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Yaller, yellow.
Yeller, yellow.
Yellers, a disease of peach-


Zach, Ole, a second Washington,

an antislavery slaveholder, a humane buyer and seller of men and women, a Christian hero generally.



Antonius, a speech of, 181–by

whom best reported, ib.
A. B., information wanted con- Apocalypse, beast in, magnetic
cerning, 216.

to theologians, 222.
Adam, eldest son of, respected, Apollo, confessed mortal by his

own oracle, 222.
Æneas goes to hell, 238.

Apollyon, his tragedies popular,
Æolus, a seller of money, as is 212.

supposed by some, 239. Appian, an Alexandrian, not
Æschylus, a saying of. 191, equal to Shakspeare as an

orator, 181.
Alligator, a decent one conjec- Ararat, ignorance of foreign

tured to be, in some sort, hu- tongues is an, 193.
mane, 255.

Arcadian background, 243.
Alphonso the Sixth of Portu- Aristophanes, 175.

gal, tyrannical act of, 258. Arms, profession of, once es-
Ambrose, Saint, excellent (but teemed, especially that of

rationalistic) sentiment of, gentlemen, 154.

Arnold, 183.
6 American Citizen," new com- Ashland, 243.
post so called, 241.

Astor, Jacob, a rich man, 230.
American Eagle, source Astræa, nineteenth century for-

of inspiration, 185–hitherto saken by, 240.
wrongly classed, 191—long Athenians, ancient, an institu-
bill of, 192.

tion of, 182.
Amos, cited, 176.

Atherton, Senator, envies the
Anakim, that they formerly

loon, 201.
existed, shown, 259.

Austin, St., profane wish of,
Angels, providentially speak 184, note.

French, 165—conjectured to Aye-Aye, the, an African ani-

be skilled in all tongues, ib. mal, America supposed to be
Anglo-Saxondom, its idea, what, settled by, 167.

Anglo-Saxon mask. 163.
Anglo-Saxon race, 160.
Anglo-Saxon verse, by whom Babel, probably the first Con-

carried to perfection, 155. gress, 199—a gabble-mill, ib.



ing, 259.

Baby, a low-priced one, 235. son, 169—aliquid suffiami-
Bagowind, Hon. Mr., whether nandus, 170—his poems at-
to be damned, 203.

tributed to a Mr. Lowell, 174
Baldwin apples, 259.

-is unskilled in Latin, 175–
Baratarias, real or imaginary, his poetry maligned by some,

which most pleasant, 240. ib.-his disinterestedness, ib.
Barnum, a great natural cu- -his deep share in common-

riosity recommended to, 189. weal, 176—his claim to the
Barrels, an inference from see- presidency, ib.-his mowing,

ib. resents being called
Bâton Rouge, 243-strange pe- Whig, 177—opposed to tariff,

culiarities of laborers at, 244. ib.-obstinate, ib.-infected
Baxter, R., a saying of, 177. with peculiar notions, ib.-
Bay, Mattysqumscot, 254. reports a speech, 181-emu-
Bay State, singular effect pro- lates historians of antiquity,

duced on military officers by ib.-his character sketched
leaving it, 164.

from a hostile point of view,
Beast, in Apocalypse, a load- 192-a request of his com-
stone for whom, 222.

plied with, 205--appointed at
Beelzebub, his rigadoon, 201. a public meeting in Jaalam,
Behmen, his letters not letters, 217–confesses ignorance, in

one minute particular, of
Bellers, a saloon-keeper, 248 propriety, ib.-his opinion of

-inhumanly refuses credit cocked hats, ib.-letter to,
to a presidential candidate, ib.—called “Dear Sir,” by

a general, ib.-probably re-
Biglow, Ezekiel, his letter to ceives same compliment from

Hon. J. T. Buckingham, 147 two hundred and nine, ib.-
-never heard of any one picks his apples, 259-his
named Mundishes, 148- crop of Baldwins conjectu-
nearly fourscore years old, ib. rally large, ib.
-his aunt Keziah, a notable Billings, Dea. Cephas, 158.
saying of, 149.

