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OTUNTIA earth; ana hbt pieceout the beanfordfMdie Academy contingiTAY 8310.


l continued to increase in violence till the 8the At 1. Carolina, aff she Island of Madaghacatinitko harbor now remains to tell witeit trood. The loss of pro Inime in the evening, a black cloud arose in the north of St. Helena, and off the West Coast of Califolmia. perty has been estimated at $70,000. Soins de 10

and extended itself over the whole district of Sida. 1 The observations on Brooklyn Heights were públibbod * It were well could, we stop here; already, we On its near approach sida was involved in darkness, in the Brooklyn Star, March 2, 1846. mouth the death bf twenty-one of our fellow beings, and when the cloud hovered directly over it a shower On the 23d of March an earthquake was felt oat and deplore theredndition of sixty-two wounded. of sand and ashes were discharged, which covered Maysville, Ky., at twenty minutes to one o'clock in

To relieve the destitute and distressed, we appeal the ground aniuch deep. . Earthquakes withiincessant the morning. On Brooklyn Heights the equilibriqin to the public. Shall we appeal in vain ?

peala of; thunder and frightful subterranean noides, state of the atmosphere of the night of the 23d lasted R. D. MCLEAN, Mayor. continued throughont the whole day. On the tenth, eleven hours, and next day was followed by another T. 8. LANDA


several fire spouts were seen in izhe north, while the fixed state which continued during the day. This J. C. GRAY,

thunder and commotions of the earth increaséu ? in account was published in the Star of the 25th of N. HOWARD, Aldermen.

violence. Constantibarthquakes that threatened the March. On the 23d of March, in the forengons a Grenadą, Miss. May 15th, 1846. .. 01....

foundations of the islandz-fire spouts ümilierable the violent shock of an earthquake wás felt at Cuba, on lurid stream that filled the bed of Skapter (river), in the Island of Cuba. The account of the Maysvallo

distribable sounds in the air and earth, with constant earthquake reached here on the 1st of April. and tħat THE EARTHQUAKE OF MAY. 81A1846..5

thunder and one inceshat sheet of lightning, were of the Cuba earthquake on the 238 of April...8 The Journal of Commerce of May 26, 1846,"states the objects ipresented to the senses of the affrighted On the night of the 23d of April. an equilibrium as follows:

Icelanders, and made them believe that the day of state of the atmosphere was observed on Brooklyn “EARTHQUAKE AT Memphis l_Aøright shäck of

judgment had arrived. The quantity of astes, sul. Heights, followed by a storm. This was published an earthquake was felt at Memphis on the 8th inst.

phur, &c., ejected into the air, was so great that nearly in the Brooklyn Star of April 23. h e It will be seen that the same peculiar state of the

the whole European atmosphere was obscured!3.La. J! On the 28th of April an equilibrium state of tho atmosphere succeeded this as we have recorded in

minous meteors were observed in England, Holland, | trhosphere was observed on Brooklyn Heights of reference to the earthquakes of December 1845, Jant and other parts of Ahe Continent, and tremendous 11 hours followed by a storm, this account was pubdary, Fetultty: "March and April, 1846: "...

earthquakes slidok the Northern Hemisphère. Invet. lished in the Brooklyn Star t'April 30 and Mays OH 'Brookhu Heights the temperature, May 9, at 2

erate diseases in the form of scurvy broke ontbven On the 28th Apr an earthquake was felt at $t. Croix, o'clock P.M., was 58;13, 58; 4; 58 ; 5,586.58 :'7.

in parts remote from the fire:6 in-six parishes, only, Cuba, the account of which reached here May 15th. 59 ; 8, 58 ; 9, 58 ; on the 10th at 6 A, M., 58; 7; 58,;

160 persons were carried off before the June follow. .' On the 8th of May a shock of an earthquake was 8, 58; and during this equilibrium two stornis of

ing; but some of these perished by famine. Tlie felt at Memphis Tenessee. On the oth of May an thunder and lightning occurred, accompanied by heavy same symptoms were observed in the human tace, equilibriumi state of the atmosphere commenced at rain.

and in the brute croatibuol The limbs, throat, and one o'clock P. M., which continued till sine oʻolook At Flatbush, L. I., the record kept by Dr, Strong'at

head were dreadfully swollen; and the joints con next morning, during which two thunder storms oothe Erasmus Hall Academy slows the following: in tracted as well as the ribsbr The sinews of the suffer. curred, in one of which the lightning struck sho May 9th, 2 o'clock P. M., 58 sanset or dubk 587

ers were drawn up, they were oppressed with pains barge office on the Battery.! " sfinteise riiothingcofile 10th, 58 - Vain 1,39,100 inches,

in the breast and long, thoirteetly became loose, their on the 30th of May, between one and two o'clock Barometer 20,35 sät siin fise of the 10th, the lowest gums mortified and came away, and in i maliy cases in the morning several persons in Salein, Massachuduring the month!I. Wind S. E. afternoon of the 9th

the tongue perished in the same marmer while the setts, say they felt the shock of an earthquake... Our and the same on the morning of the 10th: 1.

patient was still alive. The total number that perish. Hecord of that day, and the following, in this paper At Syraclise, Onondaga. Connty; New-York; the

ed from these causes' was 9000, or one-fifth of the will show the state of the atmosphere on Brooklya record kept by E. W: Conkeys; Esq; shows the follow: entire population. The loss of cattle and sheep was Heights, also‘atSyracuse and Şaltville: ing: severely felt by the Icelanders. Vegetation afterward

MAI.10. May 9, 9 A. M. 62; 3 P. M. 62: sunrise of the was, very laxuriant in those sections of the island' not

ERUPTIONS OF HECLA IN 1846." morning of the 10th, 58. Rain 0,90-100. 'Barometer

Overrun by-the laýa.blod vedio 155 !! , I , 100h algunrise 28,94; DA. M. 28,90:benty the lowest

