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ject expressed in the title, Part II. planatory Notes and an Index; and will contain a new Theory, intended illustrated with more than twenty to explain all human interests. engravings on copper.

The Rev. Dr. Collyer has in the Dr. Ronalds, of Coventry, is prefTe:s a volume of Lectures on Scrip- paring for the press a Translation tiire Parables. This will constitute of the celebrated little work of Cathe fourth solume of Dr. Collyer's banis, on Certainty in Medicine. Lectures.

Mr. Iluish's scientific Treatise on Mr. Robert Thompson has in the the Culture and Management of press a Sketch of the French Revo Bees, illustrated with plates, is exlution, including the eventful pe pected to appear in May. riod from 1789 10 the downfal of Buonaparte; with many interesting Mr. Bryce will soon publish a 2ecdotes,

work under the title of the Belgian

Traveller, or Guide through the The Rev. John Grant, A. M. has

United Netherlands; containing an in the press, Arabia, a Poem, with account of their history, character, Notes; to which are added, several customs, natural productions, and staller Pieces, in one small volume commerce; a correct description of

every principal town, its population,

trade, curiosities, &c. Marshal de Vaundercourt is preparing an account of the Russian Mr. William Jaques will shortly Campaign in 1812; a specimen of publish a second and improved ediwhich, elucidating the passage of iion of his Translation of Professor tbe Beresino, will soon appear in an · Franck's Guide to the Study of the English translation.

Scriptures, with Notes, Life, &c. Mr. John Britton has issued pro M. de Lewis is preparing for pubposals for publishing, three En lication, in English and French, in gravings of the Bust of Shakspeare, 2 volumes 8vo., England at the from bis Monument at Stratford beginning of the Nineteenth Cenupon-Avon ; accompanied by an tury, after the manner of Mad. de Essay on his Life and Writings. Stael. One hundred and fifty proofs on Indian paper, Imperial 4to. at 3 Mr. C. Blunt, Optician, is preparGuineas each. The remainder on ing for the press a Descriptive Medium 4to., at 11. 11s. 6d.

Essay on the Magic Lanthorn, with

many plates and wood-cuts; and an Mr. Accum has in the press a

account of the various instruments Treatise on Gas Light; comprising and contrivances for exhibiting opti-. e description of the apparatus and cal deceptions. machinery for illuminating streets, houses, and public edifices; illus Mr. Peter Coxe proposes to pub-. trated by engravings.

lish, in royal octavo, the Social Day,

in four Cantos, embellished with Mr. Parkes, the Author of the twenty-five Engravings. Chemical Catechism, has in the press a series of Chemical Essays. The Rev. Samuel Kittle has in The work will form four pocket vo the press a new and improved edi. . lumes, including a variety of ex

tion of the Rev. Samuel Pike's

NO. I.

Aug. Rev.



copies, and will be accompanied with a Biographical and Literary Introduction, by Octavius Gilchrist, Esq. F.S. A.

Philosophia Sacra; or the Principles of Natural Philosophy, extracted from Divine Revelation.

In the press, the Life of President Edwards, originally written by Dr. Hopkins, of America; revised and enlarged, with occasional Notes, hy the late Dr. Williams, of Kotheram, and now first published in a separate form, with additions and corrections, by John Hawksley.

A new edition of the Lives of eminently Pious Women, in 3 vols, 8vo. ; including an additional volume of highly interesting Lives, by the Rev. Samuel Burder. Ornamented with eighteen fine portraits, by Hopwood.

