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weighty Affairs, In which, many of the Structure, Functions, and things which had escaped previous Economy, of the Horse, also a writers and historians are brought more scientific manner of treating to light, in regard to the Causes of his various diseases. The whole the Reformation; and the tempers, illustrated by anatomical and other practices, successes, and reverses, plates. This second edition will of the two Cardinals, Wolsey and be entirely remodelled with numePole, and other prelates and great rous alterations and additions. To men of both parties, under the three be comprised in one thick volume, reigns. With the crueltics and 8vo. severities which accompanied the An Introduction to Entomology; restoration of the Pope's Authority or Elements of the Natural History and the Papal Religion in this of Insects. By the Rev. William Kingdom, and the sutterings of the Kirby, B.A. F.L.S. author of “MoReformed, during the five years of nographia Apum Angliæ,"and WilMary's Government.

In seven liam Spence, Esq. F.L.S. vols. With a large Appendix con Fragments of several Orations of tairing original Papers, Records, Cicero, with a Commentary of As&c. &c. By John Strype, M. A. conius Vedianus, from original Mss.

A New Edition is nearly ready, lately discovered in the Ambrosian in Octavo and Quarto. The pag Library at Milan, will speedily be ing of the Folio Edition, from which published under the direction of it is printed, is preserved in the Mr. James G. Jackson, Margins, and a full Index is added M. Schlegel's Course of Dramaat the end.

tic Lectures is translating from the This work will be soon after fol. German by Mr. Black, and printlowed by

ing in two octavo volumes. Annals of the Reformation and The Life and Correspondence of Establishment of Religion, and Lady Arabella Stuart, cousin to other various Occurrences in the James I. of England, compiled Church of England, during the from original letters (never befirst Twelve Years of Qucen Éliza fore published) are preparing for beth's happy Reign. Wherein Ac publication. count is given of the Restoring of Mr. Mackenzie has in consideraReligion from its Corruptions in ble forwardness, Speculations on troduced under Queen Mary; of Various Subjects; consisting of a filling the Sees with Protestant series of literary, moral, and religiBishops; of the famous Synod as ous essays. sembled in the year 1362; of the The Paris Spectator; or, l'HerWorkings and Endeavours of the mite de la Chaussée-d'Antin. ConPapists; and of the first appear- taining observations upon Parisian ances of the Dissensions from the Manners and Customs at the comEstablished Church. Compiled mencement of the Nineteenth Cen. faithfully out of papers of state, tury. Translated from the French authentic records, public registers, by William Jerdan. In two vom private letters, and other original lumes, duodecimo, manuscripts. Together with an Dr. Reade, of Cork, will soon Appendix or Repository, contain publish, Optical Outlines of a New ing the most important of them, Theory of Vision, Light, and Color, By John Strype, M.A.

with Experiments on Radiant CaDr. Campbell's Lectures on Ec loric, clesiastical llistory, in two vols. are Mr. Charles Smith, the artist, reprinting uniform with the new who was some time a prisoner in edition of nis Translation of the France, has in the press, the MoGospels, and will soon appear. siad, or the Deliverance of Israel

Mr. Blaine is preparing for from Egyptian Bondage, a sacred press, the Outlines of the Veteri

epic poem. nary Art, or the Principles of Me Dr. Miller, editor of the fourth dicine as applied to a Knowledge edition of the Encyclopædia Bri

tannica, intends to publish a neir Miss Weeks has in the press, the Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and Philanthropist, a novel, in three Miscellaneous Literature, to be cal. volumes. led the Encyclopædia Edinensis. The Royal Wanderer, or the

Mr. Thomas Noble, of Liverpool, Exile of England, a novel, in three is printing in an octaro volume, volumes, is in the press. Hampden, or the Concentric, a Dr. Spurzheim is printing, for the poem.

use of general readers, Outlines of Wm. Pitt, Esq. late of Pendeford, his Physingnomical System; also a is preparing for the press, a Topo new edition of his larger wurk. graphical History of Staffordshire, Mr. A tley Covper is preparing compiled from the must authentic for republication, his work on the sources, and to form a large vo Anatomy and Surgical Treatment lume in octavo.

