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Observations have been made the large mines, the expense of in order to ascertain the work cuals for working the engines only done by various steam-engines in amounts to about twenty-five the county of Cornwall, from thousand pounds sterling auAugust 1811 to May 1815. The nua!ly. principal object was to ascertain the pumber of pounds .weight of

Mr. Lee, about two years matter lifted one foot high for ago, obtained a patent for a new every bushel of coals consumed. method of manufacturing hemp Two gentlemen were appointed to and flax; and he has established the general superintendance of a manufactory for that purpose, the whole: and the different pro in the neighbourhood of London. prietors and regular engineers en He obtains the flas directly from gaged to give them all the assist the plants, independently of the ance in their power. According old method of steeping. The adto their first report, in August vantages stated to risult from 1811, the average work done by Mr. Lee's new method are very the engines under examination great, and are chiefly the followwas 15,760,000lbs. of water ing: lifted one foot, for every

bushel · The expense of steeping and of coals. In the following De afterwards spreading the flax upcember, the work amounted to on the grass to dry is saved; a 17,075,000 lbs. The January much greater produce of fax following it had increased to and of a better quality, is ob18,200,000. In December 1813, tained: the fibres are capable of to 20,162,000. And in May being reduced to a greater degree * 1815, it was about twenty mil of fineness; and the tedious and lions of pounds for every bushel expensive process of bleaching is of coals that were consumed. rendered unnecessary, as the co

Wooll's patent steam-engine Joring matter is only united with was not included in this estimate; the fibres by steeping. The great and according to the report of value of the improvement must the same superintendants, the therefore be obvious. work performed by it in May M. VAN Mors of Brussels, 1815, was 49,980,882 pounds in a letter to Dr. Thomson, obper bushel of coals; and in June, 50,333,000; so that the average “ M. Dobereiner decomposed work for May and Jline exceeded water in contact with mercury fifty millions of pounds lifted one by means of the galvanic battery. foot for each bushel of coals con Oxygen was evolved at the posia sumed. This, perhaps, shows the tive pole, but no hydrogen from superiority of Mr. Wouli's in

the negative pole. Instead of it proved engine in a stronger light there was forined a solid amalgam than any other fact which has of mercury, not decomposed by yet been submitted to the public; agitation; but, when heated, reand our readers will be able to solved into running mercury and form some estimate of this, when hydrogen gas. Mr. Dobereines they are informed that, in one of considers hydrogen gas as a me

Serves :

tal dissolved in caloric, and con Mean of the three 24 20 26 stantly in a state of expansion. Mean for June 24 21 3 The absence of caloric, and the Ditterence

0 0 37 nascent state of the hydrogen, Hence, if these observations evable it in the above experiment are currect, the declination of to amalgainate with mercuryo the needle has decreased 37" dur“ M. Dobere inor has likewise

ing July. made sulphur undergo considerable changes, having obtained it The rain which fell at Hackin the form of a blue powder, si ney Wick between noon of the milar to ultramarine, by depriv. 1st of July and noon of the 1st ing it of its hydrogen by means of August was 1.509 inches; of a process which he does not and the evaporation during the describe. Thosphorus changes same period 3.65 inches. into a scaly matter, having the brilliancy and color of gold, The following are the results when burnt under a glass while of Mr. LUKE HOWARD's me. exposed 10 the direct rays of the teorological observations, made sun."

at Tottenham, from the 29th of I be same Chemist has also June 10 the 28th of July, inclulately announced that there exists sive. a vative compound of mercury

Prevailing winds westerly, and and sulphuret of carbon. He these for the most part N. W. says, that when the ore is distill

Barometer. ed, sulphurit of carbon is obtained. Le likewise says, that Greatest height

30:19 inch. sulphuret of carbon unites with

Least height

29647 all metals, and torms a new class

Mean of the period 29*961 of bodies.

