives connected with the most curious epochs of Roads throughout the United Kingdom. European history, and with the phenomena of European countries.

Price 6d. ; or Stamped and sent free by post, 10d. It is expressly designed for the use of young persons, to whom the study of the Universal Flintory can only be partially presented.

Prioted by BALLANTYNE & Co., Paul's Work, Canongate.

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of a numerous class of readers, to 'The Scottish Friendly Society By John Malcolm.

of Governesses and Female Teachers,' at present establishing in

Edinburgh. The list of patrons includes most of our countrymen, When I in death departed

who are distinguished for worth, talents, and influence. The list Lie dark and all deserted,

of honorary subscribers, though respectable, is not numerous, and Forget not thy last love; but when the bright day I am far from wishing it to become so. It is, indeed, desirable that Smiles o'er the sleep forsaken,

some contributions should be obtained, to meet the extra expenses It never more can waken

unavoidable at the beginning of such an institution; but once

fairly set agoing, it must be left to stand or fall by the estimation Oh! then a passing thought give

in which held by those for whose benefit it is intended. There To her that's away

are many in the class of governesses, who have entered it upon the When vespers sweet are hymning,

truly Christian principle, that it is their duty to learn and labour

trnly to get their own living.' To such I need not urge the adAnd shadows deep are dimming,

vantage of entering into this Society. It may, however, he neces. And night's dews are weeping the sun's vanish'd ray, sary to remind them, that these advantages must be proportioned Then by the bright hearth blazing,

to the numbers that come forward, and that therefore an early On beauty's circle gazing,

intimation of their intentions is of importance. But there are Wilt thou a passing sigh breathe

many governesses, scarcely advanced beyond their pupils in any For her that's away?

thing but the elementary branches of education, and a few showy

accomplishments; young women who have been induced to adopt When summer bright discloses

the profession by the representations of their friends that it would Her gay and garden roses,

raise their rank in society; persons quite ignorant of the world And smiles o'er the land in her fairest array ;

and its ways. Out of such materials, judicious mothers of families

may, and not unfrequently have inade inestimable teachers of With golden glow illuming

youth. I would call upon such mothers, to enforce upon any young A world, where all is blooming,

females of this class they may have under their roofs, the propriety Think then upon the pale flower

of laying up, in the days of health and youth, against the approach That died in her May.

of sickness and old age; and to instruct them regarding the bene.

fits of the Society I have named. In hopes that these hints may And when the year is waning,

lead persons of more influence than myself to think and act in this And autumn winds are plaining,

matter, I romain, &c. &c.

A Scottish Parson's Wife. And Nature's wan beauty is touch'd with decay ;

Manse, February, 1831."
When round thy pathway lying

Theatricul Gossip.--A new piece (a translation from the Frenchi,

of course) has been produced at Covent Garden, entitled “ Com. The yellow leaves are dying,

rades and Friends," By all accounts, it is “bitter bad." “Much The faded things will tell thee

Ado about Nothing" has been acted at the same theatre, with a Of ber that's away.

strong new cast, Miss Kemble performing Beatrice, and Miss Taylor Hero. The performance seems to have give'n general satis.

faction. Miss Mitford's “ Inez de Castro" will be produced before LITERARY CHIT-CHAT AND VARIETIES.

Easter; and a tragedy by Barry Cornwall is talked of.- The Ora.

torios have commenced at Drury Lane, Miss Paton has re-apJon Epps, M.D., announces a Life of the late John Walker, | M.D., Director and Vaccinator of the Royal Jennerian and Lon.

peared. Our correspondent hints that her voice is scarcely equal don Vaccine Institutions. Next after Jenner, Walker has had

to what it was; but admits that her popularity is nothing dimi.

nished. The celebrated David has made his appearance at the the greatest share of merit in the promotion of vaccination. A new edition of Crofton Croker's Killarney Legends is an

King's Theatre The most discordant accounts are given of his ( nounced, with contributions froin the Hon. Mrs Norton, and

merits. A Mademoiselle Beck made her debut the same evening: G. P. R. James, Esq.

she is reported to be a respectable, but rather tame performer.--A full-length portrait of the King, after Lawrence, and another

In the French plays, Bouffé continues to increase in popularity. of the Queen, after Beechy, engraving in mezzotinto by Hod

He is said to be equally happy in the simple delineation of nature,

and in the broadest farce. In the latter, however, he never outgetts, will appear early in the spring.

