accustomed to bind their Proceedings, so far as we are informed. Should there be others desirous of binding the volume, we shall be pleased to furnish them with index upon application.

QUARTERLY BULLETIN. The Grand Secretary with propriety and great pleasure refers to the great success that has attended the publication of the Bul. letin in permanent and regular form, and the great favor with which it has been received by the craft at home and abroad, and the librarians of the country as well as those of the state. We have heretofore published the fact, and here repeat the truth, that the plan of this work was conceived and has been successfully executed by the Deputy Grand Secretary. Will our exchanges please give proper credit.

There has been secured for the Library, through advertisements in the Bulletin, many valuable library appliances and fixtures, as also a number of valuable works for the Library, sufficient to warrant the expenditure made in this department.

The subscribers have not been as numerous, or the subscriptions as large as they should have been. The funds thus received have been used for the enlargement of the edition. Were a little effort made in this direction the Bulletin might be made entirely self-supporting, as no doubt it will be if continued.

The large number of letters received not only from our own but other jurisdictions, at home and abroad, fully show that it is appre. ciated and sought after, and that sets have been preserved in many of the leading public as well as in all the Masonic libraries.

The Quarterly Bulletin has, next to the Library, served to keep the Grand Lodge of Iowa most prominently before the great Masonic public as the “first among its equals” in its efforts to learn and teach the great truths of Masonry in their purity, and so strengthen the institution in the minds and hearts not only of its votaries but the educated and enlightened public as not only the oldest but the one institution of all others that has a literature and a history.

“ There is a stream whose narrow tide
The known and unknown worlds divide,

Where all must go :
Its waveless waters, dark and deep,
Mid sullen silence downward sweep

With moanless flow." The Grand Secretary will adhere to the rule he has long observed, except in special cases, and leave to the Committee on Fraternal Dead the task of writing up the distinguished Masons of our own and other jurisdictions who have died during the past year.

Since our last meeting two Past Grand Officers of this Grand Lodge have died, Past Grand Master Guilbert and Past Grand Treasurer Colton, whose services will receive “honorable mention” at the hands of the committee, Brother Cleveland.

The Hon. Matt Parrott, of Waterloo. A distinguished citizen, Mason, and an active member of this Grand Lodge, who never held an elective office, recently diedBrother Parrott was well known to the public as the editor of one of the leading dailies of the state, and Lieutenant-Governor for four years. While in these and other public stations of honor and trust he won the respect of all who knew him, it is as a Mason and a man we, who knew him so long and so well, wish to speak of him here.

In the year 1861 the Proceedings of the Grand Lodge were first printed at Davenport by the house which since and now has printed the Annals of Iowa Masonry, Volumes IV.-XVI. Brother Parrott was a long time in charge of their printing department, and to him the Grand Lodge became indebted for the class of work which has made our Proceedings sought after far and near. In a long and familiar intercourse witř him we always found him par excellence, a Mason in whom there was no guile, whose heart and hand were ever open to assist with readiness the needy with counsel or scrip. In the character of committeeman, rather than as an officer, he rendered efficient service to the craft.

John Lane, Torquay, England.

Our mother jurisdiction, the Grand Lodge of England, on the 30th of December, lost one of its shining lights in Masonic literature, Brother John Lane, P. A. G. D. C., and an honorary member of this Grand Lodge, who died suddenly of heart disease, at his home in Torquay. Brother Lane was the author of three most valuable works. “Masonic Records,” a truly colossal work which has passed through two editions, 1887 and 1895. This valuable work placed him in the front rank of Masonic students and investigators. His second work was "List of Lodges, 1717-94;" the third work of Brother Lane was "Centenary Warrants and Jewels,” published in 1891. Besides these great works, he was the author of many valuable papers read before the celebrated Quatuor Coronati Lodge, No. 2076, London, a lodge to which the world is indebted more than to any other for the invaluable records of the past in manuscript of long forgotten years, as well as papers of recent interest.

