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part of the Engravings of that before the Committee appointed
Author, in an improved State, by the House of Commons to In-
together with a New Series, which quire into the State of Mendicity
will comprehend the remainder of and Vagrancy in the Metropolis.
the System, as completed in the and its Neighbourhood. Ordered
"Practical Synopsis of Cutaneous to be printed July 11th, 1815,
Diseases," the whole being intend- 8vo. 6s. boards.
ed to illustrate the principal Ge-
nera and Species described in that

Work. By T. Bateman, M.D. The Philanthropist, No. 20.
F.L.S. Physician to the Public Price 25. 6d. The Object of this
Dispensary, and to the Fever In Work (a Number of which is
stitution, in 4to. with Six co published every Three Months) is
lored Plates,

Fasciculus IV. to disseminate Knowledge respectPrice 11. ls.

ing Education—the Means of lesA Treatise on Hydrencephalus, sening the Number of Crimes, of or Dropsy of the Brain. By Jas. cultivating Morality, and in geCarmichael Smyth, M.D. F.R.S. neral respecting the Means of inFellow of the Royal College of creasing the Happiness and dimia Physicians, and Physician Extra- nishing the Sufferings of Mankind. ordinary to his Majesty, &c. &c. The Trial of Louisa Stanton,

(late Bradley) 1, Upper GeorgeMEDICINE, &c. Sketches of the Medical Schools

street, Portman-square, on an In

dictment for Perjury against her of Paris. Tocluding Remarks on

Husband_The Speech of Counthe Hospital Practice, the Lectures, Anatomical Schools, and

sel, with Remarks thereon—View Museums; and exhibiting the

of all the Novel and Entertaining actual State of Medical Instruc

Transactions from the first Intition in the French Metropolis. macy of the Parties till her ElopeBy John Cross, Member of the

ment, nine Days after Marriage; College of Surgeons in London, with every Document in ElucidaCollege of Surgeons in London, tion thereof; together with a Corresponding Member of the

Treatise upon Société Medicale d'Emulation of

the Articles of Paris, and late Demonstrator of

Peace. Price Is. 6d. Anatomy in the University of

The Paris Spectator; or, l'Her-, Dublin.

mite de la Chaussee-d’Antin. Con8vo. 8s. boards, The Edinburgh Medical and

taining Observations upon Pari

sian Manners and Customs at the Surgical Journal, exhibiting a concise View of the latest and

commencement of the Nineteenth most important Discoveries in Century. Translated from the Medicine, Surgery, and Pharma- French by William Jerdan, 3 vol. No. 44. Price 3s.

12.no. 18s. boards. cy.

Caroline Lismore; or, the ErYoung, on Consumptive Diseases. 8vo. 12s.

rors of Fashion; a Tale. By

Alicia Catherine Mant. 12mo. Elements of Pathology. By

3s. 6d. bound. Dr. Parry, of Bath. 8vo. 14s.

The Moral Tendencies of KnowMENDICITY.

ledge: a Lecture, delivered beMinutes of the Evidence taken fore the City Philosophical Su

ciety, Dorset-street; and the different Parts of Speech, ja Al Christian Philological Society, phabetical Order. By P. MacfarSpitalfields. By Thomas Wils lane. 8vo. 7s. 6d. boards. liams. 8vo. Price 2s. Dallaway's Servant's Monitor,

POETRY. 12mo. 4s. 6d, boards.

Waterloo, a Poem, by the Au. East India Register, for 1815. thor of General Post Bag, &c. 7s. 6d. sewed.

4tv. 11. 55. boards. The Sylvan Wanderer, Part II. The Moruing Star, or the Di: Printed at the private Press' uf vine Poems. By Mr. Rees PrichLee Priory, Il. is. boards. ard. 8vo, 8s. boards.

An Address to the Nation, on Agriculture and Manufactures:

RURAL ECONOMY. 35, 6d. sewed.

A Treatise on the Nature,

Economy, and Practical MaNOVELS.

nagement of Bees. lu which the 'The Family Estate, by Miss various Systems of the British and Russ, 3 yols. 12mo. 15s, boards. Poreign Apiarians are examined,

A Month at Brussels, a Sati wiib the most improved Methods rical Novel. 3 vols. 12in0. 16s. laid down for effectually preserr6d. boards.

ing the Lives of the Bee's. Con. The Cavern of Astolpho; a taining also an accurate DescripSpanish Romance. In 2 Vols. lion, illustrated by Plates, of the 12mo. 10s. 6d. boards.

Hives invented by Lombard, Du

conedic, Huber, Vicat, l'Abbe PRILOLOGY,

della Rocca, and other Foreiga A Grammar of the Spanish, Apiarians, and of a newly-inventPortuguese, and Italian Lan ed I live for the purpose of deprivguages, intended to facilitate the ing Bees of their Honey with acquiring of these Sister Tongues, salty and expedition. Forming by exhibiting in a Synoptical the inost complete Guide to the Form the Agreements and Dile study and management of those rences in their Grammatical Con valuable Insects. By Robert struction, by Richard Wund. Iluisb, Member of the linperial house. 830. 7s. bound.

