The Journal of the Indian archipelago and eastern Asia (ed. by J.R. Logan)., 第 2 卷

James Richardson Logan

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第 619 頁 - And Abraham gat up early in the morning to the place where he stood before the LORD : and he looked toward Sodom and Gomorrah, and toward all the land of the plain, and beheld, and, lo, the smoke of the country went up as the smoke of a furnace.
第 207 頁 - The people of Mallicollo seemed to be a quite different nation from any we had yet met with, and speak a different language. Of about eighty words, which Mr Forster collected, hardly one bears any affinity to the language spoken at any other island or place I had ever been at. The letter R is used in many of their words ; and frequently two or three being joined together, such words we found difficult to pronounce.
第 32 頁 - ... difference, between the intoxication of ardent spirits and that of opium, deserving of particular attention here. And that is the tenfold force with which every argument against the former applies to the latter. There is no slavery on earth to name with the bondage into which opium casts its victim. There is scarcely one known instance of escape from its toils, when once they have fairly enveloped a man.
第 54 頁 - On the contrary, although the habit of opium-smoking is universal amongst the rich and poor, we find them to be a powerful, muscular, and athletic people, and the lower orders more intelligent, and far superior in mental acquirements, to those of corresponding rank in our own country.
第 455 頁 - From north latitude 12° to 43°, the mean number of rainy days is 78 ; from 43° to 46°, the mean number is 103; from 46° to 50', 134; and from 51° to 60°, 161.
第 222 頁 - ... do not prove to be so. The south-west monsoon, to the north of the equator, extends to the Marianne Islands, and the 145° of east longitude ; and the northwest monsoon to the south of the equator, as far east as New Guinea ; while westerly winds are frequently experienced in the Pacific far to the west of this island. This is the statement of the accurate Captain Horsburgh.* La Perouse goes farther, and observes, that westerly winds are, at least, as frequent as east in the Pacific in a zone...
第 240 頁 - Binuas that declined to abjure the customs of their forefathers, in consequence of the persecutions to which they were exposed, fled to the fastnesses of the interior, where they have since continued in a savage state.
第 188 頁 - The fbre" head rises higher, and the hind head is not so much cut off. The nose projects more from the " face. The upper lip is longer and more prominent. The lower lip projects forward from the " lower jaw to such an extent that the chin forms no part of the face, the lower part of which is • ' formed by the mouth. The buttocks are so much lower than In the negro as to form a striking • • mark of distinction, but the calf of the leg is as high as in the negro.
第 220 頁 - Commerce, conquests, or colonization are, consequently, utterly out of the question as means of conveying any portion of the Malayan language to Madagascar. There remains, then, but one way in which this could have taken place — the fortuitous arrival on the shores of Madagascar of tempest-driven Malayan praus. The south-east monsoon, which is but a continuation of the south-east tradewind, prevails from the 10° of south lat.
第 482 頁 - ... influence upon the lungs, that it may be classed amongst the most poisonous bodies known, and should never be employed in places in which men breathe. Carbonic acid and sulphuretted hydrogen, which are frequently evolved from the earth in cellars, mines, wells, sewers, and other places, are amongst the most pernicious miasms.