We never met our distinguished brother, but from a correspondence of more than a decade came to know his estimable qual. ities as a man and brother, and the Grand Lodge of Iowa will place a loving wreath upon the sod that hides his view from our sight.

Brother Lane was one of the six foreign Masons of distinction elected to honorary membership by this Grand Lodge in 1888, and was the first called to his heavenly lodge. His surviving associates are Brothers William James Hughan and Robert Freke Gould, of England; David Murray Lyon, of Scotland; Dr. J. G. Findel, of Leipzig, Germany, and James F. Matthews, of St. Johns, New Brunswick. The only Iowa brother is our distinguished United States Senator, William B. Allison, the early and constant friend of the Grand Lodge and its Library. Long may it be before another may be called to record the death of any one of this illustrious line of distinguished Masons.

Freed from the strife of this world, and the scorn of it,

Peaceful they sleep 'neath the emerald green.
Never ambition, nor sorrow that's born of it,

Scepter or cross can aflict them again.
That which they lived for was truth, and the fight for it,

Now all their battles are over and won;
Death gives them slumber at last, and the night for it;

Contlict all over; the victory won.


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RETURNS AND DUES. We take pleasure in referring to the fact that there has been this year a slight improvement in the making of returns and in the pay. ment of Grand Lodge dues by the various lodges. In order, how. ever, to secure both in time, we have been required to write many personal letters urging prompt attention to the matter.

We are indeed pleased to note that our Secretaries are a little more careful in making out their returns, and hope they may continue the good work in the future.

[blocks in formation]

The report of the Committee on Lodges Under Dispensation last year recommended the continuation of dispensation granted to the brethren at Everly, in which the Grand Lodge duly concurred. Said dispensation was granted by Brother Grand Master Bowen, as follows:

February 7th, 1899, Columbian Lodge, Everly, Clay county. S. S. Striker, Worshipful Master; J. L. Dwinell, Senior Warden; Thomas Corns, Junior Warden, and twelve others. Recommended by Welcome Lodge, No. 536.


(This list is inserted in full in this report, as has been our custom for more than a third of a century, in order that parties looking for this information may not be disappointed.)

After thorough investigation, the Grand Master deemed it for the best interest of Masonry to grant the following dispensations, which were, as usual, issued through this office, and Proceedings, codes, etc., furnished each lodge:

August 7th, 1899, Full Moon Lodge, Melbourne, Marshall county. W. B. Nason, Worshipful Master; William Aves, Senior Warden; J. S. Boyle, Junior Warden, and fourteen others. Recommended by Eden Lodge, No. 466.

September 4th, 1899, Weston Lodge, Whiting, Monona county. A. M. Bowen, Worshipful Master; W. H. Bradford, Senior Warden; E. H. Wilkins, Junior Warden, and thirteen others. Recommended by Attica Lodge, No. 502.

November 23d, 1899, Meteor Lodge, Yale, Guthrie county. J. E. Francis, Worshipful Master; James Park, Senior Warden; J. R. Chaloupka, Junior Warden, and twelve others. Recommended by Panora Lodge, No. 121.

January 22d, 1900, Roman Lodge, Conrad, Grundy county. Damon Marsh, Worshipful Master; Frank Stewart, Senior Warden; E. G. Crouch, Junior Warden, and fourteen others. Recommended by Olivet Lodge, No. 436.

January 27th, 1900, Mishna Lodge, Pocahontas, Pocahontas county. A. L. Schultz, Worshipful Master; William Hayzlett, Senior Warden; Joseph Simpson, Junior Warden, and fourteen others. Recommended by Pilot Lodge, No. 467.

January 27th, 1900, Maple Lodge, Jolley, Calhoun county. J. F. Rutledge, Worshipful Master; W. N. Steele, Senior Warden; W. J. Johnson, Junior Warden, and thirteen others. Recommended by Solar Lodge, No. 475.

March 15th, 1900, Cement Lodge, Burr Oak, Winneshiek county. Luther Reed, Worshipful Master; R. Reid, Senior Warden; W. H. Emmons, Junior Warden, and fourteen others. Recommended by Great Lights Lodge, No. 181.