Letters froin Iceland. received at Copenhagen, state Within the last 1000 years five eruptions of Hécla

that a great misfortune has befallen' that country in during the monia. Wind East on the 9th, and N. W:

have taken place simultaneously with the eruptions 10th Dew poigt, 66, åt, suniise, and at 9 A'M. 10th

consequence of the presentu eruptions of Hecla : à of Vesuvius, and four with those, pf Etna, and in 17665 May 31 biu, 11 ., D B

eating 0

i fatal malady having attacked the cattle, from with both Etha and Vesuvius. Mount Etna is in N. At Saltville, Washington. County, Va., Hecord kept

berbage which had beow covered with the volcanic lat: 37-9, 40, 3111, vhst longiulie 150.1KMount Vesu:

ashes by MryW. King, Jr..shows as follows:19 118 1 Jah,

in These ashes act more particularly on the vius is iy Ņ. lat, 407, 48, E, long 149, 27%. These bones of the animals which have 'swallowed their May 926A, M,6705 10X M670; 3 P. M. 67;

are the latitudes and longitudes of the Craters in, gach. 9, 673 61A. M. May 10, 64;:10 À? M., 64;

Thus, fou the bones of the feet there are förided, in P M 85; Mount Hecla is orlleks height than the "Adirondack 9 Ar Rain wiúd west. 1.,11 CZYTAX

less than twenty-four hours, losseous extérescences of mountains of this State. . Mount Vesuvids is about as At Morris', 'n Wall Street, New York, May 9, 3-P.

an oblong form, which gradually assume so forinidawid high as the Kattskill mountains. · Etna is near 11,000 M 82 ; 6.P.M: 63:; .6%A.M., both;,

I a developement that they jstevent the beasts from feet in height. Yecla is m lat. 63; N. long: 20 W. Thus we demonstrate that the atmosphere was ex

walking: the sampe phenomenon is then manifested

Thus it appears that the difference in the distance in the lower, jawo which is at the same time enlarged tensively affected by the learthQuakent Mepplins' and

of 25% of tatinide, anel near 400 degrees of longitude that a storm was also la companion of the pnehomena

and extends in alliditectional so considerably, that it was not sufficient to prevent the influence of each eventually splits.id several places, whilst on the teeth Our good friend, Mr, JALACK, of the Journal of

of these volcanos upon the others; it may not, there. Commerce, will now most assuredly be satisfied that

of the upper jaw there is formed a species of ossepu forerobe thought isutprising that our atmosphere the editorial qonment from his sen antendental Sur should be more or less affected by the recent con

| needles, very long, and pointed, which take foot in

the lower jaw, and even reverse it - phase of the companimation published in that paper of the 13th of vulsions of Icelandbris 169).. ..

I malady whichealways déterminie ha fatát issue. As January 1846, in which He says of 193 very unsafe It will be seen by the records in this folume and in to sely upon a.mete cointidenée birting, as showing

the two last umbers of the Municipal Gazette, that any connection between events occurring dt far distant

ashes were scatteredithrough the island; and a great a series of.edrthquakós have occurred between our ll, number of cattle, especialiy oken, come, and Sheep, places, and having so far as we know, no natural con locality and the equator within the period of six I have perishedadf ithe eruption of Hecla is prolonged nection with each othero".IT! .6 16 DE'18 7019111081"

months. 211071 T IW HITI The atmosphere that cover our whole

for two months mone, all the rural proprietors who lobe.

On the 33d of December 1945, an earthquake was has a natural connectibris' and it is this natural con

have not hay enough to keep their Kerurland the felt at Memphis in Tennessee, Sat.half pastol in the

Il majority are in this sitáation will be obliged 'bither nection " which has been disturbed-the consequens

evening. At Brooklyn, the temperature fell'abruptly. ces are therefore natural rebults. The atmosphere in

to slaughter, their cattle or to abandon thietti to certain 3. degrees, and was followed by ai équilibriuni state the immediate vicinity of the destruction produced

death on the praştiires thus poisbridil biyothie v8leguit of the atmosphere of eleven hours, which equilibrium' ashes, i The eruption of Mount Hecla Was extremely by earthqwakes pridr, to the shock. is in a state so exex- l was succeeded by a snQW:storm.) o firstulat

violent. The flames which issued from the thres traordinary as to be the subject ott especial notice to !

An account of this peculiar state of the atmosphere

great: craters, attamed farhéightför 14,900 feet and the tihabitants, la 001-80,0.131 d ll. .001-30 was published, in the Brooklyn Står of Dea th their breadth ekceeded, the greatest readth of the the north eastern section of the American Contad and 26ths : sbrie : ui 2013 101 sort y

y river Pioersen, the most considerable Ritem Iceland,

river nent has recently been in a mergo disturbed butesildhe

On the 30th of January; i1846, ah earthquake took' | volcanoes of Iceland which bave been quet fox hidreri

The laxa had alreatyrformed lofty monittain's; "ain! place at Santo Tomas, near the equator: "Ar Brook anongst the massess of stone vomited by the voicand: than 60 years have recently been in a very disturbed

lyn the temperature of the atmosphere was in an equi iland, which have been found at a distinide of three condition. The climate of Iceland for the last two librium state for eleven hoursion the night of January fourths of a mile, there were some which w yned summers has been uncominonly mita for that latitude, 31, followed by a snow storipsi This observation was half a ton. By the eruption of Hecla, the enormous agd, such was, the cabo pript to the dreadful eruptions published'in the Brooklyn Star, Feb. 2, 1846, ana'the quantities of snow and ice which had accumulated of, Skaptan Yakan 1783291) have before're an ac?

account of the earthquake reached here March 14, | for several years on the 'sides of that mountain have count of thal eruption fronriwhich I take the follow 1846. doivri 101.

melted, and partly fallen into river Rangun, WKich has, igg brief; extraets ,gterou mislom» ?

