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lower orders. It is not our province to be able to induce their friends (to a certain Pierre-Nicolas Gierin died at Paris on the dwell on the atrocious conduct of the degree) to form a part of the auditory,” in 21st October, aged 65. He was the author of rabble insulting justice in her seat, and other words, money for the theatre and ap- Thoughts from Juvenal's Satires, with a French intimidating ber administration, Nei.

plause for the actor, are indispensable to this translation; to which on a second edition was ther shall we comment upon the wretch who can wonder at the shouts which are

honest bargain. Such things being done, added Thoughts from Persius in the same maned artifice played off by Hone and his lavished on bad performers and bad pieces. partizans in disclaiming the purpose of an auditory of friends, though modestly TO CORRESPONDENTS. republishing these parodies except in the limited to " a certain degree,” will account Our Correspondent styling himself a most thoreport of the trial, and raising a clamour for a hitherto inexplicable phenomenon.

rough Anti-Godwinite," and censuring the Rericu against any person's being so wicked as to M. Giseke, a learned mineralogist of Ger- of Mandeville which appeared in the Literary Ga. pirate them.

The parodies sell at 2d many, who has had the singular courage to zette, because he is “ acquainted with minds not each, and a million of them would not mate of Greenland, has lately arrived at Novel: is respectfully informed, that no coriter in

pass six consecutive years in the frigid cli- an iota less singulurthan that of the hero of the bring as much lucre as Hone expects to Copenhagen, whither he had previously for- the Literary Gazette is Anti-Godwinite, or eter gain by the sale of his trial! Las Cases bas published some more Ile intends to profit by the collections at pre he condemns, is only an Anti-Manderillite, because

warded his collections of natural history. personal; that our strictures are inrariably limited garbled letters; he has been sent under sent existing in Copenhagen, and there is he thinks the whole family are exceptions to human the police to Berlin. Masenbach bas reason to hope that he will shortly publish | nature, and therefore unfit subjects for a pencil been condemned 10 four years imprison- known country.

a complete description of a curious but little pretending to trace and develope human passions. ment.

Who would take a dog with two tails, or a kitten

with six legs, as models whence to delineate the LITERARY INTELLIGENCE.

characteristics of the canine or feline species? VARIETIES.

Lord Byron's Giaour, intituled the “ FragTHEATRICAL PRACTICES. Something of ment of a Turkish Novel,” has been translated London : Printed for the Proprietors by the impartial composition of theatrical au- into Italian verse by Pellegrino Rossi. A. J. VALPY, Tooke's Court, Chancery Lane; diences may be gaihered from an advertise The death of the Princess Charlotte forms Published every Saturday, by HENRY COLBURN, ment which appears in the Morning Chroni- the subject of a Lithographic Print, after Mar- Public Library, Conduit Street; John Bell, cle of the 17th, offering “ to procure an ap. let, among the novelties in the Parisian “ Gra- Dealer in Newspapers, Sweeting's-Alley, Corn

vures.' pearance before a London audience under

hill; and PINNOCK and MAUNDER, Bookthe most favourable anspices, for any Lady

Mandeville is already announced at Paris in sellers, at the Literary Gazette Office, No. 267, or Gentleman of Theatrical Talents:--but

a translation by Madame Elizabeth de Bon. Strand, where Communications (post paid) are

The library of the late M. Suard, Secretary requested to be addressed to the Editor. Also it must be understood, that although no pe- of the French Institute, is to be brought to the supplied, and sent Free of Postage by all Books cuniary recompence is expected, yet it will hammer on the 7th January. The sale will last sellers

, Newsmen, Stationers, and Clerks of the be necessary that those who apply should twenty-seven days.

Roads, in Town or Country.

Craniad, a Satirical Poem, review of, 212.

Glass, Essay on the Painting on, cxxxix.
Crocodile, the Natural History of, 195.

Glauber Salts, natural sort, Ixiii.
Cromwell, Oliver, Anecdote of, cxxxvii.

Glenie, Memoirs of James, ccclxxviii.
It having been originally intended to bind the year's Curiosities of Literature, review of the, 148.