Messrs Trenttel, Wurtz, and Co. are to commence, early in steps the bounds of taste; a degree of tact frequently met with March, the publication of a French Family Library, in 8vo, with

upon the French stage, but on our own possessed exclusively, portraits.

we believe, by the Manager of the Edinburgh Theatre Royal. --Mr Macfadyen of Glasgow announces a musical publication,

Mr Aldridge, late of the Liverpool Thieatre, has been engaged somewhat like the Musical Annuals. It is to be called The West

as leader by Madame Vestris.-Miss Foote is performing at Bath ern Garland,- the words by Mr Atkinson-the music to be fur.

with her usual attraction. The Manchester Theatre is about to nished by the chief professors of the “gentle art" resident in the

open in great force, and with a splendid opera.--Mr Russell has West of Scotland.

been succeeded by Messrs Vining and Ward in the lease of the The Philharmonic Society of Glasgow have already had several Brighton Theatre.-Vandenhoff has been in Glasgow for a week private Concerts, and are soon to have a public one.- The Misses

past-well snpported both behind and before the scenes.--Young's Paton sing at Mr Nicol's next week.

approaching visit here would be a source of unmixed pleasure, Lerty.- A society has been lately established here for the culti.

were it not for the fatal word “ last." He is right: but when vation of vocal and instrunental music, under the title of “The

he leaves the stage, our last really classical tragic actor is lost to Leith Philharmonic Society." It at present consists of about forty

We admire, and shall ever be ready to bear testimony to members, including about ten from Edinburgh. Though there have

Macready's genius, but he cannot supply the place of Young to us. been only three meetings, several symphonies, overtures, and Kean-ought not to have returned. glees, with orchestral accompaniments, have been performed with

WEEKLY List or PERFORMANCES. considerable precision and effect. We understand it is contem.

FEBRUARY 19-25. plated to have what is called an open night in the course of a few SAT. Cinderella, & Lore in Wrinkles, weeks, when we hope to be able to give a inore particular account

Mox. Do. the White Phantom, of the proceedings of this very promising society.

Tues. Do. of The Bottle Imp.

Wen. Do. Perfection. ART AND ARTISTS.--Mr Westmacott, Professor of Sculpture, de

Thurs. Do. * The Bottle Imp. livered his first lecture for the season in the Royal Academy, on FRI. Do. & Masaniello. Monday was a week. He dwelt foreibly on the necessity of observing those principles which directed the practice of the Greek

TO OUR CORRESPONDENTS. sculptors.-Edwin Landseer has been elected a Royal Academi.

ANNA MARIA has imposed a disagreeable task upon us. Were eian.-Stothard and Etty have succeeded in their exertions to prevent the removal of the fine Gothic screen in York Cathedral. lines addressed to us; but love effusions are best kept secret.-"J We rejoice at this ; for we could ill bear to see one characteristic F.”

wishes also to know our opinion of his verses; we never give feature of this venerable pile defaced. -- It is rumoured that a new

opinions.-"Lines on the Fine Arts" are inadmissibleso is Otto's

communication. The Legend from Voigt's “ Reinische Sagen" society of painters in water-colours is about to be established in

has already been translated.The “ Astonishing Incident" is London—The St Luke's Club held its monthly meeting on Tues.

very commonplace --The “ Last of the Mʻlans" has not yet been day last, in the Waterloo Hotel-- Alexander Nasmyth, Esq., in found; so soon as he is recovered, he shall either be printed or the chair.

returned.-Verses by the same anthor scarcely come up to our SCOTTISH FRIENDLY SOCIETY op GovernesSES AND FEMALE

standard. The same answer must serve "J. N."_"8. S.will not Teachers.-- We are happy to give whatever publicity our columns

do.--Our“ Constant Reader" may perhaps dissent from our judg

ment--we have done our best.-J. B. T's" last communication can communicate to the following letter :

is not equal to some of his writings which we have seen.--"Quis?" “Sir.-Allow me to request your attention, and through you that “Thirsis,” and “M.,” scarcely come up to our standard.


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