On the 28th of February 1846, an earthqnake was overflowed its banks several times. The waters of * Till the mouth of May the season' was unusually?

experienced at. Cincinnati, Ohio, at about 8 o'clock that ariyer, which rung almost at the foot of Mount fine for the climate and vegetation uncomithouty" for 1

in the morning. i A riselin the teinperature took place, | Hecla, and which receives a large portion of the Burt: ward: Toward the end of the month a light blue li on Brooklyn Heights at that time of 3 Hegrees, folosing lawa, were so hot that every day thay cast upoti smoke, for fog was seen floating along the surface of lowed by a snow stormi and athegalibriant state of the bank numbers of dead trout, alınost half baked the earth, but nonel of the inhabitants were alárned'

the atmosphere that night of elever hotty's., A storm Every pight, vivid streaks of thë aurora Borealis illy till the first of Junei when several shockş'of an earth. 11

was experignced at New Omeans,"Norfolk," Rich i mined the sky. Jourbalispieombretze; May 30th quake,gue, wanaing qfi what was follow. They? | mond, Saltville, Nott's Tstand on the coast of North '| 1846.



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May, 1846.

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Of A Wig March 1846.

er Sunrise.

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SYNOPSIS Made by L. W. Conkey, Esq., at Syracuse, Oonoda- | Made at Saltville Washington County, Va., by Mr. || dago county, New-York, for the month of May, W. King, Jr., for the month of May, 1846.

of observations made by L. W. Conkey, Esq., Syra1846.


cuse, Onondago County, N. Y. for March, 18 15.

State of the weather.

1.55. .56.-..cloudy, rain, west wind, thunder.
REMARKS. and calm. 3 p. in and calm. fog 6 a. m., light shower and calm.

1.. 5.. 3..23.. 5..

10.. 4..27.. 9.., and calm., west wind, rain.

3.. 2..10..23..23. Lunar halo, 2 rings., weet wind, rain, thunder. 4..16..33..54..43..,, west wind, rain, thunder. 5..37..40..42..32.. broken cumulus. ..cloudy, west wind, rain.

6..80..35..34..18.., west wind, rain.

7.. 6..16..38..31.., variable wind.

8..32..50..40..40.. and calm.

9..31..36..41..33.. and calm.

10..26..32..43..30.. (11 p. m., rain, west wind.

11..20..30..49..39.. light cimus 3 p. m., sprinple rain, rain, variable wind.

12..37..45..53..46.. rain 6 a. m., rain, west wind.

13.. 45..50..57..52.. Showery most of the day, ?, rain, variable.,

rain 0,40,100. S

14..42..46..42..36.. most of the day, 66..clear, west wind.

15..32..37.. 43..38.. Light snow 4 A. M. light fog 8 a. m. and calm.

16..34..38..38..30.., commenced at 3 a. m. 20.51.-.74.72..clear and calm.

17..25..29..33..29.. frost. light clouds, calm.

18..25..35..41..30.. light frost, showers 3 p. m.. clouds, calın.

19..28..38..49..37.. clouds, calm.

20..32..41..53..41.. frost. wind, rain.

21..32..88..28..33.. 10 a. m. and calm.

22..27..34..40..30.., north west wind.

23..28..39..57..47.. point 11 p. m.

Robbins first seen. ? [rain at 3 p. m. west wind, rain, thunder.


24..40.. 44..50..51..Showery, rain 0,20,100. cirrus cumulus all day light, west wind, rain, thunder,

25..40..43..59.. 45.. (p.m. rain, 1,10,100. thunder shower 2 a 1. west wind, clear.

42.. Showery, heavy thunder 5 ) heavy shower 10 a. m. and at west wind, clear.

27..36..44..46..39.. Rain Squall 2 p. m.

28..35..42..42..10..Showery, rain 0,10,100. of Salometer 96°-broken noon. cumulus 3 p. m.

clouds, west wind.

29..36..39..42..37.. at 11 p. m.

In the time to come, the specific gravity of the

30..32..38..44..38.. Saltville brine will be noticed semi-weekly, as well

31..34..41..4.2..33.. THE BAROMETER.

as the bour at which any hard thunder or storms At sunrise wind east on 10, 11, 23, 25 and 26. may oocur.

W. K., Jr. South east, 1, 2, 3, and 24. South 4, 7, 8, 12, 13, and The lowest during the month was on the 10th

The following record of the meteorlogical observa 27. South west 20. West, 5, 15, 16, 19, 21, 22, 28, 28,90. On 121h and 30th 29,22. On the 1, 2, 11,

29 and 30. N. West, 9, 14, 17, and 18. 27, 28,and 29 at 29,20. Dew pointat 9 o'clock on tions made by Mr. W. King, Jr., of Saltvlile, Va.,

At 9 A, M., Wind east, 2, 11, 23, 25 and 27. S. the morning of the 10th was 66. The Barometer are a continuation of those made by the same gentle east 1 and 24. Sonth 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 19, 20 and was highest on the 29th, being 29,74; and was at man and published in our paper of June 1, pg. 560. 27. South West 20. West, 5, 15, 16, 19, 21, 22, 28, 29,70 on the 16, 17 and 21.

29, 30 and 31. N. West 9, 14, and 15. North 6. Clear weather at sunrise on the 4, 5, 7, 13, 19, 20,

March 21 to March 31, 1846, both inclusive.

At 3 P. M. East 11, 24, 25 and 26. South east 1. 21 and 22; at 9 A. M. 4, 5, 12, 20, 21 and 22; at 3

8 a.m. 12 m. 6 p. m.

South 2, 4, 7, 10, 12, 13, 23 and 27. West 5, 89, 14, P. M. on the 4 and 21; at 9 P. M. on the 3, 4, 6, 11, March 21..38..52..42..frost in the morning.

15, 16, 19, 21, 22, 28, 28 : 29, 30 and 31. North 12, 17, 18, 19, 21, 24, 25, 26 and 31. Thus the 4

22..52..64..-..rain all day.

West, 6, 17, 18 and 20. and 21st were entire clear days; wholly clear at

23..44..58..48..rain all day.

At 9 P. M. east 11, 24 and 26. South east 1. South bunrise 1, 2, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12, 15, 16, 17, 23, 24, 26,

24..50..62..53.. broken clouds, west wind.

2. 4, 7, 12, 13, 23 and 27. South west 10, West, 3, 30 and 31; at 9 A. M. 1, 2, 6, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15,

25..46..54..48..morning clear, evening west 5, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16, 19; 22, 25, 28, 29, 31. N. W. 6, 16, 17, 18, 24, 25 and 30 ; at 3 P. M. 1, 2, 5, 7, 8, 9,

winds, cloudy.