of llcrpia. A Collection of Critical Tracts The Annual Register for 1814, on English Poetry, by Gascoigne, will be ready for publication in a Webbe, Harington, Campion, and few days. others, edited by Mr. Lasclivood, The Virgin Bride, a romance, is will soon be pul ished.

in a state of great forwardness. Mr. Wadu is engaged on a Fork A Treatise on Domestic Poultry, op Diseases of the Urinary Organs Pigeons, and Rabbits, from the andGenitals, illustrated by en av. memorandumis made during nearings from his own drawings; and ly forty years practice of Baningthe first part, on ile Prusiatc Gland, ion Mowbray, Esq. will soun ap. aud Eladder, is now in the press. pear.


nating Streets, Hlouses, and Mania Recent and imporrant Nation factories. By Frederick Accum, al Discoveries of a new system of Operative Chemist, with colored Farming, Tecding Catile, &c. at plates. 8vo. 125. half the usual expense. By

BIBLIOGRAPIY. Drury. Svo. 104. 60. ls.

Bibliotheca Anglo-l'oetica; or a AXLIQUITIFS.

Descriptive Catalogue of a raie Antiquarian Repertor!, Vol. 1. and rich collection of carly English foolscap Evv. 15. boards; and Poetry: In the j.c-session of Longa with Proof Impressions of the inan, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Plates, on large paper, 11. 45. Brown. Illustra:ed by occasional

The Antiquarian Itinerary, con Extracts and Remarks, Critical and taining lighty-three highly-finish- Biographical; royal 8vo. price ed Engravings; displaying the 11. 145, boards. Ancient Architecture, and other A Catalogue of a Miscellaneous Vestiges of Former Ages in Great Collection of Books, New and Britain; accompanied with Des Second-hand, on Sale at ihe Prices criptions.-No. VIII. being the affixed by John and Arthur Arch, First Number of Vol. II. published 61, Cornbill, including some of the on olie 1st of July, Price 25. 6d. earliest Specimens of Typography,

Fragmenta Adriquitatis, or An from the Presses of buih I oreign cient Tenures of Laod, and Jocu and English Printers; also a Cola lar Castonis of Manors. By II. M. lection of Bibliography. 8vo. 2s.6d. Beck with. 410. 21. 125. od. bds. A Catalogue of a Collection of royal 4to. 31. 3c. bds.

Modern Books, in the various

Branches of Literature; including A Practical Treatise on Gas the best Works in Diviniiy, SerLight; cxlisbiting a sunimary des' mons by the best Authors, &c. on cription of ile Apparatus and Ma Sale by W. Ba nes, 34, Paternosters chisers les calculated for Illuni


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A New General Atlas; conThe Political Life of William structed and adjusted from the Wildman, Viscount Barrington: best Systematic Works; and the compiled from original Papers, by most authentic Accounts of recent his Brother Shute, Bishop of Dur Voyages and Travels. No. 11. PT. diam. 8vo. 6s.bds, and in royal8vo. 8s. with a portrait, price 125.---A few

HISTORY. copies are printed in royal 4to. pr.

A Narrative of the Invasion of 11. is, bds.

France in 1814. By M. De BeauThe Lives of Edward and John champ. 2 vols. 8vo. 14. 15. bds. Philips, Nephews and Pupils of United States of North America, Milton; including various particu at the commencement of the Nine. lars of the Literary and Political teenth Century, 1800 to 1810, witla History of their Times. Embell Statistical Tables, and a New ished with an Original Likeness Dlap, containing all the late disa of President Bradshaw, and two coveries, and exhibiting the diviother Portraits.

By William

sion of Territorial Zones, BounGodwin. 410. 21. 25. boards. dary Lines, &c. By Le Chevalier To which

are added, Colléc Felix De Beaujour, late French tions for the Lile of Milton, by

Consul General in the United John Aubrey, F R S. 1681, printed States, author of the View of the from the Manuscript Copy in the Commerce of Greece, &c. iransAshmolean Museum; and the laied from the French, with Illus Life of Milion, by Edward Philips, trative Notes and Appendix. By first printed in 16994.