March 15th, 1900, Madison Lodge, Earlham, Madison county. J. R. Thomson, Worsbipful Master; N. A. Packard, Senior Warden; C. A. Hodson, Junior Warden, and twenty others. Recommended by Mt. Tabor Lodge, No. 293.

[blocks in formation]

Since last Grand Lodge the following lodges have given up their charters. Grand Lodge certificates have been issued to such members of the respective lodges as were entitled to them, and we hope the various brethren will soon affiliate with some nearby lodge:

Mountain Shade Lodge, No. 279, Volga City.
Globe Lodge, No. 310, at Union.
St. Albans Lodge, No. 363, at Earlham.
Venus Lodge, No. 403, at Macksburg.

The Grand Master has, however, granted to the brethren at Earlham a new dispensation, and the probabilities are that a good lodge will soon be established again in that vicinity.

Upon the surrender of the charter of St. Albans Lodge, No. 363, at Earlham, the property of said lodge (other than that required to be returned to the Grand Secretary's office) was placed in the custody of Brother J. P. Osborn.

During the year Grand Master Lambert issued a dispensation to the brethren at Earlham to form a new lodge, as above stated (Madison, under dispensation), and at the request of the brethren of said new lodge, most of whom were members of the former St. Albans, we permitted the said property to be used by the new lodge, and we recommend that in case a charter be granted to Madison Lodge, under dispensation, that the said custodian of the property be authorized to turn said property over to the new lodge permanently.



During the past year the following lodges have lost their lodge halls. In most instances the records were destroyed. New char. ters have been issued where required, and the lodges furnished with copies of returns made to this office, thereby enabling them to prepare a transcript of the work done by them, as also a brief record of their membership.

We cannot too often remind our lodges that they are liable at any time to meet with such a loss, and that it is good policy to procure a fire-proof safe (which can be had at a small figure) for the safe preservation of their records, which when not in use should be kept in such a safe or vault.

September 22d, 1899, Faithful Lodge, No. 448, Runnels.
November 27th, 1899, Toleration Lodge, No. 236, Fremont.
November —, 1899, Altar Lodge, No. 362, Urbana.
March 5th, 1900, Jordan Lodge, No. 258, Moingona.

EXPULSIONS. (18.) Transcripts in the following cases of expulsion have been placed in the hands of the Committee on Appeals and Grievances, whose report thereon will be presented during the session. Those in italics were continued from last year, and new transcripts furnished.

In the case of Noble Lodge, No. 458, vs. Jene Spurrier, transcript said to have been forwarded failed to reach this office, hence the action of the lodge cannot be approved by this Grand Lodge unless the same be received during the session.

Osceola Lodge, No. 77, vs. J. Reizenstein.
Waterloo Lodge, No. 105, vs. A. I. Breckenridge.
Marshall Lodge, No. 108, vs. Archie Cox.
Marshall Lodge, No. 108, vs. C. T. Barnes.
Marshall Lodge, No. 108, vs. L. S. Kilborn.
Toledo Lodge, No. 118, vs. C. J. Cooper.
Dayton Lodge, No. 149, vs. William Whetstine.
Temple Lodge, No. 170, 2's. L. W. Sullivan.
Hope Lodge, No. 175, vs. S. Wilcox.
Arcturus Lodge, No. 237, vs. W. A. Anderson.
Antiquity Lodge, No. 252, vs. A. M. Cox.
Sharon Lodge, No. 287, vs. J. F. Simpson.
Sharon Lodge, No. 287, vs. G. R. Connelly.
Otley Lodge, No. 299, vs. J. J. Dunlap.
Hebron Lodge, No. 374, vs. H. C. Sturgis.
Noble Lodge, No. 458, vs. Jene Spurrier.
Rob Morris Lodge, No. 500, vs. H. A. Hutchinson.
Victoria Lodge, No. 516, vs. Joseph Sheafe.

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