17, 18, 20, 21 and 30. 10, 11, 15, 16, 20, 25 and 30 ; at 9 P. M. 1, 2, 5, 7,

26..41..51..45..cloudy, west wind, snow.

Clear weather all day, 1, 2, 10, 19, and 22. Clear 9, 10, 14, 15 and 16. Thus the 1, 2, 9, 10, 15 and

27..42..46..43..cloudy, west wind, rain.

at Sunrise 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 10, 11, 19, 20, 22 and 27. 16 were wholly clouded.

28..45..58..46..clear and calm.

Clear at 9 o'clock on the 1, 2, 3, 7, 10, 19, 22 and 23. Rain commenced at 3 P. M. on 1; at 2 A. M. on

29..34..-..47..clear and calm.

Clear at 3 P. M. on 1, 2, 3, 9, 10, 19, 22, 23. Clear the 2d; at 7 A. M. on the 9th, and quit at 6 P. M.;

30..34..58..45..clear and calm.

at 9 p. m, on 1, 2, 5, 6, 10, 10, 11, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22 at balf past 9 on the morning of the 10th, and quit

31..47..60..49..light clouds, calm.

and 31. at 3. P. M.; at 9 A. M. on the 16; at 1 A. M. 23d,

Barometer at 30 at 9 a. m. on the 3d, at 29, on the and quit at 81 A. M.; at 14 A. M. on the 27th, and


14th at sunrise, 9 a. m. and 3 p. m., and on the 15th quit at 30 minutes before 1 P. M.; and on the 30,

A correspondent of the Journal of Commerce at sunrise. On the 25th at 9 a.m. at sunrise 26th, 7A. M. and quit at 10 A. M.

writes from Ponce, Porto Rico, under date of May and 3 p. m. Rain 2d, 0,30-100; 6th, 0,10-100; 9th. 0,45-100 ;

5, 1846, that during a residence of four and a half Dew Point at 3 p. m. 2d ; at sunrise the 7th, 1; at 10th, 0,45-100. ; 15th, 0,04-100; 16th; 0,55-100;

months, rain had fallen but once, and then but for 3 p. m. 25th, 49, 24th, 42, 13th, 48. 17th, 0,03-100; 230, 0,95-100; 28th, 1,10-100; 30th, half an hour. Ponce is in lat. 18 N. lon. 66 W.

Fall of Rain during the month, 1,75,100 inches. 0,20-100. Total quantity of rain in May, 4,17-100 The Journal of Commerce says that the Belize RAIN.-March, 1841, 3,33-100. March, 1842, 3,inches.

Gazette, (Honduras,) of May 9, states that the The Dew point was below 30 on 19 and 21; and

08-100. March 1814,0,03-100, March, 1845, 3,68weather is unusually warm, the thermometer rang 100. above 60 on the 10, 23, 26, 27, 30 and 31.

ing from 92 to 101 at noon in the shade; and that The wind blew from the east all day on the 1, 7,

Rain, 1841, 27,40-100 inches; in 1842, 38,89-100 ; the continued heat and dronght had nearly put a 9, 22 and 26; from the west on the 12 and 25 ; from

in 1844, 31-100, and in 1845, 37,85-100. stop to vegetation, and exhausted nearly all the tank the south on the 6 and 14 ; south east on the 8 and water in the settlement. 28; noth west, 11. The remaining 17 days it was Demerara, British Guiana, which is near the Egna

EARTHQUAKES. variable.

tor, has been suffering several months from the It has been observed that prior to the occurrence of drought.

earthquakes the atmosphere was in a peculiar state. THE TORNADO.

What infiuence the subterranean mass may exert upon

Arctic Ice has, for the last few weeks, almost en. the air which rests upon its surface, or what influence The violent gale of the 5th did great damage ||

the Atlantic.

the peculiar state of the atmosphere has upon the inbelow Wilmington, on the Delaware. Thatcher's

terior of the earth, beneath it, is impossible from the whip-house, at Wilmington, was lifted up ten feet in Schooner H. S. Cranston, bound from Richmond, limited observations which have been made, to deterthe air and dashed to pieces. Another ship-house | Va., to Philadelphia, with a cargo of coal, was struck mine. Water in wells prior to the occurrence of earthwas prostrated, burying some three or four persons by lightning off Hog Island the night of the 7th of quakes sometimes disappears. It is probable that ander the ruins. Considerable injury was done to June inst. One man killed, and all on board severely most of the earthquakes result from the peculiar state obe Church and other buildings. "Two men named | stunned—both her masts shivered to pieces. She of the atmosphere which rests upon the thus disturbed Hardy and McKay were killed, and another wounded. I put into Norfolk on the 15th inst. in distress.


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THEOTELEGRAPH WIRES, AND THE THUN is guimion or ford kilf another!! .0E E. tb sin bosadenedflyal 1643 and Shan 12 Adige BHPB2714
So bain JS DER STORMA.; locie i rů,8 ;|| Sunday evening, May 24, the tiglútning struclu the newed; and rit the drgah stijlı cparidper, the next
dowegive bdiowheberatail Pacto frófndinte bent befohet
Alagnetic wires in North Wllbrehath, Massachusetts. year'p_crop will be lost entirely.,

yearcrop vul be, logt entirely...! EM .vol.