William Walton, Esq. In One Memoirs of the Abbe Edge, Vol. 8vo.price 16s. Illustrated with Forth; containing his Narrative a lew Map and Seventeen Statis of the Last Hours of Louis XVI. tical Tables, Ry C. Sneyd Edgeworth. Post 8vo. 7s, ds.

The Law and Practice of Judge Remains of the late John Twed wents and Executions. By Peredell. By Robert Tweddell, A.M. grine Binghamn, A.B. 8vo. 14s. 4to. 31.3s. lids.


MEDICINE AND CHIRURGERY. An Introduction to the Study of Reflections on Fever; intended Conchology: including Observa to point out the principles upon tions on the Linnean Genera, and which a systematic and useful on the Arrangement of M. la Method of Treatment might be marck, a Glossary, and a Table of established. By Robert Calvert, English Names. Illustrated by M.D. 8vo, 4s. bds. colored Plates. By Samuel Brookes, Observations upon the Bulam F.LS. 4to 31. ios. bds.; and on Fever; the Disease which has of large Paper with the Plates highly late years prevailed in the West finished, 's!. !55. 60.

Indies, on the coast of America, GIOGPAPILT.

at Gibraltar, Cadiz, and other parts The Travcller's Complete Guide of Spain; with a collection of facts through Belgium, Holland, and proving it to be a contagious DisGermany. By Charles Campbell,

By William Pym, Esq. Esq. 12 mo. 75. bds.

Deputy Inspector of Ilospitals, &ća Neele's General Atlas. Compris 8x(0125. b. ing a complete Set of Maps, com A View of the Relations of the piled from the best Authorities, Nervous System in liealth and in improved ly valuable Original Disease; containing selections Documents, and embracing all the from the Dissertation, to which Tecent Discoveries of Circun was adjudged the Jacksonian Prize navigators and Travellers. Hand for the year 1813 ; with additional şinely colored and hotpressed. Illustrations and Remarks. By Imperial 4:0. 41. 4s, half-bound. Daniel I'rilig. 810.7s, bds.




The Morbid Anatomy of the Animals, painted by the first MasLiver; being an Inquiry into the ters. 8vo. 21. 8ş. boards. An EdiAnatomical Character, Symptoms, tion of this work is printed on fine and Treatment of certain Diseases royal Paper, at 31. 12s. in boards, which impair or destroy the Struc with Proof Impressions of the ture of that Viscus. Order I. Tu Plates. mours.—Part II. On the Varieties

PERSPECTIVE. of the Tubera Diffusa. By J. R. The Principles of Practical PerFarre, M.D. In imperial 4to. il- spective; or, Stenographic Prolustrated by colored Engravings, jection: containing universal Rules Part II. price 15s.

for delincating Designs op various Additional Reports on the effects Surfaces, and taking Views from of a peculiar Regimen. By W. Nature, on the most sirnple and Lambe, M.D. 8vo. 12s. bds. expeditious Methods. To which

Memoirs of Military Surgery. are added, Rules for Shadowing, By D. J. Larrey, M.D. 8vo. 9s. and the Elements of Painting. The bds.

Whole stated in a Manner calcuHistory of the Sinali Pox. By lated to render the Science of PerJames Moore, Member of the spective and the Art of Drawing Royal College of Surgeons, London. easy of Attainment to every Capavo. 12s. bds.

city. Illustrated by fifty-one Plates.

By Richard Brown, Architect and Journal of Llewellin Penrose, a Professor of Perspective. royal 4to. Seaman, 4 vols, 12mo. price 11. 4s. 21. 2s. boards. bds.

POETRY. Legend of the Velvet Cushion.

The White Due of Rylstone; By Jeremiah Ringletub. 8vo. pr. or, the Fate of the Nortons, a 6s. 6. bds. A Series of Questions upon the

Poem. By William Wordsworth.

