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Mathematical Tables, Memoirs of the Life and Wri- taining the Logarithmus of Numtings of the Rev. Andrew Fuller, bers, Logarithmic Sines, Taolate Pastor of the Baptist Church gents, and Secants, and a traat Kettering, and Secretary to verse Table. By J. Brown, the Baptist Missionary Society. | Mathematician. The third EdiBy J. W. Morris. Containing tion, improved and enlarged, upwards of 500 pages, and a with many useful Additions. finely engraved Portrait by Free By Johu Wallace, Teacher of man, from a Painting by Med- Mathematics, Ediuburgh. 8vo. ley. 8vo. 12s. boards.

78. 6d. boards. The Biographical Dictionary; An Epitome of Modern GeoVolume XXIV, Edited by Alex. grayhy, as determined at the Chalmers, F. S. A. 8vo. 12s. Congress of Vienna; with bistoboards.

rical Notices, and Questions for Memoirs and Confessions of Examination. By A Friend to Captain Ashe, Author of the Youth, Illustrated with Maps. Spirit of the Book, &c. &c. One thiek Volume, 1$mo. 45 Written by himself. In three red sheep. Volumes. 12mo, 21s. boards, The Tutor's and Scholar's As

sistant; containing a large cob DRAMA.

lection of Original Questivos, A Course of Lectures on Dra

with Notes at the foot of abe matic Art and Literature: translated from the original Gerrian

page, to exemplify and illustrate

the Rules. By Joseph Saul. of A. W. Schlegel, by John Sixth Edition, corrected and Black, Esq. two Vols. 8vo. 1l. much improved, by Joha ku45. boards.

thersal. 12mo. 2s. bound. EDUCATION.

** A Key to the above. Is. The Student's Journal, ar sewed. ranged, printed, and ruled for M. Tullii Ciceronis de Oth. receiving an Account of every ciis, Libri tres; Juxta editie day's employment, for the space nem J. M. et J. Frid. Heusinof one year, With an Index and

gerorum. Accedunt, in gratiam Appendix. Post 8vo. 45. 6d. Juventutis, notæ quædam Anhalf bound.

glice Scriptæ, 12mo. 6s. 6d. A Comprehensive Astronomi-bound, cal and Geographical Class A sopi Fabulæ Selectæ. With Book, "for the Use of Schools English Notes, for the Use of and Private Families, By Marc Schools. With English Fables, garet Bryan. Illustrated by selected from Croxall's Esop, Plates. 8vo. Is. 6d. boards. and intended as first Exercises

Also a Key to the Work se for translating into Latin. Bv C. parate, Price 1s.

Bradley, A.M. 12mo. 2s. boud.

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Sheep, Swine, and Dogs : also The British Gallery of Pic- particular Directions for pertures; First Series.' + Publishing forming the most important in Numbers and Parts. Part IX. operations in Farriery, &c. &c. (containing Sixteen Subjects) | By James White, of Exeler. Price 21. 128. 6d. Proofs 5l. 5s. 12mo. 6s. boards. or correctly coloured in imitation of the Originals, Twelve

MISCELLANEOUS. Guineas and a Half, of the Private Hours of Napoleon Marquis of Stafford's Collection Bonaparte ; from his earliest of Pictures ; arranged according years to the period of his Marto Schools, and in Chronological riage with the Archduchess Ma Order: with Descriptions. By

By ria Louisa. Written by Himself; W. Y. Ottley, Esq. F. S. A. during his residence in the Island

Also Parts J. to VIII. To be of Elba. Two Vols. 12mo. 12s." continued after the Publication boards. of every Five Numbers; and The same Work in French. the Numbers will be delivered Two Vols. 12mo. 10s. sewed. Monthly, as usual, to those Sub Statements of the Persecution scribers who take the Work in of the Protestants in the South that form, Price 10s. 60. Proofs of France, since the Restoration il. 1s.; or correctly coloured of the Bourbon Family; conand mounted, 21. 128. 6d. each; tained in a Petition addressed to till the Collection be completed Lewis xviii. by the principal in about sixty Numbers.