; The lightningriin ;three lengahs bf; the ovire, hteal paper of the opérteleon of the lightning u pot'n't mag ing three glass kanglis, teoring: Qxt. One toj stanies and

6,9,10AYQTHER STORMET,d ;£0.01 , &c Reid Riisand the Feitgraphs. We dondezagree wife

Another storm. passed, overopr, cityeyebterdays afdescended are blithe polés tolhe. Hraundosplittings | BHP the Writers that ar Indulcire cannot calm a

ternoon, about 5 o'clock, companied with bearst itto pieces @ : 0a . .. i817 .sk Apary charge, mbytjetlanother, that relughining påss

thonder apd. sharp lighwingio

i n Burbain2 i gantleman wlabutdok shelterintelorian awhing Nupudra i din maground. bendäitsche Pour face un ir: Broadwaxisdavisig azilander: Shaterlabb lot of

11:43c DEATHSOBY DIGITNING,: 10.91 ; 18 Mayy saw the lighinjag nuh lupon the telegraph wired" || the earth except in particular rofalutej tketemperature

We learn that a. már; whicsdr Marne we haver ride if unifor any unchinging daid tored body of water pr shiprtg fibat Tipontif. ime

the ocean solo per

aturezhisthead.; "
T E :A1,08 ,& i

been able to ascertain, Hogether with Viwdi borkes, niui yra

weteo struck ibyKgláthángt during the storil yester

dayin Akibrntionpingar MPTA A twetto alle, onto the anyon, eleco Was observed op, the line of tha Electric Telegraph

Washington Redtrofid; am the incity of the nelay! between i New York and Balindora, .,Jbursday

Houses and instantly killda.... C OM.rphegy T Hitnete violentos para mais bien ghe Telegkapk arrels | Jung Are the like pla whiclo miranever before know

,5;tí,c : Baltimore Pattiö, Stardày; 'funë 6.: Ta bt 28..84 182,7; 09. to man,i Thro shundar terme, veach;nome thirtyoorill. The Cotton Factory belonging to Samuel Hopkins,

sixtyilles from the othari were all.consög&ease on Exeter,' 'R. "I! was struck by ligjitumg the night of * 21, 1846. Ask :3!12 s. the Telegraph route about the same time, and'évérol June 3u1, 1898, set on fire, and with its contenta, -yedwespondence of the Carpnieroial Advertiser.

wholly computed to , opd; mured, W.194,01 M. Antonio I Ifackensacken

cardeg by the ligha ning ilgelt ind the Telegraph ||

May 18457"? CHOTT the thünder Bhoker which passed over thia

offige at bersey City, Philadelphie Wilmington or wit eris:uiii be gabriess's bus aim yosteunt ; 8Cut || Baltimore. The wires became altogether unhaagenisit, D

del i to ,08 Hilo.08 , ;66 ,& ithin d'Ton puis

.: 1.6 village on Mopday afternoon laat. Max. 18 the electric


indi:0,:21,8 ;{1,.i:10.0 able, and the operators beinysabled to withdraw


hd Agia game in contact wath the wires of the magnetic the batteries used for writing the visites from thre: 1 .0;lu

. .1978

!! D telegraph. i was standing in front of my regidence clouds had the field to itself. The letters of Morse's) F Na directly under the wiros and near one of the poles Telegraphic alphabet which this namral lightning f

e o

?din Of Mki-im or rather I wlis passing along; &Hall of lightning was seemed to bre moet partial.top werd Leand, T., but

da geen and immediately a sharp cracking sound;, like

ot oli '1011 e

mi ??!!bili oocasionally-it wentata the numerals and adashived of thatgccasioned bor the discharged ariffe, was bebird; 1%, -508,5,575, 1008 ande 300's, in its owu tapid :||:

to o 557 500:8ands 5000'd lite

Asefuoiuri Evd 19701eah sew ,iqgicienilt. Ebu'n pri rather like the discharge of two or three niflesin | stylegur We learn that whest otwo:dd more thunderall



lt;babiswi bus bulliz anim49918

C..:DD very rapid,

.00.6:16. ilgin616 Geensioni: These were presentsauc clouds get in the same vicinity and discharge thoiroll I mori 191 1111110902


alin15 TotabaT 1.9 Cof ceeded by thondet, I was much sturtled and dipetted electricity at pagh other. of receive the fluid from the We copy the following's

We copy the following rom the Voice of Free my course to the house, where I found my wife some earth and return to it; agaja, art when ground light, dom," of April 25, 1346, published at Brandon, M S wist alarmed; she supposed the house was cracking ning prevailsg the effeqton, ahe Telegrüph/wiratis, Is tool to piecés.?

produce a strange and original language which imaoul ,1:40 0:1. LIGHTNING BODS. 1 ; 06.GC I thought at the time, the electric, fluid had come

yet benaderintelligible. My fictreach kind of lighi || I again invite attention to the importance of pro in contact with the wires very near where I stood ; ning speaks for itseli and wrides(lay ið says.. şunca tecting buildings by lighting conductors 5

| De Franklin first made the discovert: and both but upon inquiry and by personal observations, I am

science and experience prove, that buildings may be Fed to believe the fluid struok the wires about three

ari) quarters of a mile West of the village; för atthat place


riadospérfeody'sedure from lightning, by the use of

IC-LLNE. Xoiar 47.11 allusi the wires are brokcn and four of the poles-ate corrJEDuring a severa ithnder storrn;'abent. Delock

metalic conductors not costing oter 3 cents per food öderably, shattered., s

on Thursday afternoon, a tree was wtruck by night)

SWMr Eben. Merianti, of Brookiya, NY: Wendeals .1.7. ! ning on the time of the Baltinrore Railroad, near the The electric finid semins to have passed from that

ortng to awaken án interest on the subject. He states, gipowder water station just as the train of cars

that helise kept a register of rlte doigs 8f lightning point both in a Westerly and in an Easterly darection

for over 25 years fot Philadelpkia was put in motions. The tree felt fotlowing the wires for the sharp cracking sound

and Vas never heard of a serious bøt wus: Keld up from the track by the strong tele. of which I have spoken (was beard along die lmes as

injury to a person in a buildingor on board of a vessel gtaphic iwives, which were not broken, though the far as the toll bridge on the Passaig river, winch is

protácted by Ant kind of a lightning 'rod:"") 49 8. whalo weight of the treei dame i upon it five miles to the West of us, and in the other direc

If we consider how much property, and how many

to clear tion as far as the Hackensack river, where the wires the track so as to allow the train to pass, it was real

lives triax yearly be saved: by the use of such röddin cessary to cut the wire: Wheft this was accom:

and what a vast amount of suffering from fear may be were broken and the pole muoh shattered by the fluid

plishell, the branches of the tree were removed, and l.

o prevented thereby how can we account for the apa. passing from the broken wire whigh reached down

all thy on this subject 1 -103490111in ( 17. 06. ibes Grain passed'on without much idelay. It was all

10 about one-third the length of the pole : at which point

ngriaw escape for the train, as the tree fell but #Tew the shattering of the pole commenced.

