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of the water to a second rate man 1st of September last, was 1.845
of war, which draws 24 feet wa inches ; and the evaporation
ter, and sails with a velocity of during the same period 3.42
20 feet per second, to be 21979 inches.
lbs. or rather imore than nine
tons; and adds, “but in fact this The following are the results
additional resistance to the divi. of the Meteorolegical Journal
sion of the fluid must be far kept by Mr. Luke Howard, at
greater, as a vessel when cop- Tottenham, in Middlesex, from
pered is, comparatively speaking, the 11th to the 26th of August

a very uneven surface; and any inclusive.
contrivance for diminishing the
friction would be very desir-

Barometer. able."

Greatest height

30.02 inch. After the table of the friction

Least height

29.35 of water at the mean depth of 6 feet, Col. B. observes;

« from

Thermometer. these experiments, it is evident

Greatest height

79° that the resistance a body meets Least height with when moving in water con Rain (in 16 days) 1.74 inches. sists of three parts--the head re The Thermometer was the sistance, the minus pressure, and highest on the 24th of the month the friction."

and lowest on the 11th.

The results from the 27th of The results of Col. Beaufor's August to the 25th of Septemmagnetical observations for Au ber inclusive were as follow. gust, 1815, are the following: Winds light and variable. Morning

24° 16' 01"
24 24 07

Evening 24 18 22 Greatest height 30.11 inch.


29-46 Mean of the three 24 19 30 Mean of the period 29.892 Mean for July 24 20 26

Difference o

0 56

Greatest height 79° According to these observa Least

31 : tions, therefore, the declination Mean of the period 57 of the needle has diminished 56"

Rain 0:57 inche during the month of August. The greatest beight of the

Thermometer took place on the
The rain which fell at Hack. 14th, and the least on the 6th of
ney Wicky between noon on the September.
Ist of August and noon on the

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A Genealogical Account of the a quarto volume, illustrated by
Royal House of Stuart, Kings of ten plates.
Scotland, North Britain, from The Rev. T. Pruen, of Ald,
the year 1043. By T. W. K. bourn, Wilts, has in the press,
Waterhouse, Esq. The whole an Illustration of the Liturgy
faithfully compiled from ancient and Service of the United Church
charters, and other official docu of England and Ireland; with
ments and authentic Authors. an introductory sketch of the
Will speedily be published, in history of the British church.

A series of fifteen years' corre-
The Representative History of spondence of the late David
Great Britain, comprising a his- Hume, esq. has lately been dis-
tory of the House of Commons; covered, and is preparing for
and a history of the counties, publication. The letters are ad-
cities, and boroughs of the Uni dressed to the countess of Bouff-
ted Kingdom. By T. H. B. Old- lers and the marchioness de Bar-
field, Esq.

In 6 Vol. 8vo, bantine, two of the most distindedicated to the Hampden So- guished ladies in France, between ciety.

ihe years 1760 and 1776. A Course of Lectures on Dra The Beauties of Dr. Young's matic Literature ; translated from Night Thoughts, arranged under the German of A. W. Schlegel. various heads, and printed in a By John Black, Esq. In 2 Vol. beautiful type, will soon appear. 8vo.

An edition of the Sermons of Mr. W. H. Pyne is preparing Martin Luther, with a full-length for the press, Annals of the Royal Portrait of that great man, from Residences of Windsor Castle, the large German print, is exHampton Court, Kew, Ken pected in the course of the sington, Buckingham-house, St. month. James, Frogmore, and Carlton A new edition of the works of house, to be embellished with the Rev. Ricbard Cecil, with a 100 coloured engravings. memoir of his life by the Rev.

