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windows in Warwick Chapel, repainted Lord Lyttleton; but being ignorant of the the ignorant, appalling vice, and exciting in 1574, at the expence of the Earl and principle and true process, bis attempts a love of virtue in the rising generation. Countess of Leicester; the windows in soon failed. Peckitt, of York, then com- Here the voice of truth might be elothe Chapels at Oxford, in 1622; and in menced glass-painting, with considerable quent in praise, and a sympathy with that of Lincoln's Inn Chapel, by Bernard success; the importation of painted glass contemporary merit enjoy an honourable Van Linge, in 1623, glass-painting was from Flanders followed; the fanatic ha- gratification; but when, as it were, the confined to the country mansions of the tred of the Fine Arts began to disap- trumpet sounds the charge, and the spi Nobility and Gentry; and, even there, pear, and the taste for this interesting rit of the war-horse would plunge amidst was principally employed in armorial mode of painting revived. But the art the flashing fires of the field, the scene bearings and fanciful ornaments. still remained subject to the old defects recedes. We have already trespassed be

The civil war in the time of Charles in joining the separate pieces of glass, yond the limits of the Literary Gazette, the First, completed the destruction which and the perishable uature of certain tints, and must wwillingly close our commuHenry the Eighth had begun. As that owing to imperfect vitrification, when nication.

W.C. unfortunate nonarch bad a taste for the James PEARSON, to whom glass-paintFine Arts, bad invited Vandyck and other ing is indebted for some important im. sert the following quotation from one of onr

" This gentleman has done us the honorr to inpainters into England, and patronized the provements, began to practice.

early communications to this Journal, in luis letEnglish artists; the republicans and fa Here the toil of unproductive research ter “ On the conduct of the Directors of the Brio naties conceived that every thiug was to terminates, and we advance with ease. Of the « Annals of the Fine Arts."

tish Institution, published in the last Number be reversed. They deemed it an essen- Having traversed a dark and almost

“I conceive that the honour and interests of tial duty to banish the artists, and destroy barren region, we now ascend an eleva- the Royal Academy and the British Iustitution, the very vestiges of the Arts, in order tion, which commands a view of the pro- and the whole body of tlie Artists considered as thereby to secure the overthrow of the mised land; and the brighter day of our the British School, are one. They rest apun moparchy, and give perpetuity to their own time. In bud and bloom, and dency to narrow that fund to the mistaken own scheme of government.

ripened fruitage, the prospect opens upon views, prejudices, or passions of individuals, A few more brief notices carry down the eye. The works of various artists, must endanger the superstructure, and be injuthe art of glass-painting in this country each possessed of distinct merits, and rious to all.”—Literary Gazette, February 8, to our own tiine. They are here enu- each advancing his art to a higher de.

Immediately after the above, Sir R. C. H. merated. The Bible stories, painted on gree of excellence, claim a separate no- adds the following frauk expression of his opi. the windows in the chapel at Wroxton, tice. The brazen Serpent, from Morti- nion: “ These sentiments coincide entirely with in 1632, by Bernard Van Linge; the mer, painted in the grand window of my own, and I hope, with those of every unprejuwindows in Christ Church, Oxford, by Salisbury Cathedral, by JAMES PEAR- not look ont for names, but for merit, 10 sancAbraham Van Linge, in 1640; in the son; the Cartoons, by Mrs. Pearson ; tion bis approbation.”—Annals of the Fine Arts, church of St. Leonard, Shoreditch, by and the diversified performances in fruit

, Part iv. p. 12, 13, Baptista Sutton, in 1634; eight or ten flowers, and the grand works at Carl

His talents and the taste and liberal spirit. windows in the chapel of University ton House, Arundel Castle, and Don- many years, patronized the British School, have

with which Sir Richard Coll Hoare has, for so College, iu 1640; the East window in nington Hall, by the late esteemed ar- justly attached an importance to his thoughts the same chapel, by Henry Giles, in tist, RICHARD HAND, whose practical on the subject. His liaving taken up the pen 1687; and one in Christ Church, Oxford, system is about to be published by his to advocate the interests of native genius, will by Isaac Oliver, in 1700. To these we son, furnish importan

ever reflect honour upou his name.