Ale / Meriani states that "in 1843, from May 1, indicati rods in advance of the engine. The communicain

Oct.the deattis of 56 persons were recorded in one Co If there had been a depot for stafion house at that tion withi Baltimore: was openeit before '10 o'clock. !

newspaper, the Jounal of Commerce, New York city." point, it is probable it would have been destroyed. Opérations. On the linel were suspended, after a briet"

He also registered about 60' deaths hy Riglıthing from! Vithin the distance of two miles that is to say message from Baltimore, on account of the thunder

Junito July 30, 1845. T one mile on each side where it is supposed the electric storm, which the operatori in the oity: 'stared was

JOne-fourth and 5-16'inchi rods are used for conduet. Huid descended, there are ten poles more or less shat. coming up at the time IT ,11:1,10 ,111:

Oor on board of war-ships. Bright surfaced rods are, tered; the four before referred to stand next to each

si und

ein biegows 10 il supposed to be best, either polished 'silvered, or tin drher; the other six are found at intervals, along the ||

NT THE STORM YESTERDAY, 1997, 315 ned, and yet Mr Meriam states that from all his enqui line. It is remarkable that some of the poles ara.

The storm, i yesterday, we learn;" was very severen

ries he has never heard of the failure of a'risty roa! Shattered and others remain injured.

between this city and Baltimore In those in

to secure the object desired when cotítinnous' land

The wire of thei! jured the course of the fluid can be traced till it. Telegraph was again broken about two miles belowb||

terminating in Moisture. Any rod to be a good con: Teached the earth. iiiar

ductor must teritaté id water or moist earth, or as Wilinington; 'anding communidation from Baltimore pietii!

or from Washington was consequently had, : Sederal || or Will it not be advisable, during a thayder shower.

-|| Limagine, in any other large body specially attractive.

all of electricity, 1 aceidents to buildings of a serious natuke werere Il

o , 11°; M to avoid being near the poles ?

T U:1770;

ticulats: we te Oinon
ported, but, mb, particulars were known.it!9,18,8:13

It is also remarkable that along the whole line from

if Professor Morse can send electricity 50 miles at che Hackensack to the Passaic River, the inhabitants:

im ,ur,feda(Philadelphiar paper of June Juin will, who among the umbelieyingcansuspect that other :01 ,T; DEATA BY LIGHTNING!..",? ;

men cannot prevent lightning from touching a buildthaught the lightning .bud strock in their immediate:

o rini | ing? Is it wise to leave exposed to lightning a valua. vicinity.co .or! . AN OLD SUBSCRIBER. 08 "We regret to learn that Mr. William Dranghon, of | ble building, and ite inmates, rather than ibeur'a dést OTRI .net har

of two or three dollars ? or rather is it not aspeciallya -- The Wire of the Magnetic Telegraph in Lancaster |

on Satirçlay, 30th Mayı : L 8,L10,51,477|| important to protect odifices by, lighting conductors city was track by lightning several times during the

;,:18. naroor (2;4) Pressure f. ; 1 ;.|| and thngcause people to feel perfectly segure during thunder storms of last week, April 29th.: No damage

Mr. Cerhas: ROBBINS.: living about seven rhiles! thunder showers, while within a protected buibližng ?I was done nor is it believed that, in case of a recur. || east 0f1 Ruincyn ult. Wası killed by lightning a feww!' || Below I give ope example of the effect of ia shafti rence of the accident, any injury could be sustained, il

1 days agow He was ploughing (in the field with two1|| of lightning as detailed in a letter from .Illinois to cáo ihó wire being too small to contain a sufficient quantity | yoke of oxen, and a small boy in company. . One of.||

relative in Hubbardton.

aail bf Buid tolproduse any deridus consequencers) The

the oxen was instantly killed.,

irritatem in

# Last fall a school house was struck thate at which Bourd produced by the stroke in the interior of the insie

Mr. St John, date of Habbardton, had four:children: 3

fič. 6: Journal of Commerce, June 9.., 5|| Telegraph Office, was similar to that of the report of The names of the persons killed by the tornado ati

The Lightning struck the chimney, and followed the aftstop, which was uccompanied by the emission of Wilmington, on Friday last, acdi Benj. Harding and '||

stove pipe to the elbow and then dividedal Part pasga ofew sparks! Lancaster paper... i'. 1'i isi7.cuit! Thos. McKay, both of whom have left 'wives and

ed down the pipe, through the stove and floor: thiei ill: tom and another, i cili do perso several children to inourn their loss. The person

other portion followed a wire from the elbow of the injured was named Niel Duffie, TuT During the thunder shower on the 6th May, the


stove pipe to the window, at which two of Mr. StaJohn's

pomla!!! Magnetic wires, at, the Jersey City Depot, were af.

Journal of Commerce, June 9, 733,

daughters sat reading, striking one of thelgtils on the

shoulder and very much burning her back and one of t fected by the lightning. The discharges were simi : :

Ponce, (Porto Rico,) May 23. li her legs. It then followed ghe floor plank across the lar to'those in the Lancaster Depot, stated above.'scrit, The drouth is now so 'great that the young plants li room, passing under the feet of another child of Mr. St.