The mean of the preceding pe. riod was

29708 inches; and A new species of ore has re

therсtore the barometer has been cently necu discovered in Corn- higher, generally, during this last wall, and denominated carbonvite

period that it was in the former of bismuth. Its culor, fracture,

by 0.253 or rather more than a and lustre, have great resim

quarter of an inch. blance to those of the minerals which the Germans call bismuth

Thermometer. ochre, but iis specific gravity is Greatest height

80° less; that o: a fragment which Least height

42 has been examined was only Mean of the period 13.0755, but it was mixed with The greatest height is the clay.

as during the former pe

riod, but the least 4° higher, and The results of COL. BEAUFOT'S the mean 1•26 greater than bemagnetical observations for July, fore. 1815, are the following:

The rain which fell in 23 days Morning 24° 15' 51" (from ibe 6ıb of July inclusive,) Noon

24 25 45 was 1•38 inches, and the eva. Evening 24 19 42

poration 2 inches.




WORKS PREPARING FOR PUBLICATION. The travels of Ali Bey, in Mo press, a Life of Jeremy Taylor, Tocco, Tripoli, Cyprus, Egypt, bishop of Down, with an account Arabia, Syria, and Turkey, be

of his writings. tween the years 1803 and 1807.

Jobu Connell, Esq. procurator Written by llinself, and translat of the Church of Scotland, will ed into English. Ali Bey has soon publishi, in three octavo vobeen long known to Men of Sci lumes, a Treatise on the Law of ence in various parts of Europe. Scutland, with respect to Tithes The substance of these Travels and the Stipends of the Parochial has been read before the National Clergy. Institute at Paris, and excited Paul's Letters to his Kinsfiks, great interest there. The Work being a series of letters from the will make 'Two Volumes Quarto, Continent, will soon appear in an illustrated by about Olie Hun octavo volume. dred Plates.

Shortly will be published, PaMr. Edmund L. Swift, Barris ris during the Intersting month ter at Law, a lineal descendant of July, 1815: il series of letters, of the celebrated Dean of St. addressed to a friend in London, Patrick, has in the Press, Water By W. D. Fellowes, Esq. Illuskoo and other Poems.

trated by Portraits of the Royal Travels to the Source of the Family of France, en groupe ; Missouri River, and across the a present Likeness of Bonaparte, American Continent to the Paci en-vignette; and other interestfic Ocean. Performed by order ing Plates, in one volume. of the Government of the United Early in the Winter will be States in the yeurs 1804, 1805, published, elegantly printed in and 1806.

By Captains Lewis 4t0, and illustrated by numerous and Clarke. Published from the Engravings, 'Travels in Various official report, and illustrated by Countries of Europe, Asia, and a Map of the Route, and other Africa. Volume the Fourth. By Maps. The second edition, in Edırard Daniel Clarke, LL.D. three vols. 8vo.

The Rev. E. V. Bloomfield, of Walter Scott, Esq. has nearly Emanuel College, Cambridge, is ready for publication, in octavo, preparing a Greek and English the Field :f Waterloo, a poem.

Lexicon, under the patronage of General Alex. Beatson, late the university. governor of St. Helena, has in the Mr. Chitiy will soon publish, press, in a quarto voluire, Tracts in three royal octavo volumes, a on various Subjects relative to St. Comprehensive Treatise on the Helena, written during a resi

Practice of the Criminal Law, dence of five years ; illustrated by

Mr. J. H. Wishart, surgeon in engravings.

Edinburgh, has in the press, a The Rev. H. K. Bonney, pre

Treatise on Cataract, in octavo. bendary of Lincolo, bas in the To be published in a few Days,

in 8vo. Price 16s. boards, An complete guide to all the curiosiInquiry into the Integrity of the ties and antiquities of that counGreek Vulgate, or received Text try, illustrated by maps and of the New Testament; in which other engravings. the Greek Manuscripts are newly Mr. Pontey, author of the classed, the Integrity of the au Forest Pruner's Assistant, is prethorised Text vindicated, and paring a work on the Theory and the various Readings traced to Practice of Ornamental Gardentheir Origin. By the Rev. Fre ing, which will form a quarto derick Nolan, a Presbyter of the volume, with numerous plates United Church.

and illustrations. A new edition of the British Biographical Memoirs of Dr. Plutarch, with considerable ad M. Stewart, Dr. J. Hution, and ditions by Mr. Wrangham, is Prof. J. Robison, read before the printing in six octavo volumes. Royal Society of Edinburgh,

Dr. Henry is printing a new with some additional notes by edition of his Elements of Chy Prof. J. Playfair, are printing in mistry, with very considerable an octavo volume. additions and improvements.