We may particulars for de

be allowed, on this occasion, to say, as old and have to add the window in Merton chapel, tailed observation. EGGINTON's capi- earnest pleaders of the same cause, we were in 1700, by William Price, the fa- tal work, the School of Athens, from ibe happy to find that gentleman so fully agree in ther; and the windows at Queen's

, celebrated composition by Raphael, and our standard principe do CONCILIATION. But New College, and Maudlin, by Wil- BACKLER’s grand Norfolk window, are his valuable letter has been misinterpreted, and lian Price, the son, who died in commanding objects of attention. The employed by the Purtisuns of exasperution for a 1765. . Rowell, of Reading, painted former was executed on a noble scale, for purpose, very opposite to that union of interests some windows about the year 1740, for the library window of Sir RICHARD and sentiments which it was his public-spirited the Earl of Pembroke; but, as Walpole Colt HOARE, Bart. of Stour Head, hereafter be particular.

intention to promote. Upon this head, we will correctly states, their colours soon va- in Wiltshire. Many other fine produc In the above quotation from the Literary Gunished. On examining, some years ago, tions of these and other artists in this de- zette, the words in italics are either anintentional a compartment of this artist's painting, it partment, have afforded us much pleasure, deviations through haste in copying, or typu. was evident that his colours were only and ample materials for historical notice Graphic errors, which the Editor of the Annals of partially burnt in, and assisted by oil co- After having for so long a period held a correet in his next Number. The word " and” lours in the finishing. ln consequence slender and precarious existence, and in italics, is “of” in the original—“ fund” is of this, a part of his figures had peeled sunk to a toy of fashion, employed in the foundation-and“ be” is prove." After the wholly off, and left the broken places on blazonry of heraldic decoration, or an em. Patrons,” are omitted in the quotation. the glass bare. The same writer states, pirical glitter of light and colour, this art that this artist had found out a bright now resumes its proper rank as a vehicle

SKETCHES OF SOCIETY. and durable red, just before bis death, of form and character, of passion and but that the secret died with him. The sentiment. Advancing to correctness of

A SPANISH STORY. fact however is, that he did not so much outline and grandeur of design, although

(Continued.) want bright and permanent colours, as still necessitated to borrow from the sis On entering the saloon we met Don Antothe true mode of nsing them. Trick and ter art, and to support itself by the inven- salute you, Don Antonio,” said my lady;

nio; he had just risen from his Siesta. “I deception now began to supply the waut tion of others, it again becomes a great but what's the natter? you look displeased. of skill. A man, whose name is not men- moral agent, capable of producing the “ You are the cause;" said he, " at least in tioned, painted a window at Hagley, for most exalted impressions, of instructing your heart you are, but I will take care of

