Common Passages in Certain Plays of 1585-1595

University of Wisconsin--Madison, 1919






第 cxxi 頁 - I'll ride in golden armour like the sun ; And in my helm a triple plume shall spring, Spangled with diamonds, dancing in the air, To note me emperor of the three-fold world...
第 cxxi 頁 - Upon the top of all his loftie crest, A bunch of haires discolourd diversly, With sprincled pearle, and gold full richly drest, Did shake, and seemd to daunce for jollity; Like to an almond tree ymounted hye On top of greene Selinis all alone, With blossoms brave bedecked daintily; Whose tender locks do tremble every one At every little breath, that under heaven is blowne.
第 xxxii 頁 - My heart, sweet friend, is like a ship at sea; She wisheth port, where, riding all at ease, She may repair what stormy times have worn. And leaning on the shore, may sing with joy That pleasure follows pain, and bliss annoy. Possession of thy love is th...
第 c 頁 - O highest lamp of ever-living Jove, Accursed day, infected with my griefs, Hide now thy stained face in endless night And shut the windows of the lightsome heavens.
第 cxxi 頁 - So forth she comes, and to her coche does clyme, Adorned all with gold and girlonds gay, That seemd as fresh as Flora in her prime; And strove to match, in...
第 cxxv 頁 - A god is not so glorious as a king. I think the pleasure they enjoy in heaven, Cannot compare with kingly joys in earth. — To wear a crown...
第 liii 頁 - Mountains and hills, come, come, and fall on me, And hide me from the heavy wrath of God ! No, no.
第 xliv 頁 - My breach of faith occasioned bloody wars, Those bloody wars have spent my treasure, And with my treasure my people's blood, And with their blood, my joy and best beloved, My best beloved, my sweet and only son.
第 ciii 頁 - ... blowes, Cannot endure, but needs it must be wrackt On the rough rocks, or on the sandy shallowes, The whiles that love it...
第 ciii 頁 - Huge sea of sorrow and tempestuous grief, Wherein my feeble bark is tossed long Far from the hoped haven of relief, Why do thy cruel billows beat so strong And thy moist mountains each on others throng.