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Young Botanists, &c. In 12ino. Regiments, &c. entitled thereto. 3s. 6d. bound.

Illustrated by a panoramic sketch Manuel du Voyageur; or, Tra of the Field of Battle, and a Plan veller's Pocket Companjon : con of the Position and Movements, sisting of familiar Conversations with those of the Prussians, in English, French, and Italian ; traced. By a Ncar Observer. also Models of Letters, Notes, 8vo. 7s. 6d. boards. &c. a List of French and Italian Edinburgh Fugitive Pieces; Coins, and the various Terms used with Letters, containing a comin Music. By Madame de Gen- parative View of the Mode of lis. Fifth edition, corrected and Living, Arts, Commerce, Liter. greatly improved by P. A. Cig- ature, Manners, &c. of Edinnani. In a neat portable volume, burgh, at different Periods. By price 6s. 6d. half-bound.

the late William Creech, Esq. MiscellANIES.

F.R.S. &c. Edinburgh. To which A Memorial, offered to her is prefixed an Account of his Life. Royal Highness the Princess So Embellished with a fine Portrait phia, Electress and Duchess and Vignette. 8vo. 12s. boards. Dowager of Hanover. Coniais) A Letter to John Bennett, of ing a delineation of the Constitu- Pythouse in the County of Wilts, tion and Policy of England; with Esq. showing the Impracticability anecdotes concerning remarkable of commuting Tithes in the Manpersons of that time. Now first

ner proposed in his Essay pubpublished, by permission of his lished by the Bath Agricultural Royal Highness the Prince Re- Society. To which are added, gent, according to the original in Suggestions for regulating the The Royal Library at Hanover. Payment of Tithes, adapted to the By Gilbert Burnet, Bishop of Sa- Spirit of the Times. Price Is. By lisbury. To which are added, an Experienced Land Agent. Letters from Burnet and Leibnitz, The Conversations of Emily, and fac-similes of the hand-writ- abridged and freely translated ing of these two distinguished from the French. In 18mo. 3s.6d. men. 8vo. 6s. boards.

hall-bound roan backs. The Battle of Waterloo: con The Zoological Game: a Set taining the Accounts published of Cards calculated to convey & by Authority, British and Fo- Knowledge of the Elements of Teign, and other relative Docu- that pleasing and important ments; with circumstantial De Branch of Natural History, the tails, previous and after the Bat Animated Creation. Price 8s. tle, from a Variety of authentic Les Jeux de la Jeunesse ; ou and original Sources.

Nouvelle Methode à instruire les To which is added, an alpha- Enfans, en les amusant par la betical List of the Officers killed Represeniation des differens Jeux and wounded, from 15th to 26th et Exercices du Corps Auxquels of June, 1815, and the total loss ils se livrent; avec des Explica. of each Regiment; with an enu tions sur les avantages ou les meration of the Waterloo Honours Dangers qui peuvent résulter and Privileges conferred upon the pour leur santé de ces Jeux es Men and Officers, and Lists of Exercices. Ornamented with 37

wond cuts, foolscap 8vo. 2s. 6d. Europe. By A. Young, Esq.half-bound.

VII. M. de Constant on the LiAn Essay of the Nature and berty of the Press.-VIII. Sir Actions of the Subterranean and H. B. Dudley on the System of for the most part Invisible Peo- Tythes in Ireland.-IX. Report ple, heretofoir going under the of the Committee on Madhouses name of Elves, Faunes and Fai. in Ireland.--X. An Abridged ries, or the Lyke among the Low Statement of the leading TransacCountry Scotts, &c. 4to. 18s. tions of the British and Foreign boards.

Bible Society. A Reply, “ Point by Point," A New and Practical Course to the Special Report of the Di of Pookkeeping; in which Dou. rectors of the African Institu ble Entry is rendered intelligible tion. By Robert Thorpe, Esq. to all Capacities; and Single LL.D. Svo. 45.

Entry, by being approximated to Strictures of Eternal Import Double, is made to possess equal and Universal Concern. By the proof and certainty of correctAuthor of the Temple of Truth, ness. By T. Thoreau, Accompt&c. 12mo. 3s. 60. bds. fine ant. long 4to. Pr. 10s. 60. Paper 5s.

The Naval Monitor; containA Narrative of Napoleon Bo- ing many useful Hints to Young naparte's Journey from Fontain Gentlemen entering the Navy; bleau to Frejus in April 1814. in the course of which, are some Translated from the German. By observations on the Naval Ac. Count Truchses-Waldburg, At tions with America. With a plan tendant Prussian Commissary. for improving the Naval System, Price 3s.

as far as it regards the MidshipKearsley's Tax Tables, for the men. By an Officer in the Navy. Last Session of Parliament: in 12mo. Pr. 6s. boards. cluding the Property and other New Taxes; the New Stamp

HISTORY Table; the Corn Bill; the Act History of the House of Ro. for the Regulation of Apotheca- manoff, the present Imperial Rusries and their Assistants; with sian Dynasty, from the earliest other useful Matters. 1815, ls, Period to the time of Peter the 60.

Great. By the Author of the The Pamphleteer, No. XI. Pr. Orphans, &c. 12mo. Pr. 5s, 6d. 6s. 6d. containing.-I. Mr. Vansittart's Speech in the Committee

CLASSICAL. of Ways anil Means, 1815.-II. M. T. Ciceronis De Officiis The Budget for 1815.