I gave

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you." “ Are you not ashamed of yourself, | me,” I replied, “I have neither conndants, Leon; Donna Carolina was calculating Šir," she firmly replied, “ to hold such lan- por curiosity; but what was it he said to you whether her house was not tenanted by the guage to youp wife? Every thing is an ob- just now ??** That must be my secret," said French, as it was understood that they were ject fit to rouse your low suspicions; have she, smilingly, and walked away to the li-retreating in the direction of Vittoria. I you not had sufficient proof of my fidelity?" brary, taking a light in her hand. As she may have been mistaken in giving them “I have taken care you should have no op- desired me to follow her, I felt a strange de those things to think of; but there is no portunity to be unfaithful,” was his answer. sire to see if the Colonel had any thing to doubt that they were thinking of any thing * However," said be, after a slight panse, say, that would take the veil from the mys- but what was talked of in the saloon. and in a fawning tone, “there is no end of terious half minute. “ Sir," said I, going There had been such a noise in the house this, let us be friends; I may have said a lit- into the saloon, “ my lady will be here in a all day, that wlien at last we retired, sleep had tle too much, let us forget the past, and love moment; she has only gone to see if the fled from my pillow. For from the hour I kisseach other as we have ever done." “To be moon keeps her place in the heavens as for-ed my Lady's hand in bidding her good night, friends with you, Don Antonio, I have no ob- merly; for we are beginning to think that I did nothing but turn, and toss, and build jection," she replied; “the decorum of ma- you French will run away with every thing castles in Andalusia. I rose at the dawn of trimony requires it, but to love you now is in Spain.” “I wish to heaven, Duerna," day, and as soon as it was clear light, went perfectly impossible, the fine thread which said he," that I could run away with her : into my Lady's apartment, to see that her inight liave bound our affections has been so here, come here, if you will assist nie, you morning things were ready to be put on. cruelly broken, that it cannot be united shall have a purse of three hundred double I was surprised to find her already out of again. Observe, for my own sake, whether pistoles." I hesitated. “Will you ?" rejoined bed, standing by the window that faces the you are harry or otherwise depends on your he, with much earnestness and emotion: East. The blush of the early sky was on self.” “ How cool you are," said Don An- here, take this,” putting a handful of gold her cheek, and as she smiled upon me, sbe tonio, “I can manage no argument with pieces into my hand, as some one was heard might have stood for the image of sun-rise. you." “ Because I am always teinperate," coming into the saloon, “ take this, as an “ We shall have an agreeable walk this she replied. “ You are too violent or too earnest of the future.” Now I was in a great morning, Brigida,” said she. “The day is cold." “Give me a kiss," said the stupid, fright, because my lady might as well be fine, I almost begin to hope, Heaven smiles sottish, jealous Don. “If I do," said the caught with him alone as I: I therefore upon Spain.”. “May it please it to bless my Lady Aminta, “ may I be false to you.” As brushed away, along the balcony down the Lady," said I. “And this, my wretched she spoke, she sat down to the piano, but winding stairs, into the garden, for there country!" she sighed, putting her hands she did not play: she put her ellow on the was no other way of getting back to the together, as she raised them to heaven. In keys, and hung her cheek on he, hand. He little hall unseen. I had very imperfectly an hour the house was afoot. Special care put on his capote, and walked down stairs. collected my senses on getting iuto the gar- had been taken of the chocolate. * What a brute !" murmured I as he went den, when I was confounded by seeing my the Colonel a cup, in which the spoon would out. “ Duenna," said my lady, warmly, Lady and a man in close conversation, not stand on end. Donna Carolina de Aglaura "I beg you would forbear such exclama- far from me. I approached as near as I came in as we were getting ready. Lions." The French Colonel came in while could not from curiosity, but from duty-charming day, dear Aminta," said she, “we she was in this attitude. He stood a mo- and hid myself behind the great mulberry- shall have a delightful walk to the head of ment gazing at her; she perceived him, and tree, near where they stood. “Now," said the valley. I have desired the mules to be suddenly rising said, “ I thought we were to my Lady, “Diego, you understand me, and sent on before.” Don Antonio,” said my have had the pleasure of seeing some of here are three hard dollars for you; set off Lady,“ are you ready?”. “No, I won't go, your officers." "You must excuse them to immediately, and do not return till you see was his answer. “ Cousin Pedro will attend night," he replied ; " they are all employed the General.' You remember my uncle; you you.” We met the Colonel just after we in seeing the troops lodged in their quar- must have seen him at my father's, when had passed the Square, or rather he had seen ters." I was about to retire. “ Remain you were a boy. Be sure you give this wal- us go by, and overtook us. “I have been where you are, Duenna Brigida,” said my nut into his own hands, and fifty others, fortunate," said he. “I am glad you have lady, somewhat austerely. Monsieur," which you must get by the way. You will joined us,” said my Lady, “ I think we shall said she abruptly to the Colonel, " I have wait his pleasure. I think you will meet have a pleasant walk.” « Pray, Senor," said only to request that you will act candidly to- him at Valmesada, or at farthest, at Bilboa." Donna Carolina, do you know if your counwards me." I did not understand what my “There is something more than kernel in trymen have retreated from Vittoria yet?” lady could mean by this address. But love this walnut, please my Lady,” said Diego." Indeed, Madam,” answered the Colonel