Professor Jameson will soon Mr. John Faithhorn will soon publish a second edition of his publish a second edition, consi- System of Niineralogy, in three derably enlarged, of Facts and volumes. Observations on Liver Complaints In a few days will be publishand Bilious Disorders in general. ed, Conversations on the Dutis,

To be published on the First Advantages, Pleasures, and Sorof March, 1816, in one large rows, of the Marriage State. Volume 8vo., printed on a beau Intended as an Accompaniment tiful new Type, cast on purpose

to the Letters lately published for the Work, and embellished the same subject, by J. with an accurately engraved

accurately engraved Ovington. l2mo, 3s. bds. Map, from the latest survey, A A System of Mechanical PliTopographical History of Staf- losophy, by the late Dr. Joha fordshire: including iis Agricul- Robinson, with notes and illus ture, Commerce, Mines, and trations, comprising the most se Manufactures; Pedigrees of Fa cent discoveries in the physical milies; Biographical Sketches of sciences, is preparing for publie eminent Natives; and every spe cation by Dr. David Brewster, in cies of luformation connected four octavo volumes, with plates. with the Local History of the The Rev. Arch. Alison has a County. Compiled from the second volume of Sermons nearly most authentic Sources, by Wil. ready to appear. liam Pitt, Esq. late of Pendeford; The Rev. Robert Morbead assisted by several eminent Writ will soon publish another volume ers in the various Departments. of Discourses on the Principles

The Antiquary, a Novel, in of Religious Belief. three volumes, by the autbor of Mrs. Bryan has in the press, Waverley, will soon appear.

compendious Astronomical and Mr. J. Coxe has in ihe press, Geographical Class Book, tiss the 'a Picture of Italy, including a use of families and young persons.


Mr. John Mackenzie is prepar- sisting of Sermons, Dissertations, ing for publication, Leisure F.ssays, and poems, are in the Hours, or speculations on Va press. rious Subjects.

Mr. Donavan is printing his The Rev. P. Keith has in the Essay on the Origin, Progress, press, a System of Physiological and Present State of Galvanism, Botany, in two octavo volumes, which gained the prize of the with plates drawn and engraved Royal Irish Academy. by Mr. Sowerby

The Rev. H. Batten will soon Mr. James Wardrop will soon publish, a Report of a series of produce another volune of Es- experiments in education, showsays on the Morbid Anatomy of ing that children will learn as the Eye, with numerous colored much in one year by the interro. engravings.

gative system, as in four years by The Fourth Volume of the the ordinary methods. Transactions of the Highland Mr. S. Rootsey has in the Society of Scotland will soon ap press, a Bristol Dispensatory ; pear.

intended to establish the nomenMrs. Cobbold, of Ipswich, will clature of pharmacy on a permasoon publish an Ode on the Vic nent basis, and to explain the tory of Waterloo

advantages of a new method of The collected works of the expressing the composition of Rev. Francis Wrangham, con medicines.




Title of an Improved Version of Elements of Conchology, ac the New Testament; to which cording to the Linnean System, are added, Considerations on the illustrated by twenty-eight plates, Manner in which the Gospel drawn from Nature. By the Rev. should be preached, to be renE. Burrow. A. M. F. L. S. Mem. dered effectual to its intended Geo. Soc. 8vo. 16s. boards. Purpose. Partly delivered in a

*** A few copies on royal pa.. Charge, in June, 1815; and the per, with proof plates, and the Whole with Notes, respectfully rare shells accurately coloured addressed to the Younger Clergy. by the Author. Price 1), 11•. 6d. By the Rev. Charles Daubeny, extra boards.

Archieacon of Sarum. Price

2s, CRITICISM. Some Remarks on the Unitatian Method of interpreting the Utility; or, Sketches of DoScriptures, as lately exhibited in mestic Education.

By the Aus e Publication, under the assumed thor of Simple Pleasures, the


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