By the Libri Tres, juxta Editionem J. ame.-III, American Encroach M.et J. Fr. Heusingerorum. Accenents on British Rights. By N. dunt in gratiam Juventutis notæ \tcheson, Esq.-IV. A Brief Ac- quædam Anglice scriptæ. 12mo.

ount of the Jesuits.--V. Report Pr. 6s. i rom the Committee of the House A Selection of Æsop's Fables ;

{ Commons on the Laws relating with English Notes and Ques1) the Assize of Bread.--VI. An tions. For Schools. Inquiry into the Rise of Prices in An Introduction to the Greek


Language ; containing the most of St. Clements with St. Helens, useful Rules of Syntax, and a Ipswich, Suffolk. 8vo. 10s. 6d. new set of Exercises, on an im boards. proved plan. By the Rev. Mr. Remarkable Sermons, by RaPicquot. Pr. 35.

chael Baker. Delivered during Diatessaron, Integra Sleep, with Devotional Exercises, Historia Domini nostri J. C. La and Remarks by Dr. Mitchill and tine ex quatuor Evangeliis inter others. 12mo. 4s. 6d. boards. se collatis; ipsisque Evangelista Discourses, chiefly on practical rum verbis apte et ordinate dis subjects.

By the Rev. Newpositis confecta. E Versione præ some Cappe. 8vo. 125. boards. cipue Castellionis castigata et emendata. Cui præfiguntur Ta.

MYTHOLOGY. bula Palæstinæ Geographica, nec Essays on the Mythology, non Ordo rerum. Opera et studio Theology, and Morals of the T. Thirlwall, A. M. Editio Se Ancients, accompanied with a cunda, Pr. As. 6d.

brief Outline of the respective Elements of Latin Prosody, Tenets of the Grecian Sectarian with Exercises and Questions, Philosophers.

Philosophers. By G. S. Weide designed as an Introduction to manni Post 8vo. 7s. boards. the scanning and making Latin verses. 4s. bound. A Key may

POETRY. be had by private application. Kenilworth, a Mask, or Three Pr. 23. 60.

Days Entertainment given by Ovidii Metamorphoses Se Lord Leicester to Queen Eliza lectæ, et in Usum Scholarum beth; together with Farley Casexpurgatæ; cum Notis Anglicis. tle, selected from a private edition By the Rev. C. Bradley. On of Mr. Liddiard's Poems. Sro. the plan of his Phædrus, Eutro 75. sewed. pius, &c.

The Life Boat, or Dilloa

O'Dwire; a Poem. By the Rev. PHILOLOGY.

William Liddiard. 12mo. 46 Illustrations of English Philo boards. logy. By Charles Richardson, Odle to the Duchess of AngouEsq. Consisting of J, A Critical leme. 8vo. price 1s. 6d. Examination of Dr. Johnson's Opoleyta, or a Tale of Ind, : Dictionary. II. Remarks on Mr. Poem, in four cantos. By Ber• Dugald Stewart's Essay, “On the tie Ambrose. 8vo. Is. boards. Tendency of some late Philologi Consolation, with other Poemi. cal Speculations.' 4to. 11. 5s. By the Rev. William Gillespie. boards.

8vo. 12s. boards.


POLITICS. Discourses, Doctrinal and

Considerations on the Present Practical, partly occasional; political State of India, embracchiefly common; delivered in ing Observations on the character different Country Churches. By of the natives on the civil and the Rev. John Morley, Rector of military courts—the administra Bradfield Combust, and Curate tion of justice the state of the

land, tenure, and the condition of Killarney, views of the Giant's the peasantry--- and the internal Causeway, delineations of the police of our eastern dominions; principal Post Roads, with other intended chiefly as a manual of Plates. 8vo. il. Is. boards. instruction of duties for the junior Servants of the Company. VOYAGES AND TRAVELS. By Alexander Fraser Tytler, late A Voyage to Cadiz and GibralAssistant Judge of the 24 Per tar up the Mediterranean to Malgunnahs, Bengal Establishment. ta and Sicily, in 1810 and 1811; 2 vol. 8vo. 18s. boards.

including a descriptive Tour of

Sicily and the Lipari Islands, and TOPOGRAPHY.

an Excursion in Portugal. By The Traveller's New Guide Lieut -Gen. G. Cockburn. With through Ireland: containing a 33 coloured Plates and Maps. 2 new and accurate description of vols. 8vo. 21. 12s. 6d. bds; large the roads, with particulars of all

paper, 31. 15s. the noblemen and gentlemen's Travels in Russia, Poland, the seats, churches, monastic build Baltic, &c. By Robert Johnsone, ings, antiquities, and vatural cu A.M. 4to. 31. 3s. or large paper riosities. Also, the present state 51. 5s. boards. of agriculture, manufactures, and Travels through Poland, Auscommerce, with a complete List tria, Bavaria, Saxony, and the of all Fairs throughout the King- Tyrol, in the Years 1807 and dom. Illustrated by a new and 1808. By Baron d'Uklanski. accurate Map of Ireland, plan of 12mo. 5s, 6d. boards.

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