Goethe, Errors in the Edinburgh Review, on the Memoirs Gazettes in two volumes, two series of paging will be found. Curran, John Philpot, Memoirs of, cclxvii, cccxlv.

of, 341. The Arabic figures refer to Parts I. and II.; those in RoCzerny Georges, Memoirs of, clvii.

- Memoirs of, cccliii, ccclxxxviii. man, to Parts III. and IV.

Golownin, Capt. Curious Adventures of, 182.
Academic Errors, review of, 148.

Dangeau, Memoirs du Marquis de, review of, 307. Good Sense and Beauty, relative value of, 205.
Actors and Editors, a Poem, review of, 54.
Davy's Safety Lamp, Improvements on, cccxcviii.

Gouffier, Memoirs of the Count Choiseuil, lxxvi.
Address, Preliminary, 1.

Decameron, the Bibliographical, review of, cccci. Grant's Monody on Sheridan, review of, cccxxxix.
African Discoveries, account of, 70.
De Luc, Memoirs of, cccxlvi.

Grant, (see Rayinond) Memoirs of, cclxxxi.
Agricultural Experiments, ccciii.
De Pradt on the Colonies, review of, 197.

Grave of the Convict, a poem, review of, cclxi.
Air Ship, Invention of, cxe.

Deshouliers, Madanie, Anecdote of, cclxxxvii, ccclxiii. Greece, Haller and Cockerell's Travels in, 25. Alceste, M'Leod's Account of the Voyage of the, cclxxxix, De Stael, Madame, Memoirs and Anecdotes of, 43, 113, Gregoire, Plan for a General Association of Scientific eccviii. 317.

Men, by the Abbé, 4, 17, 51, 66, 98. Alexander, Anecdote of the Emperor, 248.

Deux Pont's Library, account of, 26. 31 Ali Pacha, Memoirs of, ccxcv, cccxiii, cccxxvii.

Diamonds, factitious, produced by the blow.pipe, 39. Hakewell's History of Windsor, review of, clxxix, cxcvi. Alix, New Theory of the Earth, by General, 177. Dictionary of Spanish Painters, review of, 118.

Hamlet, Remarks on Mr. Kean's, 92. Refuted, 192.

Disturbances, rise and progress of the late, review of, Harold the Dauntless, ia poem, review of, 117. Ambrosian Library, account of, 97, cclxii.


Harps, an Improvement in, 56.
Ancient Literature, remarks on, cxlix.
Dogs of St. Bernard, sagacity of, 57.

Harrington and Ormond, tales, review of, iv.
Annual Biography for 1817, review of, ccx.
Dogs, Experiments on, 146.

Hazlitt's Characters of Shakspeare's Plays, cccxvii.
Antiquarian Discoveries, 73.
Drake's Shakspeare, review of, cccxxii, ccclxxii.

Hauy, Traite des Pierres précieuses, review of, ccelis. Armata, Parts 1 and 2, review of, 97, li.

Drama, review and register of the, 19, 60, 76, 92, 109, 121, Haydn, review of the Life of, 321. | Artificial Heat, Experiments of, 71.

135, 151, 167, 185, 200, 217, 234, 250, 266, 286, 301, Heights, New Mode of determining, 161. Athens, Topography of, iii, ccxiii, cclxv, cccxxxi, cccliv. 314, 331, 349, 365.-xiii, xxviii, xliii, Ixi, lxxvi, xciii, Home of Love, a poem, review of, 85. ccccix.

civ, criii, cxxv, cxlii, clviii, clxxi, clxxxviii, cciv, ccxx, Horner, Francis, Memoirs of, 106, 245. Augustan Writers, and Edinburgh Reviewers, 249.

ccxxxvi, celii, cclxx, cclxxxiii, ceci, cccxvii, cccxxxiv, Horsley, Bishop, Error corrected respecting, 310. Aurora Borealis, account of, 82.

cccxlviii, ccclxiv, ccclxxx, ccclxxxvi, cccxcvi, ccccxiii. Horticultural Experiments, account of, cclxxxi, Dramatic Composition, 289, civ.

House of Mourning, a poem, by Scott, review of, 163. Bakewell, Mr. account of his Lectures, 278.