, has quicker perceptions than duty. “Be “ There is, Diego, and take you care of it, “ I am not in the secret. I only know what assured, Madam," said the Colonel, “ act or as you value your own soul." Now I was, my orders are.” “And pray, Senor," said speak as you will in my presence, I will nei- I will confess, for once curious, but I dared the Donna, “what may they be?'“ Ah! ther denounce nor find fault with you.” not stay any longer; so slipping along, to I am afraid they are destined to remain a “What pledge will you give me for that?" observe what might pass at the garden porch, secret too,” replied he, laughingly. Her inqui

Any thing you may please." “ Then," I remained there, but could observe nothing ries, however, were resumed, and dexteroussaid my lady, “ I will put you to the proof." more than that my Lady gave him two hardly parried. At last she suddenly said, “A proShe took his arm, and walked to the other dollars more, and he departed.

pos, Colonel, is it true that a French greead of the room, I could not hear distinctly Donna Carolina de Aglaura, with some nadier took a child, at Estella, by the feet, what she said, but I gathered enough to ladies, were announced; my Lady met them and dashed its brains out against the step know that it was some question she put in the great hall, and accompanied them to of a door?” “I am grieved to be obliged about the French Marshal Ney. The Colo- the saloon, where the Colonel, Don Antonio, to confess," said he," that it is true.” “And nel started at it, and putting his hand to his and a male relation, were already waiting does the wretch live?” said my Lady, with a forehead, said, " I dare not." “ Well," she After the coffee and ices, there was a little flush of indignation in her cheek. “I have replied, " it is of no consequence," turning conversation, somewhat general, but alto- no reason to believe otherwise," he replied ; from him. “ But,” said he, “what use do gether uninteresting. Some attempts were “ the conduct of the town had placed it out you mean to make of the information ?" made at liveliness, but in vain. The evening of the pale of military protection.” “Where *** Whatever I please, except discover its au- passed slowly and irksomely, for it was ob is thy arm, O God!" ctied out my Lady, thor." . He remained much agitated, and as vious that every one was engrossed by some" and to what hour dost thou reserve thy if he wished me to leave the room. I with object foreign to the conversation. Don An- vengeance?”. “In that hour, preserve us, drew into the little hall, and in about half a tonio thought upon the colour of jealousy; Heaven!” said the Colonel. " Aye, you may minute my lady came out to me, and said, the Colonel upon the quiver of Cupid; Don- well say that,” said Donna Carolina, exul. " Brigida, you must never mention a word na Aminta was anxious about the fate of her ingly. I, more sedate in my abhorrence, of what you have seen or beard this night walnut; Don Pedro Porez was meditating uttered an ave-maria. to any living soul.” “ You may depend on about joining Romang's army, next day, at Don Pedro was now to take his leave and

proceed on bis journey. The Colonel took while they kicked their heels in the cold and ing, and we should not wonder that the him by the arm, and they walked aside for a miserable paved receptacle we have just Niger at length furnished the only emfew minutes in deep conversation. During described. The improvement in this in blem applicable to it, i. e. that of being this time, Donna Carolina was persuading stance must be extremely beneficial to the

lost altogether. my Lady to go on to the summit of the hill interests of the Theatre, especially as the