Apiarian Society at Vienna, &c. A Now and Copious English &c. 8vo. 12s. boards. and Gaelic Vocabulary, with the


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Page 503, line 14. For induction read invention..
504, 26. For Barlam's read Barlow's.

For induction read jovention.
505, 29. For Holyday read Holliday.



ÅRT. I. PUBLIC AFFAIRS.–The conquest of France

useful to it. Securities against the outrages of the French, Left to themselves they would devour each other. Paris unsafe in the hands of Frenchmen. The French forced to pay for the erection of fortresses to act against themselves. Belgian fortresses essential. Murat's fate. Ney's destiny. Incalculable number of French traitors. The emperors of Austria and Russia consent to the aggrandisement of rivals. Turkey about to become the theatre of war. England and Prussia will view the proceedings of the imperial courts with unconcern. Scythians the instructors of the Greeks. „Constantinople influenced by Janizaries, Rome by Jesuits. An established church the prop of an esstablished government. India,—the war with Napaul concluded-Lord Wellesley's system ought not to have been abandoned-The Bengal frontier greatly strengthened. Insignificance of Portugal. Spain of little moment. Porlier's object good, his conduct imprudent. The King of Spain alarmed i... 771 II. Waterloo Poems.-1. The Field of Waterloo; by

Walter Scott.-2. Waterloo; by Edmund L. Swift. 3. Waterloo, an Heroic Poem; by the author of “The General Post Bag,” &c.-4. The Heroes of Waterloo, an ode; by W. S. Walker, Trin. Coll. Camb.-5. The Battle of Waterloo ; by Geo. Walker.-6. Wellington's Triumph, or The Battle of Waterloo; by W. T. Fitzgerald, Esq.—7. An Ode on the Victory of Waterloo; by Elizabeth Cobbold ....

785 III. The Church in Danger ; a Statement of the Cause,

and of the probable means of averting that Danger attempted : in a Letter to the Rt. Hon. the Earl of Liver

pool. By the Rev. Richard Yates, B. D. and F.S. A. 794 IV. A Narrative of the Events which have taken place in

France, from the landing of Buonaparte, March 1st, 1815, till the restoration of Louis XVIII. with an Ac

count of the present state of Society and Public opinion 808 V. Paris ; during the interesting month of July, 1815, a

Series of Letters addressed to a Friend in London. By
W. D. Fellowes, Esq.


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VI. Letter from Lord Erskine to the Editor of Mr. Fox's
Speeches prefixed to that Collection

816 VII. Supplement to the Memoirs of the Life, Writings,

Discourses, and Professional Works of Sir Joshua Reynolds; comprising additional Anecdotes of his distin

guished Contemporaries. By J. Nortlıcote, Esq. R. A. $20 VII. Helga: a Poem. In Seven Cantos. By the Hon. William Herbert..

825 IX. The Satires of Juvenal. Translated into English Verse, by Charles Badham, M. D. ..

899 X. An Essay to illustrate the Rights of t!ie Poor by Law;

being a commentary on the Statute of King Henry VII. chap.-12. &c. By William Minchin, Esq.

.. 837 XI. Remarkable Sermons of Rachel Baker, and pious

ejaculations delivered during sleep, &c.: with remarks on this extraordinary phenomenon. By Dr. Mitchell, Dr. Priestly, and Dr. Douglass

841 XII. Vathek

845 XIII. Elements of Hebrew Grammar in two parts, by J. F. Gyles, Esq:

848 XIV. Conversations on Matrimony, intended as an accom

paniment to the Letters lately published on the Duties,
Advantages, Pleasures, and Sorrows of the Marriage

State. By John Ovington
XV. Poems, by Mary Russell Mitford

854 ) XVI. Hints for establishing an Office in Newcastle for

collecting and recording authentic information relative to

the State of the Collieries in its neighbourhood, &c. .. 855 XVII. An Outline of Mineralogy and Geology, intended

for the use of those who may desire to become acquainted with the Elements of those Sciences, especially young persons. By Wm. Phillips, Member of the Geological Society

838 XVIII. A Tour throughout the whole of France; inter

spersed with curious and illustrative Auecdotes of the
Manners, Customs, Dress, &c. of the Inhabitants. By

John Baines
XIX. A New and Practical Course of Book-keeping,

which Double Entry is rendered intelligible to all capaci-
ties, and Single Entry, by being approximated to Double,
is made to possess equal proof and certainty of correct-

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Augustan Review.


Public Affairs.

Voltaire says that the ancient Gauls stood very much in need of being conquered by civilized nations. The historian of the present age will affirm, that the modern Gauls, the other day, stood far more in need of being conquered than ever did their rude ancestors. They have been conquered; but not so as to prevent them from again appearing on the theatre of Europe, as a very powerful, and therefore very dangerous, people. The Allied Sovereigns had declared (we know not whether from conviction, or from a chivalruus spirit that delights in enterprises such as those with which France has more than once amused them) “ That it is for the interest of Europe that France should continue to be great and powerful.” Widely different, however, are their ideas of the being who for many years inspired the French with a disposition to surpass all other created beings in refined wickedvess ;-who wielded beyond the limits of his mighty empire, a power which long bid defiance to all resistance; who managed a people committed to his care by no right divine, NO. VIII. Aug. Rev. VOL. I.

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