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Adams, Joseph, Treatise on the hereditary peculiarities of the human

race, by, 476
Africa, Park's Journal of a mission to the interior of, 158, 205
Africa, Campbell's Travels in, 110
Àfrica, Lichtenstein's Travels in, 334
Alcedo, Don Antonio De, Translation of his Geographical Dictionary, 358
America, Personal Narrative of Travels to the equinoctial regions of,

by M. de Humboldt, 458—Researches concerning the Insti-

tutions and monuments of the ancient Inhabitants of, 570
America, Remarks on the Treaty of Peace with, vii. 647—will it be last-

ing ? viii-out signal defeat of Napoleon ought to teach the
Americans to think of us with respect, 425--they alone likely

to attempt the rescue of Buonaparte, 534
Anecdotes Parisiennes, 167
Armageddon, a Poem by the Rev. G. Townsend, 89
Arts and Sciences, Inventions, Discoveries, and Improvements in, 75,

195, 317, 427, 539, '648, 757, 866

Badham, Dr., Translation of the Satires of Juvenal, by, 831
Baker, Rachel, remarkable Sermons, by, 840
Bampton Lectures, by W. Van Mildert, D.D., 286
Bardoue, or the Goatherd of Mount Taurus, by Arien de Sarrazin, 603
Baines, John, A Tour throughout the whole of France, by, 864
Barret, Eaton, My Wife! What Wife? a Comedy, by, 510
Berington, Rev. Joseph, A literary History of the Middle Ages, by, 563
Berwick, Rev. Edward, Lives of Pollio, Varro, and Gallus, by, 507
Bible Society, Dealtry's Review of Norris's attack on, 512
Book-keeping, A new and practical course of, by P. Thoreau, 665
Bowerbank, Rev. T. F. Waterloo Sermon, by, 470
NO. VIII. Aug. Ra.


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Boyce, Edmund, the Belgian Traveller, by, 718
Broughton, S. D., Letters from Portugal and Spain, by, 100
Burder, Rev. Samuel, Memoirs of Pious Women, by, 600
Burns, Robert, Account of Ceremonies at his Mausoleum, 736
Buonaparte, Louis, Maria, or the Hollanders, by, 98
Buonaparte, Lucien, Charlemagne, ou l'église délivrée, 11
Buonaparte, Napoleon, Escapes from Elba, xiv-Result of his usurpa-

tion predicted, xvii—Foreseen that he would be glad to go into
exile, 179--Opinions of the Parisians respecting him. ib.-was
he the choice of the French people? 188—the subversion of
his power always practicable, 307-vicissitudes in his lot, 493–
St. Helena will be a fit place of abode for him, ib.—who is to
maintain him? ib. 645—is he a great man? 529—he departs, but
meditates a return, ib.-blameable lenity shown hin, 530–
the allies would have been justifiable in bringing him to con-
dign punishment, 531-is St. Helena a fit place of detention?
533–ihe Americans alone likely to attempt his rescue, 534–
the good he has done, 537—his amusements at St. Helena, 641—
his satellites of more consequence than himself, 774

Secret Memoirs of, 47-portfeuille de, 606
Butler, Charles, Esq., An easy Introduction to Mathematics, by, 610
Byron, Lord, Hebrew Melodies, by, 209

Cambist, Kelly's Universal, 711
Campaign, the, a Poein, by John Gwilliam, 488
Campbell, John, Travels in South Africa, by, 110
Carnot, M. his memorial, 29
Carpe diem, 744
Carpenter, Rev. Lant, Systematic Education, by, 497
Charge delivered to the Clergy of the diocese of London, 251
Charucter, Essay on diversity of, 163
Charlemagne, ou l'église délivrée, par Lucien Buonaparte, 11
Chateuubriand, M. de, Essay on Revolutions, 271-The two Martyrs,

580---Souvenirs d'Italie, &c. 706
Chrestomathia Syriaca ; edidit Gustavus Knös, 696
Churches of England and Rome, Dr. Marsh's comparative view of, 145
Church, the, in danger, by the Rev. Richard Yates, 797
Clancarty, Earl ot, his letter to Lord Castlereagh, 182
Claudian, Strutt's translation of the Poems of, 325
Cobbold, Elizabeth, an Ode on the Victory of Waterloo, by, 785
Cockburn, Lt.-Gen. A Voyage to Cadiz and Gibraltar, &c. 678
Collyer, Dr. the great Mystery of Godliness, a Sermon, by, 141
Congress of Vienna, remarks on the object of, xi
Corbeti, Sarah, the Tyro's Guide, by, 482
Cossack, the, a Poem, 575
Crauford, Earl of, the Poetical works of, 373
Cunningham, J. W. De Rance, a Poem, by, 367