Dr. Tho. Fuller will soon pub. Josiah Pratt, is in the press. Jish, an Introduction to Prudence, Rudiments of the Hebrew or directions, counsels, and cau Language, with, exercises exemtions, tending to the prudent plifying the rules; and a Key management of affairs in com to the book of Psalms : containing on life.

the true pronunciation, different Mr. Charles Sylvester, of Der- significations, and grammatical y, has in the press, an Account analysis of every word. By Jof some Improvements in Domes- seph Samuel C. F. Frey, author c Economy, adopted at the of a llebrew grammar, of a HeDerbyshire General Infirmary, in brew-English-Latin Dictionary,

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and editor of Vander Hooghi's has arranged each subject of ciHebrew Bible.

dence under its distinct head. The leading Heads of twenty Mr. Alex. Nicoll, of Balio! seven Sermous, preached by Dr. college, Oxford, will soon publish Philip Doddridge, at Northamp a Critical Dictionary of the ton, in the year 1749, and never Greek Language, translated from before printed. Will speedily be the German of Schneider into published, in 8vo, price 5s. in English, with additions and in boards.

proveinents. Cursory Remarks on the phy Mr. W. P. Scargill is preparing sical and moral liistory of the for publication, an Etymological Human Species, and its connec Dictionary of such English words ton with surrounding agency. as are derived from the Greek By L. S. Boyne. 8v0.

and Latin languages. Medico-Chirurgicul Transac Essays on Practical Education tions, published by the Medical By Maria and R. L. Edgeworth. and Chirurgical Society of Lou In 2 Vol. 8vo. don, Vol. VI. 8vo.

Memoirs of the Life and WritSpeeches of the late Rightings of M. L. Ramsey, of CharleHon. Edmund Burke, 8vo. stou, printed from the American

Sketches of Character, or Spe- edition, edited by Dr. D. Rainsey, cimens of Real Life, 3d edition,

will soon appear. in 3 Vols. 12mo.

Mr. T. J. Ariniger, of the royal A Treatise on some practical college of Surgeons, has in the points relating to diiseases of the press, Rediments of the Anatomy Eye. By the late John Canning and Physiology of the Human ham Saunders. Illustrated with Budy, designed for the use of eight engravings, and a portrait young students. of the author, 2d edition, Svo. Mr. Carpue's workon the Nasal

Monastic and Baronial Re Operation, with plates, will soon mains, by J. G. Parkyns, Esq. appear. in 2 Vols. royal 8vo. Illustrated

Mr. Rippon Porter will scon by upwards of 100 engravings. publish, in two duodecimo o

The entire Works of Henry jumes, Love, Rashness, and ReHoward, earl of Surrey, and Sir venge, or tales of three passions. Thomas Wyatt, the elder. Con The ninth volume of Dr. taining much new and curious Sbaw's General Zoology, being a matter, with notes, critical and continuation of the Birds, will *xplanatory, &c. &e. By G. F. appear in the course of a month. Nort, D.D. F.S.A. late Fellow The Rev. Brooke Bridges Stewuf All Souls College, Oxford. vens will soon publish, a Sermon Mr.J. B. Sharpe, Member of preached at Great Coggeshall

, the College of Surgeons, is re Essex, in the behalf of the Sa printing the Report of the Com- "tional Schools. mittee of the House of Commons Mr. Bernard Mitchell, of Duton Mad-houses; and for the lin, has nearly ready for publicagreat convenience of the reader tion, the Universal Penman, at

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the beauties and utility of Writ author of a Month in Town, ReCA2043 ing truly exemplified.

jected Odes, General Post Bag, Dr. She

Mr. James Harnett will soon &c. &c, will be published in a publish, Waterloo, a poem, in few days, entitled, One Thousand which the principal incidents of Eight Hundred and Fifteen, in 3 that gwrious battle are de Vols. 12 mo. scribed.

The Antiquary, a novel, by
A voluine of Practical Ser. the author of Waverly and Guy
moris, by the late Dr. Scott, rec Mannering, in 3 Vols. 12mo.
tor of Simoobourn, will soon Select pieces of early popular

Poetry, Edited by E. V. Utter.
Mrs. Taylor, of Ongar, will son, Esq.
soon publish, the Present of a The Rev. Joseph Fletcher,
Mistress to a young

Servant, A.M. of Blackburn, intends to consisting of friendly advice and publish, by subscription, price eal histories.