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38an ve Ping AéroWoesias Ulistering hef Feel

Vecpitea edi gi gocsizozo yngl saory (eqrlerde

dead, wounded fodt captiota he reckoned an accu-I “The most bemarkable magnetic phenomenon deother girl at the window was slightly injured by īne |

veloped by this suryey is a point of local attraction on rate and full statement owing.19.jhe haste in which Negotisplintetg 6 the window.. bog Mr.

it was obtained but those i put dowg as killed are the Fivet wapsipinbeow," neatly in the centre of the St. Folk in "Mother part of the house was hit by: certainly dead, and perhaps olhere-bWe will pablish greatbend of the Mississippi Hver from Dubuque to a brickaxa considerably injurea. The girl'tiat was

Dayanport. At this place all the elements of magnet Werthe window was taken up bensétes and had

KILLED nốt rēgātied her wedda at ibedste op the letter, shoul

Sames Whitsetja pop, of Dr, S, Mhitetti ist are suddedly changed the variation, the dip the

children of D. Rosser, 1 daughter of Snyder.edt hbrizontal and total intensity are all pedalar. "The a week after the evenembusmertek RTCH!

son of Rhoffmani Mra Plummer,onjol: Mr Kirts dip and total intensity are greatly increased; while ,#000 ,edos y toxif VIEM E m onio

the east variation and horizontat intensity are diminishfailer. som, ot, Williamson, Banghan and child Fromo the same paparillon

ed. On three diferent kides the dip'is less that at this Wm. Rabanks, I son of Rex, Mr Boswell Henry pointing, it would beem, there 18 d'local point of s esitio 1o Emb ragetyo sdí PI 1o 19wog godt, horgogas bus kalliy botstogtooni

Allen sop of Mragallen, cnegroes belonging,oto-S1 || dipiona tagublitišrank Hot connecting itself, by any. heex$, thunder storth occuured at the northroast: Caldwell or belonging to Balfou anvixion lapit 19tei egualaip with any other point the properi of this place on Monday evening. April 20, which WOUNDED A daughter of D, Røsser, a spn of Rrite otygbigo being about 28 miles to the north of this: causedimas buildings in this village to-shake on Cottman, ,son ofl. Meltop,Mrs Baughan, somsaf place. In 1819 it was ascertained by Majof Longg the immediate vicinity of this storm the peals of thunt W War, Takao Joseph, la gonzal B. Williams, Sng som party triat'the dip uto St. Louis was !30m.; Vis. dermust have been terrifyingio We learn that a house of Dr. Edmondsa child of the late Dr. Payne aghile now, 1839, 69, 31, showing a mean'unhual'diminution

of Nr Burbanks, Mre Land lady of TB Lond of gogors ni 100119110191 T 110 wou in Geshenuescupied by Charles Washburn and family

711719981 warstruck, bx the electrigflyid, at the Chimneys top.n

JOM Sample, Marion, sondpf Aile Brown, Richard 109 and brisalogue, pytelni, coisasoaib eds. Jo the fluid passing down the chimneyote ya staxe pipe ! Armstrong Mrs. Nélsonbatohn Mitchell, Jarnes, Hadri

- faptains Larry and, Franklin each were engaged in

making rhagnétio observationstiq thel ahotic regions 194 whigh entered at thouside, thence down to the stove der, Egri 3 out adt 180 7938979 ,9modt sed sin it, shattering the chimney, and fPipes into fragments and Beauent accounts bstaten theorimbeni efo pents Cape. Frankliny, observationis;" cotipated by Prof. upsetting athe_stoves thence diyding, into different sdh diled til and like you meet togudad 46.629 Barlow, fiked the location of the magnetic pole in partai one portion passing into the gellar one perd | Marylpfo the sounded cannparegovarais si 199ido eili

lat, 69,16, and 98 m Westilongitude.so Capto Party's tion between the feet of Mrs. Washbarn whg isat od mogu otot-on F r eitagvno) ods 99GREAT FLOOD IN THE KIŠKIMIMITASbain

observation differed from this, and placed the smage! with her back towards the stove scorching her feet, apd rendering her senseless for a time i thence passieBythe: Piitsberg edzettebol May ngidwe heart nětic pote in 'Noftw lat. 40: B: Vong. 198:54 W now ing out at the south side of the house u and a third that there has been tribe of Ipl téet in the Aner During the same month and gne year aparti Captain's Rortion of the fluid directing its course north went ghártyataPittsburg, cauren obye la great fidode on the near the barn, killing om its way, six, out of ten sheep Kiskimikitase from sadulén ütid tremendous fall up

Parry and Franklin were engaged in making obsøtvad lying in the yard. Eight places were discovered rain in the neighborhood of Jokisto wit, Herhaps

conson'two nedales, pointed directly to Warai ' each where the fluid prassed out by the sillegor The floor in fair specimen of a water spout, One of the line other, and distant about 855 geographical miles aparti

ne)ropin was thrrwn up, and pther damage caused
to the house. This was certainly a narrow escape of below Johnstown, laden with fish, tar, and dry goods

The discopery ships in Lancaster Sound found their the inmates of that dwelling, and if lightning rods

compasses of no 'Uisë' being so much attracted by the

{! ISOtXರು LES will prove a preventivel.tor sucht occurrences, it is

The canal, and works on the Kiskiminitas, as far as iron of the ship as to become sluggisho bodizemtiso highly important that they be pused was known,'had 'sustained no damage. Ať Pitts

- Invba vetrinj elabudlare I Repört'unaab rocoligheder ist DREADFUL TORNADO AND DESTRUCTION OF | burg, however, muehdannage was sustained by the

the observdhiong made lumbermen, great quantities of lumber broke loose, nimi od lode LFPIPIND PROPERTY?' Olva

the operatera et the recente of eqqe Ilse Ji bus ; 9909hrva i nevinod YBHI

and was borne off by, the floods It was reported of Government, mayind the following anos y oveul efhei towalsofl Grenada, Miss. has been valmost that several lives were lost msndeayering, tas saye. -04 Po ascertain whether electrical phenomena exet ovénitiawayb by a texriblbo tornado,band with it the

swallots, abegabsW diged an influence on the declination; the magnet was lixes of anany of its jyaluable citizens. Tedt occurred

TREMENDONS. CHIAPP STORM'AT SNATCHEZ. closely obsérved during the violent thunder stormoon about 3 o'clockbon Thursdaythe 7th May, ultes Wei . Yesterday afternoon, says the Natchez Calies of

the 6th of Marek, tist of June, and thaly, 1841 and fiaid the following melancholy oparticulars ini adlip | the 15th of May, at hetta a quarter, before four