Birch, virtue of, in instilling
Biglow, Hosea, excited by com- certain of the dead languages,

position, 148-a poem by, 149, 238.
207—his opinion of war, 150 Bird of our country sings ho-
-wanted at home by Nancy,
152-recommends à forcible Blind, to go it, 235.
enlistment of warlike editors, Blitz, pulls ribbons from his
ib.-would not wonder, if

mouth, 160.
generally agreed with, ib. - Bluenose potatoes, smell of,
versifies letter of Mr. Sawin, eagerly desired, 161.
155—a letter from, 156, 198 Bobtail obtains a cardinal's
-his opinion of Mr. Sawin,

hat, 168.
157-does not deny fun at Bolles, Mr. Secondary, author
Cornwallis, 158, note--his of prize peace essay, 159
idea of militia glory, 160, note presents sword to Lieutenant-
-a pun of, 161, note-is un- Colonel, ib.-a fluent orator,
certain in regard to people

ib.found to be in error,
of Boston, ib.-had never 161.
heard of Mr. John P. Robin- | Bonaparte, N., a usurper, 222.

sanna, 160.

Boot-trees, productive, where, bell curfew, light of the nine-

teenth century to be extin-
Boston, people of, supposed guished at sound of, 196-
educated, 161, note.

cannot let go apron-stwing of
Brahmins, navel-contemplat- the Past, 197—his unsuccess-
ing, 214.

ful tilt at Spirit of the Age,
Bread-trees, 237.

ib.-the Sir Kay of modern
Brigadier-Generals in militia, chivalry, ib.-his anchor
devotion of, 180.

made of a crooked pin, 198—
Brown, Mr., engages in an un- mentioned, 198–202.
equal contest, 204.

Cambridge Platform, use dis-
Browne, Sir T., a pious and covered for, 167.

wise sentiment of, cited and Canary Islands, 237.
commended, 156.

Candidate, presidential, letter
Buckingham, Hon. J. T., edi- from, 217-smells a rat, 218

tor of the Boston Courier. -against a bank, 219-takes
letters to, 147, 155, 174, 198 a revolving position, ib.-
-not afraid, 157.

opinion of pledges, ib.—is a
Buffalo, a plan hatched there, periwig, 220-fronts south by

251-plaster, a prophecy in north, ib.-qualifications of,
regard to, ib.

lessening, 224wooden leg
Buncombe, in the other world (and head) useful to, 234.
supposed, 182.

Cape Cod clergymen, what, 166
Bung, the eternal, thought to -Sabbath-breakers, perhaps,
be loose, 152.

reproved by, ib.
Bungtown Fencibles, dinner of, Carpini, Father John de Plano,

among the Tartars, 258.
Butter in Irish bogs, 237. Cartier, Jacques, commendable

zeal of, 257.

Cass, General, 199-clearness of

his merit, 200-limited popu-

larity at "Bellers's," 248.
C., General, commended for Castles, Spanish, comfortable

parts, 171--for ubiquity, ib. accommodations in, 240.
--for consistency, ib.- for Cato, letters of, so called, sus-
fidelity, ib.-is in favor of pended naso adunco, 216.
war, ib.-his curious valua- C. D., friends of, can hear of
tion of principle, ib.

him, 216.
Cæsar, tribute to, 209—his veni, Chalk egg, we are proud of in-

vidi, vici, censured for undue cubation of, 215.
prolixity, 224.

Chappelow on Job, a copy of,
Cainites, sect of, supposed still

lost, 206.
extant, 154.

Cherubusco, news of, its effects
Caleb, a monopoly of his on English royalty, 190.

denied, 159-curious notions Chesterfield no letter-writer,
of, as to meaning of "shel- 216..
ter,” 163_his definition of Chief Magistrate, dancing es-
Anglo-Saxon, ib.-charges teemed sinful by, 166.
Mexicans (not with bayonets Children naturally speak He-
but) with improprieties, ib.

brew, 156.
Calhoun, Hon. J. C., his cow- China-tree, 238.

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