4to. 11. 1s. boards. Bible; for the use of families and

The Poetical Works, collected, young persons: originally com

of the Right Honorable Lord By. posed for Sunday schools. By the

4 Vol. foolscap 8vo. Il. 8s. Rev. Edward Stanley, M.A. Rector boards. of Alderley, Cheshire. 12mo. Ode to Desolation : with some 38. 6d. bds.-A separate Key of

other Poems. By Matthew Weld Reference to each Verse, containing the Answer, may be had, pr.

Hartstonge, Esq. 8vo. 7s. boards. 18. od. Létters from France, written by

A System of Land Surveying and a Modern Tourist in that Country;

Levelling; wherein is demonstratand descriptive of some of the

ed the Theory, with numerous most amusing Manners and Cus.

practical Examples, as applied to toms of the French; with cha

all Operations, either relative to racteristic Illustrations from Draw

the Land Surveyor, or Civil and ings taken on tl:e Spot. By M.S.

Military Engineer.' Illustrated by 8vo. 45. sewed.

92 Copper-plates. By Peter FlemThe Speeches of the Rt. Hon.

ing, Land Surveyor and Civil En. Charles James Fox, in the House

gineer. 4to. 155. boards. of Commons. With an Introduction, &c. 6 Vol. 8vo. 41. 48. boards. An Essay on the Doctrine of

the Trinity; attempting to prove Recreations in Natural History; it by Reason and Demonstration : or Popular Sketches of British founded upon Duration and Space, Quadrupeds: describing their Na and upon some of ihe Divine Perture, Habits, and Dispositions ; and fections, some of the Powers of interspersed with Original Anec the Human Soul, the Language of dotes. Embellished with Seventy Scripture, and Tradition among all four Engravings on Copper and Nations. By the Rev.James Kidd, Wood, from Portraits of Living A. M. &vo. 12s. boards.






We are glad

Art. I. The Rape of Proserpine: with other Poems from

Claudian; translated into English Verse. With a Prefatory Discourse, and occasional Notes. By JACOB GEORGE STRUTT. Longman, 1814. pp. 208. 8. 6d. 8vo.

are glad to see that the poems of Claudian have found a translator not unworthy of their excellence. Intermingled with instances of bad taste, they contain beauties of a high order, which mere English readers are unable to enjoy. With a good deal of tenderness they display luxuriance of style, redandance of epithet, and a considerable portion of extravagance. They partake of the character of the age in which their author flourished; yet they frequently call to mind the better days of Roman poetry, and the classic graces of the reign of Augustus.

The shortness of the period, during which the literature of Rome retained its purity, appears remarkable, when we contemplate the monuments it has left for the admiration of succeeding ages. The space which produced those specimens of genius, which mankind have often taken as their models, was singularly narrow. During the whole period of Roman History—from the foundation of the city to the establishment of the imperial government, we discern but transient and slight indications of that rich vein of poetry which afterwards shone with such lustre. The proud succession of consular triumphs, and the terrible struggles with which the republic was distracted, occupied the whole of the national mind, and prevented it from seeking the more still and unobtrusive kinds of glory. The eye was too much dazzled by the glare of victory, to be able to turn with satisfaction to the creations of fancy and imagination. But when once the summit of ambition was attained, and the contending factions had begun to repose beneath the shade of the imperial authorities, the

poetical genius burst forth without almost any appearance of youth-uniting the wildness and sublimity of original talent, with the chasteness and purity of cultivated taste. But the splendour was too great to be durable. The vice and heartlessness of despotism became more injurious to public taste, than the most tumultuous of democratic contentions. The powers of the muse were wasted in abject flattery; and luxurious slavery deprived the mind at once of elasticity and elegance. Yet, even in this declension of vigour, something like the ancient beauty occasionally shone forth. In the later writers we find much that is calculated to repay us for their extravagances; and in few do we discover more of this redeeming quality, than in the poet before us. NO. IV. Aug. Rev. VOL. I.


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