The History of Richard the Third, A selection of Sermons from King of England, &c. in 5 Books, Bishop Beverige, altered and adaptby Sir George Buck, will speedily be ed to ihe use of public and private published, from the original Manu Instruction, by the Rev. John Dascripts in the possession of the Edi kins, Rector of St. James's, Cole tor; with an Appendix of Notes and chester, 2 vols. 8vo. Documents; by Charles Yarnold, Esq. An imperfect edition of this Shortly will be published, Memoirs important work was first published of the Abbé Edgeworth; containing in 1646, by George Buck, Esq. son two Letters to the Abbé and his of the author ; which, detective and Brother, from Louis XVIII. By C. incorrect as it is, is now rarely to be Sneyd Edgeworth, Esq. met with, and then at a high price, The intended edition, given literally Speedily will be published, in a from the original manuscript of Sir very neat duodecimo volume, Dis. George Buck, will contain much in sertations on Christian Baptism; in teresting matter, not in the former which is clearly shown, that Antione.

pædo-baptism is in opposition to the

Holy Scriptures, and the general The Memoirs and Confessions of practice of the Church of Christ, Capt. Thomas Ashe, author of the in the first and all succeeding ages. Spirit of the Book, are preparing for By the late Rev. and learned Micaiah the press,

Towgood. A new edition. To

which are added, Notes and IllusA fourth edition of Mrs. Taylor's trations; and recommended by the “ Maternal Solicitude,”. and a se Rev. Doctors Cracknell, Dupree, cond edition of “ Practical Hints to Haweis, and Smith; and by the Young Females on the Duties of a Rev. Messrs. Boyue, Clayton, sen, Wife, a Mother, and a Mistress of a Durant, Lowell, Raffles, and Smith. Family,” are in the press.

Mrs. Pinchard, author of the Messrs. Roden and Craske, Stam Blind Girl, has in the press the ford, propose to publish, in a post Ward of Delamere, a Novel, in 4to volume, “ Pierce Penilesse, his three volumes. Supplication to the Dieul," by Thomas Nash, Gent. To be printed Mr. Grainger, Surgeon, of Birm, from the edition of Abel Seffs, in ingham, will publish, in May, a 1594, collated with that of R. Work on a new mode of opening the Jhones, of the same date. The re Bladder in certain obstructions of the print will be limited to one hundred urethra and prostate gland; and be

i simple method of removing the A Translation of the Psalms of tonsils of the throat, and other tu David, with Notes, by Samuel Hors. mors, from the accessible cavities of ley, LL.D. F.R.S. F.A.S. late Lord the budy, &c. &c.

Bishop of St. Asaph, in 2 Vols. 8vo. M. de Chateaubriand will shor:ly History of Brazil, Volume 2. by publish two Works; the one en Robert Southey, Esq. Poet Laureat, titled, Recollections of Italy, Eng Member of the Royal Spanish Acaland, and America; and the other demy, in Quarto, will soon be pub. on the Revolution of Empires.

lished. The Rev. H. Popplevell has in the Travels of Ali Bey, in Morocco, Press, a second and improved Edi- Tripoli, Cyprus, Egypt, Arabia, Syria, tion of Andrew's Sermons.

and Turkey, between the years

1803 and 1807. Written by himself, The Hydrographer of the Naval and translated into English, in 3 Chronicle proposes to publish a new Vols. 4to, illustrated by about One Edition of Robinson Crusoe, revised Hundred Plates, will shortly appear. and corrected for the advancement of Nautical Education, with technical An Account of the Kingdom of aod geographical illustrations. Cabul, and its Dependencies, in

Persia, Tartary, and India; comThe fifth Volume of Mr. Kirby's prising a View of the Afghaun Na. Wonderful Museum will be pub tion, and a History of the Doorraulished early in May.

nee Monarchy. By the Hon. Mount

stuart Elphinstone, of the Hon. East A new Edition of Collyer's Sacred India Company's Service, Resident Interpreter in 2 Vols. 8vo. will be of the Court of Poonab, and late published in the course of the pre- Envoy to the King of Cabul, with bent month.

colored Plates of the Costume of

the Country, and a Map of the KingMiss C. A. Mant, author of dom, is-nearly ready for publication, « Ellen or the young Godmother," in 4to. has Caroline Lismore, or Errors of Fashion, a Tale, in the Press.