26th April, and 27th May, 18429! on one bocàsich the issued on the 8th at the Grenada Chronicle officeceo o'clock, this city was visited by a most violent'storm

lightning struck within 2009 vards and long terbna, The tornado entered Grenada in the western part, of wind chunder,o lightning, stain and wall! The

within 200 feet of the observatórys It was also observa and first in its sweep over the town took the houses windshew very hard Vahol the Thailaktotlegin'iyke

ed on the 30th of July (1840whientherl whole eastern of Genud. NaWaul, occupied by McEubankss of minutes imade the earth appear, at the distance of

portion of the heavens were in an almost incessant Mr. Samuel King, occupied by Daniel Robinson, Esquit few yards, as if an immense, quantity of sio wo Had

blazeof lightåing (générally terméd sheet lightning) and that of Gen. T. Ne Waal occupied by Robert F. fallen They fello in maurii places to the depth of ||

butat neither time hastanyl especialéhange bedri noted Purnel in the destruction of these houses, Iwolwhite several iwhes, Valying haize from three-quarters of

excepta shivering which immediately succeeded peale persons were hurried to eternity viz Mn Robinson an inch torantinoki an'a half in diameter it is all

of thunder, and is believed to be daused by percussion and Mrs. Robinson, in the death of these persons,

mosticertaintint in ghviesogofeottbin shalat Tages of the air.'irl baviob a onetog'109 5891 to 2*19J'ler) our friend and fellow stownsman, Danl.. Robinson,

1222513 AVOT MOTI Esg lost a father and a devoted wife. je naidrid bas

beantrained or baromišleinture by this litornios 981 | sved yet foglalatsi
art to enlata usau 911) MOTI

| Isioihui bris MAGNETIC ROCKS. quan vllorpa Several of his children were also wounded; there Rainois moich heeded at this timią.91 Eatly vegeta

My magnetic rocks, which I received tsönde time were also three negroes killed, the property of Dr. ables are beginning to suffer; and corn is at a stand,

since from the Magnetic Cove, near the banks of ithë Purnell, i A. Mr. Eubanks, was also, killed, and his The wheat, however, will be benefitted, as it was

Washita Rivery evidenced state of peculiar action child is lying mortally woundedrei The hurricane took rather ranklin its goewehidurke flyi nad made its ap

during an exposure to the atmosphere which hasrested off the roof of the bonse of James Simsa Esgs, and pearance in some sections of the State, but hastaney

upon our loéal surface, during the week ending with injured some of his familxer though fortunatelyi soccan little damage is yet. The baromerer has, for a fewr

the 22dh utt., During a portion of this time these bioged, no deaths to jos d289,010 fmagas 9ds eliges of days, indicated rainiita Doliimtis, Ohio,l20ch May

fragments of rocks chave been companions of other It then pašsed on through.,the southern part of the

jo juiogge einer edgeae) silm has 816 woq fragmentis ofarocks, collected from Palmer's Land in town and laid love the house wherein Mrs. Płummer

Innstul MAGNETIC ATTRACTION.O sissimo the Antarctie zi from the high latitudes in the Arctic lived, killing that lady and a number of her students

from the mountains a little isouth of the Equato it also swept away the houses of our fellow townsmengi

Valendor maldehythe commissioner

Iva report made by the Commissioner of the Geni and from other localities, in various latitudes, tot Peter Gause James M, Baughan, Dr Smider Eas." eral Land Oflice by William Pelham, Esq Surveyor and beneath the earth'& surface, 29 TIhave also placed Land, Mrooster, til Dollabite, S. Caldwell, Mrs.'

in close dproximity with these roeks, water from General of the State of Arkansas, -dated October 22đ, Jones, L. D. Butler, and several others, which wet do..not now,recollect, together, with the Baptist 1845, that officer remarksthus"

various sections of the éirth, and Bridifferent de!

707 Juegos De I ha's

-1996 og hus 2900) aty og sig bas leyol ton s' grees of density i Alsteet ipen which had become church, and the Grenada Male Academy.laigalds ro "The aggregate sum of this estimate is $25,668itta attached to one of these stones, with its point towards

It also injured more or less, the houses occupied bya the basis of this calculation being the pricesdieretofore the zenith, is covered with bumerous metallic fibres,
Dr. Edmonds, E. H, Mitchell, T. M. Oliye and Dr. paid for surveying except with regard to [some ten of a sixteenth of an inch in length, likel the feathers
Tarpleyhour friend, Daner Robinson, not only lost
his wife and father, but a considerable sum of moner

townships, the survey of which, with the ordinary, loftw newly fledged bird. 31The nearest acute angle of

compass has been found impracticable owing to the the rocksextending mah upward projections is Corére which has been blowri bir'in the wind and has not influence of local attractions. The survey of these ed with littlei mutalliot fibres pointing towards the been found.

091art townships has been estimated at $8 per mile-a price ramid va treat confusion, the groans of the dying and

point of the pen. The whole presents a highlyanteri which is low engugh for the extraordinaty method esting display, and is exceedingly instructives out the woful and heartrending laneritátions of the living i which must necessarily be employed to induce suffin -01 supended asteelneedle by wfine threadvin alcohol the storm left usita opursuerits: march of devastation cient accuracy in their measurement." dan W A B | in a transparent glass ihditle--also in essential oil of through the country deg lo juecretolas edi bar adob

I havet received oseverál boxes of rock ispecimens |

lavender imolive oil, and in water fully satirated with An equally ruinous and dreadful gtorme it has never

from this weality, afiong whickare'some that are very | been our sad misfortuneito witness, or our painful

common salt, and the muriate of lime and magnesium

and ristil plate lof vimesh The magnetic rock exhoved duty to relate At the thought of it, past though it be highly charged with the magnectic, fluid. The steel around the bottle acted most powerfully on the needle the danger ever rises in our mind, the cold sweat! || pen with which I write this notice, is made a magnet while iq the essentiat oitoof lavenderlo Thédneedle gushes from our brow, and a mental prayer of thanke,

by companionship with these fock specimens.

|| had been plabed in the oil of olives first, and then in true, real, heartfelt thanks to our God, fills our bosom

the oil of lavender and here it become apparently to bursting.

og beroles "In a report by Professor Locke, of a survey, made in magnified Ito near't double its size and exceedingly Below we give a list as far as ascertained, of the lowa, he observes as follows:


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