7s. in crown 8vo, Lectures on the A Key to the Almanack, ex principles and institutions of the plaming the fasts, festivals, saints' Roman Ca:holic Religion. days, and other holidays in the Mr. Elton is preparing an ele. -calendar; with the astronomical gant and much improved edition and chronological terms, &c. &c. of his translation of the Works arranged alphabetically, for easy of Hesiod. reference. By J. Bannantine. Mr. Roby will shortly publish Will be published on the ed of a poem, entitled, Sir Beqtram. Nóvember, price 2s. 6d.

Mr. Isaac Wilson of Hull, is A 3d edition corrected and en about to publish bis Catalogue largout, with new preface, &c. of Books, comprising upwards ota Monih in Town, will be ready of 12000 Volumes, and including for publication in the course of many rare and valuable articles

in Ancient and Modern LiteraA new satirical Novel from ture. the pen of Mr. Hedgehog, the

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this week.



A Biographical Memoir of the The Tenth and Last Volume of late Sir Peter Parker, Bart. CapGeneral Biography; or, Lives, tain of his Majesty's Ship MeneCritical and Historical, of the laus, of 38 Guns, killed in Acmost Eminent Persons of all Ages, tion while storming the American Countries, Conditions, and Pro- Camp at Bellair, near Baltimore, fessions, arranged according to on the 31st of August, 1814. 4to. Alphabetical Order, By John 12s. boards. A few Copies, with Aikin, M.D, 4to. il. 115. 6d. a Proof Impression of the Portrait, boards.

Price 155.


with a view to its Application to The Magpie, or the Maid of Practice, being a Series of PracPalaiseau : a Melo-dramatic Ro tical Observations, written in a mance, in Three Acts, as it is plain familiar Style. By Richard now performing at the Theatre Preston, of the Inner Temple, Royal, Drury-lane. Price 2s.6d. Esq. Vol. 2., Part 2., royal 850.

12s. boards. EDUCATION.

A Supplemental Volume (beThe English Learner; being a ing the Seventh) to Mr. Barton's Selection of Lessons in Prose and Modern Precedents in ConveyVerse, adapted to the Capacity ancing, containing such Miscel . of the Younger Classes of keaders. laneous Deeds as are not in the By Thomas Ewing, Author of original Work. To which is ad. Principles of Elocution, and ded, a very copious and particuTeacher of English, Geography, Jar Index

lar Index to the whole Work. and History, in Edinburgh. By James Barry Bird,' Esq. Price 2s. bound.

royal 8vo. 11. Is. boards.

A Synopsis of Stamp Duties, FINE ARTS.

being the Substance of the ScheA Descriptive Portrait of Miss dules of the Act 55 George III., O'Neill, in a Critique on her commencing Sept. the 1st, 1815. Exhibition of the Characters of By J. A. Heraud. 12mo. 2s.6d. Mrs. Haller, and Jane Shore. sewed; and in a sheet Table, 8vo, 3s.

Price 5s. to put up in the Office.


MEDICINE AND CHIRURGERY. The History of Ancient Europe, The London Dispensatory from the Earliest Times to the containing the Elements and Subversion of the Western Em Practice of Materia Medica and pire; with a Survey of the most Pharmacy, with a Translation of important Revolutions in Asia the Pharmacopæias of the Lonand Africa: in a Series of Letters don, the Edinburgh, and the from a Gentleman to his Son, Dublin Colleges of Physicians; intended as an Accompaniment many useful Tables ; Copperto Dr. Russel's History of Mo- plates of the Pharmaceutical Apdern Europe. By č. Coote, paratus, and two additional Plates LL.D, 3 vols. 8vo. 21. 2s. bds. of the Steam Apparatus at Apo

The New Annual Register ; or, thecaries' Hall; the whole formGeneral Repository of History, ing a Synopsis of Materia Me Politics, and Literature, for the dica and Therapeutics, by AnYear 1814. To which is prefixed thony Todd Thomson, F.L.S. in the History of Knowledge, Learn One large volume, 8vo. (revised ing, Taste, and Science in Great and altered according to the last · Britain, during the Reign of Edition of the London Pharma. George III. 1814. 11. boards-- copæia,) Price 16s. boards. 11. 1s. h. bound.

Delineations of the Cutaneous

Dieasses, comprised in the ClassiLAW.

fication of the late Dr. Willan; A Treatise on Conveyancing, being a republication of the greater

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