Ninth Series.


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Exclusive of Proceedings, Regular Periodicals, and General Publications, National and State. In this catalogue we have designated the several departments in which the volumes have been placed, as follows: "M.," Masonic.-"I. D.," Iowa Department.-"G.," General.

Many of the books classified under the heading of "General," like a large number of similar volumes in the Library, have a bearing upon some department of Masonry, and may well be consulted by the student of Masonic literature for their intimate connection with that ancient and honorable society. The student of Masonry will find in many volumes of Archaeology, Biography, Bibliography, Ceremonial works, Fine Art, Folk Lore, Guilds, Heraldry, History, Jurisprudence, and Numismatics, much valuable information upon our ceremonies, symbols, and emblems, as well as the meaning of our passwords and other ceremonies, ritualistic or public.


Allerton, W. S.-A History of the Allerton Family in the United States, 1858-85, and Genealogy of the Descendants of Isaac Allerton. G.

Allen, E. A.-See "Brewer."

Anderson, Joseph-An Account of the Celebration of Centenary of Harmony Lodge, No. 42, F. & A. M., with Addresses Delivered. M.

Anon.-"Abbiludungen Freimaurerischer Denkmunzen und Medaillen." M. Volume II. (For explanatory note see Proceedings 1898, page 321.)

Acts and Resolutions Passed at Regular Session of Twenty

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Annual American Catalogue 1899-Being full Titles, with descriptive notes, of all books recorded in The Publishers' Weekly, 1899, with author, title, etc. G.

Annual Cyclopædia and Register of Important Events of

the year 1898. G.

A Thought for Each Day Till the Century's Close, 1900.

I. D.

Buildings and Grounds of the University of Chicago-a Souvenir, 1892-99.


Catalogue of Masonic Antiquities and Curios of the Grand Lodge of New York. M.

Century Gallery of One Hundred Portraits. G.

Centenary of the Death of George Washington-Memorial Services Commemorating the Day at Girard College, December 14th, 1899. G.

Ceremonies Attending the Unveiling of the Statute of Benjamin Franklin, June 14th, 1899, presented to the city of Philadelphia by J. C. Strawbridge. G.

Ceremonies of Lodge of Sorrow held in Commemoration of the Dead Under Gourgas Lodge of Perfection, Preceptory Rite, Pittsburg, St. John's Day, 1899. M. Daily News Almanac and Political Register 1300. G. Educational Miscellany. I. D.

English Catalogue of Books for 1899-giving full titles, classified under author and subject in one alphabet, of the books issued in Great Britain and Ireland, 1899. G. Freemasons' Calendar and Pocket Book for 1900-England. M.

Freemasons' Calendar, Province of Shropshire, 1900. M. Glimpses of Southern California. G.

Hawkeye 1901-Being Volume X. of the Junior Annual at S. U. I. I. D.

History of Counties of Woodbury and Plymouth, Iowa, including sketch of Sioux City. I. D.

History of Fire and Police Departments of Minneapolis; Their Origin, Progress, and Development. G.

History of the Indian Rights Association of Iowa, and the Founding of the Indian Training School, Toledo, Iowa. I. D.

History of Polk County, Iowa, Containing a History of the County, its Cities, Towns, etc. I. D.

Incineration, a Rational and Reverent Reform, as Exemplified at the Davenport Crematorium. I. D.


International Competition for the Phoebe Hearst Archi-
tectural Plan for the University of California.
In Memoriam Enoch Terry Carson, 1822-1899. M.
Iowa Official Register 1899. I. D.

Irish Freemasons' Calendar and Directory for 1900. M.
Journal of Prison Discipline and Philanthropy, January,

1898 and 1899. G.

Library of Congress and the Interior Decorations-with descriptions of all paintings, sculptures, and statues, wall quotations, etc., etc. G.

The New Library of Congress-A Souvenir in Photo-
gravure. G.

Ninth Report of the Free Public Library Commission of
Massachusetts, 1899.


Official Souvenir of the Centennial of the Death of Worshipful George Washington, Past Master of Alexandria Lodge, No. 22, A. F. & A. M., 1799-1899, Mt. Vernon, Virginia, December 14th, 1899. M.

Portrait and Biographical Album of Polk County, Iowa, containing full-page portraits and biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of the county, with portraits and biographies of all the Presidents of the United States and Governors of the state. I. D. Quarto-Centennial of the Grand Lodge of South Dakota, June 13th and 14th, 1899, Yankton, South Dakota. M. Report of the Iowa Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition Commission. I. D.

Selected Quotations, Cedar Rapids, 1898. I. D.

Short History of Bookbinding and a Glossary of Styles and
Terms used in Binding. G.

Trade List Annual, 1899. G.

Testimonials of Respect to the Memory of Right Worshipful
Grand Master Brother Henry W. Williams, of Penn-
sylvania. M.

Views of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Through a Camera. I. D.
Western Canada, Manitoba, and Northwest Territories. G.
The World Almanac and Encyclopædia, 1900. G.

Ye Centennial Booke 1799-1899-Celebration of the One
Hundredth Anniversary of Mount Vernon Lodge, No. 4,
A. F. & A. M., Providence Rhode Island. M.