Protestants of Nismes; a NarThe History and Illustration rative in Defence of the Protesof Salisbury Cathedral, consti tants of Lower Languedoc, and tuting a Portion of the Cathe other important Documents : dral Antiquities of England. By together with a prefatory Ad John Britton, F. S. A. No. V. dress, and Summary of the Per12s. med. 4to. and imp. 4to. 11. secutions endured by this op

pressed People, from the earliest HISTORY.

periods of authentic History to A Treatise on the Situation, the present time. By the Rev. Manners, and Inhabitants of J. Cobbin. 8vo. 4s. Germany, and the Life of Agri Essai sur les Medailles Anticola. By Cornelius Tacitus. ques des Iles de Cephalonie et Translated into English by J. d'Ithaque. Par C.P. De Bosset, Aikin, M. D. with copious Lieut.-Colonel au Service de sa Notes, and a Map of Ancient Majesté Britannique. 4to. 155, Germany. The third Edition. boards. 8vo. 5s, boards.

The Report, together with the

Minutes of Evidence and an ApMEDICINE,

pendix of Papers, from the A complete Treatise on Vete- | Committee appointed to consider rinary Medicine. Volume the of Provision being made for the Fourth. Containing Observa- better Regulation of Madhouses tions on the Diseases of Cows, I in England. [Ordered by the

House of Commons to be print The Sportsman's Directory; ed uth July, 1815.] Each sub or Park aud . Gamekeeper's ject of Evidence arranged under Companion; containing Termis, its distinct head, by J.B. Sharpe, Breeding and Training of Dogs, Member of the Royal College of Rules for Coursing and Shooting, Surgeons. Svo. 135. boards. Beating for Game, &c. &c.

An Address to the Public on With a Description of all kinds the Danger of neglecting Coughs of Poaching; how to detect and Colds; with simple and Peachers, and to destroy their efficacious Methods of Cure. Works; and many valuable ReThe third Edition, with Ardi- cipes, By John Mayer, Gameditions and Selections from the keeper. 1200. 7s. 6d. boards. most eminent Authors, who have treated on the Subject. By W.

NOVELS. Hickman, Jun. 8vo. Is. 6d. bds. Rhoda, a Novel: by the in

Auncient Lere. Containing a genious Author of Plain Sense, Selection of aphoristical and pre- and Things by their Right ceptive Passages on interesting Names. Four Vols. 1?mo. Il. and important Subjects, from Ss. hoards. the Works of eminent Englislı Tales of Fancy; containing Authors of the 16th and 17th the Shipwreck. By Miss Burora, centuries, with a Preface and Author of Clarentine, Geraldle Reniarks. With engraved Por- | Fauconberg, and Traits of Natraits of Lord Bacon, Sir Walter ture. 12mo. 7s.6d. boards. Raleigh, Sir Matthew Hale, and Early Feuds; or Fortune's Algernon Sidney. 12mo. 7s. Frolics. By the Author of Geraldboards.

wood, &c. Three Vols. 19mo. Paris; during the interesting 155. boards. month of July, 1815. A Series Romantic Facts; or which is of Letters addressed to a Friend his Wife? By the Author of in London. By W. D. Fellowes, Veronica, &c. Four Vols. 120. Esq. 8vo. 7s. 60. boards. il. 2s. boards.

The Naval Monitor; containing many useful hints for both

PHILOLOGY. the public and private conduct Tracts and Miscellaneous Criof the young gentlemen in, or ticisms of the late Richard Pa entering, that profession, in all son, Esq. Regius Professor in its branches. In the course of the University of Cambridge. which, and under the Remarks Collected and arranged by the on Gunuery, are some Observa Rev. T. Kidd, Trin. Coll. Camb. jions on the Naval Actions with 8vo. 14s. boards. Large paper America. Also, a plan for im- il. 4s. boards. proving the Naval System, as far as it regards that most use

POETRY. ful set of petty Officers, the The Field of Waterlon, a Midshipmen. By an Officer in Poem, by Walter Scott, Exthe Navy. 12mo. 6s. boards. Svo. 5s. sewed.