Dubois, Description of the People of India, by the Abbe, Hume, Unpublished Letters of David, 9, 27, 113, cel, Bareges, the Baths of, 95.


cclxxviii, cccxli, ccclvi, ccclxxv. | Barometers, Improvements in, 23.

Duckworth, Sir J. T. Memoirs of, clxxxiii.

Huskisson's Letter on Agricultural Interests, xxxiii.
Bates, Rev. M. Serinon at St. Paul's, cccx.
Duet, account of a whimsical, 88.

Hydrophobia, Cure for the, cccxxv, ccccx.
È Bath, Literary Society of, 279.
Battuecas, by Madame de Geniis, review of, 2.
Earth, Observations on the Figure of the, 23.

Inquest, A very singular, 169.
Beauty and Good Sense, relative value of, 203.
Ebeling, Memoirs of, cxx.

Inquisition, Account of the, 269.
Belfast, Academical Institution at, 369, i.
Edgeworth's Comic Dramas, review of, 72.

Ireland, Letters on, 280, 288, 327.
Bernard Broadcloth, Letter from, xxxix.

Harrington and Ormond, review of, iv. Italy, The state of the Arts in, cclxiii.
Biographia Literaria, by Coleridge, review of, lxxxiii. Edinburgh Review, Remarks on, 81.
Blow Pipe, Improvements in the, 39.

- Magazine, review of, cxlvii.

Jacquin's Icones Plantarum, An accoant of, 58. Booth, Mr. Remarks on his Acting, First Appearance, 60, Education, Remarks on the Modern Mode of, 361. Jacquier, Memoirs of Baron Von, ccclxxviji. 78, 93.

Ellis's Account of the Embassy to China, review of, ccxxv, James's Occurrences of the late War, Review of, cccxxiii. Bowdler's Select Pieces, review of, 338.

ccxlii, cclix.

Janssens, the Sculptor, Memoir of, 135.
Boyne's Remarks on the Human Species, review of, 85. Encyclopædia Metropolitana, account of, cxii, cccxxxiii. Java, History of, by Raffles, a Review of, 353.
Bradbury's Travels in America, review of, cclxxiv. Engel, Professor, Anecdote of, clv.

Jobs of Gaunt, whimsical benefaction of, cce.
Braham and Storace, Anecdotes of, cciv.
English Literature, Present State of, 369, i.

Joseph, 2d Emperor of Germany, Anecdote of, 37.
Brazilian Discoveries, account of, 105.
Epitaphs, Remarks on, ccclvii, ccccx.

Journal des Savans, Extracts from, cclxxvii.
British India, Importance of, 55.
Erskine, Hon. Henry, Memoirs of, ccxcvii.

Juliet's Tomb at Verona, Account of, 129.
Institution, account of, lxxxvii.

Esterhazy Gallery, account of the, 349.
Buch Von, Travels in Norway, ccxi.

Evening Hours, a collection of poems, review of, cccxi.
Mineralogical Discoveries, 8.

Exhibition of Paintings at Somerset House, remarks on, Kean, Mr., Original Anecdote of, 10-Comparison with Burgoing's Letters on Sweden, celi, cclxvii, cccxvi, 184, 232, 248, 249, 263, 281, 299, 312, 329, 346, 359. Kemble, 76. cccxxxii, cccxl, ccclviii, ccclxxv, ccccix.

Kemble, Retirement from the stage, 363— Farewell dioner, Burrow's Reply to Wilkins on the Topography of Athens, Female Dress, Remarks on, 120, 135.

364. X.-Review of his Macbeth and Richard, ii. cclxv, cccliv. Female Tourists, 33.

Kentucky, Account of a Cavern in, 178.
Byron, Remarks on the Poetical Style of Lord, 144, 162. Female Intrepidity, ccclxii.

Klaproth, Biographical Memoirs of, 74.
Lament of Tasso, by Lord, review of, iii, xlix. Fine Arts, Retrospect of the, 11, 43-British Institution, Kosciusko, Memoirs of General, cccxv.
An Address to Lord, Jiii.