Dallas, R. C. The New Conspiracy against the Jesuits Detected and

Exposed, by, 724
Daubeny, Reo. Charles, Remarks on the Unitarian Method of Interpret-

ing the Scriptures, by, 639

Dealtry's, Rev. W. Review of Norris's Attack on the Bible Society, 512
De Rancè, a Poem by J. W. Cunningham, 367
Drama, British, Remarks on, 409, 522, 637
Duelling, Essay on, 69

Edinburgh Review, Extract from, 194
Education, Systematic, by the Rev. W. Shepherd, the Rev. J. Joyce, and

the Rev. Lant Carpenter, 497
Elton, C. A. Specimens of the Classic Poets, by, 661
Engelbreth, W. F. Fragmenta Basmurico-Coptica Veteris et Novi Testa-

menti, 215
Epitaphs, Observations on, 299
Erskine, Lord, Preface to Mr. Fox's Speeches, by, 818
Eustace's, Rev. John C., Classical Tour through Italy, 698
Excursion, the, a Poem by W. Wordsworth, 343
Exile of Elba, a Poem by John Gwilliam, 488

Fables for the Fireside, by John Lettice, D.D. 520
Fellowes, W. D., Paris in July 1815, by, 815
Fitzgerald, W.T., Wellington's Triumph or the Battle of Waterloo, by, 785
Flowers of Wit, by the Rev. Henry Kett, 685
Forster's Sketch of the New Anatomy of the Brain, &c. 281
Fox, C. J., Speeches of, in the House of Commons, 538_Preface to

ditto, 818
Fragmenta Basmurico-Coptica Veteris et Novi Testamenti, 215
Fragments on the Study of Man, 496
France-The best means of proceeding in the late war, x -Buonaparte

escapes from Elba, xii-The result of his usurpation predicted,
xvii-Evident that Louis would soon be restored, 180 - Popu-
larity of the war, 185, 313, 316—Was Buonaparte the choice of
the French people ? 188—The mischievous intuence of military
habits, 189-Edinburgh Review quoted to show the restoration
of the Bourbons hopeless, 191-Bad faith of France the cause
of the war, 304-Louis's hands will hereafter be at liberty, 305
-Revolutions make little impression ou the minds of the
French, 311-Louis's weakness in admitting Jacobins into
power, 421—Blucher's mode of proceeding well suited to the
French, 422—Speedy termination of the war, 423— The policy
of leaving France great and powerful questionable, 425, 1734
Necessity of dismantling the French fortresses, 420--Inade-
quate punishment of ihe traitors, 535--Perturbed state of
France, 643-Character of Jacobinism, 643— Disposal of the
French fortresses and provinces, 644—Her altered state, 751–
Will a Bourbon government revive the ancient spirit of eninity
to England ? 753—Jacobins not subdued, 753—The conquest of
France necessary to its prosperity, 773—The securities against
French outrages insufficient, 775--They may again throw
Europe into confusion, ib.-Ney's fate, 777-Vast number of the
French traitors, 778

A Tour throughout the whole of, by John Baines, 864
French Dictionary on a plan entirely new, by W. Smith, 356
Frey's Hebrew Grammar in the English Language, 619

Gall and Spursheim, Drs. the Physiognomical System of, 281
Gamble, John, Sarsfield and Howard, by, 670
Genlis, Madame de, Henri le Grand, 233
Geography, a Compendious System of, by Thomas Myers, 35, 131
Geographical and Historical Dictionary of America and the West Indies,

by Don Antonio de Alcedo, 357
Gibbon, Edward, the Miscellaneous Works of, 53
Gilchrist, John, a Collection of Scotish Ballads, by, 620
Gilmour, Robert, Lothaire, a romance, by, 28
Great Britain, prudent course adopted by, in the late war, xix-Popu-

larity of the war, 185, 313, 316—Her high military characier,
424-Improved condition of her affairs, 426—Popularity of
Lord Liverpool's administration, ib.--Remarks on the Waterloo
subscription, 536–Satisfaction occasioned by the favourable
posture of affairs, 537-Services rendered to the world by her,
639—Her reward, 640-Her happy state, 646–Ought she to
share in the spoils of Turkey? 780

