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Of temper'd fun, and water, earth, and air,
In ever-changing composition mixt.
Such, falling frequent through the chiller night,
The fragrant ftores, the wide-projected heaps
Of apples, which the lusty-handed year,
Innumerous, o'er the blushing orchard shakes.
A various spirit, fresh, delicious, keen,

Dwells in their gelid pores ; and, active, points
The piercing cyder for the thirsty tongue :
Thy native theme, and boon inspirer too,
Phillips, Pomona's bard, the second thou
Who nobly durft, in rhyme-unfetter'd verse,
With British freedom fing the British song:
How, from Silurian vats, high-sparkling wines
Foam in transparent floods; some strong, to cheer
The wintery revels of the labouring hind;
And tasteful fome, to cool the fummer-hours. 650

In this glad season, while his fweetcst beams
The sun lheds equal o'er the meekend day;
Oh, lose me in the green delightful walks
Of, Doddington, thy seat, ferene, and plain ;
Where simple Nature reigns; and every view,
Diffusive, spreads the pure

Dorsetian downs,
In boundless prospect : yonder shagg'd with wood,
Here rich with harvest, and there white with focks !
Meantime the grandeur of thy lofty dome,
Far-fplendid, feizes on the ravilh'd eye.

660 New beauties rise with each revolving day; New columns fwell; and still the fresh Spring finds New plants to quicken, and new groves to green.




Full of thy genius all! the Mufes' feat :
Where in the secret bower, and winding walk, 665
For virtuous Young and thee they twine the bay.
Here wandering oft, fir'd with the restless thirtt
Of thy applause, I solitary court
Th’inspiring breeze: and meditate the book
Of Nature ever open ; aiming thence,

Warm from the heart, to learn the moral fong.
Here, as I steal along the funny wall,
Where Autumn balks, with fruit empurpled deep,
My pleasing theme continual prompts my thought:
Presents the downy peach; the shining plumb;
The ruddy, fragrant nectarine ; and dark,
Beneath his ample leaf, the luscious fig.
The vine too here her curling tendrils shoots ;
Hangs out her clusters, glowing to the south;
And scarcely wishes for a warmer sky.

Turn we-a moment Fancy's rapid flight To vigorous foils, and climes of fair extent; Where, by the potent sun elated high, The vineyard fwells refulgent on the day; Spreads o'er the vale ; or up the mountain climbs, 685 Profuse; and drinks amid the funny rocks, From cliff to cliff increas'd, the heighten'd blaze. Low bend the weighty boughs. The clutters clear, Half through the foliage seen, or ardent flame, Or Thine transparent; while perfection breathes 690 White o'er the turgent film the living dew. As thus they brighten with exalted juice, . Touch'd into favour by the mingling ray; Vol.d. K



The rural youth and virgins o'er the field,
Each fond for each to cull th' autumnal prime,
Exulting rove, and speak the vintage nigh.
Then comes the crushing swain ; the country floats,
And foams unbounded with the malhy flood;
That, by degrees fermented and refin'd,
Round the rais’d nations pours the cup of joy: 700
The claret smooth, red as the lip we press
In sparkling fancy, while we drain the bowl;
The mellow-tasted Burgundy; and quick,
As is the wit it gives, the gay champaign.

Now, by the cool declining year condens'd, 705
Descend the copious exhalations, check'd
As up the middle sky unseen they stole,
And roll the doubling fogs around the hill.
No more the mountain, horrid, vast, sublime,
Who pours a sweep of rivers from his Gides,
And high between contending kingdoms rears
The rocky long division, fills the view
With great variety ; but in a night
Of gathering vapour, from the baffled senfe
Sinks dark and dreary. Thence expanding far, 715
The huge dusk, gradual, swallows up the plain :
Vanith the woods; the dim-seen river seems
Sullen, and Now, to roll the misty wave.
Ev’n in the height of noon opprest, the sun
Sheds weak, and blunt, his wide-refracted


720 Whence glaring oft, with many a broaden’d orb, He frights the nations. Indistinct on earth, Seen through the turbid air, beyond the life



Objects appear; and, wilder'd, o'er the waste
The shepherd stalks gigantic. Till at last

Wreath'd dun around, in deeper circles still
Successive closing, fits the general fog
Unbounded o'er the world; and, mingling thick,
A formless grey confusion covers all.
As when of old (fo sung the Hebrew Bard) 9:30
Light, uncollected, through the chaos urg'd
Its infant way; nor Order yet had drawn
His lovely train from out the dubious gloom.

These roving mists, that constant now begin To smoke along the hilly country, these,

735 With weighty rains, and melted Alpine snows, The mountain-cisterns fill, those ample stores Of water, scoop'd among the hollow rocks; Whence gush the streams, the ceaseless fountains play, And their unfailing wealth the rivers draw. 740 Some sages say, that, where the numerous wave For ever lashes the resounding shore, Drill'd through the sandy ftratum, every way, The waters with the fandy ftratum rise; Amid whose angles infinitely strain'd,

745 They joyful leave their jaggy falts behind, And clear and sweeten, as they soak along. Nor stops the restless fluid, mounting still, Though oft amidst th' irriguous vale it springs ; But to the mountain courted by the fand,

750 That leads it darkling on in faithful maze, Far from the parent-main, it boils again Fresh into day; and all the glittering hill

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Is bright with spouting rills. But hence this vain
Amufive dream! why should the waters love

To take so far a journey to the hills,
When the sweet vailies offer to their toil
Inviting quiet, and a nearer bed?
Or if, by blind ambition led aftray,
They muft aspire; why hould they fudden stop
Among the broken mountain's ruly dells,
And, ere they gain its highest peak, desert
Th'attractive sand that charm’d their course fo long?
Besides, the hard agglomerating salts,
The spoil of ages, would impervious choak 765
Their secret channels; or, by flow degrees,
High as the hills protrude the swelling vales : ,
Old Ocean too, fuck'd through the porous globe,
Had lung ere now forsook his horrid bed,
And brought Deucalion's watery times again. 770

Say then, where lurk the vast eternal springs,
That, like creating Nature, lie conceal'd
From mortal eye, yet with their lavish store's
Refresh the globe, and all its joyous tribes :
0, thou pervading Genius, given to man,

To trace the fecrets of the dark abyss,
O, lay the mountains bare! and wide display
Their hidden structure to th' astonish'd view!
Strip from the branching Alps their piny load;
The huge incumbrance of horrific woods
From Asian Taurus, from Imaus stretch'd
Athwart the roving Tartar's sullen bounds!
Give opening Hemus to my searching eye,


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