59, 75, 107, 149_Hayden's Historical Picture, 214– Kotzebue, Voyage round the World, by Otto Von, 209, General, Anecdote of, 349.

Letters of an Artist on the, cv, cxix, clii Styles of xviii, xxxv, liii.

Art in Landscape Painting, ccxxxii, ccxlvii, cclxiiCambridge Prize Essays for the year, 11.

Royal Academy Exhibition of, 184, 239, 248, 249, Lalla Rookh, by Moore, Review of, 292. Campbell, Remarks on the Poetical Talent of, 196.

263, 284, 299, 312, 329, 346, 359, cclxxvi-West's Death Learned Precocity, Account of a, 39. Canova on the Elgin Marbles, cccxciii.

on the Pale Horse, cclxxxvi, ccxciii-David's Cupid Learned Societies, English and Foreign, The Proceedings Carlsbad, Warın Baths of, ccxv.

and Psyche, 312-Prints engraved from Stothard's of, 11, 48, 43, 59, 75, 91, 107, 175, 191, 203, 239, 255, Carter, John, Memoirs of, ccxxxiv.

Pilgrims, cccxxiv-Turnerelli's Bust of the Princess 271, 297, 314, 331, 347,-xii, xxviii, xli, lvii, ixxi, Catalani, Anecdote of, 302.

Charlotte, cccxliii-Engraved Gems, ccclviii-Forty. Ixxxix, cvi, cxx, clui, clxvi, clxxxvii, ccxix, celov, Cartoons of Raphael, Studies from, 39.

ninth Anniversary of the Royal Academy, ccclxxx cclxxvii, ccxcv, cccxxix, ccccx. Cazalet, Memoir of, cciii.

Lectures at the Royal Academy, cccxciii—Instiinte Leopoldskrone Gallery, Pictures in the, 215. Chanceryana, cxix.

of France, cccxcv.

Letters from the Cape, a Review of, cclxxii.
Charles the Sixth, Anecdote of, lxxiii.
Flowers, Curious Mode of preserving, 23.

Letters from London, 5, 18, 34, 52, 99, 314.
Chemical Colours, Eperiments on, 39.

Forbin, Tableau de Monsieur le Comte, review of, vii. Letters of a Swiss Traveller, 355, vii. Chesterfield's Letters to his Nephew, review of. 67. France, by Lady Morgan, analysis and review of, 290, 354, Lettsom, Dr. Life of, by Pettigrew, Review of, 53. Climate, Botanical Effects of the, 146.

xvii, lii.

Leyden's discoveries in Africa, Review of, lxvii.
Cobbett, the Flight of, to America, 160.
Franklin's Correspondence, review of, 6.

Liberty of the Press, Essay on the, 55.
Heroic Epistle to, cccxxxviii.
Free Drawing Schools, account of, lxxxviii.

Lighi, newly discovered properties of, 144.
Calebs Deceived, review of, cxxii.
French Literature, remarks on, 13.

Lilliputian Performers, ccclxxx.
Coleridge, Defence of, 297, 256.
French aad English Manners contrasted, 140.

Literary and Scientific Intelligence, 15, 30, 47, 63,79,93,
D's Sibylline Leaves, review of, iii, xlix.
French Travellers in England, 164.

110, 127, 159, 174, 190, 207, 223, 271, 487, 303, 319, Zapolya, a Poem, review of, cccvii.

Freygang's Letters on the Caucassus and Georgia, 325, 338. 335, 351, 359, 367-xv, lxiii, lxxx, cxii, cxxviii, clxii, Colman, the Eccentricities for Edinburgh, review of, 21.

clxxv, cxci, ccvii, ccxxiii, ccxxxix, cclv, cclxxi, Colton's Confiagration of Moscow, a Poem, review of, 85. Gall and Spurzheim's Physiognomy, Reinarks on, 115. cclxxxvii, ccciii, cccxix, cccxxxv, cccl, ccclxv ii, Columbus, Original Letter of, ccclvi. Galvanism applied to Clockwork, cxxxvii.

ccclxxxii. ccccxiv, Comforts of Old Age, by Sir T. Bernard, review of, 163.