The convention between Louis XVIII. to the left; and to make all certain, she or- saloon thus set apart for the half-price waitdered the servants and mules to move before ing-room, is rendered very brilliant by being and the Pope has been published. The us. The view from above was worth our converted into a Chinese Temple, with three re-organization of the Gallican Church is trouble. The valley stretched itself in great Pagodas illuminated by eighty beautiful founded, as we have before stated, on richness at our feet, and the hills which lamps correctly copied from designs in the the basis of the concordat between Lee X. completely shut it in, are known through- possession of Sir George Staunton. Two and Francis I., and tends greatly to the out all Biscay for trees and beauty. This bars, with refreshments in the wing rooms, re-establishment of the clerical dignitaries scenery would doubtless have drawn some separate the full from the half-price comfine observations from my Lady, had not pany, till the hour of entrance for the latter and revenues in France. A grand cerethe Colonel been present; and probably from into the theatre, when the doors between the mony was observed on Friday, in placing the Colonel too, but for Donna Carolina saloon and cupola are thrown open. the new lats on the heads of the new incessantly teazing him with questions. It The chief alterations in the audience part cardinals. It appears that his Holiness took us an hour's climbing to reach the spot consist in removing some of the heavier bas disapproved of some of the tolerant where we stood, and there we were perched ornaments about the proscenium, covering principles recognized in the Constitulike Aies upon the edge of a china basin, all the box seats anew with fine cloth, and tional Charter, and that this Romish jealooking down upon the landscape lying in repainting and beautifying the whole. The shades and spots of blue and green, and dull uniform green colour of the boxes is lousy has been met by a declaration that gold and purple, below. Here Donna Caro- exchanged for neat pannels and an agreeable these articles are only to be explained lina mounted her mule, and left us for Vit- pink, more favourable to the display both of with reference to civil rights ! toria. She had a long way before her; it dress and beauty. The front of the boxes The 24th and 25th of August, Saint was at least a ride of five hours. “ You must has also undergone this change, and is now Louis's day and eve, were observed with be fatigued," said the Colonel to my Lady, a brilliant composition of pink, white, and fetes and amusements in Paris, and “ will you take my arm as we return;" gold; merely relieved by strips and pi- throughout France. “That is not the custom in Spain," she re-lasters of the green which heretofore predo

The King of Prussia is expected to plied, we must be content to act in trifles minated. as the world does.” “Well, my Lady," said The stage, as we stated in our last, is to be witness an approaching review of the I, “if you will not profit by the Colonel's lighted with gas, and behind the scenes a British Corps of Occupation, near Canarm, I will; for I am ready to sink with fa- great advantage is effected by building a spa- bray. His Majesty seems to be greatly tigue.” The Colonel's arm was not enough, cious property room, and opening a way for enjoying his incognito at Paris; visiting I actually sunk down. I soon, however, re-shifting the scenery on both sides, instead of the places of public amusement, and covered, but my Lady forced me to rest a carrying it quite across the stage, to the detri- dining with the ministers and embassalittle longer.

ment of the scenes and the disorder and in(To be concluded in our next.) terruption of all the performances.

dors of all nations. We are informed that it is the purpose of

The Royalist cause seems to be gainTHE DRAMA.

the managers to revive some of the old Eng- ing a complete ascendancy in South Ame

lish comedies this season, and play them pu- rica; especially in Mexico and Grenada. DRURY-LANE THEATRE. rified in themselves, and supported by the The chief leaders of the Insurgents in We noticed in our last Number the pre-whole comic strength of the House. A plan many places are evidently entitled to no parations making for opening Drury Lane which, if well executed, cannot fail to be at

consideration beyond that of robber on the 6th of next Month, and have since tractive. We have only to notice further captaius ; at sea they are pirates, on land that publication availed ourselves of a polite that several London and provincial favourites

banditti. permission to view the Theatre, so that we are added to the dramatic corps; among are able to lay a more detailed account of its whom we distinguish Mr. Harry Johnston, The celebrated Czerni George having state and improvements before our readers. Mr. Maywood called the Scotch Kean, Mr. had the temerity to trust hiinself, under

The acting management, it is known, has Stanley and Mrs. Bellchambers from Bath, a disguise, in the Turkish dominions, been again entrusted by the Committee to Miss Byrne of musical celebrity from Dube

was discovered, seized, and beheaded Mr. Raymond, and already we may say are lin, Mr. Pope and Mrs. Glover. the good effects of his zeal and activity de

by order of the Pacha of Belgrade. His The de ballet has been discharged head, as is customary, has been sent to

corps monstrated by the diligence and vigour with en masse. which the alterations, so late in commencing, agreed to begin the performances precisely

at Constantinople. It is reported that his are prosecuted, leaving no fear of the House seven o'clock, the time allotted for inferior object was to repossess himself of some opening at the appointed time. These al- dancing could no longer be allowed without hidden treasure. terations are as general as they are judicious, encroaching upon “the small hours of morn The intercourse between Gibraltar and embracing not only the audience part, but ingi" Indeed in every respect we consider the Spanish territories has been restored. the stage and entrances. In the laiter, they this loss a gain. We never saw a fine Ballet