Wellington's Triumphı; or, lection of Scripture Passages, the Battle of Waterloo. By Wil generally considered to be mis liam Thomas Fitzgerald, Esq. translater, with proposed CorPrice ls.

rections; also the important va POLITICS:

rious Readings in both TestaA Narrative of the Events ments, and several other Mat. which have taken place in ters elucidating the Sacred France, from the landing of Writings, &c. By Thomas Napoleon Bonaparte, on the Wemyss. 8vo. 7s.6d, boards. first of March, 1815, till the Remarks upon that part of restoration of Louis XVIII. To the Bishop of Lincoln's late which is added, an Account of Charge to the Clergy of his the present State of Society and Diocese, relative to the Bible Public Opinion. In a Series of Society, and to the Intercourse Letters. By Helen Maria Wil- of Churchnien 'with Dissenters. liams. 80. gs. 6d. beards. Svo. ls. 6d.

The Culloden Papers : com Sermons, by the Rev. Archiprising an extensive Correspon bald Alison, 'L. L. B. Prebendence, from the Year 1625 to dery of Sarum, Rector of Rod

1748, which throws much new ington, Vicar of High Ercal, light upon that eventful period and Senior Minister of the Episof British History; but particu-copal Chapel, Edinburgh. Vol. larly regarding the Rebellions in the second. 8vo. 12s. boards. 1715 and 1745; and including

Sermons selected and abridge numerous Letters from the un ed from the Works of the Right fortunate Lord Lovat, and other Reverend Father in God Wildistinguished Persons of the liam Beveridge, D.D. late Lord time; with occasional State Bishop of St. Asaph. For the Papers of much Historical Im Use of Families. Two Volumes, portance. The whole published 8vo. ll. boards. from the Originals, in the possession of Duncan George

TRAVELS. Forbes, of Cullodeu, Esq. To James Simpson, Esg. Advowhich is prefixed an Introduc cate, of Edinburgh, has just tion, including Memoirs of the published, a Visit to Flanders, Right Hon. Duncan Forbes, in July, 1815, in a small Vos many years Lord President of lume, with a Plan of the Battle the Court of Session, Scotland. of Waterloo. Illustrated by Engravings of the Travels in France, during the Lord President Forbes ; of Years 1814, 15. Comprising, Charles Edward Stuart, Son of Observations made during a fixthe Pretender; and of Fac-simi ed Residence of five Months, on les of the most inieresting Signa- the Political State of the Countures. 4to. 31. 3s. boards. try, the Manners and Character

of the People, and the Effects THEOLOGY.

of the Military Despotisia of Biblical Gleanings; or, a Coli | Napoleon ; and coutaining an

authentic Collection of Anec- | In one Vol. 4to. illustrated by dotes, illustrative of his Cha- two Maps and 16 Plates, 14 of racter; to which is added a which are coloured. 31. 13s. 6d. Register of the Weather, for boards. the Use of Invalids. Two Vols. A Picture of Italy, being a royal 12mo. 168. boards. Guide to the Antiquities and

An Account of the Kingdom Curiosities of that classical and of Caubul, and its Dependen- interesting country: with a micies in Persia, Tartary, and nute Description of Rome, FloIndia; comprising a View of the rence, Naples, and Venice, and Afghaun Nation, and a History their Environs; to which are of the Dooraunee Monarchy. By prefixed, Directions to Travelthe Hon. Mountstuart Elphin-lers, and Dialogues in English, stone, of the Hon. East India French, and Italian. By Henry Company's Service; resident at Coxe, Esq. Illustrated by two the Court of Poona ; and late Maps, and five Plates, royal Envoy to the King of Caubul. 18mo. 14s. boards.

* Next Number will put our Readers in possession of the first of the promised papers on the misrepresentations of the Reviews. The order in which they will be examined, must depend on the nature of their contents : but we shall contrive matters so that in the course of every three months, all the principal journals shall be noticed. The Edinburgh Review will probably stand foremost.

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