-- Experiments in, 79.

Literary Hoax, accouut of, lxxxvi. Congo, an account of the Voyage of the to the Congo, by Gas, Curious Facts relative to, 99, 357.

Literary Men, wives of, 28. Capt Tuckey, iii, xcvii, cxiii, cxxix,cxlv, clxi, clxxxiv, George the First, Anecdote of, 59.

Literary Intelligence, cccxcix. clxxxvi, clxxxvii, cc, ccxvi, ccxlviii, cclxiv, cccxxv. George the Second, Anecdote of, cxxxvi.

Literalure, The extension of, 8. Cook, the Real Canse of the Death of Capt. James, cclxxxi, Georges, Madame, Anecdote of, 302.

Literature of North America, 8. cccxl. German Bon Mot, cccxcviii.

Lithography, discoveries and improvements in), 185, 1906 Cooke, Kernble, and Kean, compared, 77. German Drama, remarks on, 29, 61.

283, 278, cclxii-Of no modern invention, lv. Crabs, the Natural History of, 195.

German Literature, review of, ccxlvii.

Maclenn's, Dr. Experiments on the Plagne, 209.

by Garrick, 279—Epitaph for Lord Erskine, by Ball, First, clxiii-Character of a true Englishman, cixiy Mac Vabon, Sir Joh, Memoir of, clxxxiv.

279—Delia to Lord Byron, 355--Dramatie Skelch, -A French Anecdote, cxcix--An Eastern Tale, c üi Mad Dog, A cure for the bite of, fxiii.

ix--Impromptu, by Campbell, xli-The Devil Fish -German Ceremony, ccxiv-- The Enneabionians Maio's Philo and Porphyry, Preface to, 411.

ing, xii--On Chantry's monument for two Children, ccxix, ccxxxir--Frederick III, of Germany, Journey Mandeville, by Godwin, review of, ccclxxxvi.

lvin-Smiles, by Mrs. Rolls, Ixiii-Street Talkers, to Roine, ccxxxi-Russian Anecdote, cclviiManfitd, a Tragedy, review of, 325, 336.

xxxvi-Sonnet from Petrarch, Ixxxvii--Verses by G. The Ashantee African Nation, cccxii-Furnished Manuel, a Tragedy, review of, 148.

Crabbe, cvii-Iofancy and Age cv-Jolio Buil, cxix Hotels, cccxlvi-Mont Cervid, ccclxi-Anecdote of Manuscrit Vetu de St. Helene, review of, 179.

Fiction, cxix--Forty Years Ago, cxxxviii-To a Friend the Court of Portugal, ccclxxix--Du Bonheur que Mariner's account of the Tonga Islands, reviow of, 35. who cnried the Author his continued flow of spirits, procure l'Etude, cccxci. Marlborough, Memoir of the Duke of, 197.

cliii -- Thirteenth labour of Hercules, clxvi — The Society of Arts, Proceedings of thie, lv, ccclxxix. Marmontel's Lucan's Pharsalia, review of, 42.

Spectre no Ghost, clxxxviii-Tufant Love, cxcix-- Southey, Remarks on the Poetry of Mr. 210--History of Martelly the Actor, Memoir of, clvii.

Vision of Speckbachr, ccxix-The Moslem Bridal Brazil, review of, 213-Defence of his Poetry, 927 Massinger's Beauties by Porter, review of clxii.

Song, ccxix-Czerui Georges, ccxxxiii-Guy Lusig. Memoir, 281. Medea, an Improvisated Tragedy by Sgricci, 149.

nan, ccl-Old Mau's Song, cel --The Loo Table, ccl- Spanisha America, account of the Revolution in, xcix , Medicine, useful discoveries in, 139.

The Dead Sea, cclxr-The Legends of Mona, cclxv cxviii. Melendez, the Spanish Acacrcon, Death of, lx.

The Death Song from the Arabic, cexcix-The Prin. Spanish Widow, Auecdote of, ccccxi. Melincourt, a Novel, review of, 132.

cess Charlotte, cccxv-Elighted Hope; cccxxvii-A Spence's Letters from the Highlands, review of, 394. Memoirs of the French Revolution, review of, cxcv.