The Dublin Journal states, that henceare peculiarly well judged. The outer lobby, at either house, nor any thing of the sort which resembled the Cave of Eolus from which was not more to be regretted for the forth the Bank Notes of Ireland are to the multitude of winds rushing through it time it consumed, than admired for the plea- be received at par by the Bank of Enfrom many apertures, has had several of sure it gave.

gland-a very favourable determination these frigorific ventilators closed, and at

for the Irisb merchant. each end handsome circular staircases are


The Duchess of St. Leu has been orerected, which lead to the grand saloon above,


dered to remove from Switzerland, in through what was the cieling of the lobby and the floor of the saloon. This fine lounge

common with other Buonapartists and is now appropriated for the conveniency of or dissimilitude, we may say, that the of the Allied Governments requires to be

By the well-known figure of a simile revolutionary emigrants, whom the policy half-price visitants, who were before condemned, if they arrived too soon for admis- stream of political news is not like a removed from the French frontiers, in sion and had patience to wait for it, to keep river stream; for, as it rolls on, at pre- Russia, Austria, or Prussia, where their themselves as free from ague as they could, sent, it diminishes instead of accumulat- proceedings may be observed.


According to commercial letters re


LITERARY INTELLIGENCE. ceived in France, the Haytian chief, Pe

Mr. Editor, When the late Lord Thurlow tion, is dead; and has been succeeded by loe the Secretary-his answer was, as if in was asked if he was a descendant from Thur

[Our Friends will observe that in all the an old associate of eighty years of age. contempt of ancestry,“ Sir, there were two paragraphs under this useful title, we are The differences between St. Domingo Thurlows in our county, the Secretary, and desirous of confining ourselves within the and the United States are not yet set the Common Carrier ; the latter was my strict limit of general literary information. tled.

ancestor.” But, Sir, the mere fact of his We cannot insert descriptions of works that Prince Maximilian de Neuwied, whose being a Common Carrier was no proof of a have not appeared, nor allow opinions to scientific researches in the Brazils have deficiency in gentility; for I find that the stand as our own of productions we never frequently been noticed in the Literary brated as the originator of the adage of Hob- individuals, it must be remembered that we

well-known Hobson of Cambridge, so cele- saw. Anxious therefore as we are to oblige Gazette, has returned to Europe.

son's Choice, was actually “ a gentleman of cannot consult this disposition, at the exLieutenant General Hammond has been ancestry and coat armour," as appears by pence of incurring at the same time adverappointed Chief Equerry to the Prince the following extract from a MS. in the Har- tisement duties, and the suspicion of being Regent, vice Sir B. Bloomfield. leian Collection, No. 1234, p. 85, where his actuated by private and partial mstives.]

The Princess of Wales left Rome on coat is blazoned Or, on a chevron Az. 3 In the course of next month will appear a the 2nd inst. for Bologna.

cinque-foils Ar, between 3 roundles Gu. new Catalogue of Mr. Ackermann's ReposiThe Princess Royal of Portugal sailed This coat was borne by Thomas Hobson, tory of Arts, consisting of between 3 and

who married Cecily, daughter to Cra- 4000 copper-plate engravings. from Leghorn for the Brazils on the 13th. ven; whose son Thomas married Eleanor, On the 1st. Sept. will

be published the fifth The reigning Duke of Dessau died on daughter of Blackston; whose son Tho- and last part of Albert Durer's Prayer-Book ; the 10th, aged 77, and is succeeded by his mas married Anne, daughter and heiress to with introductory matter, a portrait of the grandson. On the 12th, the Grand Duke Humerston, which last Thomas had artist, and an index explanatory of the deof Mecklenberg Strelitz, was solemnly two daughters, co-heiresses, carrying both signs. This work, printed from stone, is the betrothed to the Princess Maria, daugh-their father's and mother's coats in mar- first effort of Mr. Ackermann's lithographic ter of the Landgrave Frederick of Hesse. riage;

Dorothy to Sir Simon Clarke, Knt. press.
Mr. Woodforde, one of the members Foulkes, Esq.

and Bart.;
and Elizabeth, to Richard

On the 1st of October will appear, also

from Ackermann's lithographic press, a folio of our Royal Academy, died at Ferrara

At the end of the pedigree is the following work, in forty pages, containing Ornaments in Italy, last month, in the 54th year of memorandum :

from the Antique, for the use of architects, Huis age.

