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And high Olympus pouring mạny a stream! 0, from the founding fummits of the north,

785 The Dofrine Hills, through Scandinavia rollid To farthest Lapland and the frozen main; From lofty Caucafus, far-feen by those Who in the Caspian and black Euxine toil ; From cold Riphean Rocks, which the wild Rufs 790 Believes the * ftony girdle of the world; And all the dreadful mountains, wrapt in storm, Whence wide Siberia draws her lonely floods ; O, sweep th' eternal snows! Hung o'er the deep, That ever works beneath his founding base, 795 Bid Atlas, propping heaven, as poets feign, His subterranean wonders spread! unveil The miny caverns, blazing on the day, Of Abyssinia's cloud compelling cliffs, And of the bending + Mountains of the Moon ! 800 O’ertopping all these giant fons of earth, Let the dire Andes, from the radiant line Stretch'd to the stormy seas that thunder round The fouthern pole, their hideous deeps unfold ! Amazing scene ! Behold! the glooms disclose, I see the rivers in their infant beads ! Deep, deep I hear them, labouring to get free! I see the leaning strata, artful rang'd;


* The Muscovites call the Riphean Mountains Wen liki Camenypoys, that is, the great ftony Girdle : because they suppose them to encompass the whole earth.

+ A range of mountains in Africa, that surround almost all Monomotapa.

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The gapinġ fiffures to receive the rains,
The melting snows, and ever-dripping fogs.

Strow'd bibulous above I see the fands,
The pebbly gravel next, the layers then
Of mingled moulds, of more retentive earths,
The gutter'd rocks, and mazy-running clefts;
That, while the stealing moisture they transmit,
Retard its motion, and forbid its waste.
Beneath th' incessant weeping of these drains,
I see the rocky fyphons stretch'd immense,
The mighty refervoirs, of harden'd chalk,
Or stiff compacted clay, capacious form’d. 810
O’erflowing thence, the congregated stores,
The crystal treafures of the liquid world,
Through the stirr'd fands a bubbling paffage burst;
And welling out, around the middle steep,
Or from the bottoms of the bosom'd hills,

effusion flow. United, thus,
Th'exhaling sun, the vapour-burden'd air,
The gelid mountains, that to rain condens'd
These vapours

in continual current draw,
And send them, o'er the fair-divided earth,
In bounteous rivers to the deep again,
A social commerce hold, and firm support
The full-adjusted harmony of things.

When Autumn scatters his departing gleams,
Warn'd of approaching Winter, gather'd, play

835 The swallow-people, and toss’d wide around, O'er the calm sky, in convolution swift, The feather'd eddy floats: rejoicing once,






Ere to their wintery slumbers they retire;
In clusters clung, beneath the mouldering bank, 840
And where, unpierc'd by frost, the cavern Yweats,
Or rather into warmer climes convey'd,
With other kindred birds of season, there
They twitter chearful, till the vernal months
Invite them welcome back : for, thronging, now
Innumerous wings are in commotion all.

Where the Rhine loses his majestic force
In Belgian plains, won from the raging deep,
By diligence amazing, and the strong
Unconquerable hand of Liberty,
The stork-assembly meets; for many a day,
Consulting deep, and various, ere they take
Their arduous voyage through the liquid sky.
And now their rout design'd, their leaders chose,
Their tribes adjusted, clean'd their vigorous wings;
And many a circle, many a short essay,
Wheel'd round and round, in congregation full
The figur'd fight afcends; and, riding high
Th’aërial billows, mixes with the clouds.

Or where the Northern ocean, in vast whiris, 860
Boils round the naked melancholy ifles
Of farthest Thulè, and th' Atlantic surge ;
Pours in among the stormy Hebrides ;
Who can recount what transmigrations there
Are annual made? what nations come and go?
And how the living clouds on clouds arise ?
Infinite wings / till all the plume-dark air
And rude resounding shore are one wild cry.





Here the plain harmless native his small flock, And herd diminutive of many hues,

870 Tends on the little island's verdant swell, The shepherd's sea-girt reign; or, to the rocks Dire-clinging, gathers his avarious food ; Or sweeps the fishy shore; or treasures up The plumage, rising full, to form the bed Of luxury. And here a while the Muse, High hovering o'er the broad cærulean fcene, Sees Caledonia, in romantic view : Her airy mountains, from the waving main, Invested with a keen diffusive sky,

880 Breathing the soul acute; her forests huge, Incult, robust, and tall, by Nature's hand Planted of old; her azure lakes between, Pour'd out extensive, and of watery wealth Full; winding deep, and green, her fertile vales; 885 With many a cool translucent brimming flood Wash'd lovely from the Tweed (pure parent fiream, Whose pastoral banks first heard my Doric reed, With, fylvan Jed, thy tributary brook) To where the north-inflated tempest foams O'er Orca's or Betubium's highest peak : Nurse of a people, in misfortune's school Train’d up to hardy deeds ; foon visited By Learning, when before the Gothic rage She took her western flight. A manly race, Of unsubmitting spirit, wise, and brave; Who still through bleeding ages struggled hard, (As well unhappy Wallace can attest,





Great patriot-hero! ill-requited chief !)
To hold a generous undiminish'd state;

Too much in vain! Hence of unequal bounds
Impatient, and by tempting glory borne
O’er every land, for every

land their life Has flow'd profuse, their piercing genius plann's, And swell'd the pomp

of peace

their faithful toil. 905 As from their own clear north, in radiant streams, Bright over Europe bursts the Boreal Morn.

Oh, is there not fome patriot, in whose power That best, that godlike Luxury is plac'd, Of blessing thousands, thousands yet unborn, 910 Through late posterity ? some, large of soul, To chear dejected industry? to give A double harvest to the pining fwain ? And teach the labouring hind the sweets of toil? How, by the finest art, the native robe

915 To weave; how, white as Hyperborean snow, To form the lucid lawn; with venturous oar How to dash wide the billow; nor look on, Shamefully paffive, while Batavian fleets Defraud us of the glittering finny swarms, 920 That heave our friths, and crowd upon our shores; How all-enlivening trade to rouse, and wing The prosperous fail, from every growing port, Uninjur'd, round the fea-encircled globe ; And thus, in foul united as in name,

925 Bid Britain reign the mistress of the deep?

Yes, there are such. And full on thee, Argyll, Her hope, her stay, her darling, and her boast,


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