Portrait, cccxliv-Maid of Tees, cccxliv— Pride's Mis. Spontaneous Combustion, 131. Mental weakness, Singular instance of, 103.

takc, ccclx-Banks of the Stour, cecix-The Dis Stael, Madame de, Auecdotes of, 49, 113, 317-Memoir, Metcorological Reports, cxliv, caci, ccvii, ccxxiii, ccxxxix, contented Man, ccclx-Charade to M. ccclx-The Iviii.

cclvi, cclxxxvii, ccciii, cecxix,cecli, ccclxvii, ccclxxxiii. Storm--Life and Death, ccclxxvii, — Tippoo Sultaun, Steam made useful to Naval Purposes, 941. cccxcix.

ccccxi-Rosalia, ccccxi.

Stephens's Greek Thesaurus, review of, ccelxx.
Mexico and its Glaciers, account of, exy, cxxxi.
Poetry, The present state of English, xl.

Stones, Meteoric, singular fact relative to, 40.
Michel's Tour in Belgium, review of, orri.

Political Events and News, a Digest of, xv, xxix, xlvi, Stop a Moment, cvii. Dritchell's Short Iland, review of, ccclxxxvii.

Ixi, lxxix, xciii, čx, cxxvi, cxlii, clviii, clxxiv, cxc, Storace, Signora, Memoir of, clxix. Model for a Temple of Victory, 203.

cevi, ccxxii, ccxxxviii, ccliv, cclxxi, cclxxxs, cccii, Stuart Papers at Rome, some Account of the, lxxiii. Monsigny the Composer, Memoir of, 27.

cccxviii, cccxxxiv, cccxlviii, ccclxvi, ccclxxxii, Snard, Memoir of, cecxxx. Monument, Hints for a National, 184.

cccxcvii, ccccxiii.

Sun, some Account of Spots in the, 178. Vozart, History of the Requiem of, 166-Anecdote of, Pompeii, Discoveries made at, 25, 117, 207, 208. 359.

Ponsonby, Memoir of the Right Hon. Gcorge, xxx, lxxv., Talma, Anecdotes and Memoir of, 316, 364, ciii. Yudford's account of the Battle of Waterloo, with co- Portraits in thigh Life, 203, 220, 237, 253, 967.

Taste in Female Dress, an Essay on, 28, 311. loured plates, review of, lxxxi. Printing, Invention and Origin of, cccxi.

Taylor's Correspondence of a Mother and her Daughter Munito, The mode of educating the Dog, 170. Prussian Literature, account of, 82.

review of, cxlviii. Music, Singular facts relative to. 38.

'Thoughts on Cruelty to Animals, cli. Musical Instruments, improvements in, 107. Quarterly Reriew, Remarks on the, 81, 357.

Thunder Storm, Precautions necessary in a, xcs.

Thurlow, Lord, Anecdote of, cxliii.
Narrative of a Residence in Belgium, review of, 7.
Raffles' History of Java, review of, cccliii.

Torpedo, Curious particulars of the, 141.
Navigation, Useful Discoveries in, 139.
Page for Novelty, cclxxx, ccxcix.

Tortoise, the Natural History of the Yellow, 195.
Neele's Poems and Odes, review of, ccxlv.

Raymond, Memoir of James Grant, cclxxxi. Nicholas' Voyage to New Zealand, review of, exciii, ccix, Reft Rob, a Scottish Tale, review of, cxxxiv.

Townshend, Anecdote of Lord John, 11.

Trade, the Revival of, 160. ccxxviii, ccxlii.

Revnel's, Major, Expedition of Cyrus, review of, 84. Treadgold's Remarks on Colours iu Female Dress, 120. Nichols's Literary History of the 18th century, review Reynard's Chart of History, review of, ccxi.

Tuckey's Voyage to the Congo, xcvii, cxiii, cxxix, cxlv, of 181. Richter's Travels in Egypt and Nubia, 9.

clxi, clxxxie, clxxxvi, cxxxvii, cc, ccxvi, cexlviii, Norfolk Window, Remarks on the grand, 263 Robbery, a rery singular sort of, 90.