“ Note, that the last Thomas, here sculptors, painters, and ornamental workers. A Miss Thompson and Mr. Living- named, was the Carryer of Cambridge, and ston ascended in Sadler's balloon from the pedigree above set down with the armes

Mr. Sarratt has just completed a Treatise Dublin on the 20th, and, after a short was done by Mr. Richard Kirby, for Sir Sy

on the Game of Chess, which is totally diffeexcursion, regained the solid earth” mon Clarke, the Bart.

J. W. March 4, 1646." rent from all those that have appeared, either without accident.

Your's, INVESTIGATOR. in the British empire, or on the Continent. Signora Storace, (or rather Sorace, for

Although many of these works possess the name was altered,) died on Sunday

GROSZLOBMING,(Austria,) July 13th, 1817. considerable merit, they are justly liable to afternoon at Hearn Hill, Dulwich. Her –On the 12th of this month three terrible the objection of being calculated only for talents as a comic actress and singer directions, one from the North over the non degree of proficiency. To those who are

lempests approached at once in different players who have already attained no comof a high order, had enabled her to re-Gailer Alps, one from the West over Juden- beginning to learn the game, and to unpractised alize considerable property, which she burg, and the other from the Carinthian and inexperienced players, these publications has left to her son, by Braham.

Mountains, the collision of which caused cannot prove of the slightest utility. It is the most dreadful scene, and brought bound-impossible that they should improve by at

less distress on this neighbourhood. Till tempting to analyse situations, which are far VARIETIES.

about five in the afternoon we had heard no beyond their comprehension, as they com

thunder; but a total darkness already veiled monly combine the calculations and intriNaples, 30th July.—The present erup clothed with such rich harvests. The desoour fields, which were hardly ever before cacy of first or second rate skill.

But the present work is actually written iron, acid of soda, sulphur, sulphuric acid, lation began with a storm of wind, which on the plan of PROGRESSIVE IMPROVEMENT. clay, and sometimes ammoniac from salts, threw down some elms, many hundred years It contains a regular series of lessons, openings often agglomerated and often divided either o!d, and tore up by the roots, or broke to of games, games, and situations adapted with wholly

or in part. One sees that copper is pieces, the strongest forest-trees, damaged peculiar care to the various classes of players; a chief ingredient in the Volcanic produc- several houses, and carried off a great many beginning with those who have only learned tions; one meets with it in abundance in the roofs. The birds rushed through ihe broken the moves; and rising progressively even to different species of lavas. Vesuvius, which windows, and dropped down dead: the howl. the highest class of amateurs. has been in constant activity since 1813, ing and whistling of the storm was dreadful.

A treatise on such a plan has long been a has entirely covered its ancient crater with It had not then rained a drop-- but now the desideratum among chess-players: it has been a thick crust, in the midst of which

the new clouds, of a lead colour, sunk down to the written at the united request of several of the eruptions have thrown up two little trans- surface of the earth. Nature seemed to be first players in England, who, being con. parent elevations, whence issue smoke, engaged in the most destructive conflict with scious of its utility, wrote to Mr. Sarratt, to ashes and stones, which are frequently vitri- herself; the hail, of the size of a hen's egg, express their wish that he would undertake a fied, so that after they have fallen, one finds poured down in torrents, and in ten cruel task for which his practice and experience in the ground covered with threads of trans minutes the devastation was completed. teaching, and the great number of documents parent glass. This crust is so considerable,

that he has collected during the last twelve that unless it has some support, or if an

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