Commentaries on the Treatment

of Syphilis, and on the means of inMr. William Godwin will shortly suring the successful and avoiding publish the Lives of Edward and the injurious effects of Mercury ; John Philips, Nephews and Pupils with an Appendix, recommending of Milton, including various partícu- an improvement in the Treatment of lars of the Literary and Political His. Strictures, and on the Retention of tory of their Times. With Portraits, Urine, by Edward Geoghegan, of in one Volume, quarto.

the College of Surgeons in Ireland,

Honorary Member of the Royal Mr. William Wordsworth las Medical Society, Edinburgh, will nearly ready for publication, Lyrical soun appear, in 8vo. Ballads and Miscellaneous Pieces, in 2 Vols. 8vo.

A new and highly embellished

edition of Walton's Complete Angler The second Edition of Guy Man will be published in a few weeks, Dering, or the Astrologer, by the accompanied by fresh portraits of author of Waverly, is nearly ready Walton and Cotton from the original for publication, in 3 Vols. 13mo. paintings; that of the former en

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a volume of plates in 4to. of Agri

cultural Implements, price 41. 45. General Report of the Agricultu• bound. ral State and Political Circumstances of Scotland, drawn up for the consi Observations on the Price of Corn, deration of the Board of Agriculture as connected with the Commerce of and Internal Improvement, under the Country and Public Revenue, the direction of the Right Hon. Sir by R. Duppa, LL.D. price 1s. John Sinclair, Bart. Founder of the Board of Agriculture, 5 large vols. A Letter on the Corn Laws, and 8vo. with numerous engravings, and on the Means of obviating the Mis


chiefs and Distress wbich are rapid

The Life of the Duke of Wellingly increasing, from the Right Hon. ton, by George Elliot, Esq. 8vo. price Lord Sheffield, price ?s. 6d.

14s. boards. An Inquiry into the Nature and The Royal Military Calendar; Progress of Kent, and the Grounds dedicated, by permission, to His ei an Opinion on the Policy of re Royal Highness the Commander in stricting the Importation of Foreign Chief, price, to Subscribers, 11. NonCero, price 3s.

Subscribers, 11. 1s. Containing, (without comment) the services of

all the General Officers living at ASTRONOMY.

the close of the year 1814. By John

Philippart, Esq. The Heavens Surveyed; or the Science of Astronomy made easy, by Bonnel George Thornton, Lecturer on Astronomy and Botany, &c. prue 5s.

Latin Prosody made easy; by W.

Shaw, D.D. 8vo. 2s. 6d.

An Introduction to Arithmetic,

designed for the use of private Memoirs of Lady Hamilton, drawn teaching, hy Mr. A. Vincent, Prifrom original sources of information, vate Teacher, Oxford. alud comprising many new and authentic Anecdotes of various distin EUTROPIUS, with English Notes guished Personages ; among whom on the plan of PHÆDRUS. By the are the king and Queen of Sicily, Rev. C. BRADLEY, M. A. Pr. 2s. 6d. Sir William Hamilton, the late Lord, bound. and the present Earl, Nelson, the Earl of Bristol, the Duke of Queensbury, &c. small 8vo. embellished with a beautiful portrait.

History of the Secret Societies

of the Army, and of the Military The Lives of Caius Asinius Pollio, Conspiracies, which had for their Marcus Terentius Varro, and Cneius object the Destruction of the GoCornelius Gallus, with notes and il vernment of Buonaparte, 8vo. price lustrations, by the Rev. Edward Ber 7s. wack, 8vo. price 7s. 6d. in boards.

History of the War in Spain and A Supplement to the Memoirs of Portugal, from 1807 to 1814, illusthe Life, Writings, Discourses, and trated by a map, exhibiting the Professional Works of Sir Joshua routes of the Armies, by General Reynolds, by Jas. Northcote, Esq. Sarrazin, 8vo. 12s. boards.

Memoires sur la Guerre des Authentic Memoirs of the Life of Français en Espagne, par M. De John Sobieski, King of Poland; il- Rocca, 8vo. Is. 6d. boards. kusurative of the Errors in the former Constitution of that Kingdom, which ultimately paved the way to its downfal, by A. T. Palmer, 8vo. 12s. boards.

The Statutes of the United Kinge


40. 158.


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