Memoir, 10. North America, Discoveries in, 55, 105.

Roman Antiquities discovered in France, 83-Iu Swit- Tweddel's Remaius, account of, 38. Northern Star, the, review of, ccccv.

zerland, 225-At Canstatt, 241. Numismatic Anecdote, 23.

Type-fouoding, Improvements in, 8.
Roman Letters, 238, 254, 209.

Rome, Naples, and Florence, by Couat Stendhal, review Vallia's Experiments on the Yellow Fever, 226.
Odin, a Poem, by Sir W. Drummond, review of, 305.

of, ccccii.

Varieties.--Musical Fingering, xlvi-Optical Wonders, Opera Italian, 14, 28, 45, 60, 78,91, 120, 135, 151, 165, 185, Rostock Library, account of the, 41.

xlvii-- British Ingtitution, xlvii-Animal Poisons, lxii 199, 216, 234, 249, 265, 285, 300, 314, xxviii, xliii. Rostrum, Ogilvy's Lectures on the, sli, lxxx.

- Frencia Journals, cxxvii-Nelson's Pillar, cxxviiOratorios, account of the, 91, 108, 136, 151. Rough Sketch of Bath, cxcvii.

Eruptions of Vesuvius, cxliii-Lithographic Stones, Oudine, a Tale, review of, cccxxxix.

Round Table Essays, exposure of their tendency, 228, clix-Romeo and Juliet, celv--Herculaneum MSS. Oxford, Prize Essays for the year at, 11.

259, 308.

cclxxi-- Agricultural Experiments, 303—Paradise, an Rousseau, Remarks on the private Character of, celi.

Eastern Tale, cccxix-Theatrical Practices, ccccxiv. Painting, Discouragements to Historic, 183, 214.

Royal Society, 49-Anniversary Meeting of the, ecclxxvii. Vegetable Phosphorus Discovered, 38. Painting, Essays on Glass, xxvi, cxxxix.

Russian Literature, the confined state of, 103, 182. Vinci Da, Remarks on the Last Supper by L. Ixi, lxx. Paniphlets, their origin, cclviii.

Violin, Improvements on the, clxiv. Pamphleteer, review of, cclviii.

Sadler's Aerial Voyage, account of, cccxxxviii. Panorama D'Aogleterre, ccxxx,

Saxe Cobourg, Death of the Princess Charlotte of Wales Wales, Travels of H. R. II. the Princess of, 277, 295– Paris, a Poem, review of, vi,

and of, cccii-Ode to her Memory, cccvii--Funeral, Private Letters from, 154. Paris, au, 18 Siecle, 19. cecxxxiv.

Death of IT. R. 11. the Princess Charlotte of, Parisian Galleries, account of the, Saxe, Ave dore of the Count de, clxix.

cccii, cccv-Ode to her Memory, ccevi-Funeral, Pastorini's Isistory of Legislation, ccclxxiv. Saxon Literature, the Progress of, 17.

cccxxxiv. Pastor's lire Side, review of, 100. Schiller, Memoir of the l'oet, 90.

Walmoden Gallery, account of the Pictures in the, 154.
Pastoret, cccix.
Sea Serpent, account oť u moustrous, scelaxri.

Walpole, ccclxxxvi.
Perpetual Motion, new scheme for, 295.
Second Sight, an account or the Highland, liii.

Walpole's Turkey, review of, ccclxix.
Petersburgh, Memoirs of the Imperial Academy at, 296. Services, Mode of Rewarding Political, 205.

Wanderer in Ceylov, a Poem, review of, !xxxi.
Petersburg, Improvement; at St., ccxviii.
Sexagenarian, review of, lxv.

Watkius's Life of Sheridan, 19, ccxci.
Phrosyne, a Grecian Tale, by W. G. Knight, review of, Sgricci, the improvisatore, some account nf, 278.

Wat Tyler, a Dramatic Poem, review of, 147. 338.

Sheridas, R. B. Original Anecdote of, 10— Review of Dr.- Waterloo, Mudford's Account of the Battle of, lxxxi. Pinnock's Catechisms, review of, ccxlv.

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