Ars Quatuor Coronatorum-Being the Transactions of the Quatuor
Coronati Lodge, No. 2076, London. Vol. XII., 1899. M.

T. H. Lewis-C. Purdon Clarke.

English Lodge at Bordeaux-G. W. Speth.

Intimations of Immortality-J. W. Horsley.

West African Secret Societies-H. P. Fitz-Gerald Marriott.
Leicester Masonry-G. W. Speth.

Descriptions of King Solomon's Temple-S. P. Johnston.

Jacob Jehudah Leon-W. J. Chetwode Crawley.

Establishment of Grand Lodge of Ireland-W. Begemann.
W. Simpson-E. Macbean.

Vistigia Quatuor Coronatorum-C. Purdon Clarke.

Ars Quatuor Coronatorum-St. John's Card, December, 1899, of Lodge Quatuor Coronati, No. 2076, London.



Batissier, P. L.-Histoire L'Art Monumental.


Bentley, William-Address to Essex Lodge upon Festival of St. John the Evangelist, 1798. M.

Bowker, R. R.-Publications of Societies-A Provisional List of the Publications of American Scientific, Literary, and other Societies, from their organization.

See "Fletcher."


Brewer, David (E. A. Allen and William Schuyler, associate editors.) -World's Best Orations from the earliest period to the present time. In ten volumes.

Caffin, Charles-See "Small."



Campbell, John-The Higher Duties of the Lawyer. I. D.

Coleridge, S. T.-Ye Ancient Mariner (Roycroft). G.

Crawley, W. J. C.—Rabbi Jacob Jehudah Leon. M.

Clarkson, Anna H.-A Beautiful Life and its Associations. I. D. Clover, S. T.-Glimpses Across the Sea. G.

Connelley, W. E.-Provincial Government of Nebraska Territory and the Journals of William Walker, Provincial Governor. G.

Cory, Charles B.-The Birds of Eastern North America-Water Birds, Part I.; Land Birds, Part II. G.


DeVere, Paul-Gems of Literature, Liberty, and Patriotism-Collection of sixteen hundred choice, graded memory gems,

supplemented with three hundred maxims, mottos, and proverbs. I. D.

Drummond, J. H.-Historical Address Delivered Before the General Grand Chapter of the United States of America, 1897. M. Dove, John-Virginia Text Book, Fourth, Seventh, and Eighth Editions. M.


Eldridge, E. C.-Catalogue of the Layton Art Gallery, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. G.


Fitzpatrick, T. J.-Manual of the Flowering Plants of Iowa-Polypetalæ, Part I.; Gamopetalæ, Part II. I. D.

Fletcher, W. I. and Bowker, R. R.-The Annual Literary Index, 1899, including Periodicals, American and English; Essays, Book Chapters, etc., with Author Index, Bibliographies, Necrology, and Index to Dates of Principal Events. G. Fulton, A C.-A Life's Voyage-A Diary of a Sailor on Sea and Land, Jotted Down During a Seventy-Years' Voyage.


Giles, Herbert A.-Freemasonry in China. M.

Gillespie, Nelson-Centennial History of Apollo Lodge, No. 13. F. & A. M., Troy, New York; Chartered June 19th, 1796; organized December 12th, 1796.


Gue, B. F.-Biographies and Portraits of the Progressive Men of Iowa-Leaders in Business, Politics, and the Profes

sions, together with an original and authentic history of the State. I. D.

Guthrie, K. S.-My Message, and How I Got to It. G.


Hamerton, P. G.-The Intellectual Life (Roycroft).


Hanna, S. J.-Christian Science History-A Statement of Facts Relating to the Authorship of the Christian Science TextBook. G.

Hewett, Alfred-The Canadian Year Book, 1899, Toronto. G. Hickenlooper, Frank-An Illustrated History of Monroe County-A Complete Civil, Political, and Military History of the County, from its earliest period of organization down to 1896. I. D.

Hiller, Joseph-A Charge Delivered at St. Peter's Church, in Salem, to the Brethren of Essex Lodge, A. F. & A. M., upon the Anniversary of St. John the Evangelist, 1781. M. Hoadley, P. E.-Our Nation's Popular Songs for Home and School. I. D.

Hubbard, Elbert-The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyan (Roycroft). G. As It Seems to Me (Roycroft). G.

Hughan, W. J.-The York Grand Lodge-A brief Sketch. M.

The Wrights, of Glasgow. M.


Janes, William H.-The New Masonic Musical Manual, containing Odes, Chants, Male Quartettes, Solos, and Marches, adapted to all Ceremonies of the Fraternity. M. Johnson, A. S.-Cyclopædic Review of Current History. Nine Volumes. G.


Keim, B. R.-Washington and Mt. Vernon; What to See and How to See it. G.

Kennedy, Duncan-Guide and Directory of the Loyal Order Ancient Shepherds, 1899-1900. G.


Lambert, J. R.-What is Man? His Nature and Destiny. I. D.
Lang, Andrew-Aucassin and Nicolete (Roycroft). G.

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