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Thus pouring on they proudly seek the deep,
Whose vanquish'd tide, recoiling from the shock,
Yields to the liquid weight of half the globe;
And Ocean trembles for his green domain.
| But what avails this wondrous waste of wealth : 860
This gay profusion of luxurious bliss ?

of Nature? what their balmy meads,
Their powerful herbs, and Ceres void of pain ?
By vagrant birds dispers’d, and wafting winds,
What their unplanted fruits ? what the cool draughts,
Th’ambrosial food, rich gums, and spicy health,
Their forests yield ? their toiling insects what,
Their Silky pride, and vegetable robes ?
Ah! what avail their fatal treasures, hid
Deep in the bowels of the pitying earth,

870 Golconda's gems, and sad Potosi's mines ; Where dwelt the gentlest children of the sun ? What all that Afric's golden rivers roll, Her odorous woods, and shining ivory stores ? Ill-fated race! the softening arts of Peace, Whate'er the humanizing Muses teach ; The godlike wisdom of the temper'd breast; Progressive truth, the patient force of thought; Investigation calm, whose filent powers Command the world; the Light that leads to Heaven; Kind equal rule, the government of laws, And all-protecting Freedom, which alone Sustains the name and dignity of Man : These are not theirs. The parent-sun himself Seems o'er this world of llaves to tyrannize;





And, with oppressive ray, the roseat bloom
Of beauty blasting, gives the gloomy hue,
And feature gross: or worse, to ruthless deeds,
Mad jealousy, blind rage, and fell revenge,
Their fervid spirit fires. Love dwells not there,

The soft regards, the tenderness of life,
The heart-thed tear, th' ineffable delight
Of sweet humanity : these court the beam
Of milder climes; in felfth fierce desire,
And the wild fury of voluptuous sense,
There loft. The very brute creation there
This rage partakes, and burns with horrid fire.

Lo! the green serpent, from his dark abode, Which ev'n Imagination fears to tread, At noon forth-iffuing, gathers up his train 900 In orbs immense, then, darting out anew, Seeks the refreshing fount; by which diffus'd, He throws his folds : and while, with threatening tongue, And deathful jaws erect, the monster curls His flaming crest, all other thirst appallid, 905 Or shivering flies, or check'd at distance stands, Nor dares approach. But still more direful he, · The small clofe-lurking minister of fate, Whose high-concocted venom through the veins A rapid lightning darts, arresting swift The vital current. Form'd to humble man, This child of vengeful Nature ! There, sublim'd To fearless luft of blood, the favage race Roam, licens’d by the shading hour of guilt, And foul misdeed, when the pure day has shut 915


His sacred eye. The tiger darting fierce
Impetuous on the prey his glance has doom'd:
The lively-fhining leopard, speckled o’er
With many a spot, the beauty of the waste :
And, scorning all the taming arts of Man,

The keen hyena, fellest of the fell.
Thefe, rushing from th' in hospitable woods
Of Mauritania, or the tufted isles,
That verdant rise amid the Libyan wild,
Innumerous glare around their shaggy king,

925 Majestic, stalking o'er the printed fand; And, with imperious and repeated roars, Demand their fated food. The fearful flocks Crowd near the guardian swain; the nobler herds, Where round their lordly bull, in rural ease,

93 They ruminating lie, with horror hear The coming rage. Th' awaken’d village starts; And to her fluttering breast the mother strains Her thoughtless infant. From the Pirate's den, Or ftern Morocco's tyrant fang escap'd,

935 The wretch half-wishes for his bonds again : While, uproar all, the wilderness resounds, From Atlas eastward to the frighted Nile.

Unhappy he! who from the first of joys, Society, cut off, is left alone

940 Amid this world of death. Day after day, Sad on the jutting eminence he fits, And views the main that ever toils below; Still fondly forming in the farthest verge, Where the round æther mixes with the wave, 945

Ships, dim discover'd, dropping from the clouds;
At evening, to the setting fun he turns
A mournful eye, and down his dying heart
Sinks helpless; while the wonted roar is up,
And hiss continual through the tedious night. 950
Yet here, ev'n here, into these black abodes
Of monsters, unappallid, from stooping Rome,
And guilty Cæfar, Liberty retir'd,
Her Cato following through Numidian wilds :
Disdainful of Campania's gentle plains,

And all the green delights Ausonia pours ;
When for them she must bend the servile knee,
And fawning take the splendid robber's boon.

Nor stop the terrors of these regions here. Commission'd demons oft, angels of wrath, Let loose the raging elements. Breath'd hot, From all the boundless furnace of the sky, And the wide glittering waste of burning fand, A suffocating wind the pilgrim smites With instant death. Patient of thirst and toil, 965 Son of the defart! ev’n the camel feels, Shot through his wither'd heart, the fiery blast. Or from the black-red æther, bursting broad, Sallies the sudden whirlwind. Strait the sands, Commov’d around, in gathering eddies play: 970 Nearer and nearer still they darkening come; Till, with the general all-involving storm Swept up, the whole continuous wilds arise; And by their noon-day fount dejected thrown, Or sunk at night in fad disastrous fleep,

975 Beneath


Beneath descending hills, the caravan
Is buried deep. In Cairo's crowded streets
Th' impatient merchant, wondering, waits in vain,
And Mecca faddens at the long delay.
But chief at sea, whofe every fexile wave

Obeys th' blast, th' aërial tumult swells.
In the dread ocean, undulating wide,
Beneath the radiant line that girts the globe,
The circling * Typhon, whirld from point to point,
Exhausting all the rage of all the sky,

985 And dire * Ecnephia reign. Amid the heavens, Falsely serene, deep in a cloudy + speck Compress’d, the mighty tempest brooding dwells : Of no regard, save to the skilful eye, Fiery and foul, the small prognostick hangs 990 Aloft, or on the promontory's brow Musters its force. A faint deceitful calm, A fluttering gale the demon sends before, To tempt the spreading fail. Then down at once, Precipitant, descends a mingled mass

995 Of roaring winds, and Aame, and rushing floods. In wild amazement fix'd the failor stands. Art is too low: by rapid fate oppress’d, His broad-wing'd vessel drinks the whelming tide, Hid in the bosom of the black abyss.


* Typhon and Ecnephia, names of particular storms or hurricanes, known only between the tropics.

+ Called by the sailors the Ox-eye, being in appearance at first no bigger.


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