-Journal of a Tour and Residence in, by a French Traveller, 194
Greek Exercises, by the Rev. J. Picquot, 635
Griffinhoof, Anthony, The Maskers of Moorfields, by, 506
Guihrie, G. J., On Gunshot Wounds of the Extremities, 719
Guy Munnering, or the Astrologer, 228
Gyles, J. F., Elements of llebrew Grammar, by, 848
Gwilliam, John, The Campaign and Exile of Elba, by 488

Hamilton, Lady, Memoirs of, 136
Hatt, Richard, the Poems of, 495
Hebrew Melodies, by Lord Byron, 209
Hebrew Grammar in the English Language, by J. S. C. F. Frey, 619

Elements of, by J. F. Gyles, 848
Henri le Grand, par Madame de Genlis, 233
Herbert, Hon. W., Helga, a Poem, by, 827
Hints for establishing an Office at Newcastle, &c. by William Tho-

mas, 855
Hogg, James, the Pilgrims of the Sun, a Poem, by, 30
Hopkinson, Samuel, Religious and Moral Reflections, by, 482
Horæ Pelasgice, part the first, by Herbert Marsh, D.D., 437
Horsley, Bishop, Translation of the Book of Psalms, by, 328
Howard, a Novel, by John Gamble, Esq., 670
Humboldi, Alexander de, Personal Narrative of Travels to the Equinoce

tial Regions of the New Continent, 458—Researches concerning
the Institutions and Monuments of the Ancient Inhabitants of
America, 570

Immortality, an Essay on, 715
Iną, a Tragedy, by Mrs. Wilmot, 483
India, Remarks on the War in, 646—Termination of it, 789--the Mar-

quis Wellesley's System ought not to have been abandoned, ib.

--the Bengal frontier greatly strengthened, 783
Ireland, Remarks on the State of, 755

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Italy, a Classical Tour through, by the Rev. John Chetwode Eustace, 698
Italie, Souvenirs de, etc., par M. de Chateaubriand, 706,

Jebb, Rev. Jobn, Sermons on subjects chiefly practical, by 549
Jesuits, the New Conspiracy against, detected and briefly exposed, by R.

C. Dallas, Esq. 724
Joyce, Rev. J., Systematic Education, by, 497
Juvenal, Badham's Translation of the Satires of, 831.

Keegan, W., the Universal British Merchant, by, 481
Kelly, Dr., the Universal Cambist, by, 711
Kelsall, Charles, the Phantasm of a University, by, 467
Kerrison, R. M., an Inquiry into the Present State of the Medical Profes-

sion in England, by, 277
Kelt, Rev. Henry, the Flowers of Wit, by, 685
Knüs, Gustavus, Chrestomathia Syriaca, 696.

Lady Jane's Pocket, a Novel, 473
Latitude and Longitude, a Practical Treatise on finding, at Sea, by Tho-

mas Myers, 254
Letters from Portugal, Spain, and France, by S. D. Broughton, 100
Lettice, John, D.D., Fables for the Fireside, 520
Lichtenstein, Dr. Travels in Southern Africa, by, 334
Literary Compositions, Essays on the Sources of the Pleasures derived

from, 393
London, Bishop of, Charge to the Clergy of his Diocese, in the year

1814, 251
Lord of the Isles, a Poem, by Walter Scott, 1
Lothaire, a Romance, by Robert Gilmour, 28
Louis XVIII. (see France.)


Maria, or the Hollanders, by Louis Bonaparte, 98
Marsh, Herbert, D.D., Comparative View of the Churches of England

and Rome, by, 145—Horæ Pelasgicæ, 437
Maskers of Moorfields, 506
Mathematics, an Easy Introduction to, by Charles Butler, Esq. 610.
Matrimony,Conversations on, by John Ovington, 851
Medical Profession, an Inquiry into the Present State of, by R. M. Ker-

rison, 277
Minchin, William, an Essay to Illustrate the Rights of the Poor by Law,

Mineralogy and Geology, Phillips's Outline of, 858
Mitford, Mary Russell, Poems by, 854
Month at Brussels, a Satirical Novel, 733
More, Hannah, an Essay on the Character and Practical Writings of St.

Paul, by, 148
Morell, John, LL.D., Reasons for the Classical Education of Children

of both sexes, by, 32
Myers, Thomas, A.M., a Compendious System of Modern Geography, by,

35, 131-a Practical Treatise on finding the Latitude and
Longitude, 254

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